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Rebuilding Worlds Vol. 2


  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,306 Member
    edited August 2020
    Evergreen Harbor: Update 7

    My last update left off with the family losing Aiyden, and Silas becoming a teenager that same day. Aiyden chose the worst possible time to die lol because the very next day it was Christmas. It's safe to say none of the Greene's were in the holiday spirit.

    But Iris did her best to give the kids a great Christmas.

    By dinner time they were feeling better, but Iris couldn't be cheered up no matter how hard Silas tried.

    She smiled politely when the kids gave her their gift, but then she went to lay down early. Her grief really exhausted her.

    Silas was excited when he opened a basketball hoop from his Mom.

    And little Fawn got another doctor doctor kit, this one came with a doll.

    Santa showed up later that night and left even more presents for the kids.

    Silas was the only one still awake and therefore the only one to actually see Santa. He was pretty happy about it.

    The next day Iris broke the news about Aiyden to Uncle Knox. He was really upset.

    Knox spent the day with her, and eventually was able to cheer her up a bit.

    With everything going on I forgot that Iris was about to become an elder. She aged up while she was a work and became sad once again. :neutral: then she nearly got struck by lightning on her 1st day as an elder. This family is stressing me out lol

    I wasn't thrilled with how Silas aged up but he's currently my favorite of the Greene's to play with. I can picture him being a pro athlete, but for whatever reason he sees himself as a chef :lol: Thanks trait randomizer.

    Cooking skill is always a must have for my sims, so I figure he'll be able to knock his aspiration out pretty fast. That is if I choose him to be heir.

    I jumped back into my game after Aiyden's accident and was excited to age Fawn up. But she still had 6 days left and still needed to complete her aspiration. So I spent some time doing that.

    Thankfully with her Mom's help she was able to knock her aspiration out.

    Then finally Fawn was aging up! (I don't know what Silas was doing lol)

    She rolled the clumsy trait, like her Mom, so I thought that was pretty cool. And she was randomized the Soul Mate aspiration, which I can work with.

    Annnnnd she looks like this

    Now I don't hate how she looks, but I am a little bummed. I had hoped for more. In game she's not nearly as pretty :bawling: She takes after her Dad the most, with the obvious exception of her hair and skintone. Besides that I see all Aiyden.

    Here's her outfit tour. I don't like styling teens. It bothers me so much that there's nothing to distinguish them from adults, and no matter how hard I try to make their outfits look youthful they still look 25 at the youngest :confused:

    I forgot to post Silas' on his birthday post, so here's that too.

    Fawn is your typical teenager, and is glued to her phone 24/7 since aging up.

    Her friend Zach aged up a few days before her and has been begging to come over lol but she always told him no cause she was finishing up her aspiration. He was really glad when she invited him over. I think he aged up pretty cute.

    And so does Fawn :wink: She's going to have no trouble finding love, but I want her to play the field a bit lol donation boyfriends wanted!

    The girl I had in mind for Silas aged up waaaaaaaay before he will, and immediately got married.

    I suspect that's the reason for this mood swing :lol:

    And here's one last pic of Knox and Iris being BFF's because...

    The next day tragedy struck the Greene household yet again. And only a few feet away from where Aiyden was eaten!

    Iris was at work and the kids were at school, but the maid was there... at least he didn't die alone? :cry:

    It makes me so sad thinking he knew his time was up and he wanted to come see Iris one last time :bawling: But his dying on my lot meant that I at least got to keep his tombstone.

    She placed his urn next to her husbands. Poor thing had just gotten over his death, then her best friend up and dies at her front door. :grimace:

    Iris didn't know who to turn to, but Silas was there :blush:

    My bias towards him is shifting back :heart:

    Iris has since cheered up. I'll leave you with this pic of her helping Fawn with her homework, which has become part of their daily routine.

    And question for everyone. Has it snowed in anyone's Evergreen Harbor?? My Greene's just entered Spring again and there was no snow all Winter long, only rain. Just curious. Happy Simming!
    Origin ID:Heckstress17
  • IllusoryThrallIllusoryThrall Posts: 1,332 Member
    Thanks for the welcome, everyone! Just wanted to post a quick-ish update. My decades challenge went wild on me during scheduled play last night, and took up pretty much my entire attention making the story explain all the crazy stuff that happened. Why does my game like to throw me in at the deep end!? Anyway, 4k words later (yikes!) this morning and the chapter was published and my brain was MUSH... so I spent the rest of the afternoon building for this challenge. (Which I came up with a name for my attempt at - "The Diversity Experiment") I got the outside shell and indoor floorplan of "Plan B" house built. Since I'd already built "Plan A" on my own previously, I decided to go for something new. I have no idea what to do with all the space inside, and I had to make them take out a "loan" that I'll pay back as I play just to finish the shell.. furniture will be sparse indeed to start with. Only thing that's inside so far is the kitchen and all the drywall and doors, so I still have work to do.. but it's time to get back in game for tomorrow's scheduled decades update. Anyway, here's the outside of the house:
    Also, a "sneak peek" at the first community lot - part 1 of 4 for the community space (this is the junkyard version):
    It still needs it's other three parts, and I need to build a restaurant, but I'm getting closer to "set up" enough to play.

    @Heckstress17 Loved the update! Sorry Iris was so sad! I hate seeing my simmies so sad, but it's adorable Silas was trying so hard to cheer her up. I have to admit, I kinda like Silas better than Fawn. :smile: I just think he's a much more interesting sim. Great photos!
  • MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    @Heckstress17 Tragedy strikes again. That is really sad. I think Fawn looks great in the CAS pics. Too bad Silas' potential mate got married to someone else. She was cute.

    @IllusoryThrall Your house looks incredible. :smile:
    Origin ID:Mionax
    Origin #: madebymionax
  • MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    OJenn wrote: »
    @Mionax - Nope, I only have one version of the Greene family up, you will need to have the University EP in order to see the Degree. Iris has a Biology Degree and Aiyden has a Physics Degree.

    I have the University pack. This is strange. Thanks for letting me know.
    Origin ID:Mionax
    Origin #: madebymionax
  • tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,754 Member
    @Mionax Scarlet is so pretty! I think she might be my fav of all the kids so far! Ooo the vegetarian trait is a hard one -- I always forget about it and let them eat meat accidentally :grimace:

    @IllusoryThrall It's awesome that you've already built one of the houses! Definitely helps narrow down your options lol. The house is coming along nicely! And I can't wait to see how your community lot turns out -- it looks so fun and colorful already!

    @Kiwicantdie I'm sorry to hear your sim-binge was rage-inducing :grimace: I have those days too, when nothing seems to go right. Don't feel like you have to rush! I'm 'rushing' my own game, because I'm about to be really busy again and may not get to play for a week or two. Ya'll will catch up naturally in no time. Honestly "pick the kid with the strongest jawline" is the best advice -- strong chins too! Random townies and even some gallery sims have the WORST (aka nonexistent) chins & jawlines :expressionless: You said I wouldn't be jealous of your Aiyden & Iris, but I totally am, they are SO CUTE!! Aiyden's got the perfect 'chill, crafty' style, and Iris is just perfect - the buns+bangs hairstyle is too cute on her. Lol you think YOU struggled with the roof is just a couple of slapped on, not-even-the-same-color roof pieces :lol: Seriously though, your house is perfect -- waaay better than my attempt! Making the 'garage' look like a shipping container was GENIUS. And I adore the "moving/unpacking" decor. Who doesn't love a fixer upper? :wink: I can't believe Iris is already over Evergreen least Aiyden's there to talk some sense into her :lol: Actually nevermind, I can believe it -- she's right, Evergreen Harbor is NOT the world for collectibles :lol: Man their first day/night did not go so well at all lol. I don't know whether to blame Iris' complaining or Aiyden's hot-headedness lol.

    OK, rant time. They messed up big time with eco footprints. There are countless blog posts and youtube videos out there that talk about and show how difficult (if not impossible) it is to change the eco footprint. There's just an obvious bias in the coding toward "neutral." People have set up lots literally FULL of bonfires and power generators (the two most "industrial" objects in the game), and the eco footprint is still neutral after several days of the lots burning non-stop. I feel like Eco Lifestyle is supposed to be like Seasons in the sense that it SHOULD majorly affect the game & all of the worlds -- it's main "selling feature" is environmental/scenery changes, like seasons. But they made it so hard to change the footprint (for good or bad), that environmental affects are only relevant for 1-2 days IF you start in the industrial or green neighborhood, after which those become neutral as well. I hate it, and I really hope they fix or, or that a modder does :expressionless:

    @Heckstress17 So the trick with cowplants is that sims only die if they get eaten while they have the 'drained' moodlet from already being eaten. It lasts a long time, so it's easy to get an accidental death during the 2-ish days that the moodlet lasts. Sims who don't have the drained moodlet always get spat out. Life essence is essentially a potion of youth (resets sim to the first day of the current life stage). Omg I'm totally downloading that mod you shared. I'm so over these random townies! I want to make a bunch of normal-looking townies for my game, but I haven't because the game keeps generating gross townies that show up everywhere anyway! Maybe this mod will fix that :smiley: Yessss an update!! Awww I feel so bad for Iris :frowning: I'm glad the kids cheered up in time for Winterfest but poor Iris... I'm so glad Knox was there for her though :heart: Oh no!!! That pic of Iris clutching her umbrella legit makes me want to cry :bawling: I don't know what you're talking about -- I think Fawn is gorgeous!! And her traits are great too! I loooooove that she got Iris' clumsy trait. It's one of my fav traits lol. I love all of her outfits, but I know what you mean about 'teens' looking like adults no matter how you style them. She's literally gorgeous omg what do you mean she doesn't look "as good" in game??? :lol: Man MCCC always steps in and ruins someone's love life, sorry Silas :tongue::joy: NOOOOOO not Knox too!! Ok I know Iris is mourning but I just have to say she does look awful cute in that dress from tiny living stuff & her grey hair :blush: At least she still has her kiddos to keep her company :heart:
  • WentcrazyWentcrazy Posts: 128 Member
    I love this idea and your stories/families so far! They look so cool.

    I've never played Sims like this before but I am tempted to do so :smiley:
    Origin ID: mrskariakay
    Family Tree Evergreen Harbor
  • KiwicantdieKiwicantdie Posts: 1,304 Member
    Back for your posts <3 I think I have enough to also update later... tho most of my time playing was wasted trying to fix the eco-footprint issue and almost flipping the pc out of the window as a result.

    @OJenn I legit don't know how you managed to have a hard time getting rid of the smog... as you can see from my game, it was gone 0,2 seconds after pressing play :bawling: I want it back!

    @debjameswhite aaaaaah I was wrong :joy: they looked so similar! Pablo must have thrown me off :joy: ... I don't know what the issue with the smog is, but it's bothering me so much it's not even fun. I've spent most of my time trying to fix it instead of playing. I hope it comes back so that I can actually "fix" the world. The dress with the leaves is from Tiny Living (if I'm not mistaken), such a good stuff pack! I'm glad you appreciated the house. It's been a while since I built in game, so I'll need to get used to it once again. Tbh, I don't even mind the Greenes bickering a little bit instead of being the usual lovey-dovey couple :tongue:

    @Mionax Scarlet became such a cutie! <3 I feel sorry for her upset stomach, tho, that's not the best time to get sick.

    @Heckstress17 I literally had to watch some tutorial on how to do crop/place images next to each other, 'cause I had no clue :joy: my only editing skills till now have been making the pics brighter :joy: you did such a good job, tho! I thought you were actually a pro at it, so I would have never guessed you also were new to this. I'm glad to know I was not the only one with an issue with the freaking smog. I swear, it's driving me crazy. I could have made miles of progress already in game, but I'm wasting most of the time trying to fix it to get my smog back :bawling: (pro tip: if there's a lit bonfire on a lot and that lot has cleanable trash laying around, some sims might pick it up and throw it in the bonfire instead of the usual trashcan. it's pretty cool!). OMG I had to download NPCC, I want to get rid of the random townies so bad! Thanks for linking it here!
    On to your update: aaaaaaw it was actually so sad seeing the family heartbroken during Winterfest. The only problem is that whenever I spot Aiyden's angry pic right above his urn, I can't but start laughing :joy: omg I'm so sorry. it's just- that pic is so funny to me :joy: I'm truly sorry. I didn't expect Knox's death, even tho he was an elder. I didn't expect Iris to become an elder so soon either, but I guess time really did fly in your game! I hope she gets to stay with us a little longer. I'm speechless about Fawn, 'cause she's... well, gorgeous :flushed: I don't even know how you manage to be bummed about the way she turned out, I could only wish I had such gorgeous sims born in game! Anyway, I actually do feel your pain with making outfits for teens. It's such a difficult thing to do. I'm still hoping for a Teen Pack to fix this issue and be able to create teens that feel like teens :cry:

    @IllusoryThrall you did so well with the build! I love it! But I think I like the community space even better! :blush: more containers! (I love them! :grimace: )

    @JordanNicoleJJ yeah, I totally feel you. The problem is that I would have totally had a good time playing if it wasn't for the eco footprint glitching out. When you want to game in peace but you end up spending hours upon hours of your gaming time trying to fix the game... :expressionless: I closed the game later that evening feeling actually drained and disappointed. And don't even get me started on the roof thing. I hated figuring out how to roof that house. What a nightmare. On a brighter note, I love the bickering between Iris and Aiyden happening in my game, it changes things up a little :smirk:

    @Wentcrazy join whenever you want! I would love for you to jump right into the challenge! <3
    Origin ID: Kiwicantdie
    Willow Creek | Evergreen Harbor
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,596 Member
    @Heckstress17 I downloaded your life changing app! I'm not quite sure how to use it yet but I'm excited for the possibilities!!

    OMG how sad that the next day was Christmas! Those poor kids, and poor Iris. I wonder what was under the tree for her from Aidyn? Despite the tragedy, the house looked so pretty. I love the pictures of them opening their presents. How sad when Knox came over and learned the news. I'm glad he was able to make Iris feel a little better. The poor thing though going into her golden years alone <cry>. I like the picture of Silas playing basketball. I can picture him not being a chef too! hehe Aww I'm disappointed you're not happy with Fawn! I love her!! I think she's really pretty. Zach aged up nicely too! Is he Heath's son? I think you said he was but I don't remember. Go play the field sweet Fawn, but come back to Zach!! (if he's Heath's son! haha) Aww what a bummer though that Silas lost his girl! It's ok Silas there's a better girl out there for you!! But Knox...this is not cool man! This is so sad! Poor Iris!! I'm so glad Silas was there for his mom (I love Fawn). Good girl Fawn, be smart. OH and yes, I have had snow in Evergreen Harbor. Not often but occasionally.

    @IllusoryThrall Oh what a great job you did with the 2nd floor plan! It looks really good. I am also excited about your community space! I have not given that a try yet.

    @JordanNicoleJJ I totally agree with your rant about the pack!

    @Wentcrazy Do it!! I had never done this before too and this challenge changed the sims for me! I didn't even really care for sims 4 actually before I started this challenge. Come play with us! We're super nice!! <3

    @Kiwicantdie I LOVE them bickering instead of being the usual lovey dovey couple!!!


    TO RAISE A WOLFE – Evergreen Harbor Edition
    Callahan Family Tree
    Wolfe Family Tree
    Valentino Family Tree
    West Family Tree
    Wolfe Family Tree

    Chapter 5: Blackmail and Babies

    One morning Heath seemed particularly smug at breakfast. Of course Lia wanted to know why.

    He wouldn’t tell her. “Sorry honey it’s just work stuff I can’t talk about.”

    Lia’s Dad stopped by at lunch time. Heath is trying to make friends with him, but despite his charismatic personality he always feels awkward. (Try getting dressed sweetie…it helps if you have clothes on)

    The neon sign wall keeps breaking and while it’s a definite help to the handyman skill it’s annoying. I finally turned them all off so they would stop breaking.

    After Dad left and they were fairly certain there would be no drop ins they decided to sunbathe. Heath doesn’t really seem to be a big fan of clothing.

    Then just before Hailey got home, they relaxed with a game of ping pong.

    Another meal with everyone sitting.

    Then story time.

    Finally, Heath took his future bride to bed too. He loves her so much.

    The next morning she made him pancakes.

    At dinner time the local tinkerer came over to encourage their green behavior. (Notice the random cake ingredients left on the table. EA please send help!) You can see Heath is listening intently.

    He responded by adding a second shower to the master bath. “Heath?!” Lia exclaimed, “How will that save water?” Heath grinned mischievously, “Hey at least we’ll be in the tub less.”

    After the visit, Lia started getting more serious about candle making.

    Then one day while Hailey was in school this guy showed up and let himself in.

    He cornered Lia in the pantry and wasn’t being very nice.

    Heath heard the ruckus and him come out to the table. He didn’t offer him any of their lunch. Also look at his tan btw! Where is Lia’s tan? Anyways he nicely expressed to Jay that he didn’t want him randomly showing up anymore. Jay kept trying to look at Lia as if to say “Really?” but she had agreed to let Heath handle this.

    Lia went out to her garden and Heath escorted Jay to the door where he took off the sugar coating. “I don’t like the way you treat Lia and it’s going to stop.” “Oh no…I’m so scared.” Jay mocked.

    Then Heath let Jay know what information he had. “Look, we can get along and your family doesn’t need to know. I won’t even tell Lia, but leave her alone. Try spending some time with your actual wife.”

    Jay finally agreed he would only come over when Hailey was home and he had been invited.

    Then it was time for the special day. They went back to Willow Creek where Lia’s parents live for the ceremony. Someone is pretty pleased about this turn of events!

    I just love how these two look at each other.

    I love her little fists at her side.

    True love

    The party was great.

    I love my boy double 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸.

    The bride and groom wasted no time getting on the dance floor.

    Heath had to show off his moves.

    But so did Lia.

    Night weddings are the best.

    This was my favorite wedding photo.

    So the newlyweds were home, doing their thing, when suddenly the fire alarm was going off!

    Little Hailey had started a fire in the laundry room!

    These two were not having it! (How did they get dressed so fast?? Hehe)

    This picture says it all.

    For a while, things were quiet in the Emerson house but one day this guy showed up.

    Heath raced the family to the secret room and started making calls. Lia made it seem like they were just playing a game and she helped Hailey with her homework.

    Then he went back to the door to great the intruder. (pretend he looked like this in the first picture!)

    They exchanged a few insults on the front steps.

    Then Heath brought him inside to casually explain where the agent and his team had gone wrong.

    They finally had a confrontation. “You are done messing with me and my family! I have information that will destroy your organization.” The diabolical agent was shocked!

    Then like all bullies confronted with the truth, he broke down in tears.

    When he tried to escape, a fight broke out.

    Heath kept him in hand until his organization showed up to arrest the agent. Heath had accomplished his goal of bringing down this entire organization. He knew he was going to have another battle after dealing with his furious wife.

    She actually had more exciting things she wanted to talk about.

    If we’re going to start a family, you have to quit your job.

    He agreed. There were just a few more things he had to wrap up and so he spent the next few days going into the office.

    Lia was so happy she started painting again. She hadn’t painted since she’d been in college.

    Despite all the changes for the better, Heath’s paranoia did not go away.

    Lia is looking pretty good for a pregnant woman!

    Heath on the other hand wasn’t feeling very well.

    Heath did quit his job though and he got the approval from his father-in-law when he started bartending.

    They had a big party to celebrate everything that was going on. (That’s @Ojenn ‘s little Georgia Lee)

    So this is the cute room I had put into my original build.

    Heath and Lia had an ultrasound early on though and found out this was the room they needed.

    A happy man on his way to his new job.

    That night Lia had a bizarre dream. It was time to have the twins, but her doctor was a vampire!

    She rode her bicycle in past the receptionist who was a ghost!

    When she got to the delivery room her doctor came swooping in leaving a trail of black smoke.

    Her husband was trapped screaming on the other side of a glass window.

    Screaming because the vampire doctor was ripping her heart out instead of delivering a baby!

    Despite being horrific, the dream ended well when Heath swooped in and saved her. Bringing her home in her johnny.

    Of course we all know that would NEVER happen.

    Grandpa came over to stay with Hailey while her parents went off to do something very important!

    The birth was fairly uneventful with the exception being there were two of them!

    And Lia did come home in her Johnny. <smirks>
  • WentcrazyWentcrazy Posts: 128 Member
    @kiwicantdie: thank you! <3 I already started with the founding couple :) But building will be the difficult part. I've never done that^^

    @debjameswhite: I probably will! I'll try this challenge and see if it's for me. I've never had to take pictures before or told a story and it will be a challenge :D Any tips where to upload the pictures?

    Your story is super exciting btw. So much has happened. Those guys showing up, the wedding,... Lia looked stunning as a bride and the wedding picture is definitely a favorite!
    Haha Hailey and the fire :D Her face is gold!
    Twins! That's exciting and will keep the family busy.
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  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,596 Member
    @Wentcrazy If you're intimidated by the building don't let that stop you! You could download my house and use it as a shell. @IllusoryThrall also has a place you can dowload her version of house A. You could just put them in unfurnished and put your own touches on them :) But also, you might find you like building. When this challenge first started I didn't do community lots but I now have a few of them under my belt.

    Plan A

    Plan B

    I use puush for my photos because it's really easy. However, I've discovered that if you don't get constant views on your pictures they start to take them away. I've started experimenting with imgur for my builds to see how I like and so far it's pretty good. I may switch if I can get unlazy.

    Thank you for your comments on my story! They sustain me! :D I will start liking your posts to help you get to where you need to start posting pictures!
  • MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    edited August 2020
    @debjameswhite Epic story. Every special, scary, funny, endearing, powerful, romantic part of it. Your picture taking is incredible. I especially like the fire picture where poor Hailey is singed and Lia and Heath have the same reaction. Twins too! You've decorated the rooms really cute. :)

    @Wentcrazy Hi! Welcome to this fun challenge. You don't need to write an actual story unless you want to. I just do commentary myself. I find it easier personally. Again, welcome! :)

    @Kiwicantdie It stinks (or doesn't) that your smog went away so fast.
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    Origin #: madebymionax
  • KiwicantdieKiwicantdie Posts: 1,304 Member
    Evergreen Harbor: Update 2
    (... I give up?)

    Ok, so, this is a pretty chill uneventful update, due to the fact that progression was severely slowed down by my attempt to fix the eco footprint. I've wasted so many hours on that that I guess I'll have to give up trying. Also, halfway through the pics, you'll notice that I've removed my cc skin. As a matter of fact, I've removed every piece of cc from the game and I feel pretty good about it. I guess I'll have to thank @JordanNicoleJJ for the inspiration :joy: Anyway, back to the Greenes.

    The morning after their arrival, the sun rose underneath the clouds. I almost felt a spark of hope that the smog was coming back.


    Iris woke up early and went outside to practice some yoga and clear her mind. She was upset with herself for the fight that she had with Aiyden the previous night. She hadn't wanted for their first night in their new house to go like that.



    Aiyden woke up thinking that serving her breakfast could help put their silly argument in the past.
    But he was feeling super cranky for having slept on the couch, so... let's just say that he didn't put too much love in those poor scrambled eggs :joy:


    Iris accepted the food but made sure to keep her distance, waiting for an actual, verbal apology.


    The mood didn't get any better when they found out that they had at least one unexpected roommate.


    So, besides raging for hours over the messed up eco footprint, I've also spent time building the community lot that's going to transform into a maker space. I think it turned out pretty cool... unfortunately, the festive decor totally ruined it :joy:


    For the moment, it's an abandoned factory turned into trash dump.



    Iris was incredibly uncomfortable about the trash, while Aiyden immediately started rummaging and trying to find recyclable things.



    While I wasn't looking, Iris tried to fix her own discomfort by dancing with the fire :joy: this girl's wild :joy:


    The bushes work as toilets since there's no bathroom in sight.
    I've also spotted Vlad :joy: working in the food stall, probably trying to hide from Pablita as usual :joy:


    By the time the sun started setting, Iris had finally forgotten about their stupid argument and was in a much better mood. Aiyden was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.

    I: "Fine. Let's assume that we're actually staying in Evergreen Harbor. Do you have any actual idea on how to implement a recycling system and get rid of all the trash?"


    Just the thought of having to come up with a plan gave Aiyden a migraine. He had lots of projects but no confidence in his actual skills, which needed tons of work.


    I can't but tag @Heckstress17 here, 'cause I think Aiyden's mood has officially become a meme :joy:


    ... he didn't stay angry for long, tho. Iris knew how to cheer him up.


    I: "Speaking about trash... you know what else we could do with it?"



    Sorry buddy, I don't think you want to open that trashcan.


    See how easy it is to make this dude smile? :joy:


    Anyway, silly things aside, the Greenes also took the time needed to get to know the locals. They have to work with their new neighbors if they want to clean up the place.


    Things got better between Iris and Aiyden, but not their day-to-day life. Their house still needed lots of unboxing, cleaning and fixing, and it showed.


    Iris got out of her morning shower to greet a poisoned husband.


    I: "Oh my god, was it the trash woohoo??? Did I kill him? Am I sick too?? Are we going to die??????"


    Not even being poisoned saved Aiyden from his boss.


    ... the sun was shining and the antidote was right in his inventory, so life was good. Even if that meant that he could be demoted.


    ... kind of?


    The call from his boss finally forced Aiyden to start working on his projects. The town needed him and he was ready to change it for the better. He started going from neighbor to neighbor to show his plans and get some constructive input. A very naked Knox made sure to greet him and give some feedback :joy:


    They spent the whole day together, back at the community space.


    As soon as they went back home, Aiyden started working on his projects. His mind was brimming with ideas.


    Anyway, this is where I stopped playing with them for many hours as I went into each and every lot of the neighborhood to make it industrial and get my smog back. @debjameswhite might recognize some of the neighbors I moved in :wink:


    I literally filled every lot with dozens of generators and fireplaces, hoping that would do the trick.


    ... it did?


    But it didn't :angry:


    When I jumped back into the Greene household and this popped up so out of the blue, after hours of time wasted trying to industrialize the place, I gave up. Like, what the hell??? Every single lot in there has the industrial footprint!


    No smog in sight, not even a cloud. At this point, I don't even want to think about it. At least the weather looks nice. Please, devs, fix this. I want to be able to mess up the neighborhoods as I please :cry:


    Iris woke up first as she usually does. She went outside to bask in the sunlight and take care of her bugs.


    She was no longer hating the town, I think. She totally looked at ease, as if she had finally settled in.
    Or maybe she was just thinking about all the ways she could cook the bugs :tongue: yum


    She was feeling so at ease that she decided to go vote on the NAP in her pajama :joy: barefoot :joy:
    Ok girl, you do you.




    When she came back home from that morning walk, Aiyden was still sleeping and hadn't done the dishes from the previous night. So she finally decided to plant the "Aiyden Eater" :joy:


    That's it for now. I promise that next time I'll have a better update to share. I've wasted so much energy trying to fix the game to no avail that I didn't progress much with the Greenes. I want to focus on them from now on and get this fam growing :smile:
    Happy simming <3
    Origin ID: Kiwicantdie
    Willow Creek | Evergreen Harbor
  • KiwicantdieKiwicantdie Posts: 1,304 Member
    @debjameswhite omg I almost missed the update! Good thing I always remember to refresh the page after I post here. And what an update I could have missed! The sunbathing pic cracked me up :joy: that's the kind of lifestyle I could only wish I had: sunbathing naked on top of a hill, looking down at the city :joy: ... anyway, so many kudos to you for you storytelling <3 the scene with Jay and Heath was so good. I love how Heath made good use of his paranoia to get information on Jay. The wedding was soooo sweet tho! Lia looked so beautiful with that hairdo and her gown. I almost re-lost it when I saw that pic of Heath with the two glasses of wine :joy::joy: .... aaaaaand the first night as husband and wife ruined by the freaking drier :joy: my god, the game knows how to amuse us, doesn't it :joy: poor Hailey tho! She was really a goner for a moment! (That picture :joy: I can't :joy: ) I didn't expect to see the agent once again, but wow, Heath was actually so brave for confronting him and fighting him too! OMG meanwhile Lia found out she was pregnant :dizzy: ... it makes sense for Heath's paranoia to not go away that easily, so I'm going to guess that expanding the family is only going to make him even more worried. Here I thought that nothing was going to surprise me anymore in all of this... and there goes Lia, going into the delivery room to give birth with the help of a vampire doctor, while riding her bike :joy: I can't anymore :joy::joy::joy: what a great update! Congrats for the twins, I can't wait to see them grow up! <3

    @Wentcrazy I totally feel you on the building part. I'm not a builder either and I always have such a hard time doing it, but I have to admit that the challenge also helped me a lot speeding it up and learning new things :wink:

    @Mionax it does and I'm still mad about it :disappointed:
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    edited August 2020
    Just popping in to share these @Heckstress17 you mentioned baby skins not working and these showed up on Tumblr.

    I'll be back later to continue updating the main page
  • WentcrazyWentcrazy Posts: 128 Member
    @debjameswhite: I'll try and do the actual building part. If I end up giving up, I'll simply use the shell :D
    Any idea when I can start posting pictures? Do I need a specific number of posts?

    @Mionax: Hi and thank you! I'm not sure if I want to write a real story or simply post pictures with some commentary. Maybe I end up with a mix of both? Idk :)

    @kiwicantdie: what's wrong with the smoke? :((( Mine is basically everywhere in my game^^ I hope you can get that fixed :/
    I totally love the glasses on Iris. She looks cute in every outfit. Aiyden is such a mood :D I wonder if he will be the same in my game.
    The community lot looks great! I mean, there's trash basically everywhere but it has a really nice vibe.

    Are there any additional rules about money/cheats?
    My founders are ready and I will start building their home. Can't wait to play them :) I will start in Evergreen Harbor as well!

    Oh and just in case, English isn't my native language, so I might use the wrong words or my grammar might be all over the place :) Or even both :D Hopefully that will change in the future and I'll be more comfortable with English :)
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  • MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    OJenn wrote: »
    Just popping in to share these @Heckstress17 you mentioned baby skins not working and these showed up on Tumblr.

    I downloaded this. Maybe I won't get pulled into the infamous CC rabbithole because of it.

    @Wentcrazy You can cheat money all you like. There is no rule against it that I saw. I never would have guessed that English was not your first language. You write it better than I do. :smile:
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  • KiwicantdieKiwicantdie Posts: 1,304 Member
    Wentcrazy wrote: »
    Oh and just in case, English isn't my native language, so I might use the wrong words or my grammar might be all over the place :) Or even both :D Hopefully that will change in the future and I'll be more comfortable with English :)

    Don't worry @Wentcrazy I'm not English either! I still make grammar and spelling mistakes in my posts but nobody seems to mind them :wink:
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  • WentcrazyWentcrazy Posts: 128 Member
    @Mionax: Oh great, then I'll use all the money I need. I really tried to focus on grammar while writing but as long as you guys understand me, that should be fine :)

    @kiwicantdie: Your English seems more than fine to me! But thanks for letting me know :) Then I might not be too afraid to make mistakes :) I was supposed to live in an English speaking country by now but then covid happened... So I'll try a second time in October. Hopefully, that works out.
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    Thanks all for the comments on the house building. It turned out really nice, I only hope I can do the inside decor justice.

    @Wentcrazy Welcome! My advice with building: practice, practice, practice. The more you do it, the better you'll get. Don't expect it to be great at the beginning - I know my builds were awful when I started Sims 4 (and I had been building for years in previous games!) Also: using real life photos and floor plans really helps make your builds a lot nicer. The biggest advice of all: PLAYTEST. Especially if you're going to upload it - so many people don't even think how their build will actually play, and therefore it's pretty but unusable. It usually only takes a few minutes to try it out in live mode, and it's totally worth it. Also, if you want to skip the building the Plan A house I built is called "The Shelter Modern House" and is here. As for posting pictures, I believe you can do that when you hit 50 posts. And if you want the shell of my Plan B house, I'd be happy to upload it for you!

    @debjameswhite I loved the update! Especially the spy intrigue. Poor Lia must be so glad to be done with that. Or - I'm sure she's hoping they're actually gone!! Great wedding pictures - and thank goodness the birth didn't actually turn out like her dream! Good luck with the twins!

    Meanwhile, I've spent all day in game, and I plan to do more, but I wanted to stop in here with an update before doing much more. I built a restaurant for Evergreen Harbor I'm incredibly proud of, so I absolutely have to show it off.

    The outside: (And yes, it's inspired by the Old Spaghetti Factory)
    Overhead of the inside/the upstairs "party room":
    The main dining room and water "features" (pools with windows.. lol): - also note, I added a couple high chairs after these pics.
    The bar and waiting area:
    The important part - the kitchen:
    Upstairs bathroom area:
    The "office":
    And, finally - proof that the restaurant works:
    If anyone wants it for any of their games, it's uploaded under my "Wyldhawke" origin tag.

    Oh, and I also worked on my community space:
    The Market:
    The Garden:

    Hopefully all the pics aren't too annoying! I'm SO close to being able to start playing, I just need to build the Maker Space for the junkyard (and yes, I'll be testing it and uploading it.) And maybe some more decor for the junkyard version. @Kiwicantdie 's clutter in her junkyard build makes me feel incredibly inadequate. LOL. :heart: .. oh yeah. and the furniture for their house. At least so it's livable.

    @Kiwicantdie Your update is great! I adore the clutter in your builds, it's something I am horrible at doing in my builds. I'm so sorry you can't figure out how to get the smog back, how annoying!
  • tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,754 Member
    Omg so much to comment on! I love it!!

    @Wentcrazy Welcome!! Don't worry about the story too much. Everyone has their own writing style and we love them all :smile: Money cheats are allowed, some of us use them, some don't, and some of us impose our own "money rules" (like I won't let my heir "inherit" all of the previous generation's money, because I hate having super rich sims lol). I can't wait to see your founders & home!

    @Kiwicantdie I did some research this morning and found out you can report the eco footprint bug here (you can just click 'me too'). It's a compilation thread of several different bugs about the eco footprints. I found out that all of the bugs basically come down to the order of the coding -- the "default" footprint is being prioritized over the "changeable" one, so no matter what you do (building industrial/green lots, choosing industrial/green NAPs, performing certain activities, etc.), it always reverts to neutral. I'm a little annoyed at the fact that Port Promise doesn't have a default footprint of industrial -- I personally think it should, and it should be more difficult to get it "green," same with how the "default" green neighborhood should actually have a default footprint of green and be harder to make industrial. At least it's been reported, and it's still listed as "open" meaning they haven't attempted to fix it yet, so hopefully they will in the next patch.

    Okay enough of that -- moving on to your update! That community lot is so cool!! I feel your pain with holiday decorations ruining everything though lol. You're making me want to remodel my own community space and make everything super industrial now lol. Your Iris is literally the cutest thing ever, those glasses just complete her look. Even when she is waving around fire like a madwomen :lol: LOL Vlad's still hiding from Pablita...PLEASE tell me you added Pablita to this game?? She's the best vampire ever. Aiyden and Iris' personalities are complete opposites and I love it. Your Aiyden reminds me a lot of @Heckstress17 's Aiyden -- super moody and confrontational, but their woohoo life is better than ever :lol: Yesssss I can't wait for the "Aiyden Eater." Just make sure you get some kids out of him before he dies though :lol:

    @debjameswhite YESSS I missed your long updates! Heath is so mysterious... I still can't tell if he's a secret agent or a criminal (though I'm leaning more toward secret agent now). Either way, it's exciting and I like the mystery. Oh my god can Jay just leave her alone already??? I'm so over that guy. You tell 'em, Heath -- go spend some time with your actual wife and quit ruining people's lives!! That wedding was so pretty! Lia and Heath were both absolutely stunning, and little Hailey was so cute in her little dress too! Oh no!! Fires scare the heck outta me when there are kids involved :grimace: Go Heath -- you tell those creepy men-in-black what's what! I'm so happy that they don't have to worry about those creepy guys anymore. Just in time too, cause it's nooboo time!! :smiley: Aw man, I'm a little torn on Heath quitting his job, mostly because he looks soooo good in that uniform... :smirk::lol: Oh man, twins! Good luck! That pregnancy "dream" was hilarious. Super cool that you found a way to work it in without it ruining the story -- playing it off as a dream was perfect. Two boys! I'm sure they're gonna be total stunners with Heath's amazing genes!

    @IllusoryThrall Those community lots are amazing! Your restaurant looks so good -- AND it looks super functional!! I can only seem to get one or the other out of my restaurants :lol: And I adore that marketplace community space. It looks way more useful than the one that comes with the game -- the art-selling things are a great addition. Between you and @Kiwicantdie I now have a very strong urge to go remodel my own community space... I am at a good 'stopping point' in-game to stop playing and start building, hmm...
  • MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    @IllusoryThrall Your restaurant is great! Your community place looks good. I like the different spaces for it that you've created so far.
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    From Mionax News Desk: I have two saves going now. The second I just started will be behind everyone else by a little but if I play enough maybe I can catch up. The missing degrees are not missing in this save! I did feel a bit cheated because of that. Also I had plans for Iris and Aiyden that were destroyed with the cowplant. So in this save I also have my Aiyden back. I hope this isn't considered cheating. I still have the other save so the kids are still 'alive' there. I just really needed this alternate project to bring me Aiyden back into my Greene's lives. :)

    I uploaded my first Greene's house to the gallery. I just downloaded it for this Save but unfurnished. So no garden, lights, furniture for them yet. I get to redecorate. ...And NO cowplant. ;)
    Post edited by Mionax on
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  • tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,754 Member
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    @Mionax I don't see it as cheating, I just see it as a "re-do" :smile: I'm glad you sorted out the degrees. It helps a LOT in the beginning, because they make so much money. Just remember to give them the proper careers -- for example with Iris if you choose "gardener" it will start you at level 1, but if you choose "botanist" it will start you at level 7 or 8. I couldn't figure that out for the longest time and thought I was getting ripped off cause I knew degrees were supposed to start you at a higher level but mine were always starting at the normal level since I chose the wrong thing :lol:
  • IllusoryThrallIllusoryThrall Posts: 1,332 Member
    @Mionax Restarting a challenge because the unforeseen happens is not cheating. Bringing a sim back that dies in a save to that save would be cheating. :smiley: Plus, the fact that somehow your starting sims were bugged in the old game is a perfectly good reason for restarting, in my opinion. I once restarted a challenge (Drifter) after 7 generations simply because toddlers were released and I felt that was going to change everything. I wasn't wrong. It did. Do I still miss that family? .. um. sometimes. I know I "stole" the house I was building for the generation seven and have finished and used it since. Does that count? And, I have to admit, I may have deleted all the "pre-generation" backup saves for that game, but I saved that final family. You know. Just "in case." :grin:
  • MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    @JordanNicoleJJ @IllusoryThrall Thanks guys. That makes me feel good about my decision. I'll try to get the proper jobs for them. The tips helps a lot. I built a black n' white kitchen this time. Have not touched the laundry room yet as my washer/dryer from last time was bugged. I'm not in a hurry to try to pick up all the clothes this time either. Though you can sell them for §1 a piece. fyi :wink:
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