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Marland, new world for the sims 3 #UPDATE WITH VIDEO


Since I can't post links because it says "you need to be around for a little while longer" and I don't know what that means because I'm a member of the site since 2010. If someone would be so kind to explain it to me I would appreciate. :# Anyway, to see the videos that I've uploaded to youtube you only have to search for my chanel there. Write "Hakufi sims" and it will appear. Excuse my ignorance at making videos, especially in the first one. :s
Also for more pictures concerning the world you can search for my tumblr by typing "hakufi.tumblr(you know the rest)" ;)

Marland will include urban and rural parts so your Sims can enjoy different lifestyles. Furthermore, it will have a hidden fairy village, a swamp and a forest full of mysteries, unknown creatures and treasures to discover.

- Create a non-boring world for sims to live;
- A save file with families and the empty version will also be available when the world is ready (Besides the complete world, of course);
- All families will have distinct personalities and life stories that will produce an interesting gameplay;
- Residential and community lots will have descriptions with part of Marland History;
- More to be added soon; o:)

- All expansions till into the future will be used; All accessories packs except Katy Perry's Sweet Treats and Movie Stuff
- No CC or store items will be in the world, although some lots with premium content may be added to the forum (as separate downloads) after the world is released but only for those who want to complete the world a bit more.


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    CrismitCrismit Posts: 182 Member
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    MarLin114MarLin114 Posts: 1,724 Member
    Hi Crismit :smile:

    Marland sounds like it's going to be a very interesting place for both Sims and we players to explore! I'll be following your progress and updates here in Create a World.

    From what I understand, you will get your Member status when you reach 50 points (points are on your page/wall). When you reach 50, you can post links and possibly pictures. Although I've read on one of the threads somewhere that someone needed 100 points to post pictures.

    I don't like or agree with the way they did things here for users who have been registered for years on the other site. Anyway, they don't seem to listen to many of us so I'm going to do what I can to help you out with your status by giving you some "Likes/Agrees/LOLs" on your comments. Hoping that you reach Member status soon. Oh EA...
    a.k.a. - Linda
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