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Rebuilding Worlds Vol. 2


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    @debjameswhite ty :smile:
    @Rawla Your house looks great. Sorry about the fire. That's a good tip to always start with salad.
    @Rhythrin I hope you can play soon.

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    @Mionax - Yes, the boys are totally triplets :heart: Silas aged up in my game and still looks very similar to @JordanNicoleJJ 's Haven. I'm curious if Givonanni will have their same look as a child too. I love your shots of Iris and Aiyden posing together. I usually take pictures of my families to hang on their walls but I totally forgot this generation. So thank you for reminding me! Aw, poor little Giovanni wanted to be an only child. I'm sure he'll warm up to his sister. I love the name Nylah, and she's so cute! I'm glad she got her Mom's green eyes. :)

    @Rawla - Howdy do to you too :lol: It's good to see you again! :heart: Awww look at your Greene founders! The hair with the feathers in it is perfect for Iris! And I really like how different your Aiyden looks from mine. Plus their house!! At first I was the only one who built floorplan B, but now there's 3 of us :mrgreen: It looks great! I can't believe you were able to build it within the budget! That's something I didn't even wanna attempt lol. RIP to the breadsticks and their stove :lol: To answer your question, yes I think everyone kept their same aspirations.

    @Rhythrin - Right?? I love seeing how differently everyone styles the same sims and essentially their houses too. It's really fun to see. I can't wait for you to start. I hope you can start on their house after work :smiley:

    @OJenn - Yesss I was so excited to see your Greene's were ready to start a family. They seemed to have fertility issues in my game too! It just makes it more exciting when they finally get that positive test :blush: Aiyden's reaction was awesome. Iris definitely earned her relaxation time. Apparently Iris and Aiyden knew something you didn't about the hospital staff :lol: My Iris got stuck at the hospital during birth too... I wonder if it's a bug with the latest update. Anyway, you got my 2 for 1 deal! :joy: It's awesome that you got a boy and a girl :heart: And I can't believe you named the boy Atlas. I was hoping for twins and had planned to name Silas' twin Atlas! I guess the stork just delivered him to an alternate universe lol. Great update! I'm excited to see what you do with their nursery.

    @JordanNicoleJJ - It's pretty cool that the thread is so active :smile: Did you actually have time to prep for D&D, or did you find yourself pulled back into the sims? I can't lie, as soon as you posted there was a spoiler in your family tree I totally went and looked :lol: I'm dying for your next update. Anyway, phew, I'm super relieved you actually wanted the knitting pack lol! Maybe one of the Greene's can take it up in their old age or something. omg please do not get my hopes up about a baby stage rework :grimace: I need it! Man I really hope that's what it is. It's the only explanation I'll accept for my baby skins not working. I'm gonna spam the crap outta the nurture option on the bug box next time I play. Aiyden's been stuck on that part of his aspiration literally his whole life :lol:

    @debjameswhite - Aw :heart: I was really happy to see you built floorplan B. I love having something to compare mine to :smiley: Your title fits the house perfectly. You did a much better job at proportioning the house to the lot then I did. I love that there's enough room in the lawn for a garden. My house literally takes up the whole lot :joy: Your kitchen and dining area look so good! You laid it out really nicely. I like that you kept the pink walls in Lia's master bedroom. I wouldn't have thought to combine some of the furniture items but it looks really good. The kids rooms, and patio are also some of my fav spaces. I'm definitely looking forward to Lia moving in. :blush:
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    @heckstress17 - I am so sorry I missed your update, not even sure how that happened!

    Another baby boy! I don't think anyone is surprised given how things are going in all our save. But omg he is such a cutie, they all are really. I love how Knox has been such a good friend to the Greene's since the beginning. The independent trait for toddlers is perfect especially when you want to throw another kiddo in the mix.

    @Rawla - Glad to see you back and posting again I laughed a little too hard at the first image of Aiyden and Iris looking at each other. As for aspirations: yes!

    @debjameswhite - You and heckstress did such a good job on house plan B the 2 story house was definitely tempting haha. Love the kitchen in red, and its nice to see we both went that route

    @Ryhthrin - Welcome back!!! I'm excited to see your founders style in the new world.
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    @Rawla I'm so happy to see you back! I love how annoyed Aidyn and Iris look in that first picture. Hooray! You picked plan B! It looks great! I can't wait to see inside!! haha darn that boy ruining the stove!
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    TO RAISE A WOLFE – Evergreen Harbor Edition
    Callahan Family Tree
    Wolfe Family Tree
    Valentino Family Tree
    West Family Tree
    Wolfe Family Tree

    Chapter 2: A Stranger

    The next morning, Lia fed the handsome stranger then asked the obvious questions. “OK so what happened to you? Why are you here? Who were those guys? How dare you put me and my daughter in danger?”

    The stranger introduced himself. His name was Heath and that was probably all she wanted to know. He was very sorry for dragging her into his mess. He didn’t even remember coming to her house. If she would just let him use her computer he’d be gone by the end of the day.

    “Fine.” Lia sighed as she pushed over a pile of clothes she had taken from her father. “I got you these, you’re other clothes were ruined. You still have a fever.” Her brow furrowed with concern.

    “A hat?” he asked smiling as he examined everything she'd given him.

    She shrugged, “You need a disguise.” He smiled again nodding his agreement. Then she just stared at him without realizing it. Well, he was nice to stare at.

    To make up for the trouble he caused Heath took care of some things he saw that needed attention while she was at work.
    He fixed the refrigerator.

    He fixed the toilet

    He even did laundry. Lia wasn’t sure she appreciated that one.

    She did appreciate the uninterrupted time to work. She loved it.

    She had 3 beautiful arrangements for the day and she sold all of them.

    Heath came out to see if she would come in for lunch.

    She agreed and they had a long conversation. She was kicking herself for liking him as much as she did. She knew he was trouble!

    Afterwards, she convinced him to take a nap. She was really worried about his injuries.

    Finally though he was on her computer and within an hour, he was gone.
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    @Heckstress17 ty! I think Giovanni and Nylah will get along famously once they get to know each other better.
    @debjameswhite Your story has me hooked. I am eager to read what happens next.
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    Evergreen Harbor: Update 4
    (It's a big one... maybe too big?)

    In my last update the Greene's welcomed their first child, Silas. Iris quit her job at the science lab to stay home with him, but by this time Silas preferred Daddy to her :disappointed:

    But Aiyden was happy to work from home so he could stay home with his son. :)

    He's a very temperamental sim, so it always makes me happy to see his bond with Silas.

    Not long after Silas became a toddler, Iris began feeling sick...

    Sure enough she was pregnant again! Unlike her 1st pregnancy, she was super nauseated.

    I'm talking, all the time. Like @JordanNicoleJJ I too was hoping this difference meant it was a girl.

    Since Mama was dealing with the 2nd pregnancy blues, Aiyden, really took over with Silas :heart:

    He was a really relaxed toddler, always content to play by himself, and rarely causing trouble.

    But he was still a toddler and required a lot of attention. Because of this, Iris' pregnancy seemed to fly by even faster then her first.

    When she went into labor, they opted to have baby #2 at the hospital. Iris was so exhausted she passed out on the sidewalk before making it to the door :lol:

    When she was able to pull herself off the floor, I gave her a sleep replacement drink so she could be conscious for the birth of her baby. But Aiyden inexplicably was in a overly flirtatious mood and tried laying the moves on his wife... who looked like she could've divorced him then and there:joy:

    Once inside both of their moods had changed, and they were both surprisingly patient while waiting to be checked in... but the wait lasted hours!! All the hospital staff just stood in the waiting room and never moved. :rage::expressionless:

    Iris finally realized it was useless to wait and started walking home with Aiyden in tow.

    Who after hours of waiting seemed to finally realize that his wife was having a baby. :lol: The fear of going home to assist his wife through labor was real :joy:

    Once back home a very exhausted and annoyed Iris gave birth to a baby girl!

    I was so shocked that it was a girl. I felt really lucky to get one of each without cheating lol

    Silas was so excited to have a new sibling :love:

    He was always going over to her crib to get a peek at her.

    Shortly after Fawn's arrival it was Silas' birthday!

    He aged up supremely unamused lol but super cute! (I forgot to take pics for an outfit tour. I'll do it next time I'm in game)

    I didn't push too hard with his skills as a toddler, but he still had a good "toddlerhood". And the active trait ain't half bad.

    His room got a big boy makeover.

    Since we have to pick a trait to keep throughout the generations, I think I've decided on it being Iris' Lazy trait. Hence the mess. It's just a Greene thing now.

    Silas' birthday was on Thanksgiving. After aging him up, Iris got to work on making the family's grand meal.

    Please ignore Aiyden's annoyed expression, I swear he was having a good time lol

    Silas has realized that Daddy has a soft spot for him. So he knew if he asked for new toys, he'd get them.

    The next day baby Fawn aged up. I missed getting a pic of it, but isn't she adorable!? :love: I love that she looks so different from her brother. Yay variety!

    Anyway, Aiyden was having a bad day and destroyed Fawn's dollhouse. :rage::rage::rage:

    Poor Fawn was so upset. :heartbreak:

    (I've about had it with this dude!)

    Thankfully big brother Silas is like a literal angel, and always sweet to little Fawn.

    She loves him so much, it's so cute! :heart:

    They just might be my favorite sim siblings ever. They became friends so fast.

    And Fawn is her Mother's shadow. She's always following her around the house, and Iris is a lot closer to her then she got to be with Silas. :smile:

    Aiyden isn't as bonded with Fawn as he is his son. (Hard to come back from wrecking your daughters dollhouse on her birthday lol) but he's still a very involved Dad.

    and Despite his anger issues, he and Iris are still very much in love.

    I'm really loving Silas :love: I have this horrible habit of favoring my first born sims lol oops.

    He's supposed to be an active sim but I can't pull him away from his void critter station :lol: I don't mind though. Probably because I can totally relate lol if it's anything like Pokemon... well, I get his obsession.

    Over the weekend I sent him to the park to work on his aspiration and hopefully meet some kids his age. He quickly became a pro at hanging off of things lol

    And he made a little buddy. No girls though, which is a shame cause I'm always scouting out potential mates :lol: especially since this is a wildcard generation.

    Anyway, I'll leave you with these pictures of Aiyden being a good Dad.

    Cause at this point I'm not so sure I like him anymore :lol::grimace:

    Happy Simming!
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    @debjameswhite - Great update! I like how Lia questioned Heath about everything, and don't blame her one bit for her wandering eye :wink: It was sweet of her to think of getting him a disguise, and sweet of him to fix up things around the house. Your comment about him doing the laundry was funny. Maybe he saw some things he liked :lol: Anyway, I love that she's selling her flower arrangements at the marketplace. omg look at that awesome picture wall behind Heath while he's napping :love: I hope he returns soon!

    I know nobody asked for them, but I love styling my sims and making different outfits lol so here's some of my current favs of the kids.

    Taking pics of Silas' outfits made me realize he must really love those basketball shorts.

    And Fawn was harder to style since toddler stuff is limited, but I like her little orange socks, and her winter outfit is my fav :smile:

    And I realized I forgot to post CAS shots of the kids. So here's those. I think Silas is adorable, and seems to take more after his Mom with his facial structure. With Fawn it's just to early to tell.

    Anyway I hope everyone gets a chance to play since it's the weekend. I need my update fix! :heart:
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    Update time!! :smiley: I'll comment after.
    Rebuild Evergreen Harbor: Gen 1

    Evergreen Harbor has changed a lot since the Greenes moved in. With summer came lots of sporadic rain showers.

    It was fitting, because the mood was fairly gloomy in the Greene household. Unfortunately, they had a loss in the family. They got so busy with work, Haven's birthday, and preparing for their second child's birth that they forgot to feed the cowplant for too long. RIP Bowie, you will be missed :bawling::heartbreak:

    Thankfully, Iris went into labor, and their grief was quickly replaced with joy...or panic...panicked joy :lol:


    The Greenes welcomed a beautiful baby girl to the world, Eden Greene. I wanted a boy and a girl this generation, and I got them, so this will be the last nooboo for Aiyden & Iris. It's a little bittersweet.

    Iris definitely wanted a girl -- she wasn't all that involved in raising Haven, but was at Eden's side constantly. Her maternal side finally outweighed her lazy side lol.

    Haven got his "big kid" room makeover and lots of new toys to keep him entertained while Aiyden and Iris needed to give more attention to the new baby. He didn't complain one bit -- he was too busy training his voidcritters to care :tongue:


    "Woo, new high score!" or whatever the kids say these days :lol:

    He also made lots of friends at school. This kid, Ulysses, traded him a really cool voidcritter card, so he invited him over to battle voidcritters after school.

    Ulysses turned out to have some serious anger issues though :unamused: I don't think he's the best influence for Haven to be around, but the aspiring social butterfly needs friends for his aspiration, so whatever.

    Also, if I didn't know better, I'd totally think Aiyden had an affair with a townie, and this kid was the result :lol:

    Eventually it was time for baby Eden to grow up & out of the bassinet! :smiley:

    And here she is!! :love: She got Aiyden's hair color and eye color like Haven, but she has a slightly darker skin tone than Haven. She has a different eye shape and lip shape than Haven though, so those must come from her mama :smile:

    And here's all of her adorable outfits! She aged up with those rain boots, and I just had to keep them. I like doing these outfit tours, because you guys wouldn't see like 90% of these outfits otherwise :lol:

    Here she is striking a pose post-makeover like the little model she is :love: I love Haven, but man, Eden's giving him a run for his money...

    She also got the Inquisitive trait, and she loooves learning her flashcards with mama.

    She also loves playing with her big brother. This pic totally reminds me of the end of Toy Story 3 when Andy was telling Bonny about all of his toys - "This is Snowball, and she's an evil super villain who wants to knock over all of the block towers in the world! Mwahahaha!!"

    My favorite part is that she totally inherited Iris' lazy side. @Heckstress17 "lazy" might be my passed down trait too :lol: Eden always passes out in the high chair after dinner, then wakes up hours later when someone remembers they left her in the high chair with the biggest yawn. So cute.

    I finally got my sims out of the house for a family fun day. They decided to walk down to the community center and check on the community garden that Iris convinced the neighborhood to start forever ago lol.

    It ended up working out perfectly, as they all had different reasons to go out - Iris needed signatures to repeal an old NAP (replacing Self-Sufficiency with Green Gardening), and Aiyden wanted to bond with Eden on his day off.

    Haven took the opportunity to make some new friends. Despite me downloading a bunch of families from the gallery so I'd have more kids in my game, there was only one kid there, but at least it was a pretty girl :wink:

    They don't get out of the house a lot (I really need to build some community lots :grimace: ), but they do spend a lot of time together! Haven is doing great in school thanks to Aiyden & Iris' help with his projects, and Eden is always nearby watching & learning too :smile:

    She's much more of the "inquisitive" kid I was expecting the first time around lol. She's also an extremely easy toddler, keeping herself occupied most of the time.

    Since Eden is so independent, Aiyden had a lot more free time and started making candles. I can't wait to decorate with them!


    Time flies on normal life span, and it was already Aiyden's adult birthday. Iris made him a special honey cake with honey from their own bee box :smile:

    Iris is quite a bit younger than him (thanks, two pregnancies lol), but she was there to support him like the loving wife she is :heart:

    I don't know what he did to make her make this face...but it couldn't have been good :grimace::joy:

    Here he is with his adult makeover, and the garden got a makeover too! They've been working so hard, they decided to splurge a bit on some outdoor furniture and better landscaping.

    That's not all that's changing around Evergreen Harbor though. Thanks to all of Aiyden's hard work in civil engineering, the city is far, far more beautiful than it used to be! More and more people are moving to Evergreen Harbor every day now.



    Haven's growing up so fast. He's a straight-A student, the most popular kid in school, and he has the confidence to match! (Also check out all that amazing landscaping :sunglasses::joy: )

    He's also officially the best big brother ever. Or at least Eden thinks so :blush:

    Eden's growing up fast too. She's on the move constantly, looking for a family member to watch & learn from.

    She likes to watch dad work in his office. It's probably really not safe to have a toddler around the dangerously temperamental fabricator and other strange, heavy machinery... :lol:

    But Haven's still her favorite person. Haven's definitely getting older though. He invited his friend from the community garden, Suri, to come over and play voidcritters (which she's super into. Coolest girl ever.) and he was a little embarrassed by his little sister lingering around :tongue:

    He took Suri outside to be alone look at the clouds. He totally has a little crush on her :blush:

    It was only a matter of time before curious Eden found them and crashed the party :lol: But Suri had to go home anyway, so Haven hugged her goodbye and promised his sister wouldn't hang around as much next time :tongue:

    He was right, because it was time for Eden to age up and make her own friends!

    She. Is. Perfect. Omg I love her so much!!! She also rolled the Social Butterfly aspiration (this game is trying to make me rage quit lol) and the Cheerful trait. It's pretty fitting, I think. She got Iris' lip shape, and I THINK her eye shape? I can't tell which kid has which parent's eye shape tbh, but I know they're different :lol: I also gave her Iris' freckles. I really need that 'inheritable freckles' mod that someone in the old forum was using, because I always forget about them!

    She's gonna be the most popular girl in school (obvi *insert hair flip emoji*), so I tried to give her a little bit more mature, "popular girl" stylish style. I love all of her outfits except formal lol. But what kid ever uses their formal outfit anyway :tongue:


    BOTH kids got complete room makeovers too, because they had the spare simoleons, and these kids deserve to be spoiled. Eden's room is very girly with lots of make-up, nail polish, etc. I also gave her some knitting stuff, because it's really cute decor, but Idk if she'll actually knit. We'll see.


    Haven's new room fits his personality a little better I think. More mature, neutral colors with a few pops of cool colors. He still has his posters, toys, and school projects though. I'm sure those will get replaced as he develops new interests as a teen.

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    @Rhythrin I love it too! I think it's even more fun seeing how everyone plays the same sims in their own styles, than it was when we made founders. It's emphasizes everyone's "style" even more. Ahh the anticipation is killing me. I can't wait to see what your sims & house look like!!

    @Heckstress17 Er I sorta had time to prep D&D... :sweat_smile: I did the bare minimum, which got me by lol. But my main group is taking a week off since a few people will be out of town, so I get more time to play sims this week, yay! Also, when is an update ever TOO big??? There's just no such thing. Aw poor Iris...quit her job to be with Silas, and Silas doesn't even want her :frowning: That's kinda how it was in my game too though tbh. What is it with the first born just loooving moody Aiyden?? :lol: I'm hopeful for baby #2 though - as soon as I saw that I was like, "I bet she gets a girl, and I bet she bonds with Iris." Because that's exactly what happened in my game lol. Man, the hospital must be broken again. I rarely send my sims to the hospital anymore, because it seems broken every time I go :tongue: But she's home and had a girl!! Yes!! Fawn is such a perfect name :smile: Awww I love that Silas was happy about getting a sibling! It's so cute when the siblings love each other. Omg, Silas is SUCH a cutie! Did he get Iris' lips?? It looks like it in his aging-up pic. His trait & aspiration match, at least! Rambunctious Scamp is pretty easy to knock out with the athletic trait. I love his messy room lol. Clutter really makes a room, imo (I say as I have like no clutter in most of my rooms :lol: ). Thanksgiving was perfect, especially all the decorations. Finally -- a kid with Iris' hair color! The rarest of unicorns so far lol. Oh my gosh, Aiyden why??? He's such a grouch in your game! :lol: At least big bro is there for her :blush: The pic of Fawn still hugging him after he let go is the most precious thing I've ever seen lol. Silas is seriously so cute though. I have no idea how you're going to pick an heir. I have no idea how I'M going to pick an heir. We done messed up -- they're all too cute!! YAY OUTFIT TOURS!! Okay, Silas' outfits are too cute. My favs are his winter outfit and his everyday with the blue beanie, white shirt, basketball shorts etc. Fawn's winter is totally my fav too, but her pjs are super cute too. That tank and those pants work perfectly together! Woah were did Fawn's bright green eyes come from? CC eyes I presume? So comparing genetics to my kids, Fawn looks like she has Iris' lips and nose, and Aiyden's eye shape, ? eye color or Iris' maybe if cc color. Silas got Iris' eye shape and lips, and Aiyden's nose and eye color. No idea on the face shape though - that's too hard to tell 'til they're teens.

    @debjameswhite I got some answers and soooooo many more questions. Heath is so helpful and good looking and ahhh :love: Don't ask questions, just marry him ok Lia? :lol: Nooooo Heath come back!! Arrrg I need another update already!!
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    @Heckstress17 Silas and Fawn are very cute. I love your wardrobe pictures. The picture of Fawn hugging Silas melted my heart.
    @JordanNicoleJJ Eden is perfect. I liked the big-kids room. The wardrobe pics you shared are good too.

    @Heckstress17 & @JordanNicoleJJ The rules stated the parents needed to pass on a skill, not a trait. @OJenn I'm uncertain if this was intended though? Great updates the both of you. I love that both of you had girls for your second kid just as I did. :smile:
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    @Heckstress17 Poor Iris quitting her job for Silas and he's a daddy boy! It's nice to see Aiyden being a good day. Aww poor Iris feeling so sick during her entire pregnancy. Good thing Aiyden stepped up for his honey! Awww poor Iris passing out at the end of her pregnancy. haha really Aiyden? You want to flirt now? I've been having problems at the hospital lately too. I've just been staying home. I think I'll try again though when Lia and Heath finally have nooboos. hehe poor Aiyden he does look like he is thinking "Wait!! Where are you going??" Wow! two single births!! Amazing!! Congrats on getting one of each and a toddler happy about a new sibling! It's awesome! I thought the window was a picture at first and I was wondering what picture it was from and then i realized those were the waterfalls. Oh wow, what a cutie he is! I can't wait to see what he looks like as a teen! So far so good on the traits! I love his room. You always do such a great job decorating. Fawn is such a cutie! I love her hair. OH Aiyden. I meant to remind people about that hot headed trait. I hate it for just that reason. Poor little Fawn. Why do they always have to take it out on the dollhouse? Aww look at Silas with his little sister. It's so adorable! Yay big brother! It's nice to see Aiyden actually knows what you are supposed to do with a dollhouse. I don't blame you for favoring him. He is such a cutie and I forgot this was the wildcard generation! I can't wait to see who's out there in my game!! hehe I don't think I've had a wildcard in forever!! I'm so glad you shared the styled pics. I love seeing the outfits.

    @JordanNicoleJJ I'm so sorry about losing Bowie. They have other babies they need to focus on I guess. Hooray congrats on your baby girl! I love that name. I like Haven's big boy room. Haha I love your caption on his excited game face! Haha I was thinking the same thing about Ulysses as you! Aiyden? Can you comment? Awww Eden is a little cutie too and look at her adorable outfits! Ooo your community gargen looks so nice! Oh that's a good idea to get some gallery families. Especially with the wildcard mate in our future. I like his adult makeover. Haha poor Haven being embarrassed by his little sister. It's so cute thinking he has a little crush on Suri. Eden aged up so cute! I love her. I love her hair and her outfits are adorable. I love both of their rooms, they're so good!

    @Mionax @Heckstress17 @JordanNicoleJJ @OJenn The skill was intended, but I totally think it's ok if you want to pass on a trait as well. I know I'm planning for all my heirs to be gardeners because I need them to but I'm also think "loves the outdoors" might be a trait I pass along too. The intention though was to pass on a "hobby/skill".
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    @Debjameswhite - You sure know how to reel me in! I am really intrigued by Heath and Lia seems to be too. At least he offered to help out around the house but it stinks that he's gone again. I wonder where he is off to now?

    @Heckstress17 - You know we love big updates here ♥ Silas and Aiyden are so cute together, I'm so glad that Iris got her girl to bond with since Silas is a daddy's boy. I love Fawn's name it fits well with her last name :wink: Silas looks great in his big boy attire you and @JordanNicoleJJ are so good at styling child sims!! I really wish we had more toddler clothing, that's the one area I always feel like I need CC for.

    @JordanNicoleJJ - Oh no poor Bowie! I too had a cowplant death in the famiy. I think the Greene's are bound to have girls after their boys, you and @Hecktress17 had the same luck! And she is adorable in her little outfits the rainboots are her signature piece I see. I have to say after seeing your community garden I think I want one lol The maker space is ok but not as cool looking imo. Happy birthday Aiyden! I think his adult makeover makes him look even better, I love it. Omg the social butterfly aspiration, oof! That one is a doozy. The kids rooms look incredible.

    @debjameswhite - Thanks for clearing that up I think I worded it weirdly in the main post but I also love Heckstress' idea of passing on a trait too. You guys come up with the best ideas!
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    omg I'm such an idiot :lol: I don't know why I keep getting so confused about passing the skills on lol Sorry! I like the idea of passing on a skill more, that way my sims have all 3 traits randomized and not just 2. Again, I'm sorry for the confusion! I think I'll have Fabrication be the family skill :blush:

    @OJenn - Aw I'm glad you like Fawn's name. I wanted outdoorsy type names this generation, I do wish Fawn and Silas sounded a little more matchy matchy though lol I'm glad you liked the outfit tours too. I totally agree about needing CC for the toddlers too. Anyway, I really hope you can update soon. I'm excited to see and compare how the twins look in your game :smile:

    @Mionax - Thank you for clearing up the skill/trait thing. I have no idea why I seem to be having such a hard time wrapping my head around that concept lol I love the pic of Silas and Fawn hugging too :heart: I look forward to seeing similar pics of Giovanni and Nylah :wink:

    @debjameswhite - I loved reading all your comments for me :mrgreen: I'd definitely have Lia and Heath avoid hospital births for awhile. Maybe it'll get fixed in a patch by the time they have a baby. I felt the sim Gods smiling upon my family :lol: With the birth of a boy, then girl, and a sibling happy to have a sibling :lol: The stars aligned this time. I'm always happy to hear you liked my decorating. Especially since I really envy the way you decorate :heart: The hot-headed trait should be renamed to "hates dollhouses" trait lol I agree though, why can't sims take their anger out on something else. It's kinda strange that the dollhouse is the only thing that's able to be destroyed. Let my hot-heads throw lamps! But yes I'm totally favoring Silas at the moment, and have learned from having heir regret in the past that I should go with my feelings. Not necessarily what kid is the most attractive :joy: We'll see though, I like Fawn a lot too. But I will say I have someone in mind for the wildcard for Silas already.

    @JordanNicoleJJ - I couldn't sleep last night and was refreshing the thread at like 1am hoping someone would post, and then you did! :lol: I had too much to comment to reply from my phone, but thank you for answering my insomnia wishes last night lol. Anyway, look at how nice your town is looking now :love: I love how it changes to be full of greenery. Too bad Bowie didn't live long enough to enjoy it :bawling: I can't believe you let Bowie die!!! No, but seriously, cowplants die ridiculously easy, you did great to keep him alive as long as you did. I'm glad Iris had the 2nd pregnancy to distract her from her grief. Welcome little Eden! Haven and Eden :love: I mean c'mon, could those names go any more perfectly together? I literally laughed out loud when I saw Haven's big boy room. It looks so much like Silas', and their Voidcritter addiction... it's crazy how similar the boys are, and I love it! Also, you can't convince me his buddy isn't an Aiyden love child :lol: Haven's little toddler outfits were all so cute :love: It's adorable that you kept the rainboots, and even cuter when she struck a pose in them. Diva in training! Haven playing with her and your Toy Story reference is spot on. Don't make me cry! "So long partner" :bawling: Aiyden's adult makeover is really cool, he looks like such a smart standup dude. Unlike my Aiyden :lol: Your picture of Haven and Eden hugging gave me major Deja Vu to my update lol! I loved how much Eden followed around her big brother and his little crush. Fawn is always following her brother in my game. I swear our games are crazy similar right now. Suri is really cute, I hope they remain friends :wink: And omg child Eden is beautiful! I definitely think you're right about her having her mother's mouth. Her nose doesn't look like either parents at the moment, but it's totally a Greene nose, because my Silas has it too. Her eye shape I'm unsure about, but if I had to guess I think it's more her Dad's. This girl is the most fashionable child ever. I seriously love all of her outfits. Her first everyday outfit, and those boots :love: Her cold weather outfits too :heart: They're perfect. Her more mature personality is fitting too, she's definitely gonna rule the school. And her room is so good too! I love all the clutter and her big mirror. I loved this update! :smiley:

    I'm selfishly glad your D&D group is on a break this week. I've been loving your updates so much that if you didn't have time to post I'd probably cry :lol: I was seeing all kinds of similarities between our Greene's during your update. One being both our Iris' bonding more with baby #2, and our first born boys preferring their moody Dads lol. I seriously have no idea how we're going to pick heirs this generation. Oh and yeah, Silas totally has his Mom's mouth. It actually looks a lot like Eden's in your game. As for Fawn's green eyes I have no idea where they came from. I'm not using CC eyes (the last patch broke my default eyes so I took them out), so it must be random? They're a shade darker then the green Iris has. I'm really curious to see how she ages up, she's still a toddler in my game.
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    edited August 2020
    Good morning again guys! I hope you don't mind but I'm kinda fast forwarding Heath and Lia's relationship so they can be in the house and start their duties as founders! I promise there will still be mystery!
    TO RAISE A WOLFE – Evergreen Harbor Edition
    Callahan Family Tree
    Wolfe Family Tree
    Valentino Family Tree
    West Family Tree
    Wolfe Family Tree

    Chapter 3: Return

    Years went by and Hailey went from toddler to a little girl.

    Lia never forgot her mysterious stranger though. She often searched online to see if she could find anything about him, but she never did. Then one day he showed up again. He had never forgotten her. He had cleared up his “troubles” and wanted to take her on a “proper date”. It took everything in her not to throw her arms around him and proclaim her undying love to him right there. She didn’t know what it was about him, but she felt like they had been together forever.

    At first things were awkward. How did you talk about those mysterious two days?

    Soon though they were chatting away. Heath was very charismatic.

    The flirting was also heavy.

    They didn’t even notice there was something happening nearby.

    They realized that night they were soul mates. They had eyes only for each other.

    Heath told her everything about his occupation and why he had disappeared. She forgave him and he was on top of the world.

    They fell in love quickly. Heath was great with Hailey and before long he was planning on how to save Evergreen Harbor with Lia. Heath still worked for the military, but he took a step back from all the spying, still there were certain things he needed and he convinced Lia to build a house with him where the old mill used to be. After about six months it was ready and the small family moved to their new home. Heath, knowing Lia loved dogs, even surprised her with a puppy mailbox. She loved it!
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    Wow, I was not expecting so many comments when I woke up :sweat_smile: Ya'll really know how to make a simmer feel loved lol.

    @Mionax OHHH that makes sense! Thanks for the clarification!

    @debjameswhite So just out of curiosity, I looked up Ulysses' household (he's a random townie the game generated on Haven's first day of school)...low and behold he DOES have a single mother, but she looks like she could be Aiyden's sister, or even twin. So Aiyden's in the clear on that one - Ulysses definitely didn't get those pencil thin lips from Aiyden :lol: I'm thinking about putting the Evergreen Harbor townies back in for gen 2 - like they "moved back" when they saw how nice the town's getting. I really like the Evergreen Harbor townies and want them in my game for at least a little while, and well, if Eden falls in love with Knox, so be it... :lol: I love the idea of passing on gardening! Keeping Evergreen Harbor green :smile: And I totally don't mind a time-jump! There is definitely still plenty of mystery in your story... What happened all that time he was gone?? What is this mysterious "occupation"?? I wonder if he was a criminal or a secret agent... Still, he's so cute and I'm so glad they're finally together :blush:

    @OJenn I was doing sooo well with Bowie, I even thought to myself "I bet this cowplant is going to live all ten generations!" Hahahaha wishful thinking. They do die so easily. I actually like the 'marketplace' community lot best. I'll show it off in my next update, I need to get my sims out more anyway lol. The garden is nice, but it comes "empty" - there aren't actually any plants. After a full day of talking to townies there, they planted a lot of common plants that you get from the starter packs. The only new plant I got was tomato :tongue: I like Aiyden's makeover too, so mature :blush: Okay, so just to clarify the skills -- do we need to pick one skill and pass it down to each generation, or just pick a skill for the current generation to pass down and can change it the next generation? (For example: Iris passes down gardening to gen 2, then [gen 2 heir] passes down charisma to gen 3, then gen 3 heir passes down logic to gen 4, etc.) I like the idea of them passing down a skill they've maxed, but I'm not sure I want to max out a single skill 10 times (like logic...that's soooo much chess :grimace: ) lol.

    @Heckstress17 Omg and here I was like "maybe I'll just wait to post this til normal people hours, because no one will see it til then anyway" :lol: I'm glad I posted it when I did then. My bf and I are both night owls - the only day I go to bed before 2AM is Monday, because I have a morning shift on Tuesday. Otherwise, bedtime is anywhere between 2am and 5am :sweat_smile: LOOK I tried SOOO hard to keep Bowie alive, but I got busy, and Aiyden just wouldn't autonomously take one for the team and get eaten. It's all Aiyden's fault. I'm blaming him and that's that. :lol: Eden is a total diva. I'm planning to binge sims this weekend, so I went ahead and use the randomizer on the front page to have their teen/adult aspirations ready (I use the in-game trait randomizer cause it keeps the mystery alive 'til age-up lol), and they both got awesome aspirations, very fitting for each of their personalities. I have no idea what she's going to do career-wise, but if she keeps the diva personality, I'm thinking she'll do something charisma-based like politician, social media, style influencer, etc. OK so I love D&D with all my heart, but I NEEDED this break because I'm so into sims right now and keep slacking on D&D anyway :lol: Perfect timing for everyone to be out of town so I can sims to my heart's content :smiley:
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    Guys? Cakes? Are your sims making them non stop? I am so tired of it.
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,391 Member
    Guys? Cakes? Are your sims making them non stop? I am so tired of it.

    Always!! Lol! It's cake central in my game
  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,306 Member
    I've only played a little bit since my last update, but I'm gonna get some time to play after these comments. I expect to have an update later today!

    @debjameswhite - My sims are thankfully not having a bake off in my game :lol: but I have read that obsessive cake baking is a glitch from the latest patch. A lot of people seem to be experiencing it, so hopefully it'll be patched fast. I don't mind you jumping forward a bit in your story. After your last update I was wondering if there'd be a small time jump. I didn't think you'd build your floorplan house and wanna let it go unplayed for too long. I love that after their years apart neither Lia or Heath could forget about the other. I didn't notice any awkwardness on their date, they seem to have a very natural connection :heart: and wow is Heath handsome :love: but you know I always love your male sims. I like the shot of the new family of 3 moving into their new home. I'm sure Hailey likes the puppy mailbox too.

    @JordanNicoleJJ - Oh lol that explains why you posted so late. Like I said, I was just kinda hopelessly refreshing my phone, and not really expecting anyone to update. Then sure enough the little red notification popped up and it was you lol I've become a bit of a night owl too. Because of Covid my husband's been working only overnight shifts, and I just can't sleep when he's not here. So basically I'm up till like 2 or 3 doing absolutely nothing every night :lol: Anyway, I'm curious which aspirations your Greene kids rolled. I haven't rolled mine yet, but I should. I like planning. I also like just using the in game randomizer for traits. Otherwise I start picking and choosing my heir before I've actually played them. But omg Eden would be the best style influencer! I hope you're enjoying your sims playing weekend :smile: I'm always glad when one of my games/hobbies can take a back seat for awhile and allow me to binge the other :lol: Happy Simming :wink:
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    @debjameswhite I haven't had an issue with cakes lately. Do you have a NAP encouraging cooking/baking/birthday parties? That's all I could think of that might cause it lol.

    @Heckstress17 My bf switched to night shifts during all of the covid stuff too. Now we both get home at 9pm and stay up til 2-3 am playing video games/watching movies. It's the best lol. Hit me up on fb messenger if you're bored and wanna chat at 2-3am, cause chances are I'm awake too :lol: I haven't gotten to play yet, but I'm planning to play after work today :smiley: I wanna get at least one of the kids to the teen stage so I can see some real genetics lol. Can't wait for your update!!
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    Evergreen Harbor: Update 5

    In my last update baby Fawn was born, and quickly aged up to a toddler. She and her Mama are super close. Iris spends the majority of her day caring for Fawn and teaching her new skills.

    Iris quit her job at the science lab awhile back, but realized she missed working. She finally put her degree to work, and joined the botany career. When she's not with Fawn, she's researching in her garden.

    Part of her job requires her to obtain "cowplant essence" :lol: I don't know why but that wording just kills me. Anyway, as you can see she's planted a cowplant. Meet Mr.Moo. (who keeps shrinking back to just planted size??? Maybe because it's Winter?)

    I finally built a park for Silas to play at. I built it on the lot where the bar use to be. It's really small and cramped. AKA I hate it lol so no pics of it, but Silas has been going there regularly after school to play. He's even made a new friend. This is Justine :smile: She was a just a toddler in my Rebuild Willow Creek save so I doubt anyone will remember her, but I was excited when he met her at school.

    Silas has about 5 days left before becoming a teen and he's about halfway through completing his rambunctious scamp aspiration.

    I think he'll complete it. It's a lot more fun to play when there's someone to play with after all. :smile:

    While he was out he got this ridiculous call from his Mom :joy: Has this happened to anyone else? It's like she thought he was grown and moved out of the house. Chill Iris, he's like 10, and will be home for dinner lol

    Then the moment I had been waiting for finally came, Fawn's birthday!

    She's sooooooooo cute omg :bawling::heart::love: I wasn't expecting her to be this cute, and such a good mix of genes! @JordanNicoleJJ referred to her as "the rarest of unicorns" because of her brown hair lol and I now I won't argue that title fits her perfectly. In my excitement over how cute she was I totally forgot to take a pic of her Aspiration and Trait, but she rolled the Creative one, and is a Good sim. Which I'm happy with since it means no truly horrible traits can follow.

    I immediately went into CAS and started comparing genetics. I think she looks much more like her Dad then Silas does. She's got his nose and mouth for sure. I'm unsure about her eye shape since Aiyden's and Iris' are pretty similar, but her green eyes are a random genetic, they're 1 shade darker then her Mom's. When I look at her and Silas together they don't even look related :lol: I'm super curious to see both of the kids as teens though.

    And I narrowed down my favorite outfits of hers so here's that :blush:

    Of course, becoming a child meant it was time to update her bedroom. I'm picturing her as just your typical sweet little girl who loves all things pink.

    And naturally unicorns and boy bands :lol:

    She and her big brother are still the best of friends :heart: He doesn't even get embarrassed when she's around while he's got friends over. He actually prefers her to his friends lol

    Silas brought his friend, Zach, home from school. Immediately Fawn noticed he was sad and tried to cheer him up. Silas looks proud :smile:

    Now she and Zach are better friends then he and Silas :lol:

    I was taking this pic and thought to myself, this kid's pretty cute I wonder which townie family he's from. I looked and he's @debjameswhite Heath's son! I placed him and Lia into my game to be townies and MCC apparently married him off to a rando and made this cute kid. So thanks Heath :lol:

    Fawn and Zach are now good friends. She's brought him home from school everyday she's been.

    I feel like Fawn should've had the Social Butterfly aspiration. She's definitely a talker :lol:

    I haven't talked about Aiyden much, but he's doing better at keeping his anger in check these days. Silas is still his little buddy, and he helps him out whenever he can.

    Uncle Knox is still around too. He usually bares the brunt of Aiyden's tantrums :joy: I guess he just shows up at the wrong time.

    Justine is now a new regular at the Greene house. Silas loves that she's always down to play voidcritters. Even though she somehow manages to beat his overpowered voidcritter everytime?? lol

    Fawn is also friends with Justine, but I really didn't want her to steal him from her brother like she did Zach lol so she's been keeping her distance.

    She's always happy to play with her Mom.

    Or by herself :heart: Seeing her like this made me realize she'd probably make a good doctor some day...

    Both of the Greene kids are having trouble sleeping. The monster under the bed has been relentless lately :neutral:

    Is the monster hiding in one of the drawers... or?

    Iris and Aiyden are getting pretty fed up with having their sleep interrupted...

    Aiyden's probably complaining about the laundry pile more then being woken up.

    Iris on the other hand is definitely complaining about being woken up :joy: Fawn's just happy Mommy's gonna go upstairs and spray the monster away.

    She doesn't stay mad long :heart:

    That's it for now. I'll leave you with this cute selfie of Fawn and Silas.

    Happy Simming! :smile:
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    @Heckstress17 Fawn is the cutest!
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    @Heckstress17 Awww look at the kids making friends! I really need to build a community lot for kids to hang out at in my game. I think your park looks great! But I know what you mean, building parks - especially on a small lot - are the bane of my existence :tongue: OMG Fawn is so pretty! :love: And she got the good trait :heart: I adore her outfits, especially the cream dress with the cute lil strawberry necklace. Ya'll are really making me want to use cc hair again too...why must you tempt me :bawling: Fawn totally strikes me as a social butterfly. I feel bad for Silas, but it's so funny that she keeps stealing his friends lol. That pic of Fawn with the doctor set :heart: Yes yes yes totally make her a doctor! It fits her good trait perfectly already :blush: Girl the bed monsters are plaguing me too. I'm one more interrupted sleep away from putting those big ugly "anti-monster" lights all over their rooms lol. The last pic :heart::heart: Those kids are too cute. And I love those cc eyes :love:
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    @JordanNicoleJJ If you do put those 'monster lights' in the kids room or nursery and you don' t like how they look, do the shift cheat to make the item really small. It might look better that way.
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    CTRL [ (smaller)
    CTRL ] (bigger)

    Normal Size

    Smallest Size
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