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Chaotinas Lots

ChaotinaChaotina Posts: 43 Member
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I wanna show you my lot creations: holysimchurch-front1.jpg

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  • ChaotinaChaotina Posts: 43 Member
    Name: Holy Sim Church
    Origin ID: Chaotina
    Hashtags: #wedding #church #nocc
    Lot Size: 40x30
    Lot Type: Lounge
    Link to gallery

    This community lot (lot type: lounge) is a wedding venue with two places for weddings – one in the garden and one at the first floor of the church. At the second floor you will find a party room with bar, music, piano, bathrooms and a small kitchen for baking the wedding cake.

    In my game it’s located in Willow Creek and replaces the museum.

    No costum content!

  • ChaotinaChaotina Posts: 43 Member
    Casa Sorino: A mediterranean home lot with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a patio and pool. No CC!

    Lot size: 40 x 30

    Price: 105.704 $

    Download it in the Sims 4 Gallery under user name Chaotina
    Link to Gallery

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 162,817 Member
    It is great that you have set up a showcase thread for your builds :) Your builds are very nice!
    The exterior design of the Church is very nice! :) The steeple towers and curved roof are great! The wall decor on the front of the building looks nice and the type of and placement of the windows in the build looks nice and suits the type of lot. The water fountain features on the side of the Church look nice, and it looks very nice how you have placed the flowers, plants and trees in the build. Very nice outdoors wedding area. It looks nice how you have set up the seats for the wedding guests to enjiy sitting on and watching the wedding. Sims will enjoy getting married outdoors in the sunshine. The water fountain looks nice there. It is great that you have a bbq nearby for sims to enjoy cooking on it and eating meals at the tables after the wedding. Very nice furnishing of the interior. It looks nice how you have set up the indoors wedding area wuty the pews and wedding arch. The texture of the interior walls is nice. Very nice reception area. It looks nice the types of dining seats that you have placed there. Sims will enjoy sitting at the tables having a drink from the bar and enjoy listening to the grand piano being played. The birds on the wall are nice for sims to see whilst sitting there. The flowers in both the wedding area and the reception area are very pretty for sims to see. It is a very nice place to get married :)
    Casa Sorino is a very nice Mediterranean home! :) The exterior design of it and the roofing is very nice. It looks nice how you have used the roof trimming. The white flowers look very nice either side of the front entrance to the home. Very nice outdoors pool patio! It looks very nice how you have used the spandrels! The water fountains and pool feature outside the front of the home is very nice for sims to see when coming to the home. The trees looks very nice how you have placed them on the corners of the lot. Nice furnishing and layout of the interior of the home. It looks nice how you have placed the sofa and arm chair in the living room for sims to enjoy sitting having a chat together and listening to music from the gramophone. The flowers are a nice touch on the window table. Very nice kitchen. It looks nice how you have placed the cabinets in the kitchen. The fruit picture on the kitchen wall is nice for sims to see when preparing meals there. The bar stool counter is great. The shoes rack and coat rack are nice homely items in the foyer area of the home. The wall tiling in the bathroom looks nice. Sims will enjoy the sunlight coming in through the bathroom windows whilst bathing. Very nice master bedroom! It looks nice that you have bedhead windows and the curtains look nice how you have placed them on them. The flowers on the dresser are nice for sims to see when laying in bed, and the clock is a nice homely touch on the bedside table. . It is nice how you have used the patterned floor rugs in the bedrooms.
    They are both very nice builds :)
  • xale90xale90 Posts: 209 Member
    I really like the Casa Sorino house. Well done.
    Bjork-animated-fix3sec_zpse5f5950f.gif ModernMansionDesign_zps90f720d8.gif Modern-House-Design_zpsf4076eb9.gif GJmTYrF.gif nfh_zps4d3443dd.png
    Click on each image to see the house
  • CerryddCerrydd Posts: 471 Member
    Casa Sorino is a very pretty house, I really like the pool area with the fence, friezes and pillars!
    What have I been up to lately? Cerrydd / #cerrydd in the gallery
  • Yvonne2772Yvonne2772 Posts: 174 Member
    Very nice buildings :) The church has a beautiful interior ♥ Casa Sorino is a very pretty house ♥
  • masajomasajo Posts: 5,924 Member
    Lovely builds with awesome interior designs, especially Holy Sim Church :)
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