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Rebuilding Worlds Vol. 2


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    MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    @OJenn ty! Yes. You only have to vote once on something for it to win. Everything else remains at 0 votes.
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    tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,757 Member
    First a big update, then comments! Also, thank you @Heckstress17 - I just got my gift!! (You did beat my boyfriend and I, neither of us realized it released until I got the e-mail about the gift lol.) I can't wait to get this posted so I can go in-game and play with the new pack :smiley:

    Rebuild Evergreen Harbor: Gen 1

    In my last update, "oops baby" Haven was born. Iris passing out wherever Haven was playing became the new norm in the Greene household. Motherhood really brought out her lazy side lol.

    It didn't help that Haven was an awful sleeper and woke her up at least once a night. :expressionless:

    This was seriously the first and only time I've ever seen Iris be even mildly irritated...don't mess with a lazy woman's sleep, kids :flushed:

    Honestly, Haven was not an easy toddler whatsoever. I thought this kid was supposed to be "inquisitive," not the Tasmanian devil :lol: That's not how you read books & learn stuff, Haven!!

    He definitely inherited his dad's mood swings. Lord help me.

    Thankfully Aiyden stepped up and at least did some cleaning in the evenings after work. Iris was far too lazy to keep up with all of the cleaning that having a toddler entailed. :tongue:

    This pic is partly "look Aiyden's being helpful, what a great dad," but it's mostly just an excuse to show off their almost-finished master bathroom :lol: It took them FOREVER to save up for the shower & tub, and they're still saving up for the matching toilet. (Why did I just have to have one of the most expensive bathroom sets?? Someone knock some sense into me.) Also, the new wall plaster in the light blue-ish grey-ish swatch matches that shower PERFECTLY :love:let's not talk about how none of the woods match though

    At least Haven's inquisitive side came out when it came to skilling. He honestly skilled up really quickly, and he got positive moodlets for doing it! That's my kind of sim kid right there :smirk:

    I'm also happy to report that Aiyden and the "man-eating monster" finally made up...dare I say, even became friends? I mean, Bowie still eats him on the regular cause we need that cowplant essence for work lol, but it always spits him out like a good lil cowplant :smile:

    Haven definitely took after his mom in his love of the outdoors. He often wandered outside to watch in fascination as mommy milked Bowie for daddy's essence :smile::joy:

    Iris always seems to have more energy after drinking Aiyden's energetic essence getting some fresh air. She loves playing outside with him and can't wait til he gets older so they can garden together.

    She's still working on her garden. She now has garlic, mushrooms, basil, parsley, sage, spinach, soy, potatoes, carrots, green peas, strawberries, blackberries, grapes, and her first spliced plant -- dragonfruit!

    Love Day rolled around, and the Greenes didn't make much of a fuss about it. Aiyden got Iris a pretty flower and a "bonsai berry." I didn't even know those were a thing?? Apparently you can plant them, so I'm excited to see how that goes.

    Iris got Aiyden a small gift too -- his own yoga mat! She figured it's something they can do together, and it might help calm him when his anger issues flair up.

    They spent the rest of the day playing chess, enjoying the fresh air, and flirting it up, of course :wink:

    They celebrated Love Day "properly" after they put Haven to bed :wink:

    The shower woohoo built up quite the appetite, so Aiyden whipped up some grilled cheeses at like 2AM lol. That's my kind of man right there. What a perfect Love Day :heart:

    They both woke up bright & early the next morning to "get focused" for the day. Aiyden took to yoga like a fish to water, which is no surprise what with him having such a great teacher.

    It worked! He had a super productive day at work, and he was still in a good mood when he got home! (Which is practically unheard of, he's always so tense lol.) Still feeling productive, he spent the rest of the night in his workshop, and I believe he's level 6 or 7 in fabrication now.

    Aiyden and Iris' good moods must have put Haven in one too, because he was so well-behaved and adorable for once lol. This "oops baby" thing didn't turn out so bad after all.


    Not long after Love Day, Iris had a big surprise for Aiyden :wink:

    "We're having another baby!" :smiley:

    Aiyden was really happy this time. The house is still unfinished, and money is still tight, but Haven proved that they can make it work. Plus, he thought it would be nice for Haven to have a sibling to grow up with. "We totally got this." (he says as Haven is obviously being neglected and desperately needs a bath lol)

    Iris continued to work from home throughout the pregnancy, and most of her plants are nice or very nice quality now. The weird-looking plant in this pic is the bonsai bush. It says I can "convert to decorative" once it's excellent or higher quality. I wonder if it's going to turn it into the buy mode bonsai tree with the little stand, or if I'll be able to keep it in the garden...guess we'll find out lol.

    Aiyden started working from home once in awhile to help out with Haven when Iris is too tired. He drafted his first eco invention concept (or whatever it's called lol) and "presented" it to Iris. Iris didn't know what he was talking about whatsoever, but he seemed really excited about it lol.

    All in all, life is good in the Greene house :heart:

    ...annnd that lasted all of one trimester :tongue: Iris' second pregnancy was even worse than her first :confused:

    Unlike the first pregnancy, she had really bad morning sickness (maybe that means they'll get a girl this time? Wishful thinking lol).

    Aiyden, being the amazing husband he is, cleaned up after her. It was no easy task :grimace:

    I started to feel bad about how often Bowie eats Aiyden...and how happy Iris is about it :joy: But it's her one joy in life amongst the awful pregnancy.

    Well, that and eating. She started eating a LOT in her third trimester. At one point, she woke up at 3 AM, half exhausted, just to bake cookies :joy: The cravings are real with this pregnancy.

    Everyone me, I'm everyone was so focused on the pregnancy that they I am they almost forgot Hayden's birthday :grimace: Iris baked a last-minute cake, and she hurried to help him blow out the candles. It wasn't much of a party, but at least they had cake!


    Haven aged up into an...interesting child. The social butterfly aspiration is going to challenge me (they have like no friends, whoops), and the squeamish trait was a total surprise, but alright lol.

    But what he lacks in personality he more than makes up for in looks :lol: He's a total cutie pie. I still can't tell who's face shape he got, but I'm excited to find out. I'm pretty sure he has his dad's hair color, eyes, nose, and lips, and his mom's skintone.

    And here's his many many outfits. I don't think I've ever given a child this many outfits :joy:44.png


    Haven didn't care for his "healthy" cake (Iris made a sugar-free carob cake, because she really needs to watch her sugar intake lol), but he was super excited to open his presents! He got lots of new toys, his favorite being a void critter battle station, which is going in his new big kid room as soon as the furniture is delivered. Gotta make room in the nursery for the newest Greene!

    After presents, Iris explained to him that he was going to have a little brother or sister very soon, and she asked if he wanted to feel him or her kicking. He didn't really know what to think about it lol.


    Honestly I was a little worried he wouldn't like being outside anymore with his squeamish trait, but good news -- he still loves Bowie! :smiley: His first and only friend :joy:
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    tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,757 Member
    @debjameswhite Does this dude just fall out of the sky?? And who are these creepy men in black??? I have sooo many questions lol. You really know how to keep us in suspense. I can't wait for more!

    @OJenn The house is coming along nicely! That nursery is so precious. Aiyden is the one who does the cleaning & laundry in my game too. I mean, someone has to, and Iris ain't it lol :lol: The last part of the modern development is so cool & artsy! I'm kind of surprised that "modern development" led to a green footprint though, you'd think it would be more industrial? I'm still stuck on neutral in my game :confused:

    @Heckstress17 Sorry I totally forgot to explain the drafting tablet/green concepts! I figured it out when I was playing my other Evergreen Harbor sims on the old forum, and I just totally spaced the question. I'm glad you figured it out :sweat_smile: I'm so jealous of your and OJenn's green eco footprints! I also have the Green Initiative NAP active, and I don't have nearly as many plants as you...maybe it's because I still have a neutral footprint :confused: Also I totally didn't realize your can have four active NAPs. I thought once a new one was voted in, the old one went away. Now "repealing" makes so much more sense :lol: So far I have Self-Sufficiency, Promote Creative Arts, and Green Initiatives. I might try to repeal Self-Sufficiency and vote in Green Gardening instead, and maybe pick up Modern Development or Rock Your Body (and Mind) for my last one. I'm trying to pick ones that I think Aiyden and Iris would like. And yay you found the dig hole! LOL @ Aiyden fighting with the fabricator...yeah that's not a fight you're gonna win, buddy :joy: Knox is such a good friend, he and his moms are seriously my favorite townies. Omg I love Iris' outfit with the tan half-sweater thing and the ombre boho skirt, it matches so perfectly! I might just have to steal that in the future... :sunglasses: I don't really blame her for wanting to switch careers, or maybe even just be a stay at home mom and focus on her garden. Or you can do both with the botanist career cause it has a work from home option :lol: Oh man, you did play a lot! Iris is a ways off from adult cause of her now two pregnancies, but even Aiyden is still a week away from adult in my game. I'm so excited for a nooboo though!! I can't wait to see what their kids look like in everyone else's games! Oh man, the last pic of them have a hissy fit over the laundry -- Iris, that's YOUR fault!! :joy::joy: Awesome update. I can't wait for more :smiley:

    @Mionax The house is looking good! I don't blame you for cheating funds. It's been a real pain in the butt without cheats. I love how everything is "bare bones" except the laundry room - it's so well-decorated :lol: Man, that's one big garden! I can't wait to see how the juice fizzing goes. I haven't done that in my game yet.
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    MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    @JordanNicoleJJ Poor Aiyden getting eaten by the cowplant all the time. I knew the second I saw their celebration of love day 'properly' what it could lead to. I laughed out loud in my room when I learned my suspicions came true. Haven grew up good. Fun what the roll of the dice can come up with as far as traits go.
    Also, thanks for your comments. I love their laundry room as it is the only finished room in the home. I did cheat in funds but not enough to complete the decoration like I want to. It gives me something to look forward to when each paycheck comes in. Also, I don't know what I was thinking when I planted so many plants for their garden. I must be nuts....or fruity in this instance. :wink:

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    I have a few random pictures to share with you for my family. I'm super tired not having had much sleep lately. I hope this makes sense. :smile:

    In the floorplan for House A, it shows a walk-in closet off the master bathroom. I converted into a walk through into the laundry room with stairs to a basement only big enough to hold the stairs currently. It'll grow with more §. You can also see that someone is very pregnant.

    Here is the almost-current look from above shortly after I planted the garden and built the cellar stairs.

    I didn't think Iris would last the day at work without coming home early to go into labor. But she didn't. Instead she surprised us with a promotion.

    She seems very pleased with herself. :smile:

    Aiyden seemed to do great crafting rugs for the clients he gets. The fabricator has been tamed!

    ...I spoke too soon.

    Baby time! And a little peek of the nursery.

    Giovanni Greene

    They wasted no time in...inspecting the shower for structural integrity problems. Together. In towels. :blush:

    Getting inked. Breaking down. This blasted fabricator is a defiant toddler. Iris is there to try not to laugh, cheer him up with happy conversation.

    Moving on is what time does. Aging up is what Sims do. This day it was Giovanni's turn. He rolled the Clingy trait.

    He sure looks like a charmer to me. Look at that face.

    I'll leave you all with that for now. Next time, we'll see if the shower 'inspection' produced any... abnormalities. :wink:
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    RhythrinRhythrin Posts: 184 Member
    Hey guys! I've just found out there is now a vol. 2 of this challange and it got me really excited to start my own challange again!
    I'm not sure if you guys remember me but I used to go by Aehnyx on here, I've had my name changed.. I hope it doesn't make things too complicated! :s

    I'm so glad to see everyone starting this challange and I'm eager to dive in myself! I've already picked a founder couple and later today I will start on the floor plan, which I'm kinda nervous about because they both look quite intimidating... But I'll do my best!
    I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe during quarantine, and I hope to join you guys again soon ♥
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    Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,306 Member
    @Rhythrin - Hi!!! Of course I remember you! :smiley: I'm so glad you found the new thread and are gonna play with us again. I was so bummed when you stopped posting. I'm excited to see which founders you start out with. The floorplans can seem a bit intimidating, but now that I've been building from floorplans I find that I can't build without them anymore lol

    @Mionax - I loved your updates. Are their kitchen counters cc, or did they come with one of the few packs I don't have? The laundry room is still my favorite, but the nursery is super cute too. I see you went with the neutral color green like I did. It's neat to see the overhead shots of the layout. I also like how the garden is coming along. I've always wanted to plant directly in the ground and not be limited to the planter box. How do you do that? The shot of Aiyden being sprayed by his fabricator is great :lol: He has the same luck with it in my game. Welcome Giovanni! It seems that Iris and Aiyden are destined be the parents of boys in everyone's game. Anyway, he's super cute :heart:

    @OJenn - Thank you :heart: I think some of the vibrancy comes from the way I edit my pics, but mostly I just try to take pics in well lit areas. Natural light even works best for sims photography :lol: Yeah, the reason I have so many NAPs is because I've played so long lol so they've gotten to vote on one weekly. They're capped out now, but I can repeal any that I don't like. Which makes me feel like a pretty powerful political figure lol! Surprisingly enough I was actually hoping the multiple curse would strike for this pregnancy. I was hoping to get a 2 for 1 and be done with baby making this gen lol but they only had 1, so another will definitely be on the way.

    @JordanNicoleJJ - lol I'm glad you got your gift. I saw that it was out and knew I had to get on Origin ASAP :lol: I wish I could've gifted you a more interesting pack lol but hopefully you find some stuff about it that you like. I read that a lot of the build/buy items it comes with are hidden in debug mode though :neutral: Anyway, yeah I didn't know we could have more then one NAP. I didn't understand why we could repeal NAPs either lol Ah yeah, Knox is pretty cool. He's really the only townie my sims have ever befriended so easily, so he definitely gets love from me. I can't wait to show you what the baby looks like in my game. I'm telling you the baby, Haven, and @Mionax 's Giovanni could be triplets!

    But yay!!! I loved this update. Haven's bedroom is so cute! I loved the shot of Iris falling asleep in his room, and then carrying him all cranky. As a lazy person I can totally agree you don't mess with Mama's sleep :lol: Haven's a bit of a terror for being an Inquisitive tot. I guess he's just got his own method of learning lol. Aww look at how nice your bathroom's come along. I didn't notice the different wood colors until you pointed it out, and I still think it looks great. Aiyden is such a good Dad :heart: If only Bowie the cowplant liked him as much as Haven does :joy: omg you killed me with all of your mentioning of "milking" Bowie for his "essence" :joy::joy::joy: I'm totally jealous of Iris' garden. She's got so many different things growing! She only has a few seasonal plants in my game. I loved your Valentine's day pics. Especially the shots of Iris looking all flirty while Aiyden cooks for her at 2am lol. He's such a good guy in your game. Any guy down from rainy day yoga is a good dude in my book. My Aiyden would've been seeing red. His face when he presented his concept to Iris was so cute. Too bad she was basically clueless :lol: You seriously had so many great pictures this update. Iris' miserable 2nd pregnancy montage, Aiyden being eaten by Bowie, and Iris smiling like a proud Mom :joy: Haven grew up so cute! His outfit tour is my fav :heart: His workout, and hot weather outfits are so cute. I might have to steal them in the future :wink: I can't wait to see more!
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    @Heckstress17 ty! The kitchen counters are Salvadoradion Counters from the Jungle pack. To plant directly on the ground, drag and drop a piece of fruit, berry, vegi, etc, from your Sim's inventory and place it on the ground where you want it to be planted. Then click on it with your sim. You have the option to Eat it or Plant it.

    I thought the same thing about Haven and Giovanni. They could be twins! :smiley:

    @JordanNicoleJJ 's HAVEN & Mionax's GIOVANNI

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    Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,306 Member
    Evergreen Harbor: Update 3
    (It's small but I couldn't wait to show you all the baby.)

    In my last update Iris and Aiyden discovered they were expecting their 1st baby.

    Before I knew it she was in her 3rd trimester and the big day had arrived. Aiyden seemingly had some sympathy stomach pains for his wife :lol:

    After seeing Iris and Aiyden have boys in @JordanNicoleJJ and @Mionax game I'm starting to think they're only capable of making boys lol Also I was upset to see that my beloved baby skins made by @Tellex years ago are no longer working :bawling: First default replacement eyes, and now the baby skins don't work with this newest update.

    Iris has continued working and only really gets to see Silas at night, but she's a great mother.

    They have managed to get back to some of their usual routine. Which of course includes their good friend Knox practically living with them.

    He goes by Uncle Knox now. He loves coming over and tending to Silas. He always rushes to take care of him, and he's constantly repairing stuff around the house. Annnnnnd the best townie award goes to!!

    The bromance is alive and well.

    Aiyden started working from home to take care of Silas. That's when I realized I should've had him tending to the critters all along. He needs to harvest them for the 1st phase of his aspiration, which I guess I had completely forgotten about :grimace:

    While Iris was at work Silas aged up with Daddy's help!

    He's really cute, but truthfully I've yet to see an ugly toddler... well maybe @Kiwicantdie 's "lizard" from awhile back :lol:

    I gave him different hair but I think he looks JUST like @JordanNicoleJJ 's Haven, and @Mionax's Giovanni! The brown eyes and black hair are definitely a dominant gene.

    Either way he's a total cutie, and with his inquisitive trait he's been a pretty easy toddler so far.

    Of course Daddy and Uncle Knox are playing chess nearby :tongue:

    Mama always finds time for her little man, and has decided to leave her job at the science lab so she doesn't miss out on anything.

    And a big thank you to the Scientist Career :lol: It was totally the way to go for fast tracking this aspiration.

    I'll leave you with this pic of Silas being messy like his Mama. I swear there's some of her genes in there somewhere lol

    I'm off to play. Baby #2 isn't gonna make itself :wink:

    @Mionax - They really do look so much alike. That comparison pic is crazy! Also thanks for the gardening tip and the info on the counter tops. Sure enough Jungle Adventures is a pack I don't own lol
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    MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    Haven, Giovanni and now Silas. We have triplets! :smiley:

    Great update @Heckstress17 :)
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    OJennOJenn Posts: 8,429 Member
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    @JordanNicoleJJ - Love, love, love the long update!! Haven's big boy makeover is so cute. I'm sorry I was scrolling through and caught a glimpse, hehe. I am glad Aiyden is on board with baby number two, poor guy is probably a wee bit stressed with the house not being furnished fully haha. Also lol at Iris being amused by Bowie eating her poor husband.

    @Mionax - Oh wow look at that belly on Iris lol! I think the house is coming along nicely. I absolutely love the name Giovanni for their baby ♥

    Aiyden and Iris are really doing well in their careers and with the house fully furnished they felt it was time to start a family.

    They had more than a few failed attempts but Iris wasn't going to let that deter her.

    I was a little bummed about this but the Greene's have just been so busy

    Eventually though Iris started to show

    And Aiyden had the best reaction ♥


    Iris has been working from home a lot lately which gives her time to relax

    Or really whatever she wants to do

    Eventually the big day came and I was really nervous because I hadn't peeked

    Aiyden and Iris were very skeptical of the hospital staff and I'm not even sure why :lol:


    Iris was stuck at the hospital for an eternity she eventually took a nap while in labor

    But soon enough it was baby time, I was so excited to get a boy like everyone else who has the Greene's

    ....And then this happened

    Needless to say, some rooms had to be redesigned lol

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    Quality time with Giovanni.

    Quality time with Mommy. Sneaky boy.

    Watching the laundry dryer.

    Iris gave birth to a baby girl! Giovanni is sad.

    This is Nylah, she also rolled the clingy trait.

    Nylah's room.
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    @OJenn I didn't notice you had posted above mine. I love your Iris's wardrobe. Relaxing with a facial on made me grin. Wow, twins! I love the names you chose for them. Atlas has to be one of my favorites. I can't wait to see what they look like as toddlers. Cute nursery. My family's footprint is neutral too. You are missing the [*img] code on one of your pics = Waiting at the hospital for eternity.
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    tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,757 Member
    Omg I told myself I was going to prep for D&D today because I let myself play sims all day yesterday, but I've just gotta leave some comments cause these updates are awesome! Sooo much has happened in my game, and I can't wait to share! Hopefully I can find some time tonight :smiley:

    @Mionax Your house looks great!! I think it looks way closer to the floorplan than mine. I had to take some creative liberties to make everything fit :tongue: Congrats to Iris on her promotion! Lol poor Aiyden, "this blasted fabricator is a defiant toddler" is 1000% accurate, best description of the fabricator I've ever seen :lol: Congrats on the baby boy! I see we've all had boys now, and I totally agree they are twins/triplets/maybe quads depending on how @OJenn 's turns out lol. Yikes, the clingy trait is my LEAST favorite, but his cuteness totally makes up for it. I love the side-by-side comparison of Haven & Giovanni you did! They really are twins :love: Oh man, Gi is such a trouble maker! I hate when they do the paint mess thing lol. Haven did it all the time too. Aww you got a girl, yay!! She's adorable -- and the first kid with green eyes, I think!

    @Rhythrin Omg you're back!! I didn't recognize you at first with your new name, but I totally recognize your old one. I missed you so much! Welcome back :heart: I can't wait to see which couple & floorplan you chose!

    @Heckstress17 No I totally wanted the knitting pack, it's what I voted for actually! Plus I'm just a sucker for any new activities, CAS items, and build/buy items in general lol. A lot of items are locked, but I enjoy the challenge and reward of unlocking them lol. Another update?? You spoil me :heart: A boy, yes! I love that we all had boys. Now we just all need to have girls the second time around lol. Aw I'm sorry to hear the baby skins aren't working anymore :confused: Buuut that means they tweaked babies' coding, which hopefully means a baby update soon?? I've heard rumors of them completely revamping babies, which would be amazing. "Uncle Knox" - I love it! He really is the best townie ever. OH!! I figured out how the bug boxes work!! So they have different healths: dead, declining, fine, growing, and thriving (those are the ones I've noticed, anyway). It takes FOREVER to raise their health, but you just have to spam the nurture interaction. They produce stuff every 24 hours IF they're growing or thriving. Once you harvest from them, they immediately drop to declining (if they were 'growing') or fine (if they were 'thriving'). Something like that, anyway. So just spam nurture to keep them healthy & producing. Aiyden finished that part of his aspiration in 3 days once I figured it out. Ahhh Silas is such an adorable tod!! I love that hair on him. And he's inquisitive too! I think it's perfect since Aiyden and Iris are both pretty smart (at least mine are, they both need high logic for their careers). I totally don't blame Iris for quitting to be home with Silas. I'd wanna be home with that cutie too! I'm so jealous that you already finished her aspiration...I'm still on the first part :sweat_smile: Messy Silas is the cutest Silas. Gotta love Iris' "genes" coming through lol.

    @OJenn I'm so jealous that you've already furnished your house. I'm still lacking the living room and master bedroom, and decor in general lol. Also, all of your Iris' outfits are so cute! I especially love the denim crop top with the long corduroy skirt. I think it's interesting that you and @Heckstress17 had a hard time getting Iris pregnant, whereas it's taken on the first try every time in mine. I always wondered if certain sims are prone to it or if it's just random, and this makes me think it's just random. Oh man...the multiples curse strikes! I'm excited to see what they look like though, especially the girl since @Mionax is the only one with a girl right now.
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    MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    @OJenn the waiting room at your hospital picture is great. She looks so tired she fell asleep. Yes, been there for eternity. Her lazy trait shows even while in labor.

    @JordanNicoleJJ ty! Have fun tonight.
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    RawlaRawla Posts: 7,495 Member
    Howdy doodie doo I missed you. :smiley:<3
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    debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,612 Member
    Oh my gosh, I am so excited! I just saw how many updates there are to see! I have to run out at 5 so I'm going to post my house tour and come back after for commets.

    I went with house plan B since @Heckstress17 so far was the only one to choose it. It's a very busy house. Hope you guys like it!

    The Old Mill Meets Modern Luxury

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    RawlaRawla Posts: 7,495 Member
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    tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,757 Member
    @Rawla Hi!! So many old faces here today, I love it! We missed you too :heart:

    @debjameswhite The house looks great! I love that bright red kitchen. Ooo I wonder what that secret room is for... This generation is so mysterious! I love it!
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    debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,612 Member
    @OJenn I love the top down pics of the house. I love seeing how your house has progressed. I love the red kitchen. You'll see that I too was on a red kick. It's Lia's favorite color so I took it a little overboard in her new house. The toddler room is super cute, I love that new bed. Oh the development pictures are so cool! You went to green really fast! I know I've been away a bit but I think I played there longer and I'm still only neutral! I love how things changed though. It looks so pretty! OH but sorry it went back to neutral...but HOORAY for a nooboo! Aww I love Aidyn's reaction! I love those reactions so much. Poor Iris why aren't they delivering that baby! AWWW you got twins! Excellent!!! I love the names.

    @Heckstress17 Your neighborhood looks so pretty too! How did this happen so fast? You have great Neighborhood Action Plans! I love the jogging pictures. They look so pretty! Woot! You finally found a place to dig!! I love how happy they look now. I love seeing how our two houses are the same and different!! Poor Aidyn always stuck in a fabricator! I love Knox. I love Iris's dress when she goes out with her honey. She's so cute. Oh my gosh! Their adult birthdays already? I love how you did your bathroom btw. I love how the toilet is still tucked away but not behind a door. It looks really great. Hooray another nooboo! I can't wait!! I love the hissy fit picture. It's so great. Just pick up some laundry Iris and you'll feel fine. HOORAY! Nooboo for you too! Oh I like that name! Oh no! I'm going to be sad if my baby skins don't work! Aww your little guy is a total cutie too! I'm glad Iris finished her aspiration, good job!

    @Mionax I love a house tour! Your house is looking great, even if it is bare bones! I love that you got some decor from dumpster diving. I think your house looks really great. Oh I love that you're putting in a cellar. I love them although I haven't had one for like 4 houses now! Congrats on the promo. Ooo and the nooboo. Ooo your little guy does look a lot like @JordanNicoleJJ 's Haven. I can't wait to see them both grown up. I see I'm not the first to make that observation either! Eee! and there's another on the way! Congrats!! I'm really far behind! Congrats on the baby girl! Nylah is very cute!

    @JordanNicoleJJ Awww little Haven, I love him! I love that hair so much. Aww poor Haven and poor Iris. Oooo! Haven is out of control, but his room is super cute! Oooo the master bath looks awesome! Hehehe the cowplant part of your story makes me laugh. I love it. I loved love day! It was perfect!! I also liked your fish metaphor while it was raining. Aww sweet toddler playing pics! I'm melting. Hehe that's not a neglected baby! He's building up his immune system!! I'm so glad Aidyn hasn't actually died from being eaten by Bowie! Hayden really is a cutie pie (I loved your narrative around him aging up).

    @Rhythrin WOOHOO!!! I was just thinking about you the other day when we were making this new thread! I'm so happy to see you and happy that you found this new thread! I hope you've been well. I miss your updates. I'm so excited that your going to play the challenge again! I've uploaded my house if you want to use the shell you can :) But don't be nervous. They're not that bad :)

    @Rawla WOOT! HI!! So happy to see you!!!!
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    RawlaRawla Posts: 7,495 Member
    @JordanNicoleJJ - Hi! :smiley:
    @debjameswhite - Hiiii

    I had to try. Welcome to smog-ville. lol


    I went with Plan B. Its totally devoid of inside wall paper, flooring and has a lawn-living type feel to it with the sparse items they have available to use.


    I did splurge and get two easels though. That leaves us with $53 left, just enough for one small painting. His face says it all. lol I've got my work cut out for me on this one.

    Question, are we all keeping both of their aspirations the same?
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    RawlaRawla Posts: 7,495 Member
    edited July 2020
    10 seconds into game play and there goes the stove. :unamused: lol
    I forgot about the 'only make salads to start' rule. So much for having $2 bread sticks. Now we have $1 left to their name and a crispy stove. Thanks a lot Aiyden. lol

    They got a $160 insurance check. Not enough to replace the stove but they can have SALAD and paint more. xD
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    tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,757 Member
    edited July 2020
    @debjameswhite Thanks for all the lovely comments :heart:

    @Rawla Man I just love seeing how everyone styles Aiyden & Iris differently. That hair looks awesome on Aiyden! They do NOT look happy about being in smoggy Evergreen Harbor :grimace::joy: Your house looks awesome! It's been fun getting to see multiple versions of the same house. I really like the colors you chose. Oh, and I totally know what you mean about the "lawn living" feel - other than having a shell of a house, I only started with a bed, fridge, one counter, shower, and toilet lol. Definitely felt like a legacy lawn start. I kept their aspirations the same in my game. I believe everyone else has as well :smile: The cooking-at-level-1-fire-disaster strikes again :lol: I ALWAYS start with a salad now :joy:

    @ everyone - I updated my signature to link to my Evergreen Harbor family tree, but beware, it has MAJOR spoilers! I played ahead through the second child's baby and toddler life stages, so the tree contains the second child's "child" pic** (see edit). I should have an update up within the next few days and it'll be caught up then :smile:

    EDIT: I went ahead and changed it to the toddler pic, so it's still a spoiler, but not as much of a spoiler I guess lol.
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    RhythrinRhythrin Posts: 184 Member
    Can I just say I LOVE the fact that the Greene's seem to be a favorite right now and yet everyones stories is still different in ways? You can really see people's difference in playstyle and approach to the game itself! I love all the nuances and seeing the different styles! ♥

    I've styled my founder couple (no spoilers yet though!) but I've not yet started on the house.. I didn't have time yet. I hope maybe after work today I could start on it!

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