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The Desperate Housewife Challenge

KaysbeeeKaysbeee Posts: 1 New Member
Hi guys welcome to the Desperate Housewife Challenge! (2016), Inspired by the show Desperate Housewives and also inspired by kpop on YouTube who has a series on the game version of the show. The challenge will have a lot of juicy Scandals and Secrets just waiting to be revealed.

The traits required are : Romantic AND Snob the 3rd is your choice
Aspirations: has to be in the love category to get the alluring trait but cane be change after getting the bonus trait.
-no money limit on the house or the lot but your sim family must Start off with 5,000 simoleons
-Get married and choose a spouse (any gender) you may create them or find a random sim *your Sims may be apart of the LGBT community and you may have 1 kid together*
-Have the "Housewife" do all the cooking and cleaning during the first stages of marriage at least (5 days before getting a maid).
-when ever your spouse leaves for work is when you may leave the neighborhood (going to clubs or parks) to look for "victims" or friends
-when you spouse is at home you are to be the perfect "housewife" Cook her meals and clean the house*if you choose no to have a maid*and you can only roam the street you live on and visit the neighbors when the spouse is home
-when you are in the neighborhood you can gossip with the girls and harmlessly flirt with the guys
-build good or bad relationships with All the neighbors you "victims" may be in the neighborhood if you choose
-when your out on the town you may do as you please but you travel without your spouse
- you have to build 2 separate strong relationships with a love interests and both relationship bars must be filled for each relationship.
-you may not divorce .if you want out of the marriage your spouse must die(you have to kill them
-you may have a few boyfriends or girlfriends but the relationship cant be as strong as the 3 main "victims" in your life

Must haves & Must do's
-must WooHoo with the mail-man or women at least 3 time throughout your gameplay
-must WooHoo 2 times a day with 2 different Sims
-the "housewife" sim must do all the cooking throughout the whole game play unless you have a party then you may hire a caterer
-your spouse must get a job in business, criminal, secret agent, doctor or detective
-get to be good friend s with at least 3 Sims in the neighborhood
-you must have 2 declared enemies the may cause a treat to you (your competition)
-if you hire a scheduled service you must WooHoo with" the help" every time you guys are in the house at the same time (even if your spouse is home)
-get pregnant with someone baby (ANYONE but your spouse)
-if caught cheating you must throw and event/party with no goals an preform romance acts on the sim you choose to be with in front of the other 2 choices until they are both angry. kill off your current spouse and marry the one you choose. invite All of your Ex 's and flings to the wedding to let them know your taken. Then move to another neighborhood and start over or end the game.

Now the story you create behind the Desperate Housewife begins

Please share this challenge with you favorite youtube simmers and if you have a you have a channel and will be doing this challenge please send me a link to check it out. Please help my get kpops attention on the challenge since she was the inspiration behind this .

Thank You


  • Del Rey SimmerDel Rey Simmer Posts: 10 New Member
    Hi i love the whole idea of this challenge and i duno if u are still following people play this but im going to be starting an LP on this challenge within a few weeks. My channel is Nebula Sims on youtube and its not letting me comment a link sorry
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