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Photography skill

I have never gotten into the whole photography thing in Sims 4. Can someone share their experience? Did you have a Sim be a photographer for their career? Did they make money? What did you take pictures of? Any and all ideas and advice I will take. Thanks!


  • aaronrulzaaronrulz Posts: 3,952 Member
    rosemow wrote: »
    This is a link to a guide to the photography skill

    Thanks but I am interested in game play and how other Simmers played it within the game :)
  • sekojranasekojrana Posts: 107 Member
    I really like having family photos on the wall, so I love the photo skill. But I hate leveling it, it's really monotonous, so I usually just cheat the sim to max level. I have two photographer sims that I jump around households to cover events as well, like weddings or the like. Landscape photos can make for nice, cheap decor too! I havent tried it as a career, but I have sold photos off in bulk to clear out my inventory and made more money off them than I expected.
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 90,182 Member
    Ben and Michelle took a selfie on their balcony. Both have level 5 photography which is the max for that skill.

  • Superpengu456Superpengu456 Posts: 69 Member
    Nice! :)

  • PsychoSimXXPsychoSimXX Posts: 4,403 Member
    My Sim had studio in his home. I wanted him to have pictures of himself in his home that weren't selfies. So I made another save file, added another sim to household to take photos of him with photo studio. He now has a slew photos that produce a romantic aura because that was the mood he was in when he took the photo....lol So I thought that was neat little find. I don't know if you can make sustainable income or not as he only did it to make enough money to pay his child support. I can say it was fun having the in home photography studio!!!! I would pull random Sims off the street just to take photos and pretended that they had made an appointment.

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  • Angela_4588Angela_4588 Posts: 246 Member
    I only use it to decorate my home with pictures of my sims and their friends or family members. Ill also go to my friends homes and fill their walls up with pictures of landscapes or photos of my Sims and them together.

    I love that we can drag things from our inventory and place it into neighbors homes while visiting.
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  • sillyangel0906sillyangel0906 Posts: 5,345 Member
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    You can have a retail lot where you can sell pictures that your Sims take either using the studio or the individual camera. With the camera that they can carry around in their inventory you can take pictures of pretty much anything - other Sims, landscape, etc. I found the few times that I've done this so that they do not make a whole lot of money from selling the photos. I usually add paintings to sell as well to make more money.
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  • CinderellimouseCinderellimouse Posts: 19,380 Member
    aaronrulz wrote: »
    I have never gotten into the whole photography thing in Sims 4. Can someone share their experience? Did you have a Sim be a photographer for their career? Did they make money? What did you take pictures of? Any and all ideas and advice I will take. Thanks!

    It took me a while to start using it but it serves a few different purposes in my game now. One Sim was an architect in TS3, and in TS4 he's a teen who is interested in design and engineering. So I've been sending him around town photographing interesting statues and buildings. I blogged it, it's quite a long post but the photos he took are towards the bottom of the page: https://simsinthewoods.wordpress.com/2016/11/17/the-thompson-family-snap-happy/) He's a teen, so he hasn't been selling them or anything. He just keeps the good/interesting ones to decorate his room and provide inspiration for his own designs.

    The other boy in the blog sees the beauty around him and likes to capture that on film. So it might be a sunset, or a friend who looks good that day, or just an object in a nice setting. I see him becoming a bit of an artist, or maybe a fashion photographer, in the future. He'll probably get his own gallery at some point.

    My movie producer uses the photo studio to take casting photos of his actors and actresses. I haven't written out the blog for their week yet.

    I'm building a publishing house for a fashion/lifestyle/beauty magazine, and they'll use the cameras for photo shoots.

    Another Sim was a photo-journalist in a previous series. I don't know if I'll go the same route again, which was kind of put her in extreme environments. But she might do sports photography instead this time.

    A police officer uses the camera to take pictures of evidence, and her husband is an investigative journalist who does the same (that's the same family as the architect above).

    I guess I use the photography feature a lot for a variety of small reasons. It's useful to me as a kind of versatile tool. I would say though that it would be more useful if you could act as the model, as well as the photographer. So you could send your active family to have a family photo taken, rather than acting as the photographer and doing gymnastics to get the right Sims to your lot. Or I could send my rockstar to the fashion magazine for an interview and have him do a photoshoot while he's there. It should work from both perspectives.
  • MDianaSimsMDianaSims Posts: 4,055 Member
    I only recently started playing a photographer. I take small pictures I want her to keep and put on her own wall and then make medium and big pictures to sell. She makes a decent amount of money and she got to level 5 skill in only a couple of days. For me it's mostly for story purposes that I do this, but it's kind of fun seeing everything from a Sim's view (you can read the story here).

    Some of my Sims photo compilations:

    And these are the type of pictures she sells:
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  • BoergeAarg61BoergeAarg61 Posts: 663 Member
    aaronrulz wrote: »
    Did you have a Sim be a photographer for their career? Did they make money? What did you take pictures of? Any and all ideas and advice I will take. Thanks!

    I don't recall any of my sims being a photographer. As I have no idea which photos a sim in the social media career upload to social media, I can't answer the other questions.
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