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Rebuilding Worlds Vol. 2


  • RhythrinRhythrin Posts: 184 Member
    I’m here for comments!

    @debjameswhite Heath sure is kind for helping Lia out with her broken appliances.. But yeah I’d be a bit freaked out, too, if a stranger started to do my laundry, lol. Ohhh he’s coming back in chapter 3 and they’re going on a DATE!? Yeeeees! He’s a really attractive sim indeed. I’m glad he seems to get on well with Hailey too!

    @Heckstress17 Poor Iris for having to wait for hours on end at the hospital, only to finally give birth at home! Congrats on little Fawn! I love how involved Silas is, even though he looks like he doesn’t care much, he really has that look of disintrest but I think deep down he cares lots and lots for his little sister. I love how close they are! Ugh, Aiyden seems to be more of a handful as a father than either of the children are, those temper tantrums really are something else. Oh, my, GOODNESS, Fawn is the cutest child I’ve ever seen! I think the good treat really suits her! She just looks so sweet and caring and I think her being a doctor would totally suit her! I think I may have to steal her eventually if you ever want to upload her!

    @JordanNicoleJJ Ahhh RIP cowplant, you’ll be deeply missed :’(. Congrats on little Eden! I really like how you styled her, she looks so cute in the pink and frilly outfits, and I too am getting model vibes from her! That big yawn in the high chair is one of the cutest things I’ve seen today. I’m in love with ‘adult’ styled Aiyden, he looks so wise! And he’s also fighting a good cause with keeping Evergreen Harbor,… well, GREEN. Your landscaping shots are amazing! Oh woah Eden is a really cute child, too! I love her everyday outfits, very popular girly indeed. I’m also in love with her bedroom, I love the colour scheme! Do you choose a palette and stick to it or do you just go with the flow? Either way keep it up because it looks neat! Haven’s room is also very cool, it totally suits him. 

    I may have been a little silly for suggesting I could play this weekend, as we had a big move planned lol. I had hoped I’d have some down time to play but I was too tired to unpack my laptop.. So no update from me yet. I won’t be making any promises this time but I REALLY hope I get to play a bit tonight! Sorry for keeping you all in suspence!
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    I went on a mad rampage through my game and deleted a LOT of townies. I figured since I was starting a new with Lia and Heath I would give the world a bit of a fresh start. In my haste I also deleted two of Braylen's daughters, but it's ok...they just all moved away! I only mention this because @JordanNicoleJJ I realized as I was clicking delete that I deleted Ulysses! He was an adult in my game already but I thought it was interesting. I was hoping the cake thing was that NAP too but I don't have it active. I made sure not to have "Sharing is Caring" or "Free Love" active too although when Lia was at her parents house she nicked their love seat. How does one go into someone's house and just stash their love seat?

    @Heckstress17 I definitely didn't want to leave it unplayed! I had just built this great victorian and I don't know when I'll get to play in that, and I also built a bakery that is now sitting on the back burner. This one needed to be moved into right away! It's so big though! I've discovered I'm definitely a fan of smaller sim houses. At least for living in. You know, not to praise my own sim, but I really think Heath is handsome too. I keep looking at him and wondering how I made him! One good thing about space though is room to teach toddlers! Look how sweet Iris is with the adorable Fawn. She really is a unicorn :) Oh another terrifying Cow Plant! Although after he ate Aiyden so many times in @JordanNicoleJJ 's game without ill effect I'm less worried! There's not a lot of extra space in this world but I'm sorry you don't like your little park. I imagine I'd see it and think it was awesome though. As a consolation, Justine is so cute!! Haha Lia got that phone call from Jools but she got when she went to college! That's so funny Silas got it at the park. Oh my gosh I can not wait to see your kids as teens! Oooo! Zach! What a cutie! I'm sad Heath married not Lia but I'm excited to see what his offspring looks like! I hope he makes babies that cute in my game!! I can't get over how cute Fawn is. UGH monster under the bed. Iris I'm right there with you. I always put the nightlights up now. I just can't with those monsters!

    @Mionax That's a great tip! I hadn't though of doing that. I'm going to try that too.

    @Rhythrin Oh you had a move?! I don't blame you for not playing, you must be exhausted. Very much looking forward to your updates though!
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    @Heckstress17 - I had the same thing happen to my cowplant and I wasn't sure why. But I also found it you try to move the placement it reverts to a seed. So frustrating! I love seeing Silas out hard at work on his aspiration. The child stage is slowly becoming a favorite of mine honestly. Look how cute Fawn is, omg!!!

    @Mionax - I always forget about that command in the game but the lamp looks cute miniature sized.

    @Rhythrin - Aww you don't have to apologize, we'll be here when you can posts. Good luck on the move!

    Hoping to get into my game today and come back with an update later on.
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    @PeculiarPlumbob Hey there! Are you still thinking about doing the challenge? You totally should! Come play with us! Looking forward to seeing your updates!!
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    I have a small update.

    I like that a Sim can get 'advanced' in the freelance careers by making their clients happy. I am getting a little bored with it though.

    Because of some of the updates saying Iris bonds with the daughter and Aiyden bonds more with the son, I took a look at my two kids. The kids whims probably say it all.





    Giovanni aged up. He is a Happy Toddler. All skills got to at least 3. No, Iris is not pregnant in this picture. She just ate too many bread rolls. It has been tempting to have them try for a 3rd though. Will any of you Try for Baby for a 3rd kid? Or more?

    He rolled the Good trait and Rambunctious Scamp. He's still sparkling from his aging up. I like the hair he grew up with. Does his looks remind you of anyone? :smiley:
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  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,391 Member
    Fall finally came and brought with it some birthdays! The twins were ready to emerge from their bassinets. I kept them babies for a lot longer so they could build relationships with their parents and also so Iris and Aiyden could get some parenting levels in too.

    For Atlas I rolled to see what his toddler trait would be and he got — wild

    At first glance, his hair looks like a lighter version of his momma's

    Then it was time for little Jade, she ended up with — silly

    She already loves her momma

    Here are the kids as toddlers, complete with makeovers

    So Jade ended up getting one of the CC eye colors I have in my game and I actually kind of like it

    Atlas is indeed very wild and prefers to throw his food on the floor rather than eating it

    Poor Jade was starting to feel lonely with momma and daddy so focused on Atlas and his moods (he totally takes after his daddy)

    Moody boy is always throwing a tantrum

    Once Aiyden finished with the insects we got rid of the farms, unfortunately if you don't use the compost the toilet has a chance to combust

    The fire spread too quickly so they had to phone the fire department

    With the money from insurance, they fixed things up and got a kiddie pool to ease the tension in the house



    Soon enough it was birthday time for the twins



    Atlas rolled the following!


    And then it was Jade's turn, she got the Social Butterfly aspiration

  • RhythrinRhythrin Posts: 184 Member

    Hey Guys! I've been playing for a couple hours and I wanted to do the tiniest of mini-updates to show you what founders I've picked!

    Meet Luana and Manu U'Halu!
    I know Luana's a merfolk but I forgot to take a pic of her in her mermaid form..


    And as for the house, I picked plan B, and I've already got the main plan done;
    It's still very unfinished so don't judge me too harshly! :p

    That's all the time I had for now, but I'll be back soon~
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,391 Member
    @Mionax - I think we posted at the same time! You are totally making me want to try the freelancer career, especially since it is apart of Aiyden aspiration later on. I got a good deal with the twins so I don't think I will be trying for more. I love that hair on Giovanni! My Iris is little curvy in my game too, I kind of like the weight on her ♥

    @Rhythrin - I love their new looks, they fit right in Evergreen Harbor. I can't wait to see the house all done up!
  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,306 Member
    @OJenn - I was so happy to see your update :mrgreen: Atlas and Jade were such cute little toddlers :heart: I loved the pic of Aiyden getting mad over the food on the floor. I'm happy to see him angry in someone else's game for a change :joy: I felt your pain with the montage of the twins breakdowns. It's always difficult to have 2 toddlers in the house. I had no idea the toilets could combust. Good thing the fire department put out the fire. Aw, look at how cute the twins are in their kiddie pool. I'm jealous of your sunny weather. I feel my game's been stuck in an eternal winter. I really love how Atlas aged up. Between all of the Greene children in everyone's games I think he's got the most original look. I'm very interested to see him as he ages. And Jade reminds me so much of @JordanNicoleJJ 's Eden.

    @Rhythrin - I was wondering when you'd be back with an update :smiley: Luana and Manu look great with their makeovers! That hair really suits Manu. And yay! You joined the floorplan B club :mrgreen: I'm not judging at all, it looks awesome! I can't wait for you to post more! You're totally right about Silas having a disinterested face most of the times lol He has resting "plum face". I'll totally upload Fawn if you want her :smile: I can upload her by herself as a child, or with her family, or wait till she's a YA. Just lemme know.

    @Mionax - Freelancing can definitely get a bit boring, I agree with you on that. It is a good way to level the fabrication skill though. Look at sad little Nylah wanting her Mama. Then Giovanni wanting his Dad. It's kinda crazy how the Greene's are living such similar, yet different, lives in all of our games. Giovanni is a really cute kid. He still looks like Haven from @JordanNicoleJJ 's game to me. My Iris is carrying some extra weight these days too. I can usually tell when she's in her pajamas. Apparently they're not very flattering on her :lol: My Greene's won't be having anymore babies this generation. My sim kid max is usually 2, 3 if I'm feeling wild lol Also, great tip about resizing the nightlight to an actual nightlight size. I resize stuff all the time, I don't know why I haven't thought of it before.

    @JordanNicoleJJ - Nooo don't fall down the CC rabbit hole again. I swear I only have like 5 hairs, and my defaults, and I'm so much happier. Though I will admit Fawn's CC hair is like a must have :lol: I justify it because there isn't enough curly kids hair. Or kids hair in general. Did you get time to play after work like you thought you would? I was totally not up at 2am refreshing the thread for updates again.
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    @OJenn I think we did post at the same time. Your kids look great!
    @Rhythrin Great founders, amazing house.
    @Heckstress17 Thanks. I like how everyone's families are so alike and yet so different at the same time. Alternate universes are fun to see unfold.

    If both Iris and Aiyden have the whim to Try For Baby at the same time I will consider having more. Until then, I'm happy with two.
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    Guuuuuys <3 this is so cool! I'm so happy to see this new thread! I can't thank you enough for tagging me here despite being gone for so long, I would have missed out and cried a river.
    I finished my last summer exam a few days ago and I jumped back into the game after what seems like half a lifetime. I was ready to come back and read all that I've missed out during my exam session. You can't imagine how happy I was to see so many missed notifications AND a new thread! It's a party :mrgreen:
    I want to start this challenge so badly, but I also want to finish the previous one. Would it be ok for me to post on both threads? Or is that too much? :joy:
    Also, I'm definitely coming back in a few hours, maximum tomorrow, to catch up with all your lovely posts and get to know (or get re-acquainted with) your sims :wink:
    I missed you all! I hope that despite everything going on in the world, all of you are doing ok <3
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    Be back for proper comments after work, but I just wanted to pop in and say hello :smile: I haven't gotten to play yet - my "weekend" is Wed-Fri right now, so expect an update (or two) from me this "weekend" lol. I'm going to download a little bit of cc and see how I feel about it. Just hairs though -- I'm restricting myself to hairs for now :sweat_smile:

    @Kiwicantdie YAAAY you found us! :heart: I'm totally cool with you posting in both threads! I just missed you & your sims :smiley:
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,595 Member
    @Mionax Oh I love that you're doing the freelance career. I keep wanting to do that and I keep forgetting or having the wrong sim for it. Haha your girl wants mama and the boy wants papa too! I love it. Oh I have to strongly encourage you to go for a 3rd! All the nooboos!!! Giovanni aged up so cute. I like that hair on him too.

    @OJenn That is such a good idea! I never thought about the babies developing relationships before becoming toddlers. That is a big help. OHHH they are so cute! Atlas and Aidyn are warring to see who can be the crankiest! Aww look at little Jade. So so sweet. OMG the toilet! I did not know that was a thing!! ooo I have not had the fire department out either! I actually forgot that was a thing now!! They're so adorable in the pool. Ooo I love how they look as kids.

    @Rhythrin I'm so excited you picked Luana and Manu U'Halu! And plan b! It looks great! Good job :)

    @Heckstress17 Where do you get your cc hair? :D

    @Kiwicantdie Of course you can do both! They're both active :) Do what ever you like...just come back!!!

    @JordanNicoleJJ If you find good hair, please share!!!
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    Finally back for some proper comments :smile:

    @Mionax That's exactly what happened in my game too - the first-born/boy attached to Aiyden, and the second-born/girl attached to Iris. I love G's hair!

    @OJenn Oh man, those are some super cute tods. Wild & silly - you must have your hands full! Ah I see they also inherited Aiyden's moodiness... :grimace: Oh no! Your toilet fire just reminded me I need to compost mine ASAP :lol: Idk if a kiddie pool is worth the price of a house fire...but I'm sure it helped calm the kiddos :smile: Birthdays again - yes!! Jade is perfect, omg :heart: I love me a geeky sim :blush:

    @Rhythrin You picked my couple!! :smiley: They look SO AMAZING! Perfect for Evergreen Harbor. The house is coming along nicely! My founders are already full adults, and I STILL don't have my house completely furnished...No judgement here, cause I feel your pain :weary:

    @debjameswhite Here's some of my fav cc creators for hair: imvikai, stephanine-sims, okruee, greenllamas, aharris00britney, and saurus. I'm not sure if I'm going to put any cc in my game yet, but it was fun seeing all the new cc out there :smile:

    Now I'm off to play :smiley:
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    Rebuild Evergreen Harbor: Update 6

    Life in the Greene household is speeding by. I was pretty surprised when I got the pop up notifying me that Aiyden would be an elder in 2 days. So I sent him out on one last date while he was still young.

    He and Iris enjoyed themselves, as they always have while on dates. Aiyden may be a hot-hot, but he's a hopeless romantic too. :blush:

    Then I got caught up in day to day task and completely forgot it was his birthday.

    He aged up without a cake.

    But didn't seem to mind that his birthday was forgotten.

    I finally figured out that Mr.Moo didn't have enough room on the patio, and moved him to the front lawn. Iris is having a lot of fun with him.

    Aiyden, not so much :lol: Like @JordanNicoleJJ my Aiyden is also taking one for the team in the name of science. Iris needs that cowplant essence for a promotion lol

    Silas and Fawn have been hard at work trying to complete their aspirations. I thought Fawn had rolled the creativity aspiration, but turns out she has the Whiz Kid one. Luckily she and her brother both love playing chess.

    And Iris loves reading to Fawn, so that part of the aspiration was easy to complete.

    I'm kinda bummed that the block table doesn't level any skills, but the kids look so cute while playing with it.

    Even with skilling, Silas and Fawn are some of the most social kids I've played.

    I'm just happy they found some cute kids to befriend.

    Fawn is especially great at making friends. "Don't just stand there. Push me. Duh." :lol:

    Silas makes friends easily too.

    But he can't hold a conversation as long as his sister lol so he usually ends up leaving to play on his own.

    Which reminds me, he completed his aspiration! :smile:

    Aiyden's been working night and day to complete his aspiration before his time is up.

    He finished making 20 candles, but still needs 1 more fabrication level before he reaches level 10. So close!

    Close to Silas' birthday, both he and Fawn came home with school projects. I figured if he completed it he'd finally be an A student before aging up.

    Uncle Knox was over and helped out. :smile:

    When Aiyden finished candle making he came to help too. :heart:

    Silas is forever a Daddy's boy. :heart:

    .............. Then the completely unexpected happened. Aiyden went outside to feed Mr.Moo, like he had been successfully doing for days. I then got a notification that that the cowplant wasn't spitting him back out! :warning::dizzy::fearful::bawling::heartbreak: I have been playing TS4 since 2014 when it was released and have always complained that I've never had a death from anything other then old age. Well, I got my 1st accidental death today. He was an elder so it's almost like it doesn't really count... lol but it does. He's gone...

    My heart broke for the kids, who arrived home from school before their Mom and found the tombstone in the front yard.

    They didn't know what to do with themselves while they waited for their Mom to get home. Fawn went to her Dad's workshop and began messing around on the chemistry table.

    Her friend Zach showed up and tried to cheer her up but it was no use.

    Silas went upstairs and tried throwing darts...

    Iris came home and was understandably devastated, but it was Silas's birthday :neutral: so she baked him a cake and he aged up.

    I was totally scattered brained at this point and missed getting pics, but here's his CAS comparison pic. I'm surprised with how he looks. Looking at him as a child I would've never guessed he'd age up this way. He's got Dads nose, Moms mouth, and I believe Dads face shape.

    This is the only pic I got of him in game because I quit and saved to post this update lol but I think he really looks like his Dad.

    Anyway, Iris set up a little memorial in her bedroom for her husband. I couldn't help myself with the picture :joy::joy::joy: I won't speak ill of the dead, but this just really captures who Aiyden was as a person. :lol:

    Happy Simming! I'll be back for comments tomorrow.
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    @Heckstress17 Wow. So sad. Our first accidental death. I bet you weren't expecting that. Silas looks so different. He looks good. Nice memorial, good picture choice.

    @debjameswhite I blame you for this.... :joy:

    A third is on the way.

    I converted the closet space into a third bathroom and gave Giovanni a big boy room makeover. It is sparse right now because they have less than §60 to their name.


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    @Heckstress17 What?!!!! So many shockers in this awesome update! I'm glad the couple had a nice date before craziness ensued! I love the hat and jacket you put him in. Perfect for an elder! I just can't believe he's an elder already! Silas and Fawn are so adorable. I agree about the block table but they do have fun with it! You have a lot of cute kids in your game. I love that Uncle Knox is still showing up too and that he is also an elder. Then OMG! Just after I got comfortable with the idea that the cow plant won't kill people!! Crazy!! PoorAiyden! Poor kids!! Oh and then the day I've been waiting for! Hmmm...I'm surprised with how he aged up too. He does look a lot like dad. Awww your memorial though. So sad! Play more so I can see Fawn age up!

    @Mionax Woot! I'm not sorry!!! Can't wait to see more!!
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    I'm going to reply to your posts here first, 'cause I can't wait to play and start this new challenge too <3 forgive me if I miss anything, it's just... that there's a tsunami of posts everywhere :joy: I'm so happy to see you all still here and very active (and well, of course)! Sorry if it sounds like I'm rushing to jump into the game, but... I'm rushing to jump into the game :sweat_smile::joy: I promise I'll be much more thorough in the future!

    @OJenn you had such a great idea with starting volume 2 of the challenge! At first, I found it a bit confusing 'cause it just made more sense to me having everything Rebuild in one thread only, but I noticed that others have decided to join in due to the thread being new, so that's awesome! Also, you did such a good job with the founding couples! <3 ... yes, I'm going to pick the Greene too, not because I'm lazy but because I want to join the fun you're all having with these two :joy: can you even blame me lol? I'll have to ask, tho: can't we just use the in-game randomizer for the traits while the sim grows up? Or do we have to randomize all the traits with the tool you linked as soon as they're born? I'm not really sure what's going on with the lots and how we'll have to rebuild them, but I guess I'll have to re-read the rules a few more times. I missed reading your posts and looking at your lovely pics. You're always able to take such gorgeous pics and edit them beautifully! I love how you furnished the house. The pics of the renovated neighborhood also looked amazing! I'll be playing with this EP for the first time today and I can't wait to see it being renovated in game <3 I can't believe you got the twins curse even with this household :joy: everybody else was having adorable little baby boys with the Greene, but you had to have twins lol. They're gorgeous, of course, even now that they've aged up to kids <3 the toilet-fire left me speechless, I swear. I have to jump into the game asap to see it with my own eyes! :joy:

    @Heckstress17 life is so unfair :joy: I feel like every time you come back I go on a hiatus and when I come back you're the one disappearing in a few weeks. Please don't disappear now, it would just confirm this theory of mine :joy: ... man, I missed looking at your beautifully decorated houses :love: the colors are always so vibrant and all the clutter/furniture looks so nicely placed! I'm legit envious of your skills :joy: and the gameplay too! Of all the posts in this thread, I loved how yours seem to be the only one featuring a foreverangry!Aiyden. Poor thing, he was constantly in such a bad mood lol. Not going to lie, for a little while I even shipped Iris and Knox :smirk: he looked so chill compared to Aiyden, and such a good babysitter too. BUT the times when Aiyden wasn't 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 at something, him and Iris definitely looked super cute together. I especially loved seeing them on a date back in Willow Creek (that restaurant!!). The renovated neighborhood looked amazing when it started going green <3 (I can't wait to see it happen in my game, I've yet to start playing with this EP!). It's kinda sad that there are no collectibles over there, though. But hey, I got to see your beautiful Iris in many different scenarios, so there's that :tongue: -they turned into adults so fast! The moment Iris blew the candles on her cake I knew that there was a baby coming - and of course it had to be a boy! :joy: I love how all the kids everyone's had in game look so similar! They really do look like twins from parallel universes lol. I'm also glad you didn't get a lizard toddler :joy: with Iris and Aiyden genes I doubt that would ever happen, but hey, I've yet to play them myself so... I guess we'll see *crosses fingers*. Silas was such a cutie, but Fawn surpassed all expectations: she's not only super cute, she's also such a rare genetic mix considered all the kiddos that Iris and Aiyden had across save files! She truly is the rarest of unicorns! My god, the last update was such a rollercoaster of emotions and it was so tragic too, but... but I really want to see Fawn age up already :bawling::joy: I really can't wait to see how gorgeous she is as a teen!

    @JordanNicoleJJ hiii <3 I hope you've been doing ok! I missed posting and reading your posts, but I just couldn't log in and waste any minute for this online exam session :cry: ... if I failed any exam or got bad grades, I was going to lose my scholarship. But I did it, so now I'm back here and I can enjoy the game! <3 You did such a good job with the makeover of the Greene! I'm definitely going to pick them too as soon as I start the challenge :mrgreen: I'm dying just by looking at all the gorgeous outfits you gave Iris and Aiyden, I would never be able to pull off something like this in game! I'm way too lazy lol. Man, I missed your storytelling. I've yet to go back in the other thread and read what I missed out with your sims, but I'm already having a blast here with your version of the Greene! I've always loved how much you get into storytelling. The first few days in Port Promise looked amazing with all that smog in the air (weird, I know, I just love having smog in game but not in real life :joy: ) I also wasn't' expecting a baby so soon into your updates but hey, I'm definitely not complaining! Maybe it's just me, but I totally feel like every founder ever gets to be eaten by a cowplant (or set on fire by the stove lol)... poor Aiyden, it looked like such a close call! Haven was such a cutie both as a baby and then as a toddler! But he did look like a handful despite his charming little face. Eden was beyond adorable! At first she looked like a tiny Haven clone, but when she grew up she really grew into her own features! Also, thanks for the tips on the inheritable freckles mod, I've already downloaded that as I type :joy:

    @Mionax hi! <3 what a lovely makeover you gave Iris! I adore that hairstyle on her! The first few pics of Aiyden and the smog look amazing. I'll be playing with that pack for the first time today and I can't wait to experience it! I love the idea of a freelancer career for him. Poor Iris and her horrible cooking skills :joy: ... it takes a lot to mess up a salad! :joy: I loved the way you furnished the house! The landscape also fits so well the vibe of the neighborhood. Giovanni looked soooo adorable! Just by looking at everyone's posts, it truly seems like all the kiddos across save files are each other's twinsies :joy: and I love it! Nylah almost jumped out from nowhere, but she too looked super cute! I can't wait to see them grow up!

    @debjameswhite hiiii <3 I've missed you! I can't wait to jump into the old thread and read all your posts <3 I'm sure that I've missed a lot while I was gone. I hope you're doing ok! I've read that recently you lost your pets and I'm so sorry about that... I've gone through that so many times in the past years, so I totally feel you. Sometimes the only thing we can do is love them and be by their side till the end. I wish I could cheer you up in some way. Just know that my virtual shoulder is here for you whenever you feel down <3. On brighter notes, I'm so ready to come back and play/post a lot. My exam session has dragged for way too long due to the virus, so I missed out on the best months for chilling out and playing games. Tbh I loved that you picked a different founding couple, it was definitely nice to see something different in here. I'll be totally playing the Greene too, though :mrgreen: I just can't help it. BUT I reeeeally can't wait to play the Emerson too! I'll have to play 24/7 to get there, but I promise I'll get there! :joy: Lia and Jay's story started out wild from the very beginning! I couldn't almost believe that she was already pregnant with a baby girl! Heath collapsed on the ground also gave me a slight heart attack. My god, the plot thickened soooo fast, and it was so intriguing! Those two scary men... I mean, they would have been much scarier if they didn't go right after the cake :joy: have I already told you how much I love your storytelling? It's so intriguing! I also enjoyed Heath both with his shirt off and with the disguise on if you know what I mean :smirk: when Heath and Lia found each other years later, he looked truly irresistible (you're way too good at making males sims, I swear :joy: teach me please!!). I'm so happy to see that now they've started a new chapter of their life together!

    @Rhythrin I'm excited that you started the challenge too! <3 I can't wait to start too!

    @Rawla it's nice to see you too in here! <3 the pics looked amazing with all that smog in the air! And of course, the founders had to almost set the whole house on fire :joy: they wouldn't be founders otherwise!
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    @Kiwicantdie - Kiwi!!!!!! I was so so so excited to see you! :mrgreen: Your theory about one of us appearing in the other ones absence is pretty accurate :lol: but not this time! I don't see myself becoming bored with the sims anytime soon. Plus now I've got the hang of this whole virtual learning/homeschooling thing, so I've got a lot more free time. I hope you're doing well :heart: Congrats on finishing your exams! Monday I was downloading your sims to be townies, and then you posted yesterday. :blush: It was a pretty cool coincidence since I knew you'd been MIA for awhile. I totally don't mind if you continue the original challenge! You've come so far, it would be really upsetting to just up and stop playing it now. I'll be looking on the other thread for your future updates. Which reminds me I need to read and get caught up. Probably like 20 pages worth :grimace: I'm excited you're gonna try this challenge out too. It's really helped me get back into playing. Evergreen Harbor is interesting for sure lol and if you choose to play with Iris and Aiyden... well beware Aiyden :tongue:

    It was so nice to read comments from you again :blush: It's so funny how you say you're envious of my decorating skills, when I've always been envious of yours :heart: I'm actually super excited to see you build one of the floorplan houses and decorate it in your style. Anyway, yes... my Aiyden was exceptionally angry... all the time :lol: I don't what it was, but he just was not a happy dude. He kept things entertaining though, and he bestowed upon me my 1st and only accidental death lol so he won't be forgotten. We definitely have some parallel universe twins going on. I think that's my fav part of playing right now. When everyone uses the same sims it's a lot of fun to compare. Oh and Fawn should be aging up pretty soon. She's a bit younger then her brother so I've got some playing to do, but by my next update she should be a teen. I'm kind of scared :grimace: What if she's hideous? :lol: Her unicorn status will be revoked for sure.

    @Mionax - I was totally surprised :lol: I have literally no fear of my sims dying by accident because for 6 years nothing spontaneous or unplanned has ever happened lol Until now obviously. Baby #3! That's exciting. I wonder what they'll have, you're shaking up The Greene's one boy, one girl, quota.

    @debjameswhite - Credit for Aiyden's elder outfit with the hat and jacket actually goes to @OJenn :blush: That was one of the outdoor outfits she had styled him with and I loved it too much to change. I'm still pretty surprised with teen Silas myself. I don't hate his look, but I don't love it either :smirk: He looks better in game then in CAS lol. I'm pretty sure Fawn will be my heir, but after her brother's teen transformation I'm really nervous for her to age up :grimace: I'm gonna play today and get her aged up though.
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    House tour!

    Hey guys, after about 6 hours altogether I finally got most of the house done! The only thing I have left to do is furnish the upstairs bedrooms, but I'll do that once some kids have come to fill up the space! I'm SO proud with how it turned out, I think this is one of my best houses yet.

    So here it is!
    I haven't done any outside decorating yet either, I might get to it at some point, might not. (I also just now noticed the fencing on the balcony outside is all wonky and I forgot to decorate the balcony altogether, argh! Oh well..)

    The hallway

    Living area


    Dining area

    Master bedroom



    Garage/Maker space

    Upstairs hall

    Family room (?)
    There's also a bathroom upstairs but it's just simply a copy of the one I have downstairs.

    So here's the laundry room, it's downstairs but I saved the best for last, because oh man am I stoked about this!
    As you can see there's a vault door hidden behind that arch right there...

    And this is behind it!
    Now what would those stairs lead to?

    Mermaid mini-paradise!!!

    I'll comment sometime tomorrow because I'm absolutely knackered now lol, but I hope you guys like it as much as I do! ♥
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    @Rhythrin - omg your house turned out so good!!! :smiley: Putting the glass panes on the roof was brilliant. I don't even know how to do that lol roofs annoy me so much to be honest :lol: Looking at your downstairs layout was really cool. It felt like I was looking at the house I built but with different decor. It's pretty cool how similar our houses are :blush: I really love the color scheme of the living, kitchen, and dining rooms. The main bedroom is decorated so cool too! I remember back in the original challenge loving how you mix different colors. The red and purple work really nicely together. The way you set up the shower is so cool! I will definitely be stealing that technique for future houses :tongue: Aiyden's garage is looking great too, but I think the family room will get more use. It's set up really well, and what an awesome floor where the instruments are! But omg c'mon, of course I have to tell you how amazing the hidden mermaid paradise is! :love: Just wow! :heart: That is such an original an awesome idea. It looks so relaxing :relieved: I love it!
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    I am so happy about the updates and comments on this thread. I'm love all the activity!

    @Kiwicantdie I just want to squeal over your return. I'm so happy.

    @Heckstress17 I felt the same way about Silas although you know he's your boy so I don't want to say anything! hehe He looks ok but I just expected so much more from his adorableness! I have high hopes for Fawn. I can't wait to see her!!

    @Rhythrin You did such an amazing job on your house!! Excellently done! I love the entry! It looks so good! I love the colors. I tried really hard not to use those colors this time so I was very happy to see you use them!! The kitchen looks really good. Oh and then the bedroom! I love the colors you chose and I really love how you did the bathroom. I always love a double desk like what you did for the office. The garage is awesome and then you did a second double desk on the second floor! I love how you did the piano area. Very cool! Wow! The secret mermaid den is perfect! I love it!! I love both of our houses have secrets even if yours is way more epic than mine!!
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    @Rhythrin Your house looks incredible. I love your Mermaid Mini-paradise!

    I also have a hidden place in my home I'm slowly developing with what money comes in. :smile: Its not nearly as incredible as @Rhythrin's Mermaid Paradise though.

    At the bottom of the stairs is a cozy little reading spot. It seems like a very tiny cellar.

    Oh but it doesn't end here. No, the bookcase doubles as a secret door! This picture shows one room but there will be more when § comes in. This green room will be Giovanni's new bedroom when the new baby is born.

    Giovanni likes to juggle with the ball while his little sister is given a bath.

    Its time for Nylah to age up!

    Before makeover...

    After makeover...and coming home from her first day of school. Giovanni got a B. He is happy.

    Tetsu came home with them. A new friend that Gio had made. Nylah also made a friend but he did not come over. Tetsu spent time with Nylah while Gio was doing his homework.

    Oh Iris why did you plant that?

    Ow, Poor Aiyden (Happy Essence)

    3rd baby is born and aged up to Toddler. Meet Scarlet Greene! She rolled the Independent trait. (I'm super happy about that.)

    I forgot to add a daytime pic of...

    Meet Little Moo, the kids' playground guardian.
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    .....I have to add this... because wow. :o:#:scream:

    Scarlet is too young to understand...I hope. Because she looks way too smug about this.


    This was unexpected. Let this be a warning. Say no to cows. Cowplants.
    I gave them a life insurance payout (Motherlode cheat x 1) of 50k.
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    Okay, I'll admit. I've been lurking here and ninja-following the thread. I just have to pop in and tell @Mionax and @Heckstress17 how terribly sorry I am for your cowplant losses! That's a rough way to lose a sim - so unexpected. I'd been trying not to read this thread too closely because I knew I'd be tempted to start another challenge I don't need, but I have to say, the stories keep pulling me back to at least read. Keep up the great work, guys, and @Rawla I'm so happy to see you back simming. You should pop into boolprop discord sometime, I miss you!
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