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I Remember my FIRST Sim Family...

It was the summer of 2010. My neighbor had just received The Sims 3 after weeks of waiting for his parents to purchase it, and he invited me over to try it out. He built a family, his house and a few other things. I built my family, and my house.

The guy's name was James Smith (original, I know.) His wife's name was Lauren Smith. Keep in mind I was, like, 13 when we did this. The day was over and I went home. The next day, we played again but for longer this time. I messed around with them and my Sim Lauren was pregnant. I was so happy! She was in either the Business or Journalism career and James was a Criminal. They had no friends because all they ever did was work, WooHoo and swim in their pool. When the baby finally came, a girl named Cassie, I was surprised. Cassie grew up to a teenager and she looked atrocious with her messed up hair an mismatched attire. I didn't know you could change their appearance in a mirror and clothes in a dresser. Wonderful :roll:. Before Cassie became a teen, however, they had another son named Izaak. The spelling of his name makes me cringe to this day!

Anyways, I gave up later on because I was having a horrid time when Cassie got pregnant after high school and Izaak wouldn't date anyone. Cassie also had my first set of twins, Patty and Perth. What was I thinking?!


  • bethiebear2013bethiebear2013 Posts: 30 New Member
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    I remember mine too, i just bought the sims 3, along with pets, and created a girl, Rose (with pink streaks in her hair) and a boy eric, i remember they had no friends and very low level jobs beacuase i had no idea how to fit a job, friends and their family all into one short day :)
  • DarkAmaranth1966DarkAmaranth1966 Posts: 13,416 Member
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    My First sim was a male sim named Chip way back in 2000 when I got The Sims (Not sims 2 or 3, just The Sims.) Played him all through that series.

    Sims 2 it was Kadeth through it all, now it's Damien since day one back in '09.
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  • ohhjulietohhjuliet Posts: 1,369 Member
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    I remember my first Sims family... way back in 2000, in the first sims... I also remember when the husband died, I was shocked, because I'd had no idea that could happen (he spontaneously combusted, but there was a glitch in the animation, and you couldn't see the fire, so he just waved his arms and jumped around and screamed before becoming an urn next to the bed...)
  • ZeriZeri Posts: 15,071 Member
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    i remember my first sims as well. back in sims 1, the first household i created was a family of four. mom dad and 2 kids, called the but.tface family. (pronounced bu-fat-chey) lol
    yeah i know im lame.

    but a whole family proved to be a little challenging for my first try, so i started another family.

    Snake and Mooch, roomates. one was a chubby motorcycle looking guy and other was a scrubby dirtbag.

    i grew quite fond of those two. but then the kitchen caught on fire while Mooch was cooking and they both died D:
    i was horrified
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  • ZeriZeri Posts: 15,071 Member
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    weird double post
    i play games and rant about games
    WARNING: Blog may contain random bouts of pottymouth
  • MissHoney118MissHoney118 Posts: 1,403 Member
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    My first sim family was in TS2, was like 7/8 years old.
    I made a mum and dad, and child daughter to them.
    So I made them move into a house and everything just went great - or so I thought.
    It was the daughters birthday and she died of misscare.
    The mum was pregnant and and one day she was just gone, I could not understand were. After a while I saw a urn in a corner of a room, she had died to.
    I don´t know what happened after that but the dad was really unhappy.
    Kinda sad.
  • MissBriteMissBrite Posts: 1,803 Member
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    my first sim family is the only one i've gotten past the first generation... i think i got to 3 gens? ^__^

    edit: first TS3 family. I was way too young and it was way too long ago to remember my first sim family ever O_O
  • horrorfan1980shorrorfan1980s Posts: 2,900 Member
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    Can't rememeber my first ever sims family way back when the first game came out, but I think my first sims3 sim was a girl named Agnes Archer - I had her marry Christopher Steele, and then cheat on him with the maid, Grady Elfman. Met, married and then divorced in about 3 sim days. :lol:
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  • YellowJaneYellowJane Posts: 6,589 Member
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    OMG I remember not being able to change their clothes or hair either! My family contained two adults, and two daughters (teen and child) and when the adults became elders, the stylish looking guy lived out his elder years in a white tank top and greenshorts :P
    And the flirty teenage girl aged up into a horrible turtleneck sweater! Bleh!!!
  • bshag4lvbshag4lv Posts: 9,277 Member
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    My first sim family was in 2000 with the original sims. It was Margie and Mason Williams...she was a doctor and he was an astronaut. Amazing that I could remember them, I still remember what their house looked like. :D

    I hated Mortimer and Bella back then and I recall killing Cassandra by taking away the stairs to her bedroom upstairs. :twisted:
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  • Mdmx6566Mdmx6566 Posts: 96 New Member
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    First Sim Family in Sims 1 was named Gary and Valerie.

    When I first got Sims 2, I recreated them in Pleasantview. They had twins. Can't remember if I took the Smith family out of Strangetown, or if someone, for some reason, had uploaded the family onto the Sims 2 website, and I downloaded them from there, but the Smith's were in Pleasantview, and one of the twins married Johnny Smith.

    Sims 3, haven't recreated them, yet. But with the Story Progression mod, I may do their prequel story in Sunset Valley.
  • CwayvaaCwayvaa Posts: 52 New Member
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    In the Sims 1 my first sim family was just my simself, I was probably 7 or 8 when I started playing, I can't remember exactly but I probably used the head with the blue hair and two ponytails ( I used it A LOT) I'm pretty sure my simself died in a fire or something because at that age I didn't understand how to play the sims properly and they always died and got harrased by the tragic clown :lol:

    The Sims 2, probably just a simself, can't say I remember.

    The Sims 3, a simself again. I always start off with a simself for my first family :) I'm pretty sure I was in the rockstar career, had a baby girl, I think I married not sure, but pretty sure that when my simself was an elder she had an affair with her daughter's husband. :twisted: :lol:
  • Deshong04Deshong04 Posts: 4,278 Member
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    IIRC, my first sim family from TS was Simon (who was in the political career), his wife Lisa (who was an excellent freelance artist) and their son Simon Jr. (who was a super genius of a kid.) Also I had them adopt a son and he and Simon Jr. got along well. Cannot remember what I named the adopted son though.

    But I do remember it got so crazy trying to keep up with all their motives that it's sad to say the adopted son ended up getting taken away by the adoption agency or whatever its called.

    I'm pretty sure I recreated them in TS2 and I even created them now in TS3.

    I didn't have them adopt a son yet.
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  • anajessiaanajessia Posts: 286 Member
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    I remember my first family too. Before I got the game I had watched a couple of Let's Plays so I had some knowledge on how to use the game. I created my main sim, a teen girl, Alexandra and her little sister, Alice with their 'parents' Angel and Jason and while creating their relationships, I forgot to make the parent-child relationship to them all :/

    Jason and Alexandra shared the Hot-Headed traits so they kept starting fights, and there were only two beds in the house and I couldn't afford a bed so Alex had to sleep on the couch, causing her not to get enough sleep so she had to sleep in the double bed when she came from school, and on top of that she had other responsibilities like homework.

    I think I eventually got her bed though, I would also have her skip school until she failed so I could play with her more. So much for being my main sim, lol. Now that I think about it, I wish I made someone else sleep on the couch, lol.
  • litabelaqualitabelaqua Posts: 4,322 Member
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    Bob and Betty Newbie!! omg I loved Bob and Betty!

    I cheated money for them by moving a random sim in and out of their house, I didnt know about money cheats lol. I built them a big boxy ugly looking house thing, i thought it was wonderful lol.
  • ErnesaTErnesaT Posts: 7,458 Member
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    It's so nice to see so many original players (meaning folks who played The Sims before we even knew it would blow up into what it is now).

    My first family in The Sims was Bob and Betty Newbie. They were on the tutorial so I thought I had to play with them. My sons later told me that I could make my own. :oops:

    Bob was a couch potatoe of a slob and poor Betty worked to pay the bills. Bob's lazy butt tried to cook and burned the place down. :lol:
  • hannmacyhannmacy Posts: 558 Member
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    When I first got Sims 2, I rarely made my own sims. I played the Pleasant family the first time. I really liked the daughters for some reason, and the house too.
  • DeandylanDeandylan Posts: 496 Member
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    I don't really remember my 1st family. It was in The Sims, I was in college and didn't play that much. I remember a man, woman, and two kids.

    My TS2 family was a man, his twin daughters and his son. One of the girls died. And he got married to some woman.

    My first TS3 family was a mother, father, the mother's sister, a child and a toddler. I left them for a while and started playing with other families and building houses. But when I came back to check on them,( back when story progression worked) the child had aged to a teen and died and the toddler was now an adult and had a baby by some old dude who lived with his ex wife. The parents were old and the aunt was a cougar. It was hilarious! But I was a little disappointed. I saw one of my other sims around town getting into a limo and when I went back to play their family, boy, girl, dad, grandma. The grandma and the daughter had died.
  • PurpleRosesPurpleRoses Posts: 3,796 Member
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    I can sort of remember my first Sim family. It was back in TS1, and it was my very first "Simself." Or what I thought was my Simself. I can't say for sure that she was anything like me.

    Being that I was brand new to the Sims, I didn't really know much about it. For instance, I didn't know that there was a limited amount of money. I ended up building a huge box. I barely had enough money left over for the basics. I couldn't even get her wallpaper or flooring. She was given a job as a waitress, and I didn't even know that they could build up skills and get promotions. My poor Simmie was stuck with a low paying job. It got even more frustrating when I was given Pets, and she couldn't afford a pet. I finally got my friend to tell me the money cheat, so I finally showered my Sim with many luxuries. ^.^

    Ah. So many memories. I believe I have come a long way with how I play my Sims.
  • VadeilVadeil Posts: 312 Member
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    My mom got the ts1 base game a bit after it came out.
    I remember playing on her computer, and the first family I played with was the goth family.

    Then after one of them died I made a simself.

    This was over ten years ago so I don't remember much.
  • MAnatomyMAnatomy Posts: 460 New Member
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    xD I love everyones post. :)

    My first family was just the base game in sunset valley...i made a family that looked like ****...because I didn't know I could "chose a household." Lmao...I didn't know what I was doing at all XD
  • KoumoriDiruKoumoriDiru Posts: 6,681 Member
    edited April 2013
    My first ever Sims family was two elder sims and their grandson. Although this was Sims 1, so you had to have a really good relationship with your fellow sims and then ask them to be in your family :roll: But in my head it was two sims and their Grandson.
    They had 0 cash so had to work straight away so their Grandchild could eat and not be taken away as soon as they moved in :lol:

    Sims 2 I made two families- a guy and his child son, and a woman and her teen daughter- and married the adults off. They were a lovely family, might re-create them actually :)

    Sims 3 was a single female sim. But she was so irritating I got rid of her :lol: She had no friends, no cash and she refused to do anything I prompted her to because her mood was so low all the time.
  • KartaiKartai Posts: 1,206 Member
    edited April 2013
    I do remember man it's been a long time lol

    Sims 1- I've played the Goth family and made my own and later I've discovered cheats for the game rosebud

    Sims 2- That win I was introduce to CC and Mods and then I was hooked and my first Sim was a normal Sim then win I got more CC I've made more CC Sims

    Sims 3- I've made a Female Sim and didn't know if people was going to make CC it was almost the dark age for me I was torn going back to Sims 2 because of the CC but now people do make it and very good ones I'll stay with Sims 3
  • FlamingoKicker1FlamingoKicker1 Posts: 4,451 Member
    edited April 2013
    My first sims 1 family all died tragic deaths cause the father didn't know he had to study before he could cook and then the kid got bit by the diseased guinea pig and the mom caught the virus from the kid and went to work, came home and dropped dead.

    What a feel good game. :-)
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