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Rebuilding Worlds Vol. 2


  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,382 Member
    Just popping in to show off my super slow progress on the Gen 8 House :joy: I downloaded a ton of stuff from Peacemaker and the kitchen is my favorite part. I am not 100% set on the living room design right now so that may change later on.




    I think I also need to do a townie makeover/check in too since I noticed some of the homes in town are empty and that makes me a little sad.
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,382 Member
    @MayaRose1138 @debjameswhite @Heckstress17 @tipsycowplant @Kiwicantdie @Francisca464

    Happy New Year everyone! I am just loading up my game now and wanted to take a moment to say thank you all for making this thread (and all the others that came before it) so much fun. I've really enjoyed seeing your sims and families grow ♥ We've been at this type of thing for a while now and I appreciate all of you!
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,669 Member
    Happy New Year's everyone! Finally dropping in again to post another chapter :)@Ojenn - thank you for saying I can keep the floor plan I already had - that saved me a lot of work!! Your house is looking good so far; why do my pictures never look so good? :lol:

    Still waiting on the announcement of when we're getting infants. In the meantime, I've been playing a Boolprop Challenge as well as a challenge I've made myself (Aspen just married the gen 2 heiress!). He's quite busy in other saves since he's not the heir in this one but I like him :)
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,669 Member
    Rebuilding Brindleton Bay Gen 5.07
    This update is mainly centered around the vacation to Mt Komorebi. Aspen's aspiration is the Extreme Sports one, so he needs to spend a lot of time there so that he can master one of the skills and do the other bits that are required, like climbing the mountain.
    Firstly, cousin Samson aged into a child.

    Then grandma Mabel came around to help with homework.

    And Emerson had to get his vet skill up really high because Alpine would soon be aging into an elder and he hasn't had any kittens yet.

    Then it was off to Mt Komorebi. There was plenty to do around the rental they were staying in...

    ...before Aspen and his cousin/BFF Aidan attempted to conquer Mt Komorebi. To my surprise, they conquered it on the first attempt!!

    All that hard work called for some relaxation in the Onsen House in the evening.

    As it was New Year's Eve, Aidan was invited to celebrate with the family since his boyfriend and daughter were back in Brindleton Bay.

    The next morning, they all set off for a nature walk before heading back to the slopes for some fun.

    Emerson tackled the advanced slopes but it didn't always go according to plan :lol:

    The afternoon was spent at the Festival of Youth. Storm was the first one to collect all the Voidcritters, then Snow, Winter and Aspen last.
    Snow got Mayor Whiskers as her prize, which finally completed the collection!
    Next time, I should be able to start with Aspen's teen birthday, which was when I bought High School Years. I've still got two week's worth of pics to get through, so there's a few more updates to come!!
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,382 Member
    Soooo the baby update? Have we heard anything, I have more or less been living under a rock :joy:
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,669 Member
    @OJenn - I think there’s going to be a livestream at the end of Jan talking about the big base game update (which on the trailer has a diaper), two kits (which have something to do with underwear and toothpaste), and an expansion pack (which shows a bear with a crown). There’s a lot of speculation that the EP is going to be Generations. But there’s been no exact date given yet for infants.
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,382 Member
    edited January 22
    Aww :( I have also been trying to wait for babies before getting too far into my save lol. That being said I suppose we are already at the end of January soon, so fingers crossed!!
  • WentcrazyWentcrazy Posts: 127 Member
    Hey everyone!

    It's been such a long time... I moved in summer and then my laptop broke down. I just bought a new one last Sunday and installed everything over the weekend. My life feels like a mess right now but at least I managed to save my game. I've been playing for an hour now and missed it so much! Hopefully there'll be an update soon from my side.

    I need to catch up on your ends, hope I didn't miss too much <3
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  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,669 Member
    Livestream tomorrow! Unfortunately, I won't be able to wake up at 4am to watch it as I have to get my beatuy sleep for work :lol: I've heard there might be an update straight after the livestream, so fingers crossed for infants!!!!

    Welcome back @Wentcrazy! Hope to get an update from you soon!
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,669 Member
    edited January 31
    Rebuilding Brindleton Bay Gen 5.08
    I'll start with the massive amount of babies born since last chapter. This influx prompted me to change the percentage setting for pregnancies so that the family tree doesn't grow too large!! So Gen 5 cousins are twins Brielle and Lyla (born to Adrienne), Keira (born to Michaela and husband Ariel), Dallas (born to Scott), and Thomas (born to Ramon and wife Jerrica). Jonah and Aimee are gen 6 cousins born to Sebastian, Arthur's oldest son, and Greta Laurent.

    Also some teen cousins - Sullivan (Arthur's youngest), Mason (Nellie's youngest), and Brianna (Kailee's youngest).

    Project time again!

    Aspen's teen birthday! He rolled the Creative trait and the Goal Orientated aspiration (to be followed by the Musical Genius one). This was the first time I had played with HSY, so a lot of this update is Aspen at school :lol:. He has inherited a good mix of colours but his face is all Rose.

    His bedroom gets a makeover...

    ...before he gets sent to try and finish off scouts so he can enroll in cheerleading (being musically inclined, I figured that would be the best afterschool activity for him).

    Emerson is still working on getting that Vet skill high enough to create the age-down potion for the two cats.

    Emerson also got his special plaque for climbing Mt Komorebi. He still has to finish his aspiration though.

    First day of High School - have to make a good first impression.

    Meeting lots of new people, claiming a locker, etc. Aspen and Molly hit it off very quickly and Aspen got a crush on her :love: Too bad it wasn't reciprocated but at least they were BFFs by the end of the second day!

    Emerson was promoted to level 8 in the Athletic career. Rose also reached level 5 in the Civil Engineer career.

    Aspen upgrades to an adult violin.

    While the twins are busy working on their mental skill.

    Just realised that Winter hasn't been in this update so here is one with her in it. She'll get more attention next update when she ages into a teen.

    Aspen practising his cheerleading.

    And according to @debjameswhite 's rules, Storm catching on fire means she should be heir :lol: Rose had been going around upgrading a lot of things and, well, that didn't work out so well for poor Storm :lol:

    In other news, Kelley (from Gen 3) passed away leaving only Dove (who has about 7 days left at this point) and Olivia (who is way younger than the others) from that generation; and Mabel's twin sister Beatrice, along with husband Hugh, aged into elders. I'm pretty sure Arthur is also an elder at this point too but I don't have a record of it. Most of the residents of the retirement home are the siblings: Arthur and Miranda, Beatrice and Hugh, Mabel (even though she's not an elder) and Cohen. Nellie isn't an elder yet either.

    Edit: actually, looking through my notes, Arthur isn’t in the retirement home yet because Sullivan is still a teenager, so he doesn’t go for another couple of weeks.
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  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,669 Member
    Infants look so cool! The base game update is going to add some fun but the new EP is going to add so much fun! Playmats for infants, being able to carry them around and take them on outings, slumber parties, treehouses... it sounds like there is so much stuff in there that everyone has been wanting! I might have to break the habit of waiting a bit and get the EP quickly so I can use it for the next gen. I’ll have to get back into playing this save and get the next heir ready. As I have a long weekend when the update and EP comes out, I’m imagining a lot of playing happening 🤣.
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,382 Member

    I still need to check out everything! Since I'm so close to the end I'm thinking I'll try to finish up then I can start with babies after I pick a new town and founders.

  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,669 Member
    OJenn wrote: »
    I still need to check out everything! Since I'm so close to the end I'm thinking I'll try to finish up then I can start with babies after I pick a new town and founders.

    You’ve got five weeks to get through three generations.... and.... go!

    I’ve nearly got the other save I’m working on to the next generation, so I’ll stop there and come back to this save and get gen 6 ready to go. There’s some stuff I want to do before any babies are born, so that should fill in some time :). Except I don’t know whether the house is going to be big enough now if I have to create a proper nursery...hmm, maybe I’ll have to figure out where to add a room....
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,382 Member

    @MayaRose1138 - Time to play on short lifespan lol I have watched the trailer so many times now 😂 I am excited for what I feel like will be true nurseries. In the past I have have always had them but it looks like they will be more lifelike. And all the stuff I saw for elders too, very cute interactions.

  • tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,751 Member

    @OJenn I was thinking the same thing - starting over when the pack drops 😅 I'm only on gen 5 of Evergreen Harbor, but honestly, I'm not attached to the gen 6 kids whatsoever. I might just abandon this save 😭 Plus, I know I'm going to want to play in the new world when the pack releases. Hopefully it will be the same size as Evergreen Harbor (or bigger! bigger would be better lol) so we can add it to the challenge 🙏😂

    I'm SUPER excited for the new pack -- especially sleepovers and treehouses! And FINALLY some new child aspirations! The infant/toddler 'quirks' seem interesting too. This is probably going to be my favorite pack lol

  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,382 Member

    Oh my god @tipsycowplant I totally forgot about the new woooooorld! Should I gather mates *flails*

  • tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,751 Member

    @OJenn Yes!!! 😂 I would save some empty spots for sims created with the new pack though, because I think we're getting a bunch of new skin details too - I saw new freckles, birthmarks, and maybe scars in the trailer? It'd be cool for some of the mates to have those 😄

  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,382 Member

    Hmm good point, maybe gens 1 - 3 or 1 -5 can be townies.

  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,669 Member
    edited February 8

    I’d like to put forward a sim for consideration as a mate in the new world! Aspen’s daughter with gen 6 mate Naomi from my other save is absolutely gorgeous! She couldn’t be the heir in that challenge save because she wasn’t an alien but I’d love for her to live on in other saves :). I’ll edit this post when I’m next in-game and save her separately to the Gallery, as well as post a picture here. She is what almost made me swap heirs and chose Aspen instead of Storm but Storm’s aspiration and final trait saved her. I’m just now realising that maybe I should have got Storm together with Naomi but it’s way too late for that in my game 🤦‍♀️.

    Edit: Here's the photo of Kaylin Breen

    She's showcased in my Gallery (I think), and can be found by her name or #AURebuildingWorlds. I don't know how to do a link to here. It says she's got cc content but I can't find any (I made sure that I removed any cc content before saving her).

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  • WentcrazyWentcrazy Posts: 127 Member
    OMG I just saw the trailer and pre-orderded! :DB)

    Need to make sure I'll move on with my current gen - I have been playing on looooong life span but might change this to short now :p
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  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,382 Member
    Wentcrazy wrote: »
    OMG I just saw the trailer and pre-orderded! :DB)

    Need to make sure I'll move on with my current gen - I have been playing on looooong life span but might change this to short now :p

    Haha that's basically what I did I really want to get into the new world as soon as its available!
  • WentcrazyWentcrazy Posts: 127 Member
    edited February 11
    So, I need some help deciding the next heir. They are both still teens but I've already gave them a tiny makeover.

    So we have Rumi, whose initial goal was to have a beach life but I've already completed that aspiration when she was younger, so I gave her master chef instead. She's fully maxed her cooking skills but loves to have a career as a gamer (despite having a degree in culinary arts). Her traits are geek, loner and childish. She dislikes handiness and yellow.

    Then we have Nova, who also completed her aspiration of being a music genie. Her traits are lazy, music lover and freegan. She's got a degree in music (surprise!) and her ultimate career is musician. Her new aspiration is finding her soulmate. Her dislikes are handiness, fishing, photography, pipe organ and fitness.

    edit: I've chosen my heir - you'll find out soon :)
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  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,382 Member
    @Wentcrazy I am hoping you chose Nova, I love her ♥
  • WentcrazyWentcrazy Posts: 127 Member
    Ohh, happy to upload Nova and we can add her a possible mate for the new challenge.

    Generation 5
    Chapter 1

    Let's start this generation off by showing you the lucky guy who's gonna be the parent of my heir:


    I gave Mateo a bit of a makeover and I got really used to him. I gave both men a fair chance but Nova couldn't stand Tomas at all.
    Nova and Mateo make quite the pair and I love watching them. Even Nova enjoys selfies with him and we all know she hates pictures!


    It didn't take long for both of them to realise what they wanted.


    Nova started her career at level 5 already, so it was no surprise either, that this happened quite quickly:


    She gave birth to a boy - Luca. He was born with such angelic traits, that caring for him was such an easy task.


    And yes, you've seen correctly, Nova is already heavily pregnant while Luca is still a baby. Those two didn't want to waste any time.
    But because Luca is the first born, here is a picture of him:


    I didn't change anything and I kinda liked his hair, so I kept it.
    And for comparison, his little brother Keiran :)


    Both boys are so close in age, they are literally just a few days apart.
    Of course they've tried to spend most of their time with their boys but sometimes life got really busy.
    Here is Nova after work, extremely exhausted, being silently judged by her youngest.


    And in case you weren't able to tell, Nova and Mateo were sneaky - she fell pregnant again.
    By this time I had already decided to go with either of the boys, so little Nea will be just a nice addition to the family :D


    No more kids for this generation!
    Luca and Keiran will age into kids shortly while their sister Nea will still be a baby for a while. Let's continue with this craziness!

    Oh and on another note: YAY to no twins!! I feel like every time I didn't want them, I got them. I can't believe I got lucky this time, three times in a row :D
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    @Wentcrazy - Aww the boys are so cuuuute! I always feel like 2 -3 kiddos is a good number to have the house. Any more than that and it gets too hectic, at least for me :joy: Can't wait to see the boys and what traits they end up with!

    I would love Nova as a mate, I haven't even started putting together a list yet :grimace:

    @MayaRose1138 thank you for Kaylin!
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