Survival Island Challenge!

Sims 4 - Challenge: Survival Island

The Story

A ship has been wrecked by a terrible storm. The next morning, six Sims who barely know each other wake up on a little deserted island. Using some tools and items they happened to have on them at the time of their accident, the survivors cling to their lives once again. They fish and garden to produce some food, and from driftwood they craft the most primitive of furniture to make the island a little more comfortable. Their ultimate goal is to get back to the mainland and return to civilisation, but for the time being, they only have each other to depend on.

Getting started

First, you have to create six young adults in CAS, three men and three women. Their traits and aspirations must be randomized (there is a randomizer at i like to use), but their names and outward appearance are entirely up to you. Their clothes could be ripped and torn, they could look like fishermen or surfers. Or maybe the ship was a luxury cruise one? Either way, heres how you get on with the challenge:
Move them into some empty lot, then go to manage worlds and bulldoze the largest lot in Oasis Springs, evicting possible occupants. Now you have to create a tropical island there, using pool as the water (I have uploaded mine to the gallery, its called „Survival Island“. Look at it if you want to get inspiration, or just use it for your challenge). You can decorate your island with a few palm trees etc, but keep in mind that you will need some space to live and build on. Now move your six sims on this island, you can use freerealestate to do so. When they have arrived, place the following on the lot:
One campfire (the one with the stones around it), three double airbeds, one woodcrafting table and one outdoor thrashcan. They will also need a fishing pond, since they regrettably cant fish in pools. To do this, type bb.showhiddenobjects in the console, then search for „debug“ and place the „desert fishing hole“. You may now buy three portable items (the other three sims have been carrying the beds) and put them in the sim-inventories of matching sims (when i say matching, it means that a childish sim can have a toy, a music lover or art lover can have an instrument etc. Work with what you have, you may buy three portable items other than beds). Now use the „testingcheats true“ and „money 0“ to set your resources to nothing (i like to think of Simoleons not as money in this challenge, but as a storage of resources such as vegetables, wood and fish). You are good to go!

The Rules

During the first phase of this challenge, none of the six sims may leave the island. They may swim in the pool surrounding it, but they may not leave the lot at all. If they do (because of a fire etc) get them back immediately.
Other than that, you may not control your sims unless all their fulfillable needs are at least yellow. I call this the need requirement.
Needs are fulfillable if there is a possibility to satisfy them present on the lot. In the beginning, you will have neither toilet nor bathtub or shower, so the bladder and hygiene needs are not fulfillable and dont count towards the need requirement, the little hygiene they get from swimming does not count. Keep in mind though that sims will still cancel their actions and become uncomfortable when these needs get to low.
They have to reach the required status on their own, you may not help them (eg. by letting them grill or cook, directing them to sleep or talk to other sims... they have to survive alone!).
When a sims needs meet the requirement, you may direct them to accomplish their whims (Only such ones that fit the story, though. Whims like buying a fridge or getting a job or anything that ruins the mood of the challenge, you have to ignore.) or do their daily task.
Daily tasks are assigned to specific sims at sunrise, and you may direct each sim to start or keep doing his or her task until sundown, whenever their needs allow it. Task-related actions must be cancelled if a fulfillable need drops into the red section, or it is getting dark (because they have no light source except the sun and the campfire, pursuing tasks is impossible at night). This daily tasks can be:
- fishing
- watering the plants
- weeding the plants
- harvesting the plants
- crafting items on the woodworking table
- go swimming (this gets the hygiene need up a little, and raises athletic skill)
- playing an instrument
You dont have to assign all these tasks, and you can give the same task to multiple sims if you wish to. It might be advisable to have each sim specialize in something, though, so they get this skill up.
You may also sacrifice the task-doing of a sim for a day to let him do one interaction that might be important to you (like proposing, buying seeds at a planter, extinguishing a burning sim, pleading for a sims life with the reaper, repair a broken object, place an instrument or toy in the world...).
You can sell fished or harvested items in your sims inventorys whenever you want, to add them to the resource storage. (exception: Lets say you send a sim fishing to fulfill his whim of grilling a fish on the campfire. You may not sell the fish he catches, as soon as hes got one, he must grill it).
If bills arrive, memorize or write down how many resources you have, then cheat yourself some money, pay via cellphone and reduce your funds to the previous amount afterward.
The gravestones of dead sims must stay on the lot. You may move them around to whereever suits you best, but it must be possible for the ghost to haunt your island and frighten (or annoy) your remaining survivors, and for them to mourn their fallen comrade.
Of course, there are things you can do to make life for your sims a litte bit easier! You can unlock the following items by helping your sims master skills:

-Carbonette Charcoal Grill: a sim has a cooking skill of 5 or better
-bathtub and toilet: you can craft them at lvls 9 and 10 on the woodworking table
-Icebox Vintage Refridgerator: a sim has maxed the cooking skill
-walls, roofs and doors: a sim has maxed the handiness skill

When you have unlocked all these, build a small bathroom with tub and toilet and surround at least one of your beds with walls to make a bedroom (all unlocked items of course have to be build with resources!). When the two rooms are built, one of your sims finds an old spyglass in the sand (cheat yourself the money for it and place an observatory on the island)! Observing the horizon with it in the search for land is another possible daily task now, apart from that the sims keep living their daily struggle, now made a bit easier because of the bathroom. You may not sell the space prints your sims will get from the „spyglass“ to get resources, however if a sim gets the „animal planet“ print, he or she has sighted land!
The moment land has been sighted, the sim with the highest athletic skill immediately sets out to the mainland to search for help. This sim may not return to the island before befriending a wandering towny. Has the sim sucessfully made a friend and brought him or her to the island mailbox, you may build a bridge that connects the island with the rest of the world. Cheat money for the bridge if needed. Congratulations, you have completed the Survival Island challenge!

You can now count your points if desired, and upload your final island to the gallery with #survivalisland!

Upon completion, you may give yourself a score for this challenge. Heres what you get:
1000 points per surviving sim
500 points for each skill that the highest sim has maxed
200 points for each skill that the highest sim has at lvls 6-9
100 points for each skill that the highest sim has at lvls 1-5
500 points per friendship between two sims (the towny-friendship does not count)

I hope youll try this and give plenty of feedback! :)


  • SnowSilverSnowSilver Posts: 1 New Member
    This is such a cool challenge! Definitely trying it out! Looks fun :) Thanks!!
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