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Batuu: A fun but honest gameplay that explores weird questions (especially for occult players

Hello everyone! I normally post in the What Happened in Your Game Today thread. Some of you may recognize the sims I play. I have been curious about the latest Journey to Batuu pack and have had quite a few weird questions about it. Unfortunately we did not get a live game play with developers and did not get the opportunity to ask questions about the pack. I have been watching various Let's Plays on Youtube from popular Game Changers but so far, my questions remain unanswered.
I am primarily an occult sim who also really enjoys family style play, so what happens when you send your witch, mermaid, or vampire to Batuu? Can you turn Kylo Ren into a cactus, drain his plasma, or bring the monsoon? Will your celebrity sim's fame follow him to the edge of the galaxy? Let's find out!
Curiosity got the best of me and I bought the pack and have been exploring it so far. I hope I can answer some of your questions, but if you have any and want to find about it, or if you have discovered something in your own gameplay, please post below!!


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    sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 849 Member
    edited September 2020
    I copied this from the What Happened in your Game Today? ......
    Journey to Risa!!!...err...Batuu….:(

    Ok, so curiosity was seriously getting to me so I went ahead and got the Journey to Batuu pack. I am holding my opinion for now, but I will be honest and try to show any issues or game mechanics I find if anyone is curious about the game. There are some generally perplexing aspects to the game, some parts are very repetitive, and some that are generally really fun.
    Here goes:
    Oh my Force, did you see what just flew in?! nYGes0D.png
    This is going to be interesting...ijiBAiN.png
    So the Beauchamp triplet sisters Rachel, Rosie, and Rebecca and their significant others, plus their first cousin Joanna Fontenot and her hubby Vincent all threw in for a fun trip to planet Risa. They would take alien Clint’s spaceship.
    They were so excited. Planet Risa is the pleasure resort planet of the galaxy if you like Star Trek. If any of you are Trekkies, you might recognize Risa as the pleasure resort planet Starfleet likes to frequent for vacations. The whole planet consists of warm tropical breezes, beautiful tropical oceans, pristine beaches, exotic food and extremely friendly locals. They were all excited.
    Here’s a resort you can visit if you play Star Trek Online (the other video game I love to play) AqnzOYd.jpg
    I love STO, I would totally be for a Star Trek pack.
    But instead, they had some engine troubles and got stuck on Batuu :(
    Simeon Silversweater is less than impressed. RdPJ51U.png

    (I used MCCC to reset their outfits, when your sim travels to Batuu they automatically twirl into Batuu clothes)
    Everyone got their bearings 7veU968.png
    Yes….I sent the whole troupe to the cantina CriKVgk.png
    It was utter chaos lo. Like herding cats lol aIS4o0V.png
    Apparently Thorne Bailey’s superstar fame has reached Batuu (he’s married to Rebecca)
    He made the occasional fangirl faint
    Rebecca is like “good job, dear” (she’s in the blue crop top behind) lSkD3GV.png
    Apparently Get Famous fame and reputation work here. Thorne and I had a blast making the locals faint Ld5aL2m.png
    The group immediately start ordering drinks (I wasn’t controlling them)
    Simeon is less than impressed with the popcorn crickets Uq0cZXL.png
    I was tired of resetting their outfits via MCC, so we stuck with Battu clothing. I sent brothers-in-law Clint and Simeon out to scan stuff and explore. nAnexPd.png
    Meanwhile Joanna introduced herself to Honda Civic.
    Or whatever his name is T9pd455.png
    They wound up staying the whole sim day and night but I was experiencing some mod conflict issues with the new pack and new patch (MCCC). I didn’t want to damage my main save, so I didn’t play long, maybe half hour real time
    Also, we had to go back home because apparently Vincent and Joanna have a major gambling problem, because we went from 800 galactic credits to 3 XD
    They started to autonomously play the sarbecc game and lost all their money! XD

    So what about the Occults on Batuu?
    So I dunno if you can tell yet but I play with primarily occults so I was curious to see how they worked on Batuu. Sadly, their powers and abilities are negated for the time they are there. Spellcasters cannot cast spells or duel, but if they have “always use broom” and a favorite broom selected they will use fly around on their broom. Sorry @ryttu3k Simeon will not be able to turn Kylo Ren into a cactus :( Maybe someone will come out with a mod soon! BEDR3WU.png
    They can charge magical power if they have the ability but that’s it PqlsFNh.png
    Aliens have no powers except for disguise/change disguise. No alien socials
    Vampires can not fly as bat, mist, etc or feed on any sims. They cannot use any vampiric powers or feed even from a plasma pack. There is a building they can go to that is a rabbit hole to fulfil needs. A “drink uncontrollably” icon pops up when they are replenishing thirst. I was laughing at that, apparently the vampire is attacking some poor fellow hotel guest? XD dlS936N.png
    Joanna's UI needs window looks a bit weird because she's a vampire/witch hybrid, but another vamp I sent experienced the same issues.
    I sent everyone home after that.
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    popstarsleypopstarsley Posts: 1,086 Member
    The photos of everyone in their tourist wear is cute and funny! Too bad you have to jump through hoops to keep them that way.
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    sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 849 Member
    Second gameplay post:
    That last post was my initial exploration. I started another save just to check it out. Actually its my “flip this house” fun play I have but don’t post about. I decided to use Joanna Fontenot, one of my favorite sims to play to try it out. She has a ton of skills but not maxed by any means, so she is a bit of a challenge to play. She bought a blank plot in Newcrest. She immediately got a call from Thorne Bailey giving her the option to travel to Batuu. We did.
    Note: Joanna Fontenot was born with a random glitch, she is a vampire/witch hybrid (vampire dad and witch mom) and has abilities of both. This doesn't happen very often but, its really cool when it does. Her UI looks a little different, and you do have to add vampire powers via cheat codes because her Vampire Powers/Weakness tree does not show up. Her spellcaster tree does. I gave her the ability to fly as bat, command other sims, sun proof, and vampire creation powers. She is a low ranking vampire with no weaknesses. Carl's Sims Guide website has all the cheat codes for this if you need it.

    Stuff we did on Batuu...
    Joanna met Honda Civic (Hondo), emo Kylo Ren, meanie Lt. Agnon, and pushy Rey Skywalker.
    I do need to make a note about interacting with these premades. They are considered hidden households so you can't find them under unplayed household menus. Apparently, in order to be Disney friendly, there are no romance interactions, unless you add them to your household and make them playable. You can't call them when you go back home, and you can't travel with them. You can't cast spells on them, drink plasma, perform any mermaid or alien interactions on them, or other vampire stuff. Except I did get the option to turn them into a vampire...hmmm....
    Also, you have limited friendly social interactions too, sort of like interacting with a celebrity. Mostly brighten day, get to know, discuss interests, etc. I think because there are unique voices for several of the characters and they recorded a limited set of interactions during production.

    She met smuggler Honda Civic in the Cantina d8gck5j.png
    and won a sarbecc (spelling?) game against him and won 400 galactic credits. s0QBSaf.png
    She met Lt. Agnon in the First Order quadrant of Batuu. aonNqKe.png
    He sent her out on some missions like getting supplies for the First Order mSUUBcx.png
    Spreading positive propaganda about the First Order vqjlZUV.png
    Checking IDs ywqzi1V.png
    And making arrests if the citizen was “suspicious” cDm5s6d.png
    Jo is outgoing and a friend of the world, she also has the polite trait from the parenthood pack so its really easy for her to make friends. She and Lt. Agnon, commander of the First Order quickly became best friends. OMG JO!! XD XE9ThG9.png
    She also took some missions from Honda Civic AummyAH.png
    She had to go “retrieve” a package that involved her breaking into a house and stealing the package. 9KmjbEi.png
    Jo has all positive 4 parenthood traits so she kept getting uncomfortable and guilty of mean interactions like stealing and fighting with citizens.
    She met Rey, and quickly started talking about science, apparently Rey got bored and used the force to make Joanna go away. MsSJAU4.png
    Seriously she does this hand wave and you automatically travel to a cantina. I couldn’t get a screenshot because it happened so fast. Jo had a dazed moodlet.
    She was a big hit with emo Kylo Ren. zNaYo2K.png
    He loved to tell her creepy stories Ca1rWTu.png
    But being a blood sucking witch hybrid, I think she had him beat on creepy stories and experiences. "Dude I can fly around as a bat!!" a33E1D8.png
    Kylo really liked her! JcCKjEx.png

    Hanging with the locals
    She met the occasional slightly fluffy storm trooper 95Ko5kF.png
    It kept reminding me of Barf in the Spaceballs movie.
    Weird flirty local “aliens” GC7QcsW.png
    More storm troopers 25O7oOP.png
    Some hot smugglers in the cantina Ml2EVBM.png
    She got his number

    This is seriously my favorite aspect of the game. Light Sabers!! I sent Joanna to Doc Ondar’s Den of Antiquities (I keep calling it Doc Brown’s Den of Iniquities) to buy some stuff. She bought some kyber crystals and light saber handles. She put them together tyDw9n5.png
    And did this animation HcBSleB.png
    Followed by an evil laugh, I think that is due to it being a red kyber crystal vbPl2s7.png
    You can go to the rabbithole Jedi temple and request a lightsabre challenge. This dude showed up. FILqW75.png
    She lost vQccHgP.png
    He insulted her.

    Some random occult stuff.
    Joanna was bummed at the fact she can’t do her magical and vampire thing. She still got around on her broom MAfGQnQ.png
    and the occasional creepy vampire hiss tick mCpV7RX.png
    My “A.D.D” quickly set in and I got bored with the repetitive missions and interactions. I got a wacky idea. I wanted to see what Kylo looked like, and if I could add these folks to my family. Sure enough I could! But you have to use the testing cheats true thing and then shift click on your mouse to bring up the option menu. So with a little magical flourish, Jo abducted Kylo Ren, Lt. Agnon, and Rey and transported them back to planet Earth. hXjyLCY.png
    My weird little group of roomies moved into the Bros/ BFF house (The one with Zoe Patel) in Oasis Springs. Dd333eC.png

    They soon discovered the tv. The cooking channel was a big hit sbSbywq.png
    Lt. Agnon and Emo Kylo Ren enjoy watching the news too fdSabEL.png
    Since I lost all of Jo’s spells whenever I download her again from the Gallery (seriously, that is so annoying!), she has had to learn them over again FVmQBz2.png

    It was Geek Con! Joanna thought it would be a great idea to take her abductees to San Msyhuno and show them around. She of course is a major geek, and she loves to cosplay. We went with the apocalypse outfit from Get Famous UF4BkBS.png
    Kylo Ren was impressed and wanted to cosplay too, so he went as Grandpa Darth Vader 8v0YQND.png

    Mom!?! mY0VGPG.png
    Of course we had to get the Geekcon t-shirt u2dtx7b.png
    The VR game platforms were a major hit DAyocSG.png
    Rey was having ton of funv0E3h6n.png
    Kylo was having the time of his life apparently T2RWk57.png
    Rey got into the spirit of the cosplay so she and Joanna had a sparring session with the light sabres. I had to make them some because they do not have them in their inventory when you add them to family 9yneGDi.png
    Lt. Agnon was not impressed with Geekcon so he started picking up the ladies. Lt. Agnon has the mean trait so I figured he and L. Faba would hit it off. RPkHZw8.png
    He was trying to show off his muscles lol IzLdoUr.png
    He discovered the bar too caYhUL5.png
    And karaoke a77WJqC.png
    Meanwhile Kylo met Angela Pleasant and was quite smitten. Xbu1i5l.png
    He’s a bit awkward since he’s a loner, a bit shy. Joanna is the best wingwoman ever and talked him up to Angela, and suggested hooking up with him. 8kYYhQo.png
    She was impressed AssA8kN.png
    Emo Kylo Ren lived up to his reputation. Dude! Why would you talk about death with a girl you just met!?! XD wMEOCs9.png
    He did have a relationship hit with that interaction, but we’ll work on that.
    They head back home

    Is this Magic?! And Lite Brite duels
    It was still early enough and her abductees were hungry so Joanna conjured up some pizza. dItrt19.png
    Wow! The Force can’t do that!
    Sage of Practical Magic Simeon Silversweater was walking by so Joanna introduced herself.
    Weird, I feel like we had kids together in another reality! (they are married in another save of mine) 5O0Ep2x.png
    They had a duel for knowledge qFJmpC0.png
    Kylo and Rey are suitably impressed aABsfwE.png
    Simeon won deOz7DP.png
    I guess that little duel inspired them because Kylo and Rey had a sparring session autonomously! Awesome! p31gf9t.png
    Then Kylo engaged in a sparring session with Joanna jBK87Ep.png

    So what does Kylo look like and some stuff I want to note about this pack
    Light sabre duel animation is actually really great. I can’t wait to see what modders do with it. I can see the light sabers being modded to look like swords.
    One thing I would like to see is adding sparring with light sabers as a club activity. This would be great for “Jedi” school households or for geeky clubs to go LARPing in parks. Maybe it could be added in an upcoming patch? I know someone will mod it in as an option but it needs to be a fixture in the game for console and vanilla players.
    Apparently Kylo, Rey etc are considered hidden households because I could not find them under my households. So you will have to use the "add to family" option cheat when you hit shift+click on your mouse. Or the add to family cheat if you have MCC. I will send Jo back to Batuu. I imagine the game will autogenerate another Kylo and Rey etc.
    So far Joanna, Kylo, and Rey are getting along great. Kylo is a loner, ambitious, and hotheaded so he has a tendency to have temper tantrums but isn’t too bad. Rey is cheerful, ambitious (or self-assured I can’t remember) , and good so she is a delight to be around. Lt. Agnar is self-assured, mean, and ambitious. He’s a cheerful guy but he has a tendency to insult everyone so I don’t know how long he will last as a roomie. I might marry him off to Judith Ward or L. Faba or something.
    Rey has this weird attempt of an English accent she was pre-programmed with. Not all her interactions have speech associated with it so she has a tendency to be talking with no sound.
    Kylo has that grating modified speech due to his helmet. Its honestly hilarious. I am pretty much keeping it on all his outfits because that is just my weird sense of humor. But here is what he looks like!

    I returned to Batuu to see if Kylo, Rey or Lt. Agnon copies would be generated by the game if you add the originals to your household. They do not. No replacements have showed up so far. There are plenty of scoundrels, first order officers, and resistance people walking around that you can interact with to obtain info, missions, etc.

    Another fellow simmer had the following question: I guess there aren't any Siren Lullabies (Emotion Manipulation), Calling Thunderstorms, Bringing the Lightning, other forms of weather manipulation, or Summoning Volcanic Bombs either... Maybe judging Children of the Islands?

    Here's what I found out:
    I sent Nalani the mermaid and Professor Psyded the ghost to see what would happen...
    Psyded the ghost was able to ghost scare sims in his household (Nalani) but not the major characters or random walkby sims in Batuu. LFJdCdD.png
    He can possess certain objects though. GziMUyZ.png
    Nalani can perform mermaid interactions on members of her household but that's it. I didn't see any mermaid option when scanning her. She can't change the weather in Batuu. qu6K6wj.png
    She sang Charmer's lullaby on Psyded and he got all flirty 6gou6Iv.png

    More Screenshots:
    She can summon Island Elementals and they show up! LahXqya.png
    Poor kid got a bad review from the Elementals oQWiRrX.png

    Also, if you add Kylo, Rey etc. to family and make them playable, they do NOT generate new ones! But you can still interact with storm troopers, resistance folks etc and still get the same socials and missions.

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    simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 36,556 Member
    Lol, Honda Civic. 😄

    Great storytelling. And lots of helpful info.
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    popstarsleypopstarsley Posts: 1,086 Member
    “Slightly fluffy storm trooper” 😂😂
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    ScobreScobre Posts: 20,665 Member
    I hope you continue this. I am very much enjoying the story and part of made me fall in love with the site was the great stories like this.
    “Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.” –Helen Keller
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    AyeffenAyeffen Posts: 258 Member
    This is fab @sarabeth2984 - you made me laugh out loud a few times and especially on Honda Civic 😂
    My Gallery 🏠 | Gamer 🎮 | Husband 👬
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    Bearpal64Bearpal64 Posts: 1,117 Member
    This is all very insightful!
    Rather interesting the amount of limitations at work in this pack. I hope they (devs) can use this new found feature to help separate the world's a bit more.
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    SimburianSimburian Posts: 6,931 Member
    edited September 2020
    I've just remembered that "instant hygiene" perk that I've got in my inventory. That'll come in useful in Batuu as there are only a few places to refresh yourself, no actual toilets. I've tried adding one to my inventory but that doesn't work!

    Plus fill your inventory with as much food, apples etc as you can before going and adding that tent of Batuu's in there helps too.

    Edit: I also have remembered that if you have Outdoor Adventures there are a apples, onions, potatoes and lots of other stuff that might be useful in your inventory to take to Batuu too.

    How about trying to get that "Steel Bladder" by getting 2000 points in the Rewards section before you go too.
    Post edited by Simburian on
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    BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 4,976 Member
    Really enjoying your gameplay and pictures! I just want to mention the modder zero has a mod to let occults keep their powers. It's free on her patreon.
    It's called Batu occults powers enabled.
    Zombies, oh please oh please give us zombies!! :'(
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    Bearpal64Bearpal64 Posts: 1,117 Member
    This is an awesome idea for a thread!
    I don't have the pack (still highly debating it) but I was sitting here thinking of all the wacky things I would want to try to mess around with.

    Can you give them gifts?
    - give them a bicycle
    - give them a knitting bag (can you imagine?!)
    - give them ball of clay
    - etc

    Take selfies

    Cheat and add a * to the world
    * Restaurant
    * Cafe
    * Vet Clinic
    * Spa
    * Massage Parlor
    * Yoga Studio
    * Pool
    * Library

    So many stupid silly ideas!
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    BlkBarbiegalBlkBarbiegal Posts: 7,927 Member
    I really enjoyed this
    Me on:
    Twitch jovi_jov
    Twitter BarbieSimmy
    Origin SimsBarbie
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    sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 849 Member
    Hello everyone!! @simgirl1010 @popstarsley @Scobre @Babykittyjade @Ayeffen @bearpal64 @BlkBarbiegal Thank you for the lovely comments!! I am sorry I wasn't able to post back sooner! Working night shift isn’t the most fun at times and I can't respond back as soon as I want to :(
    I am loving everyone’s great ideas!!
    @babykittyjade Zero has a mod to allow for spellcasting in Batuu? That’s AWESOME! Zero has some amazing mods, I don’t know what I’d do without their Immersive Vampires Mod in my gameplay. I will check out their patreon and download it!!
    @simburian Yes! One of my sims I sent there has the steel bladder trait and it was very handy! I imagine the instant hygiene would come in handy too! I was thinking the same thing about bringing some harvestables like onions, apples, etc that my sims could eat! Unfortunately when you travel to Batuu, it sends all non-Journey to Batuu items back to your inventory at home >:(
    So you can’t plant or eat harvestables you have in your inventory. Your idea had me curious so I actually incorporated some camping gear on to the lots to see if they were usable in this next post.
    @bearpal64 Yes Kylo and Rey had fun taking selfies together! I was able to purchase gifts via the phone and was able to give gifts to each other too! I tried to get the knitting bag but no luck :( Because believe me, it would make my day to see Kylo Ren knitting a beanie XD
    I love your build ideas too! (btw they are not stupid or silly!) I ran with your idea and explored modififying the builds. Apparently the lots are “Special Lots” so they cannot be changed, so no restaurant or retail shops, but some unofficial spas/massage parlors/pools etc. could definitely be added! I kind of did that just to see if they items worked and so far they do!
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    sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 849 Member
    edited September 2020
    Here goes:
    So I decided to check out the lots on Batuu. First Off here is a map and an overview:
    The neighborhood on the left is the Resistance Camp, the one in the center is Black Spire Outpost and the one on the right is the First Order Quadrant.
    Each neighborhood consists of one special lot. I decided to send our heroes on vacation back to Batuu. They started out at Black Spire Outpost again. This was a fun gameplay GS5lYme.png
    And of course, the game automatically puts them into some random Batuu outfits
    This must be weird for Lt. Agnon, Kylo, and Rey to be coming back as tourists lol. YJwSjRY.png
    It’ll send you to Oga’s Cantina which sits at the center of a complex of “buildings” RZhdfkv.png
    Oga’s Cantina: Its the only technical lot and can be be modified with bb.enablefreebuild cheat
    Its a special lot but has all the same features as a bar AtbXt6d.png
    The other “buildings” will become highlighted when you scroll over them. They have various functions.

    Motel 6
    First off the most important one! I have no idea what its called, I think its Vendor Stalls, but this is where your sims will go to replenish their hygiene, energy, bladder needs etc. It will also apply to the needs of your occult sims like vampire energy and thirst and hydration for mermaids.. If your sim is about to pop a gasket because they have to potty, click on their bladder needs icon and they will do the potty walk all the way there. Its awesome
    Alternately click “Freshen Up” and it does the same thing. This is the only place your sims can woohoo too. I have dubbed it the Batuu Motel 6. It looks like a Motel 6 doesn’t it?
    I sent Joanna there. It works as a rabbithole. Your sims will disappear for a time. A little icon on their activity bar will tell you what they are doing. Apparently Joanna was attacking some poor victim and drinking uncontrollably LOL!! XD
    Then she took a shower nsXsbZi.png
    Obviously, she had to wash all that plasma off.
    They can also sleep there (select sleep). You can click change outfit/plan outfit and it will take you to CAS to plan their Batuu outfit. They will pop back out when their needs are filled.
    All in all I found this a bit boring

    Lt. Agnar and Rey were starving so there are 2 places you can go to get food
    Ronto Roasters QICcQlY.png
    Again its a rabbithole. He went in through the door and this window pops up 2Qq9bOV.png

    He enjoyed his meal, he got the Batuu popcorn that looks like brains. I guess it tastes good, but considering its free, I don’t even want to know what its made of lol t3yuNkE.png
    Docking Bay 7
    I sent Rey to Dock Bay 7 for some food. Its nearby Y1bNzMx.png
    The menu window wbJ8aKu.png
    She got some Ronta Wraps or whatever. DX9W0Kt.png
    There are some sitting areas between the buildings 5UzqICM.png
    Doc Brown’s Den of Iniquities
    Or Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. Its right across the way from the cantina. This orange building is the Cantina 5TE5srj.png
    And here’s the Den 8RptHX7.png
    This is where your sims can buy stuff like toys, droids, sith and jedi relics, and other junk. Again its a rabbithole
    I sent Kylo Ren in to buy stuff. He wasn’t hungry because he was stuffing his face with pizza fr like the 3rd time before we left ZstdF9N.png
    He went through the door and disappeared Gbhk12Z.png
    A window pops up with this screen. It gives me Sims Medieval vibes but more alien
    We only had 50 galactic credits so he didn’t buy anything. Ehh, he didn’t want anything anyway.
    Jedi Temple
    But light sabers? Yes please!! Fortunately for Kylo there is a Jedi Temple and a shop behind this building. ZXK12af.png
    Please don’t kill any padawans ok Kylo?
    Click Savi’s Lightsaber Workshop to bring up the window. You can buy hilts, kyber crystals, and light saber display boxes here. FmYfS4c.png
    Or request a lightsaber challenge 9yV9gbC.png
    I did that one time and a random Batuu townie will walk over and start fighting with you with light sabers. But Kylo and Joanna decided to do it for me hFhXsQh.png

    Build/Buy and the Cantina
    So those cover the basics, but you will do most of your activities at the Cantina. Here you will meet Hondo the Smuggler. But I call him Honda Civic and the ever annoying robot DJ-PLS-STP that plays manically all the time
    Honda Civic is usually dancing, playing sabaac, or drinking. Believe me its nowhere near as fun or active as the trailers suggest Rxqm7PO.png
    Motel 6 will not satisfy your sims’ fun needs, but will here if they manically dance and listen to DJ-PLS-STP for a time
    This lot is normally not editable but you can if you use the bb.enablefreebuild cheat. Its a special venue and cannot be changed, but I was able to add yoga mats, and other fun stuff
    First off the building:
    I did the cheat thing and checked out the building. It consists of debug shells n81A7Og.png
    As you zoom in it reveals the inside Jl0KTNC.png
    I was able to grab the main debug shell and rotate it out of the way. The build is a giant octagonal room eyzegEl.png
    And its 2 story kpToeVE.png
    The cool rounded ceilings are also debug wall decor. I moved those out of the way to check out how they worked. 4fdjrdm.png
    You can add lot traits like convivial and party place.
    Adding Fun Stuff
    Rey was commenting to a bar patron
    “This place is sooooo boring and dull!” 2JluePE.png
    Kylo thought this was weird considering he’s never visited here before. g1FPc1H.png
    Now to spruce up the building. I added some fun stuff to liven it up a bit.
    The aesthetic builder inside me was screaming inside because I was just plonking them down wherever they fit willy-nilly. But I just wanted to make sure the items worked
    Bubble blowers: XB4g2J6.png
    They were a hit with Kylo and Rey
    A guitar. Lt. Agnar decided to serenade us with his atrocious guitar skills
    Let me play you the song of my people
    The horrific playing made Kylo get an angry moodlet. I thought there might be a plasma bath if he lost his temper so I had him do a centering yoga session on the mat outside.
    Lol. He took his boots off at least
    Although he’s not able to do the wheel quite yet 3b9diCu.png
    Knitting Bag
    Unfortunately, no knitting :( You can’t put the knitting bag in your inventory :(
    I am a consummate crochet and knitter. I don’t like this feature about this pack
    I put a laptop in too. Joanna is a geek and she was getting twitchy from the lack of videogames
    You can buy stuff from the laptop if its there. Interestingly enough, all the items are purchased with galactic credits instead of simoleons! k3Ab3E1.png
    And plasma packs zo57TUn.png
    Get Together Stuff
    The video arcade was a massive hit FHI18cW.png
    Especially with Honda Civic QpQf1OR.png
    And the locals too! yWpu9Ug.png
    I put in a wake the llama gaming table
    And a dance floor! jSx0ewE.png

    Discover University Stuff
    Beer Pong
    Besides the arcade game, our roomies loved Beer Pong. Guys vs Gals. First Order vs Resistance/Scoundrels? They had fun anyway
    Lt. Agnar and Kylo Ren were on the same team. Lt Agnar first up
    Then Rey 8b69twy.png
    Kylo. He missed TcqE8rq.png
    Joanna. She missed too iOGLdR7.png
    I kept wondering what Rey was staring at.
    Honda Civic was getting down and groovy bHJggS3.png
    We did a few more rounds. Kylo was last. He tried it with his eyes closed 0ojEyFN.png
    And nailed it! wtSpBcD.png
    Kylo won! J3G8Cok.png
    Joanna gets some ACTION
    Their night wasn’t over yet! Joanna’s honeybun Bobecc Mantan walked into the Cantina. X00scMa.png
    I found out you can romance the locals
    Oh good grief. tFbOFwK.png
    First Kiss. xseN1PD.png
    They ran off and spent an hour at the Motel 6
    Its the only place you can woohoo.

    Thoughts and my opinion:
    I am being honest here:
    I really really don't like the idea that this pack restricts you from bringing personal items from home, such as a knitting bag. Apparently pets cannot come either. And especially the inability for our occults to function here really makes me angry. These are the MAJOR downsides to this pack I don't like. You can really see Disney's influence here (no vampires in Disneyverse apparently). Would I have gotten this pack knowing that my occults don't work here. Honestly, NO I wouldn't have!

    The missions are kind of fun but get very repetitive quickly. I lost interest. I haven't focused on those yet because there are loads of play-throughs on youtube showing you how to do play them. You are basically just running around finishing missions. I can see simmers not wanting to experience this gameplay over and over. The lots aren't fun enough to do things.
    Stuff you can do to fix things without mods/cc:
    I added these items to liven up the experience and see what I can do to modifiy my experience in Batuu and make it more interesting.
    I think it would be very easy to add a bathroom here. I added a potty bush and an outdoor shower just to try them out. Kylo was successfully able to use both. I imagine adding a tent or beds would free you up from using the Motel 6.

    Build a make-shift hotel. Maybe add a basement level so you don't have to mess with the debug features of the Cantina. You can add nice bathroom facilities, bedrooms, common area etc in that basement. Treat it as a "hotel" so your sims aren't restricted to the Motel 6 to fill their needs.

    Add some traits from Rewards store such as steel bladder and never hungry could really help here.

    Mods and stuff:
    With the addition of mods, such as the one Zero made that @Babykittyjade mention earlier that enables our spellcasters to use their magic etc here. That could dramatically improve gameplay!!! I imagine a lot of modders will be having a hayday with this pack. It'll be interesting to see what they come up with!
    For any modders out there: Justice for Knitting!
    I would like to see a mod that enables Light Saber duels to become a club activity. That would be awesome and could enable you to use features of this pack at home. I might try do this myself, but no promises!
    I can't wait to see what modders will do with the Hover Car. Its just a decor item, but it could easily be converted into a bike overlay.
    The next post should be up very shortly. This one was getting kind of long.

    Our Roomies are going for a camping trip to the Resistance Base!
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    Bearpal64Bearpal64 Posts: 1,117 Member
    Thank you so much for this honest (and hilarious breakdown)😋

    I'm so glad you got to try out some of my ideas. I think I would be fun messing around with their established universe because that's kind of the point of Sims right, telling your stories . Especially because they are trying so hard to keep it the way they set it up lol.

    The amount of restrictions in this pack is kind of ridiculous if you ask me.
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    sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 849 Member
    edited September 2020
    @Bearpal64 Thank you for the ideas! I had a ton of fun trying them out last night! I have more coming! I can really see changing the builds to modify how they function. I found out rhe resistance base would make a fantastic camping trip location. I added Celebrity hangout/student hangout to the cantina to see if lot traits could change who would come into the bar too!
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    sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 849 Member
    Ok so last time our Roomies hung out at Oga’s Cantina. Time to vist the other areas of the map!
    We did a brief stint in the First Order Quadrant. Its the neighborhood on the right zUngMwU.png
    Again there is only one lot. The First Order building. It also consists of a shell VlwUwwF.png
    with a one story building inside. There’s 2 rooms, one is restricted from access.
    I can easily see adding a bathroom with shower here to fulfill needs to this build. I didn’t for the sake of time.
    There is a market stall across the way so they can order food. And a bunch of benches everywhere so if your sim is tired, they can take a nap. Other than that the sim will disappear off lot or go back to the Cantina area if they have to go to the bathroom etc.
    Kylo decides to take his new buddies on the X-Wing thing for a bit of a exploration
    They landed after a bit vyS5ZYh.png
    It will fly off and you will get a prompt on occasion. Its kind of like space exploration in the rocket ship. We got this sOCwa04.png
    Apparently Kylo Ren failed on his mission and he will have to report to Lt. Agnar and Kylo Ren for disciplinary action. LOL
    Actually this weird little interaction happened when they landed
    LT. Agnar yelled at him. RrVJv0m.png
    He walked a few steps then started yelling at the air. He responded by cowering. Then he force choked the air. I was cracking up with laughter XD
    It happened so fast I wasn’t able to get all the screenshots. I will try to get it next time.
    Apparently Lt Agnar thought this self-disciplinary scene was hilarious 8cr5mL4.png
    Meanwhile Rey ran off and did something to this storm trooper. I missed the whole thing. v3idT0R.png
    So we’re just gonna leave him there I guess?

    Time to go camping! The resistance camp is gorgeous dkP85bn.png
    There’s a tie fighter, walking trails, a waterfall, and the resistance base CTotLW2.png
    I did the unlock cheat build to look at the lot. Again there is only one. Its actually kind of cool! There’s a mountain shell. I lost the screenshots of those but you can see them at the top of the lot, a building inside with a door.
    Stairs lead to the basement with all the resistance stuff inside sz7qz7k.png
    I left it alone since it restricts you based on your Resistance reputation and rank. There are a number of tents outside where your sim can relax or sleep DWG7HuH.png
    Rey went up in the Tie Fighter plane to explore OS1xTGi.png
    These prompts came up IQkprM2.png
    All in all her expedition went better than Kylo’s
    I added some stuff from Outdoor Living, Get Together, and Jungle Adventure to the outside portion of the lot. There are plenty of Star Wars tents you can sleep in so we didn’t need to add more.
    But I added a fire pit and log chairs. Joanna and later Kylo had a blast cooking marshmallows v2BhYA3.png
    It was weird watching Kylo and Agnar infiltrate the Resistance Base! XD
    Lt. Agnar was nice enough to pick up some trash iA6uZYg.png
    Kylo was decided to serve up some beans and weenies. I added the base game grill because there is no grills in space apparently g8pIoRJ.png
    He needs to work on his cooking skills MhtSz5C.png
    He called everyone to the meal. Rey was still flying around the planet. So he, Lt. Agnar and Jo chowed down uNBD1RQ.png
    Unfortunately since he made beans and weenies, we spent the rest of the afternoon farting manically. Stay classy Joanna L8E4ieb.png
    Kylo got in trouble since he’s with the First Order. Fortunately he won that fight VbFGvoK.png
    He literally farted in her face just to drive his victory home. Just waft it in her face there Kylo XD r29iMpe.png
    Rey got back g8huekV.png
    Some potty bushes from Jungle Adventure and Get Together came in handy because Kylo has difficulty digesting beans apparently 54hOhJp.png
    He took a shower in the outdoor shower from Outdoor Living afterwards
    The trash can was full and stinking up the place so they had miserable looks on their faces. Rey was hungry so she started eating her bowl of beans and weenies i6y4pgU.png
    I had noticed something weird. If you cook from the grill etc, it uses simoleons, not Galactic credits!! So if you want to not waste your credits on food and drinks, use the grill to cook and it will draw from your simoleons at home. I had Lt. Agnar cook some hot dogs to see if it would draw from the simeoleons. It did. yXAIg8i.png
    So far Kylo was having a great time 94cOwKG.png
    Some cool little details
    The animal footprints 6C1Gur4.png
    And some wildlife like the frogs hAo2DoG.png
    Alas there are no places for fishing or collecting frogs :(
    These walking trails look like hiking trails to me FgnQU3Q.png

    I have some notes on incorporating build/buy at their house and will post that this evening! Some real life house projects need to be done lol

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    BlkBarbiegalBlkBarbiegal Posts: 7,927 Member
    Love the pics
    Me on:
    Twitch jovi_jov
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    Origin SimsBarbie
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    DaepheneDaephene Posts: 1,777 Member
    Thank you for all of this! It's like a travel guide with more humor.
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    simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 36,556 Member
    Love it! Will definitely refer to this next time I play.
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    OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 5,068 Member
    Many thanks for your guide. Funny as well as insightful, and has ideas to spruce up a less than stellar pack a bit. Btw, the X-Wing is the Resistance aircraft while Tie-Fighter is the Imperial/First order one.
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    Bearpal64Bearpal64 Posts: 1,117 Member
    This is hilarious I'm loving it! Hahaha the Frank's and beans lol xD 😅
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    joRN1414joRN1414 Posts: 1,669 Member
    Does eating the 'local' food allow the Sim to recreate it at home?
    "Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!" -Auntie Mame
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    BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 4,976 Member
    Thankyou for the guide and pictures!! I never get enough 😂
    Zombies, oh please oh please give us zombies!! :'(
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    Bearpal64Bearpal64 Posts: 1,117 Member
    I'm trying to come up with other ideas from packs to try hahahaha.
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