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Trying to give this game another chance after my brutal review

I don't like to play the Sims while connected to the internet. But when I try to play I get an error from Origin it won't let me play unless I go through Origin first is there anyway to turn off Origin and play while not connected to the net?


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    ireneruthyablonireneruthyablon Posts: 555 Member
    What do you mean by saying that Origin will not allow to play the game? Usually I get a message after I open the launcher letting me know that I am not connected to Origin. I just close it and start the game. The only reason to connect to the internet while playing is so that you can buy something from the store. Being connected or not connected to Origin will not alter game.
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    MarLin114MarLin114 Posts: 1,724 Member
    If you're speaking of TS4, and I believe you are, I'm adding a link from a 'Play Offline' page on Crinrict's Sims 4 Help blog. It appears that you will need to be online with Origin once and after that you can put Origin in offline mode.

    Hoping that you find your second try much better than the first!
    a.k.a. - Linda
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