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Sunset Valley Makeovers: Who knew there were such beautiful sims hiding under all that basegame?



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    AnvilshippingAnvilshipping Posts: 240 Member
    I think of VJ's name as being short for Veejay. It makes sense since the family has a theme of south asian names.

    @jillbg Your makeovers look cool! I can see you also tweaked their features too. Usually I leave those like they normally are. I'd also like to do something like that - with all the teens from the various towns in the same place. Like a boarding school thing. By "Michael Love" you mean "Michael Sleep", right?
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    AvataritAvatarit Posts: 836 Member
    jillbg wrote: »
    Here's VJ Alvi in my game. I sent him off to a Youth Ranch after some trouble with the law. I don't only like to make sims over, but I also re-write EA's backstory! To be honest, VJ already had the perfect backstory for a juvenile, I just made him taller and changed his clothes...

    The other guys on the picture are:
    Thomas Castor, 16, Twinbrook, has always tried his best to mind his parent's traditional family values and strict rules, but despite his good intentions he often ends up finding himself in some sort of trouble. Being a computer wizard he spends his days in the basement, hacking away at one program or another. But hacking into the Twinbrook Police Headquarters’ secret database was not a smart move...

    Derek Vargas (the hero of my story)

    Elspeth Cook (Evil plum), 17, Bridgeport, is not a happy teenager. The lack of love in the household has pushed her into rebellion. Promising herself not to follow in her corrupt politician father or groomed-within-an-inch-of-her-life-money-loving mother’s footsteps, she throws herself into the arms of Michael Love who happens to be big movie star Matthew Hamming’s little brother. He also happens to be 24 years old… Soon pregnant with Michael’s child, Matthew Hamming had to use his influence to get his brother out of trouble. Elspeth's father saw to it minor Elspeth was sent away – first to get an abortion and then straight to Appaloosa Plains… But did she really follow the doctor’s orders?
    That's cool! can I ask which lot did you use for that?

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