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Problems placing a vacation home

Hello guys, I have a vacation home I want to place in the champs les sims region, the lot was built for me and is 30 x40, (the 30 sized side faces the road) there is a lot near the market area that's empty and is assigned to "player buyable" and is the correct size with the right size facing the road how ever when I click to place my lot it doesn't give me the option to place it there, now I know when I had this happen before with a 64x64 lot in my local town I just deleted the lot and placed another 64x64 in the same spot, how ever I can't do that with the 30x40 as theres no option to place a 30x40 empty lot! so any suggestions or fixes for this?

there is another empty 30x40 lot in the French region but the 40 sized side is facing the road so the house doesn't look right, and I can't find a decent spot to place a 40x40 lot and put the house without the terrain messing up the house.

Cheers for the help in advance


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    MarLin114MarLin114 Posts: 1,724 Member
    edited September 2014
    Hello wallawalla322 :smile:

    I just went into Champs Les Sims and added a 30x40 house to an empty residential lot at 15 Orchid Road without any problems. Is this the same address you were trying to use? It should be classified as an Ownable Lot (tag=square with a flag inside the square).

    Make sure that the house you're trying to place has the correct classification (residential lot), and not base camp or community lot.

    I also changed the location to a Regular Lot and the house was placed without any issues.

    If everything is right but it's still not working for you, go onto the empty lot and add a wall or a fence. Now go back to Edit Town and Bulldoze the lot. Doing this should only remove the wall/fence and any other possible objects that may be stopping you from being able to place your vacation home. After bulldozing, make sure the lot is classified as ownable.
    a.k.a. - Linda
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    wallawalla322wallawalla322 Posts: 42 New Member
    Thanks MarLin, yes it was 15 Orchid road, I did the bulldozing trick after adding a wall. that fixed it fine! my guess is there was something on the lot like a collectable or something that was preventing me from placing the lot!

    Thanks for the response and the helpful tips
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    MarLin114MarLin114 Posts: 1,724 Member
    You're welcome wallawalla322! Glad that you're now able to place your custom lot :smiley:
    a.k.a. - Linda
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