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Tatselk's Premade Makeovers [NEWEST: BRYTANI CHO]

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In my new save, in which I plan to focus on the premades, I have started things off by doing makeovers for the premades.

These makeovers are CC-free and only involve the normal CAS mode. I just want the premades to look slightly nicer/to make them look more like how I imagine they should look, not have them undergo plastic surgery or look like they have stepped out of another universe. In other words, more Queer Eye, less Extreme Makeover.

So first up, we have the Munch family!


Mila Munch



In my save, Mila got a big break in her culinary career (more on that in a later post). So I have made her look more sleek and professional. But still retaining abit of the overall country mumsy vibe of her original look.

Mila’s outfits are mostly purple-centric because I imagine that she has quite a traditional mindset and dresses in half-mourning colours for her deceased husband(s) (I haven’t quite made up my mind as to whether the 3 Munch brothers have the same father…).

Gunther Munch



Gunther’s look has shifted from pretentious hipster to pretentious vampire wannabe.

This may be due to Gunther having taken a job as a Writer's Assistant to famed horror novelist, Mortimer Goth (who is working on a series of vampire novels), and wanting to impress his new boss. Or this may be due to the influence of his new girlfriend, Lilith Vatore, who leads an-uhh-alternative lifestyle.

In any case, Gunther ditching his hat is definitely a step in the right direction. Lol.

Wolfgang Munch



Since forming a band with Cassandra Goth and Sofia Bjergsen, Wolfgang’s style went from edgy to, uhh, edgier. Thanks to Mrs Goth’s sponsorship, they have been able to (or rather have been “persuaded”) to adopt a full-blown red-and-black gothic look for their band.

The school isn’t too pleased with this; Wolfgang has already served detention multiple times for his dress code violations. But hey, the band’s fans love this, right?

Lucas Munch



Of all the Munches, Lucas has undergone the least change in the makeover. Partly because I think that his original look already fit him pretty well. Partly because there seem to be relatively few CAS items to play around with for Male Child Sims. -_-‘’

So in line with his outdoorsy and cheerful nature, I mostly stuck to making Lucas’s look abit brighter and zanier and threw in animal motifs on his outfits as much as possible.

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