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Rebuilding Worlds Vol. 2


  • RhythrinRhythrin Posts: 184 Member
    Hey guys! Time for some comments :smile:

    @Kiwicantdie omg hiiii! So glad you’ll be joining us again, too :blush: Can’t wait to see what starters you’ll pick! I hope your exams went well?

    @JordanNicoleJJ Yes! I went with Luana and Manu because I was quite happy we had an occult sim available! I haven’t played with them nearly enough so this would be a great opportunity to explore the more “funky” side of the Sims 4! I also can’t wait to make babies with them because they’re both stunning sims!

    @Heckstress17 Oh yeah, if you could upload Silas and Fawn to the gallery I’d be very greatful, I’d love for them to become friends with my potential kiddo’s! It’s so good to see how fast Silas and Fawn are making friends, I always struggle with kids’ relationships honestly, lol. How nice of Uncle Knox to help the kids out with their projects, I really like how he became part of the family. Good thing you had Aiyden and Iris go on a date before he aged, I can’t believe he’s gone! Those poor kids, not knowing what to do with their grief. Woah Silas does look a lot like Aiyden! I like how sporty Silas turned out to be. Haha, Aiydens little memorial had me giggle, that picture is perfect! Oh I didn’t put glass on the roof, they’re solar panels! I haven’t played around with the eco pack yet so I wanted to try it all out. But I’m glad you like it! And yeah I guess we kind of went with a similar style for our houses, I like seeing the little differences :wink:.

    @Mionax Oop, a surprise third nooboo! But we don’t mind at all hehehe… Ooh your hidden reading nook is also a really neat! I bet Giovanni is gonna love having a “dungeon” all to himself! Nylah is very cute, and I love her fashion style! Scarlett is a total cutie too! Those *cheekbones*!! If she’s not going to be a stunner once she grows up I will eat my shoe. Haha, I love how the cowplant is the guardian of the playground! Oh no!! Another Aiyden death!! I’m so sorry you couldn’t save him… That 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 cow. :neutral:
  • tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,754 Member
    I FINALLY got my day to binge sims for the first time in forever!! Like, I woke up at noon, I've been playing since I woke up, and it's now 5 AM :sweat_smile: My bf is sick, and it was so peaceful & quiet while he rested all day :lol: I took full advantage and played my heart out lol. I'll post an update tomorrow, cause right now I need sleep :lol: But first, some quick comments.

    @Heckstress17 Time just flies by, doesn't it?? Aiyden's close to being an elder in my game too, and it definitely doesn't seem like we've been playing long enough for them to be elders yet :sweat_smile: He's a fine-looking elder though! Whew I'm glad to see I'm not the only one sacrificing Aiyden to the cowplant "for science" :joy: So THAT'S why I've never used that building block table...they should totally get some skill out of it, that's just lame. I wonder if there's a mod for that... I know you said you hate your park, but I love it! It fits into Evergreen Harbor so well. Also the new food stand is my fav - it's so cute! Fawn will always be a lil social butterfly to me, even if her actual aspiration says otherwise lol. All of those family bonding pics especially Uncle Knox :heart: Props to you for getting through the 'make 20 candles' part of Aiyden's aspiration -- it's a total slog! Oh man...oh no...I shouldn't be laughing but... :joy::joy::bawling: I mean, to be fair, Aiyden's "memorial" pic says it all, but I'd be upset if I were that close to finishing an aspiration when a sim died unexpected :lol: I think Silas is super cute! It does slightly infuriate me that Sims 4 is so bad at different-gender genetics though -- for example, when you look at Silas and Iris side-by-side, he OBVIOUSLY has her lips, but her lips aren't that thin!! Why does ts4 insist on giving everyone born in-game either pencil-thin lips or the biggest lips you've ever seen (like takes-up-half-a-face lips)?? Why can't they just look normal??? :expressionless: Anyway, I still think Silas is cute lol.

    @Mionax Going for baby 3! You're a brave one. You've got a secret room too?? Everyone has secret rooms -- I feel so left out! I can't wait to see how the 'secret cellar' evolves as you get more money. Nylah looks so much like my Eden! Sooo pretty. Scarlet is adorable! She might just be my fav of the three so far. She looks like a better mix anyway. Well I was about to say "I love Moo! What a good guardian!" but then I saw your next update... You and @Heckstress17 both lost Aiyden to cowplants, and I feel like I'm at least partially to blame, because he never died the many, MANY times he got eaten in my game, so there I was bragging about how convenient & "safe" it is to just feed Aiyden to the cowplant... :lol: Ya know what though, that motherload life insurance policy might just be worth it though :sweat_smile: Now you can add onto their super cool secret basement!

    @Kiwicantdie I totally don't blame you - real life always takes priority over the sims, especially something as important as exams! I can't wait to see your Greenes though! I already know I'm gonna be super jealous of all of the cute outfits you give them, 'cause I adore your sims/CAS style. Ehhh don't worry about my sims from the old thread :sweat_smile: First I got too excited about Eco Living and paused my Willow Creek fam to make new founders and re-start in Evergreen Harbor, then I got too busy with real life and kinda gave up on them all anyway lol. I really liked my Willow Creek fam...I might go back to them someday, but I barely have time for 1 challenge right now :weary: I love the smog too honestly, but all of my sims have awful asthma apparently, so I have to get rid of it quick or they're miserable :unamused: I could've swore you were the one who had the inheritable freckles mod in the first place! Someone in the old thread had it, and you're the one with all of the cool mods usually :lol: Glad I could help though lol.

    @Rhythrin I love the colors you used in your house! The teals & mints give it a beachy vibe, which I love since I originally made those sims for Sulani when Island Living first came out :blush: That secret room is too cool. First of all -- a vault door?? What is that?? Do you need like a secret combo to get in? I ADORE the little treasure chest on the landing, and omg, that mermaid paradise is just too awesome. I wondered how that couple would do outside of Sulani, because mermaids constantly need water, but you solved that problem before it became one! It's literally perfect!!

    @IllusoryThrall Heya! I love when the lurkers pop in to say hi :smiley: I won't try to tempt you any further, 'cause I know the feeling of playing too many challenges at once :lol: But feel free to pop in and say hi whenever ya like :smile:
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,596 Member
    @Mionax Another secret room! Hooray! I love how yours looks leading down to it. Nylah is such a cutie. They're both adorable. All of you and your cowplants! Aww but look at sweet baby #3 Scarlet. I feel a special connection with her :) Oh that's such a cute idea having the cowplant guard the children. O. M. G. I am so glad that you and @Heckstress17 have reinstilled the fear of the cowplant that @JordanNicoleJJ had chased away. There's a whole lot of NOPE!

    @IllusoryThrall Hi!!
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,596 Member
    TO RAISE A WOLFE – Evergreen Harbor Edition
    Callahan Family Tree
    Wolfe Family Tree
    Valentino Family Tree
    West Family Tree
    Wolfe Family Tree

    Chapter 4: New Beginnings

    While Hailey ran off to find her new room, Lia and Heath shared a first kiss in their new house.

    Then Lia got other ideas.

    Why they picked Hailey’s shower I don’t know.

    I was pleased to notice though that sims no longer have shower woohoo in their clothes!

    Heath got his work for the day out of the way.

    Then he spent some time reading with Hailey. She really likes him.

    Mom also likes reading with Hailey.

    Jay offered Lia a job and she wisely refused. I actually don’t know how he’s offering her a job as a writer when he too is military.

    They have lots of nice places to sit and eat in their new house, but they like to hover around the sink.

    He shows up from time to time to see Hailey.

    Hailey prefers visiting him at home rather than going to his house.

    Lia wants to make sure every area of the home is broken in…

    Lots of times when they go to sleep instead of getting under the covers, Heath just lays on top, naked.

    They decided to have a housewarming party and while they waited for guests they played ball.

    Turned out to be a spooky party? The only reason I’m showing this is because I thought she looked super cute in her witch costume.

    Dad looked pretty cute too.

    But everyone else glitched and wouldn’t come inside.

    The party was cancelled and we tried again with the housewarming I had intended.

    This house is great for parties and you all know how much I love a family party! (I put Pablo in with @kiwicantdie ‘s sims as townies) :)

    A few days later Lia and Heath went on an outing. His paranoia was kicking in.

    Lia patiently listened to his “concerns”

    Then Jay showed up and Heath gave him a hug.

    Lia was definitely giving him the ‘what are you doing?’ look. He is not your friend. Don’t worry honey I’m planting a bug on him…

    They said goodbye to Jay and Heath turned his attention back to Lia.

    He had to tell her just how much he loved her and how glad he was they had found each other again.

    The feeling was definitely mutual.

    Then he got very serious and Lia grew concerned.

    But suddenly, he was on one knee and she was melting.
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,407 Member
    @Heckstress17 - Aww Aiyden is definitely a sweetheart, when he isn't being a hot-head. I really need to get date night going in my save as well. I have to say even as an elder he looks great, and not because I made him or anything :lol: I love how social the kids are your game mine had a tough time finding friends. I am always a little nervous about the cowplants, I've seen that happen in other people's saves. But hey at least Aiyden was an elder, did he ever get to finish his aspiration? Oh wow Silas is a pretty blend of his parents and I still love his eye color. That memorial is priceless and really speaks to who Aiyden was as a person, RIP ♥

    @Mionax - Great room makeover and I really like the new purple room for the incoming nooboo! Oh wow the cozy reading space is nice and I am anxious to see how you decorate the secret room. I can't believe you and @Heckstress ending up getting the same cowplant death. I'm so nervous now!

    @kiwicantdie - Hehe I can't take all the credit @debjameswhite was a huge help with the idea and the towns ♥ I am very excited that you're hopping in to join us! You can totally play both this challenge and the other one. I ended up putting this save in with my old rebuild save so I can keep tabs on them.

    I hope I can clear up any confusion: Volume 2 is all about the newer worlds that have come with the last couple of packs. I felt it was best to be in its own thread so folks wouldn't get confused and it has a few differences with the floorplans :)

    So the randomizer I linked has a few tabs at the top of the page, you can either get all your sims traits or roll each time they age. The reason I like that randomizer is that it also picks a career and hobby for your sim, which mixes things up a bit more. I know I would always pick the same jobs etc if left to my own devices. So while I'd like for everyone to use it for spontaneity I won't force it ♥

    @Rhythrin - Omg I love that green and turquoise in the house, it's so colorful! Everyone had such great workspaces, I am jealous. OMG you made a mermaid space, that is genius!!

    @debjameswhite - I love that Hailey like Heath, thats half the battle for a single mom ♥ I somehow always forget about spooky parties, Lia looks great. Congrats to these two I can't wait to see the wedding pictures!!
  • MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    edited August 2020
    @debjameswhite @OJenn Thanks :smile: I can't believe my Aiyden got eaten. It was only the 2nd time he went for the cake. Guess in the light of night the playground guardian did not recognize him.
    "He is not your friend." "I'm planting a bug." lol He proposed! Your update was good!
    Origin ID:Mionax
    Origin #: madebymionax
  • tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,754 Member
    Buckle up, everybody - we've got THREE birthdays and a holiday in this long update. I played so much yesterday :lol:
    Rebuild Evergreen Harbor: Gen 1

    The Greenes have been working hard, and it finally paid off! They're both only one promotion away from maxing their careers now :smiley:

    Just in time for Iris' birthday too! Iris made another honey cake, and she & Aiyden had another late night celebration because I'm awful at planning parties and they have no friends tbh :sweat_smile:

    It's almost like she didn't age up at all! She's still as young and beautiful looking as ever :love:

    I did give her a makeover to try to make her look at least a little older :lol: But she still looks so young...I guess the secret to immortality is fresh produce, lots of sunshine, and yoga lol.

    I figured I probably need to start putting some effort into her aspiration if she's ever going to finish it, so she took a day trip to Willow Creek to hunt for collectibles. She knocked out the first couple stages of her aspiration, but she didn't look like she enjoyed it at all :confused:

    Eden tagged along to meet some more kids. As expected, she made lots of friends & became the most popular girl on the playground.

    The girl in the cream shirt is her bff. Surprisingly she's not that good of friends with Suri (purple dress), despite Suri being Haven's bff and practically living at their house lol.

    By sunset, Iris had explored every inch of the park. She was in a much better mood after a nice walk around the park and finding some new plants for her garden :smile:

    Ah beautiful Willow Creek, I miss you :heart:

    Back at home, Aiyden was perfecting his candle-making techniques. The community center was recently converted into a farmers market, and Aiyden wanted to try to sell some candles there over the weekend. I LOVE the carved candles :love:

    Also good news -- I think we finally got rid of the monster under the bed! It doesn't bother Haven anymore, because it apparently moved to Eden's room...

    ...but she figured out how to get rid of it :smirk: When I was a kid my parents used to tell me, "We aren't worried about you getting kidnapped, cause you would talk so much they'd beg us to take you back!" Yeah, well that's Eden lol. She talked the monster away :lol:

    Evergreen Harbor is looking better and better every day. Side not: there was an AWFUL thunderstorm right before I got this shot, and it was such a stark contrast I had to get a pic of it. But apparently I didn't get a pic of the thunderstorm. So just enjoy this nice scenery shot :lol:

    Anyway, time flies, and Haven was already ready to age up again! Iris made his fav dinner and baked him a "normal" (not healthy) cake this time lol.

    Haven made sure Eden understood he was going to be a highschooler soon, and that meant he'd be too cool to hang out with her and her kid friends anymore. She honestly didn't care, she has plenty of friends lol.

    And with that, he was ready for teenagedom! He got the weirdest combo of traits, I swear. So apparently he loves the ocean and wants smart, successful kids now, idk. Not that I'm complaining about his aspiration, parenting ones are always easy with this challenge lol.

    Looks-wise, I love him! He's definitely Aiyden's son, but he got a couple features from Iris - skintone & eye shape. I would've preferred a better mix (like at least Iris' eye color or nose or something), but at least he's cute lol.

    My new fav thing, the outfit tour! I looove his everyday outfits. I'm also just partial to neutral colors lol.


    He's a typical phone- and self-image-obsessed teenager, but he's really helpful too -- seriously the best teen ever. He became the family cook after he made a grilled cheese without any cooking skill whatsoever and didn't burn down the house lol. So proud of him!

    He picked up some handiness tips from Aiyden and helped fix the old appliances as they started breaking down. He even added a fireguard to the fireplace! My little helper :heart:

    Aiyden hadn't used the juice-maker he installed forever ago, so he recycled it and had a robotics station installed in its place. Now he has a workshop buddy!

    Here's Haven with his first "robot" -- an rc helicopter toy! So cool!

    It seems like Evergreen Harbor gets prettier and prettier everyday. They still don't have a green eco footprint, but Port Promise looks pretty green to me! We now have the following NAPs: Green Gardening, Green Initiatives, Modern Development, and Promote Creative Arts. I'm thinking of changing Promote Creative Arts to Upcycling Initiative to see if that helps the footprint move toward green, plus it still fits Aiyden's career/skills which is what I chose the creative arts one for in the first place.

    Anyway, it was the perfect sunny day for Aiyden to finally go to the farmer's market and try to sell some candles. This chick hung around all day and bought several! She and Aiyden bonded over their shared love of fabrication and became friends too :smile:

    Eden tagged along, she'll really take any excuse to get out of the house and be around new people lol. She played on the monkey bars for awhile, since there weren't any kids there.

    Toward the end of the day, a kid and his mom showed up! Eden immediately cornered the kid and forced him into a conversation lol. She doesn't have a lot of male friends, so this is exciting :wink: (Also note Iris in the background at the one and only dig hole in the entirety of Evergreen Harbor :lol: )

    Aiyden still had some candles to sell when they got home, so he decided to list them on plopsy. Within hours, he had someone offering 200+ simoleons for one of his candles!!

    He accepted the offer and shipped it off right away :smile: I love this new plopsy thing. You can use a computer to 'browse plopsy' and there are some really cool random items on there! I think Aiyden's going to retire from the civil engineer career when he becomes an elder and focus more on his plopsy store and selling at the farmer's market.

    Eden's also trying new things. She took up knitting! She wants to be a "fashion designer" when she grows up, so she's "practicing" by knitting some of her "original designs" lol.

    She also completed her aspiration (social butterfly)! Kids befriending adults is always weird unless they have aunts/uncles or whatever, so I just chose a couple of her kid friends' parents for her to befriend (still feels weird lol). But yeah, here's her "core" friend group. I might even make them a 'friend club' when they become teens.

    Haven can't do much with his aspiration (successful lineage) right now, but he's making "progress" in the sense that he now has a girlfriend! His best friend from childhood, Suri, aged up into a total bombshell, and Haven wasted no time in asking her out. They're so cute together :heart:

    Harvestfest rolled around, and that meant a gnome invasion because I forgot to delete that tradition. Everyone else appeased their gnomes with no issues, but Iris - who actually 'loves' the tradition - made it so mad it electrocuted her...several times :grimace: I honestly have no idea how she's still alive...

    She managed to cook harvestfest dinner, but she was NOT in a good mood. Having to clean up after didn't help either. Poor Iris really had the worst day :confused:

    Thankfully she was in a much better mood after some good eatin' and good company :smile: Aiyden had picked up some fancy drinks for them while they were at the farmer's market - the kids drank different kids of kombucha while Aiyden and Iris drank some 'focus' juices. All in all it was a great harvestfest dinner.


    Eden spent the rest of her day off knitting by the fire.

    She made the cutest socks ever!! Iris' love of quirky socks lives on in this one :heart:

    But uh...I really gotta remember to delete the gnome tradition. Getting a bunch of seeds was nice and all (though I didn't get any new plants :unamused: ), but these things are just creepy. By the end of the day there was some kind of weird gnome cult going on in the garden... :flushed:

    Last but certainly not least, we had a houseful of phone-obsessed teens for awhile, because all of Eden's friends aged up! Which means it's also time for Eden to age up!! :smiley:

    That's her bff in the black and red snowsuit, and the boy from the farmer's market in the red & grey jacket and blue & white hat. He aged up quite nicely, if I do say so myself... :wink: I'm just proud of myself for throwing her a "proper" party for once lol (it wasn't an event, but there were friends there at least!).

    Buuut I was so busy trying to wrangle a bunch of teens that I didn't get a pic of her blowing out the candles, so here we go right to the traits. She got the academic aspiration, which I think is totally fitting for her "most popular girl in school" personality. She also got the neat trait. Maybe her mom leaving laundry all over the house finally got to her and now she's obsessed with cleaning :lol:

    She's so pretty! She got an interesting mix of physical traits. She takes mostly after her dad -- hair color, eye shape & color, nose, cheekbones (I think), and jawline (I think). And of course she got a medium/mixed skintone and her mom's lips.

    Outfit tour ~ I tried to keep her style similar to her child clothes. I'm thinking maybe she won't be a 'fashion designer' as in the stylist career, but she might be a social media personality and do beauty/shopping haul videos, but I like her having a "thrift store" style to keep it "green" for Evergreen Harbor.


    Back to the party! Aiyden made sure to get a hug in between cake and presents :smile:

    Iris bought her present on plopsy - a super super cute knitted cactus for her room :blush: I seriously love the items from the knitting pack, it's sooo worth unlocking them (or buying them on plopsy lol).

    She spent the rest of the night hanging out with her friends and taking selfies with everyone to post on social media. She even got her 'cool big bro' to take a selfie with her. I present to you my two options for my gen 2 heir. How am I supposed to choose?? They're both such interesting sims! I'm really excited to explore the robotics stuff with Aiyden, and I honestly like the looks of him better than Eden (I think), but Eden might be the better genetic mix? And her college life/social media stuff might be fun too. Idk. Send help! :grimace:
  • tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,754 Member
    @debjameswhite Lia and Heath are so cute together :heart: And I love that Hailey loves him too :blush: I'd refuse a job offered by Jay too! My blood's still boiling over what he did to poor Lia. Omg Lia is too cute in her witch costume! Can you just make her be a spellcaster sim and dress like that all the time?? They you can give her a super secret witchy room too :wink: Whaaaa...I hate that Jay just shows up and imposes himself in Lia's life. Who said he can hug our precious Heath?? I'm with Lia on this one! Ok, ok. As long as Heath was just planting a bug on him that's fine :lol: AHHH yesss congrats Lia & Heath! I can't wait for the wedding!!
  • IllusoryThrallIllusoryThrall Posts: 1,335 Member
    Okayyy... so I totally did not just spend nearly six hours setting up a save file and making over the Greenes...... When I probably should have been working on the post(s) I have scheduled for tomorrow. A bored Thrall is a dangerous Thrall, obviously. I cleared out the entire save (everything is bulldozed except apartments and special lots) - then finally remembered to save a copy of said save so I wouldn't have to do it again. .... Then I spent another couple hours "sorting" everything. Because My idea is to rebuild all the worlds. *cringe* And to do it in 100 generations. There is that pesky achievement that's out there taunting me that I'll probably never get it. Last night I figured out there's ten generations each for this challenge the old "Rebuild" challenge in Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, Newcrest, Windenburg, San Myshuno, Sulani, Brindleton Bay and Evergreen Harbor -Then five generations each in StrangerVille, Del Sol Valley, Glimmerbrook, and Forgotten Hollow. Which totals 100, conveniently enough. Once I noticed that I think I was sunk. Sigh. I don't know how much time I'll be able to devote to updating, but I think I've passed the point of no return on whether or not I'll be starting the challenge. I'll use all the different gene pools in each generation along the line, starting with the Greenes as founders. I know it's going WAY past the scope of the challenge, but my completionist/perfectionist side couldn't stomach rebuilding one world and leaving the others alone. We'll see how that goes. It'll be a challenge I play when my scheduled stuff is done for the day or I'm bored - and yes, I'll be taking pictures to document it as I go. Anyway, I'll stop rambling nonsensically and just post the pictures I took of the makeovers. I was careful to leave bodies and faces alone, just changing hair styles, outfits, accessories, etc. I love how they turned out. I spent more than double the amount of time I usually spend on a CAS makeover, really paying attention to details.
    I have yet to build anything in the world, and at the very least I need the community spaces (oh yeah, I bulldozed those, too!) and the restaurant lot (The Caboose got re-zoned) built, as well as, obviously, their home. I haven't decided which floor plan to go with yet. Oh yeah, and part of "sorting" the lots for all the world was trying to give all the neighborhoods a community space lot. Which means I'll have to build those when I get to that generation. If it's not set as a residential lot, I zoned it for commercial (except for the unused apartments) - and will be building those in time, too. I got pretty creative with the zoning and deciding what order all the lots will be played in. They're literally all named "Gen 1" to "Gen 100" in the order they'll be played. I did say I spent hours on this. *rolls eyes at self* I picked Evergreen Harbor to go first, then rolled a dice to decide the rest of the worlds' order, since I couldn't decide.

    Please, let me know what you think about this idea and the makeovers! (You don't need to mention the fact that I'm insane, I knew that part already.) Oh, and one quick question - how much money are the Greenes supposed to be starting with? I think somehow merging them with the household I was deleting gave them too much money... because they have like 30k.
  • MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
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    @JordanNicoleJJ Your kids grew up great. I like that Iris has grey in her hair now. She looks good like that. Picking an heir is going to be difficult. I can't help you except to say I am leaning a little towards Haven. Maybe? :smile:

    @IllusoryThrall I'd like to start by getting the obvious out of the way first. Ready? ...You are insane. I love it. Welcome to the challenge. Your makeovers for the Greenes looks great. 100 Generations is a fun idea. You can do it. :) Also, I believe your founders have an assigned lot that they should build on in the town you've chosen. And two floorplans to choose from for building their home. I can't wait to see yours.
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  • tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,754 Member
    @IllusoryThrall YAY you're joining us!! I LOVE the idea of playing through 100 generations! It's a HUGE challenge, but the gene pools, building aspect, and other little rules make it feel more structured and manageable. I think if you just take it one world at a time, you'll knock it out in no time. The only thing that makes rebuilding ALL of the worlds a little weird right now is that this challenge is split into basically two challenges - the other thread has gene pools for Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, and 1 or 2 alternate gene pools (I think), and the rules were a lot more lax (no building restrictions or floor plans or anything), whereas this one focuses on the EP worlds and is a lot more structured. Honestly I'd love to see this new challenge expanded to include all of the worlds, so we can all play & post here even if someone wants to play in Willow Creek. But that's really up to @OJenn and @debjameswhite as they put this new challenge together. I know it would take a lot more work to add several more 10-gen worlds. I'd be happy to make gene pools for the worlds that don't have them yet (like Windenburg and San Myshuno), and we could keep the old WC and OS gene pools. But it would still take a massive amount of work to find that many house floorplans :grimace:

    Anyway, I love your Greenes!! I love Aiyden's laid-back style, and I think you captured Iris' outdoorsy vibe perfectly. I think my Greenes started with 20k or 22k? I also immediately put them in careers related to their degrees, so they both got signing bonuses & promotion reward items which I sold for more money. But there are no hard-and-fast rules about money cheats in this challenge - some people use them, some don't. I get bored when my sims get too rich, so I'm going extreme no-cheats to the point where my gen 2 heir is going to 'inherit' part of the money gen 1 saved up and have to make do with that. For example, my household funds are sitting at around ~50k right now and there are 2 kids, so my gen 2 heir would get ~25k to build the gen 2 house with if he/she moved out right now.

    @Mionax I'm glad you said that because I'm leaning more toward Haven too :smiley:
  • MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    ...I think my Greenes started with 20k or 22k? I also immediately put them in careers related to their degrees, so they both got signing bonuses & promotion reward items which I sold for more money. ...

    My Greenes did not come with degrees. Is this something you did in-game with them?

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  • IllusoryThrallIllusoryThrall Posts: 1,335 Member
    @JordanNicoleJJ That would be a fun project, indeed. Coming up with floorplans and genepools.. definitely quite a project. However, I *think* if you take all the genepools posted, there's only a few missing. brindleton, and then one set of ten out of the three neighborhoods of newcrest, san myshuno, and windenburg, because there's two optionals posted for the first challenge. then, of course, there's adding glimmerbrook and forgotten hollow at five gens each. I'd be more than willing to do some work on making sims, time permitting, of course. Finding floorplans would definitely be the bigger task of the two, but there's definitely enough out there on the web to cover the 100 residential lots.

    Also, speaking of floorplans, I finally had a chance to look at the two plans offered for the Evergreen Harbor founder's plot.. and it turns out I've already built one of them. Was the second build on this page of my blog - so I will probably go with Plan B when I start building. Maybe. We'll see. But, yeah.. I thought the outside looked familiar, so I went through my build saves and .. there it was. :smiley:
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    After a whole day spent in build mode achieving absolutely nothing I've just started playing and I'm so mad FRUSTRATED :joy::bawling: ... but for now I'll try to unwind with your posts. Update later (where I'll explain why I'm actually raging)!

    @Heckstress17 Thanks, this exam session was particularly wild (since it was aaaall online and every single professor was about to lose it thinking that we were all cheating lol). It legit felt as hard as TS4 University EP (which is the hardest thing I've ever played :joy: ). I'm glad to know that you downloaded my sims, I hope I'll see them roaming the town from time to time <3 I also can't wait to experience the parallel universe twins going on with the Greene kids, tho I fear that it'll take me a little while. I don't care how Fawn's going to turn out as a teen (she'll be gorgeous for sure), her unicorn status can't be revoked anyway :tongue:

    @Rhythrin the moment I saw that I've been tagged in this thread, I knew I had to join! I've been meaning to play with the new worlds for a while now, but I also decided to rebuild all worlds starting from Willow Creek and... well, that's going to take a long time. So now I'm going to do both, old worlds and new worlds at the same time, in the same save :mrgreen: Thanks, my exams went really well despite my professors being super worried about the online tests. I love the house! <3 you did so well with the open space downstairs, I especially enjoy all the green decor! The study room is my favorite, it turned out so nice, but I have to admit that I also loved that hidden mermaid room. What a fun and original concept! I too went for a garage-maker space :joy: it's the best place to put all that weird machinery, right?

    @debjameswhite I'm also super glad to be back and read all of your updates <3
    Oh boy I love how fast Lia and Heath went from first kiss to shower woohoo :joy: that's how you do it! I'm going to guess that sims standing up to eat with their plate in their hands is a new bug, 'cause I'm seeing it happen over and over in game. I almost lost it at the pic of Heath sleeping naked on top of the bedsheets :joy: considered the amount of activity him and Lia had in the past few days, I'm sure there's a reason for that lol. Too bad that parties still glitch out from time to time. I hate when that happened in my game. I'm glad that the second time you tried it worked fine. OMG is that child Adahy I'm spotting over there with dad Pablo or am I seeing things? :joy: lol I loved that Heath planted a bug on Jay on that outing, paranoid but understandable behavior. I would have done the same, probably. You totally took me by surprise with that proposal, but it was super sweet and the setting was just perfect!!

    @Mionax omg I love Giovanni's new secret basement room! All of these basements pics make me wanna try something like this too :joy: I love how Nylah turned out as a child! She's such a cutie <3 I'm crossing my finger for any of the Greene kiddos I'll have in game to have that green eye color, it's so nice. The moment I saw Little Moo, I knew that somebody was going to die :joy::joy::joy: Poor Aiyden. I'm starting to think that he's coded to die by cowplant across most of our saves :joy:

    @IllusoryThrall yaaaaas, join us! :mrgreen: I love how you went from 0 to 100 in so little time :joy: I'm the same! I also started out wanting to rebuild everything and go through 100 generations (or as many as needed as I rebuild every single world). Your Greene makeover is amazing! You did such a good job with it, the details really add to the overall look and personality <3 I can't wait to see updates from their lives!

    @JordanNicoleJJ I've just finished my longest sims binge ever and boy I could only wish it was as peaceful and quiet as yours :joy:I almost rage quitted at one point. I'm 100% sure you won't be jealous of my Greenes. I swear I got into cas with a super clear idea of how I wanted them to look like and after hours of frustration I got nowhere. I'm lucky they're super cute anyway. I totally feel you about real life taking over and pulling us away from the game. I still can't believe I didn't play for that many months in a row. No, I never even heard of that freckles mod but I wish I did because I wanted them to be inheritable for the longest time, so thank you! <3 I hope it'll work in my game too.
    You've made so much progress in game it's unbelievable, I feel like rushing just to catch up :joy: also, every single one of your updates makes me reconsider a cc-free game, like the good old times. I'm always ready to do it, but then I launch my game and see my cc and... I give up. You're totally right on Iris looking so young despite her age! She's so pretty. Seeing the monster under the bed almost triggered me, 'cause I hate it so much (it stalks my sims' kids, I swear. Every. Single. Night.) I love how Haven and Eden turned out as teens! Really, both of them! Tbh I wouldn't even know who to pick as heir if I were in your shoes... I guess I would go by traits? Also, here's something you don't know: when I first played this challenge years ago, I got to the fourth gen (never posted any pics about them :grimace: ) and the first girl born in game, Pablo's granddaughter, looked almost identical to Eden :joy: amazing genes!- another thing that just came to me: I would pick as heir the sim who has the strongest jawline and chin, just in case, to make sure that no chin goes missing so soon into the challenge :joy::joy::joy: (we know how this game is...)

    @OJenn I also put the Greene in the old save so that I can easily jump from one world to the other and keep up with all the families :smile: plus, it's nice to have all the old lots at hand if needed. You and @debjameswhite did such a good job with this challenge! <3 ... also thanks for the reply on the randomizer, I think that this time around I'll use it to maybe roll all the traits, aspiration and career as soon as the baby is born. It'll be good to see if I like it this way or not :blush: in any case, I'll use that randomizer!
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    @IllusoryThrall yaaaaas, join us! :mrgreen: I love how you went from 0 to 100 in so little time :joy: I'm the same! I also started out wanting to rebuild everything and go through 100 generations (or as many as needed as I rebuild every single world). Your Greene makeover is amazing! You did such a good job with it, the details really add to the overall look and personality <3 I can't wait to see updates from their lives!
    @Kiwicantdie "0 to 100 in so little time." Yeah, that sounds exactly like me. I'm just lucky that the family on my play schedule today is one I REALLY like playing otherwise I'd be in trouble. I should be able to get them played before I dive back into this challenge and start building. Hopefully. .. Well, that's at least the plan. =P I really hope your game-rage went away! Having something in mind and just not being able to get it right is horribly frustrating, so I completely feel for you!

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    edited August 2020
    @JordanNicoleJJ - Hooray for long updates! Happy birthday to Iris and Aiyden! You are right she doesn't look like she aged at all. The town is looking good! Haven's traits are definitely interesting, I guess he'll be taking lots of trips to Sulani? I've not played with that trait yet. Haven aged up nicely though I can definitely see a lot more Aidyen in his features. I was wondering how the Plopsy thing worked, that's so cool that they can easily sell things now. I also love the children can take up knitting. Haven and Suri are adorable together ♥ I think Eden's neat trait is totally related to her mom being lazy, love that.

    @IllusoryThrall - You are definitely setting the bar high with 100 generations! I can't wait to see you Greene's in-game. Piggybacking off what @JordanNicoleJJ mentioned in her post, I wanted this challenged to be a lot more structured than the other one and place an emphasis on the newer worlds since the older challenge was built to be newer player-friendly. (At least in the sense of someone who had maybe picked up a copy of the base game and that's all they have.)

    I'd like to at least knock add floor plans to what we have existing and I would love help from anyone who wants to offer them. RL takes a lot of my time so I've been slow about getting things added. Dealing with a sick kiddo this weekend so I'm not sure how active I will be until next week.

    I'll be taking a break from playing to try and update the main page with more floor plans ♥
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    Evergreen Harbor: Update 1
    (aka the reason why I have the strongest migraine ever)

    After an entire day spent struggling to figure out what I wanted from cas and build mode, here are the Greenes. I had a particular idea in mind, especially for Iris, but I was not able to achieve it. I'm not at all satisfied with the end result, but I adore these two sims as they are, so the makeover has little importance to me. It just was a huge waste of time. It also took me a long time to learn how to crop/edit/layer an outfit showcase like you all did for your posts, so bear with me if it's not perfect, it was my first time trying it out :sweat_smile: this are the five everyday outfits for both Iris and Aiyden, but I didn't include all the other categories because I didn't feel confident in my skills + it was becoming super time-consuming.



    -and Iris'


    Now, here comes the pain. I went for Plan A, and even tho I struggled way less than I did in cas, the roofing was the worst. It took me way too many hours and I'm still not certain about it :sweat_smile: ... but hey, at least I learned that I struggle more when I have to copy floorplans than when I'm free to build as I please, with no restrictions. I like it, I just have to get used to it.




    I tried to stick to the plan as much as possible, but it's not an exact copy.



    I also didn't know what I wanted to do with the house, whether I was going for a strict rags-to-riches gameplay or maybe something different. I ended up filling it with "move-in" decor which I'm slowly going to eliminate as the Greene fix the place. I'm also going to remove any money it gives from selling it away, so that I don't cheat any simoleon. Here are a few of the "drag in whatever they can truly afford" rooms:





    But here comes the REAL pain and the reason of my inner rage. As soon as I pressed play, the smog rolled in like a storm.


    I was SO happy to finally see it! I hate it in real life, but it's so nice to have it in the game to change things up a little.


    3 seconds later, when I jumped back to the Greene waiting for me right in front of their new house, BAM: clear sky. Bright blue. Not even a cloud in sight :bawling:


    It happened so fast that it was literally just a blick on an eye. For a second, I thought that the game glitched out. But then, as the minutes passed, after closing and re-opening the game a few times, I realized that there was nothing I could do.
    Aiyden was just as 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 as me and probably realized that something wasn't right.
    A: "Is it just me or... a few seconds ago there was like, a sea of smog just above our heads? Am I hallucinating?"


    Iris took it way better.
    I: "We came here prepared for the worst, but it's much better this way! We can grab our things instead of unpacking and move somewhere else, since this town doesn't need any real fixing! Like... somewhere with a nice beach and swimmable oceans?"


    Aiyden almost caved to his wifey request. I can't really blame him. Their arrival in town was such a huge letdown.


    They still went inside for a little snack and to figure out the next plan. Here's a pic of the clutter I mentioned before. It'll all go away, I promise :joy:


    *the face of a sim that doesn't want to unbox and clean up the mess* :joy:


    *the face of a sim that can't wait to move out of town not even 5.0 seconds after getting the house's keys*


    After a little bit of brainstorming on this unexpected issue (glitch? bug? just the eco footprint not doing what I wanted?), Aiyden and Iris decided to reach the port and see with their own eyes how the town was doing. As soon as they arrived, they found it littered with trash. Sure, the bright blue sky didn't have 1% of smog, but the place still looked like it needed a lot of help.

    A: "See, babe? Trash! Trash everywhere! The CEU was right to call us! We need to fix this place!"
    I: "Aiyden, quit trying, I'm not going to get hyped for one overflowing trashcan."


    But a few hours on the lot passed by and it became clear that Port Promise was in much worse condition than it appeared. The neighborhood had become a huge dumping ground for its citizens, who seemed to be, of course, the real source of the problem.


    Aiyden examined the whole place up and down, attempted to recycle some stuff and tried to figure out what was the reason behind the smog's disappearance.


    Especially when the townies kept on burning their trash like that in the open.
    NO(YES) I'M NO TRYING TO GET THE SMOG BACK(OF COURSE I AM) why would you even think that???


    The townies had become one with the trash to the point of woohooing in it. The Greenes had to do something.


    But for as much as Aiyden fell down the where's-my-smog-at rabbit hole, Iris grew colder and indifferent towards the city. Besides the trash problem, the whole environment seemed too clean for her to worry. The place only needed some cleaning, there was no need for fixing it. Also, the place lacked collectibles in a way she hadn't forseen.


    ... not to mention toilets. There was no public toilet anywhere in sight.


    Aiyden's smile managed to cheer her up a little and it probably gave her hope that they could move out asap.


    Back at home, contrary to her belief, Aiyden stood his ground on the matter. He had been tense and weary of the too good to be true environment for the entire day, so he had no plan on relocating any time soon, not before he had made sure that the place was doing just fine. The CEU must have needed their expertise for a reason.
    Dinner didn't go well for these newlyweds.


    ... nor did the time to get to bed.
    They've been arguing about Aiyden's smog paranoia all evening, so by the time Iris had put on her pajama, she had had enough.


    A: "Babe, please, tell me you're not going to make me sleep on the couch over freaking smog..."


    I: "You've been paranoid for the entire day. Why can't you understand that the CEU might have overestimated the environmental damage? There are places out there that might really need our help. We can't be tied down to Evergreen Harbor if the only thing needed here is a good recycling plan. Anyone could do it, even my grandma."


    A: "I'm too tired for this. Scoot over before I crash on the floor, we'll discuss it in the morning."


    Iris didn't need to utter a word. She only looked at him.


    A: "Fine, I got it. You don't have to say it, I'll sleep on the couch."
    I: "Wait! You can't just decided that you're going to sleep on the couch! It's our first night in this house!"
    ( :joy: newlyweds? :joy: )


    It was way too late for Aiyden to care about what she had to say.



    And Iris was just too mad at him to sleep peacefully.


    (--- so: how do I even get my smog back? :joy: )
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    @Kiwicantdie - omg what happened to the smog?? I am wit Aiyden on this one, something isn't right. It took me forever to get rid of it, or at least it seemed that way since I was playing on Long lifespan :lol: I can feel the tension in those last few pictures for sure and I doubt Aiyden's hot-headed trait helped any.
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    @JordanNicoleJJ Woohoo! I'm buckled up and ready! I can't believe everyone's founders are aging up to elders! I haven't even had one nooboo yet! I really love Eden, she's such a cutie. Haha good job Eden, I laughed about what your parents used to say! Look how nice you neighborhood looks! Oh I love how Haven aged up. He looks good! These outfit tours are my new favorite too! I love them. Look how happy Aidyn looks selling his candles. It's nice to see him smiling. OHHH You just reminded me I did something on Plopsy but I don't remember I'll have to go look! I knew I could count on you to show us knitting! I have it but haven't done anything with the items yet. 4 best friends! That's so awesome. OMG look at Suri! She's beautiful!! Aww poor Iris getting electrocuted! hehe Those socks are so cute. Aww Eden is pretty! I love her.

    @IllusoryThrall Hooray! I love how you made up your founders, and your plan for the challenge really got me thinking and scheming! I love your ideas and I love the makeovers and outfits. I can't wait to see your first update. How funny that you already built one of the floor plans! I guess that helps you know which one to use. :)

    @Mionax I'm pretty sure the Greene's did come with a degree. If you click on the simology and scroll down you'll see their degrees. I just double checked. If your founders don't have it the only thing I can think of is maybe you aged them down?

    @Kiwicantdie Aww no it's not Adahy. It's Lia's little brother Adrian. I moved all my couples back to the newly wed stage so they'll all have different families this time. Oooo I love your founders! I love that dress with the leaves. I'll have to find that. I love your house and how you decorated it. You always have such unique builds. Where did the smog go? That's so odd? I love how it had a just moved in look at first. The coflict between them was great. Poor Aidyn having to sleep on the couch!

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    @Kiwicantdie Great house. I like the clutter. No more smog is sad.

    @debjameswhite Nope, Iris does not have any degrees listed in simology. I can't check Aiyden. He got eaten. Maybe does @OJenn have two versions of the Greenes in the gallery? One with degrees and one without? No matter. I'll just keep carrying on. I did not age her at all. Up or down.
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    Update - Gen 1 & Kids
    Scarlet aged up. A nice mix of both I think.

    Before makeover

    CAS After makeover

    Scarlet rolled the creative aspiration and Vegetarian trait. This is going to take some getting used to.
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    @Mionax hmmm that's really interesting! I downloaded them again last night just to double check. Do you have university installed? That's the only other thing I can think of. Fortunately it's not that big a deal for you and you have beautiful kids!! Look how pretty Scarlet is. Poor thing though...I am not a fan of the vegetarian trait!!
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    @Mionax - Nope, I only have one version of the Greene family up, you will need to have the University EP in order to see the Degree. Iris has a Biology Degree and Aiyden has a Physics Degree.
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    I'm always happy to have lots to comment on :smiley: I've been busy for the past few days, but I might have enough to post an update later today. Fingers crossed anyway. For now, comments!

    @Mionax - I could not believe that after I posted about my Aiyden being eaten by the Cowplant your Aiyden got eaten too!!! Your cowplant wasn't much of a playground "protector" after all :lol: Or maybe Aiyden is just an exceptionally delicious sim? Either way that's crazy! And right after Scarlet was born too :disappointed: She's really cute though :heart: I've always had a hard time with the vegetarian trait too. You'll get use to it though.

    @OJenn - I'm so sorry to hear your little one is sick :heart: I hope she feels better soon, and you take care of yourself too! Oh and no :bawling: Aiyden didn't complete his aspiration before his untimely death. He was half a fabrication point away...

    @Rhythrin - I'll get Fawn and Silas uploaded for you today :smile: I like having everyone else's challenge kids to be my sims friends too. It motivates me to actually make friends for them :lol: Yeaaaah I wasn't sure how to style Silas, but since he rolled the Active trait I decided to be cliche and give him a bit of a jock vibe lol. I'm glad you liked Aiyden's memorial picture too :lol: I only had one pic of him smiling and it had a gnome in the corner. So the angry pic was just meant to be lol. Oooooh those are solar panels, duh! I should've known though. Well whatever they are, they look great lol.

    @IllusoryThrall - Welcome to the challenge! :smirk: Your Iris and Aiyden look great! Thank you for the outfit tour :wink: AKA my new fav part of the challenge lol I'm also really feeling Aiyden with all the piercings. Reading your 100 gen plan gave me a bit of second hand anxiety lol but if you can pull it off (and it seems like you've planned it out really well) it's gonna be epic. Also it's pretty cool you've already built one of the floorplan houses.

    @debjameswhite - Heath and Lia are so cute together :heart: You can never go wrong with shower woo-hoo :wink: I feel like Jay offering Lia a writing job is super skectchy?? Like let's keep their convos strictly about Hailey because he's starting to weird me out :lol: Oh your sims stand and eat in front of their sink/refrigerator too?! It's been driving me crazy! A new version of MCC came out yesterday so I'm gonna see if updating fixes that issue. Anyway, Lia looked so cute at her Spooky house warming party. She makes an adorable witch. Their 2nd house warming looked like it went really well. Aw Heath! What a beautiful proposal! :love:

    @JordanNicoleJJ - Thank your BF for me for being down and out enough to let you sim all day :lol: I'm glad you like my little park :heart: I like the little camper lookin' foodstalls too :blush: Aiyden's memorial pic is just too perfect lol I'm glad you got a laugh out of it too. Your Aiyden definitely gave me a false sense of security though :joy: Do you know what will happen if Iris drinks "Aiyden's LIFE essence"?? I'm wondering if it'll age her back down... Anyway, you could not be more right about TS4 genetics not doling out to the kids correctly. A perfect example is Silas with his Mom's lips, but yet they're somehow 2 sizes too small on him :angry:

    Your update was so good! :blush::heart: That picture of Eden on the swings was perfect. As were the scenery shots. And look at you out there making friends for your sims lol Eden's such a little ray of sunshine even the monster under the bed loves her. I liked the shot of Aiyden carving candles. I really like the new candles too. I just realized that both Haven and Silas have the Squeamish trait... but look at Haven :love: He's such a cute teen omg I love how he's aged up. His 1st, 2nd, and formal outfits are my favs. I love that outfits tours have caught on :mrgreen: Ugh he's even cuter in game then in his CAS shots. I'm so jealous :bawling: Silas has been repairing things around the house too, but he doesn't look nearly as cute doing it. I love his little drone. omg why I have I never heard of "plospy" before?! :lol: That's pretty cute. Eden looks so proud of herself for getting all her friends together. I love her. Your Harvestfest pics are perfect :love: The table looks so festive, and the focus juices really give it a nice rustic feel. Eden's knitted socks are so cute :smiley: I really like how she's aged up too. I think she's a better mix genetically then her brother, and yet she has her own look going on too. Her outfits are perfect for her personality too. Teen outfits are really hard for me to style, so great job on those. omg that selfie pic with her brother is the best :heart: He's so handsome, I can't!

    @Kiwicantdie - Yesssss update time! We're totally new to this whole outfit tour thing, and I know I haven't perfected cropping and combining my shots at all lol @JordanNicoleJJ and you are making it look effortless though. Seriously your outfits are all sized and cropped perfectly and mine are such a hot mess :lol: Here's hoping I improve over time lol Anyway, I'm loving Aiyden's outfits. Especially since he and my Aiyden share outfit #3. His flamingo shirt is another keeper for sure. Iris' outfits are all perfect too. I knew you'd nail her style. You had a sim awhile back with a similar style and you put her in the cutest outfits... omg why can't I remember her name?! She was married to Pablo... but yes I love Iris 1st outfit and her 4th one with the big skirt the most :heart: her glasses are adorable too. I understand your rage about the roofs. It's one of the reasons I didn't build the floorplan A house, despite the fact that I like it's look much more, and it fits the lot 10x's better then my huge block of house... But you totally nailed it, and I couldn't tell you had trouble with the roof at all. I also couldn't tell you didn't use money cheats with the way you decorated. It looks complete already. Using the door with the slates from Island Living in the laundry room was brilliant. That laundry and garage area are perfect already. I had an issue with the smog too :neutral: Before my Greene's even voted on their first NAP my smog was gone. I don't know why, and it never came back. At least you can know you're not the only with this issue. I was upset about it too though. I was irrationally excited to see your Aiyden being mean to Iris! :joy: Iris knows how to handle her man though :wink: omg your pics look so good. The quality is top notch, and your sims are so cute :love: I haven't seen a single sim burn a trash pile... weird. Aiyden and Iris' argument was very entertaining lol I love them, and as always you capture the best facial expressions. Aiyden sleeping on the couch seemed appropriate. I hope you get time to update again soon!
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    @Rhythrin I uploaded My Greene's (minus Aiyden)

    Also I forgot I wanted to share this life changing mod with you guys. It has successfully eliminated the spawning of all the horrid townies. :mrgreen: As I said, life changing lol!
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