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Rebuilding Worlds Vol. 2


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    MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    @JordanNicoleJJ Haven is cute. Good story.

    @OJenn No problem. Glad I could help. I found the tip, that compost from upgraded toilet can feed bugs well, by sheer chance.
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    MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
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    She might join the social media career when they have enough to afford the PC she'll need.
    [Edit: Looks like Aiyden will also need a PC for his job too.]

    Bonus picture of my laundry room.

    Lot Traits

    Sorting compost and recyclables.

    Voting on a N.A.P.

    He has no influence points to vote but Self-Sufficiency is in the lead so that is ok.

    He goes home to eat lunch. A simple but yummy meal of...

    ...It sort of resembles fruit salad. Maybe?

    Maybe if she made a different salad it would be better. ...Not today. Poor Aiyden.
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    debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,612 Member
    OH @Mionax sorry I didn't tag you! I knew I would miss some people but I hoped you'd all find it especially with @OJenn 's new signature. I'm planning to change mine to direct here too so that should help. I love how you styled the founders. Super cute I love that sweater! Also, I love your floor plan! oooo the freelancer career! I keep thinking I'm going to do that one, but I haven't yet! Oh I never saw that gross air moodlet while I've been playing. Very interesting! Oh I like your laundry room. I like seeing Aiyden on his work day and then running home for lunch. Aww poor Iris and her fruit salad.

    @OJenn Oooo I love the new house! I've been looking at that leaf paper you used in the bedroom trying to decide where I would use it. Oh that's so fun seeing Aiyden's face after experimenting with his fabricator. He looks so happy. OH the insect farm! I can't wait to see how that works out for you. I'm afraid of it if I'm honest!

    @Heckstress17 Woot so glad to see you back. I love the new house. You did a really good job getting it to match. House tour! I love how colorful it is! Your entry way is beautiful! I love the living room / dining room shot. Oh I've done that with the fridge before too. Isn't it a bummer when you're like...but no I like this! I wish you could hide them in the cabinets more. Oh well. You always remember to put in pipes and stuff and I love that. I love everything. I'm looking in the bedroom and master bath now and OMG so good! I love that toddler bed too! My current toddler is using it. Can't wait to see what's next.

    @PeculiarPlumbob Welcome to the challenge! Feel free to ask any questions. Don't get overwhelmed. Everyone here is super friendly and nice but if you ever want to take questions offline you can message me. I'm a firm believer though that if you have a question probably someone else does too :)

    @JordanNicoleJJ I love how you styled your founders :) I think your house looks great. I love how you described your picture as hiding the know I always talk about that ugly side of the house :) OH and that comment was before I got to your "fixed" version! It really looks so good. You should be proud of it :) I can't wait to see how you decorate it :) Ahhh! First update! I loved you showing them going to vote on the community action plans and then setting up the garden. I love that so much. Your picture with the smog was so good! It's good Iris already knows to send him packing when hit hot headedness takes over! Awww first nooboo of the new challenge! I love it. Oh I'd like to say I couldn't believe Aiyden got eaten by the cowplant but really I totally can! I'm glad he survived though. I'm also glad their relationship recovered from the tension the incident created. The house is looking great. I love how it's coming along. Haven is so cute, and I love his name. Look at him in that little hat! So cute!!

    @OJenn @Heckstress17 @JordanNicoleJJ @Mionax Originally I thought I would play Lia and have her move to Brindleton Bay but seeing what you all are doing and liking the point that we're all in the same place...I have decided to keep her in Evergreen Harbor. If I could tear myself away from the story I would also change founders to be in sync with you all but I can't. I hope you won't mind that I use a different set of founders. I'll be looking at plans A and B though and figuring out what house I want to build. I guess I should probably keep the story in the other thread until she meets Heath. There's a little bit of wrap up I need to do to get her there. If I can get in one post though I'll put it here :)

    Also just wanted to let you know I've been having a rough time. I lost a dog at the beginning of the month and I'm losing a cat too. The dog was old age and the cat is kidney disease. I just wanted to let you know why I haven't been around much. I'm really looking forward to this challenge though so expect content soon!
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    tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,757 Member
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    @OJenn Yes, play away -- I can't wait to see more of your founders! It's so fun seeing them all living different lives in different games. I'm also really curious to see if their kids look similar in different games lol. But I don't blame anyone who doesn't want kids right away. I definitely didn't mean to have Haven so soon :lol:

    @Mionax Yay an update! Your founders are so cute, I really love Aiyden's overalls. And I love your laundry room! I need to add some more decor to mine. Thanks for the kind comments as always :smile:

    @debjameswhite My first house pic was totally hiding some glaring flaws lol. The roof was a hot mess, and the back of the house was one massive box lol. But I'm much happier with it after fixing it up a bit. I totally didn't mean to have the first nooboo lol. If I had risky woohoo installed, I'd blame that, but I think I just misclicked :grimace: Sometimes it's hard picking the right 'woohoo' cause there like 10 different options available now with the dumpster and shower woohoo and whatnot. But I can't complain, I love lil Haven :blush: I don't mind you using a different set of founders! The challenge has always been about having fun first and foremost, so play what's fun for you :smile: Oh no...I'm so sorry for your loss :cry: My maine 🐸🐸🐸🐸 also has kidney problems, and I'm dreading the day when it becomes unmanageable... Losing a fur baby is one of the worst things in my experience. :heartbreak:

    Edit: Idk why it flowered-out a cat breed that is in the game... :expressionless: But I think ya'll know what breed I'm talking about -- the really big, fluffy ones lol.
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    Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,306 Member
    @debjameswhite - I'm so sorry to hear about your furbabies :heart: I had seen your post on FB and figured that's why we hadn't seen you around much. I'm glad you dropped in to give us an update though :heart: Thank you for the compliments on the house. I really like the entryway too, and decorating with so much color is definitely outside my comfort zone, but I'm happy with how it turned out. I don't mind at all if you use a different set of founders. I understand what it's like to get attached to sims and not want to tear yourself away. Though I must admit, I was looking forward to seeing how you would've styled and built Iris and Aiyden's personalities for your game. That being said I look forward to you starting period! I've missed you!

    @JordanNicoleJJ - I'm terrified of color too :lol: Hence why my walls are still wood and neutral colors lol I just feel like the boho hipster-ish style fits Iris and Aiyden so I tried to mix it up and give them some colorful decor. That new toddler bed is the best! And I don't think I can make a nursery without that table from the kids stuff pack :lol: It really is a cute combo. I'm excited to see it in your game too. Now sooner then later! I totally wasn't expecting a baby in your first update, and neither were you :joy: I loved this update though. The shot of the house with smog was actually really pretty. It almost looked like a dust storm had settled in. Ah! Yoga is perfect for Iris! And another good excuse to show off her funky socks :wink: omg I didn't realize the fabricator could mess up like that :lol: Poor Aiyden, I'm sure that didn't help with his temper. Side note, it took me forever to find the fabricator in the game. I'm totally digging Iris' nurturing personality in your game. I love that she's bonding with the bees, critters, and her cow plant. Their house has come along really quickly for them not having much cash. Clearly they're good at what they do. Aiyden's expression when Haven was born is perfect :joy: He has that expression about 80% of the time in my game. Ahhh yessss and the outfit tour :heart: This is totally a thing now. His little outfits are all so cute :blush: I love him! PS. What is up with the forum censoring Maine Cooons??

    @OJenn - Yes! The new decor items are totally the best part of this pack. I love all the new plants and wall decor :heart: Your Aiyden's been throwing temper tantrums too? :lol: I love how full of anger he's been in my game. It seems very fitting considering he's living in a neighborhood that's literally filled with trash.

    @Mionax - Thanks for the compliment on my house :blush: I like that your Aiyden is a freelancer. I considered that for my Aiyden too, but haven't done it before so didn't know how it'd work out. I plan to learn from your updates and switch careers if I think it'll work better with my play style. Your laundry room is so cute. That sink fits perfectly in there. Your community lot looks just like mine, filled with trash :lol: I didn't realize I had to vote on a Community Action plan separately from the NAP to start improving it. I like that you took a pic of Aiyden running home across the bridge. I've taken a few pics like that in my game. It's part of the fun of us all using the same lots and founders I guess :smile: Oh boy, that fruit salad looks horrible :lol:
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    debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,612 Member
    @JordanNicoleJJ Thank you so much. Hazel just stopped eating so her kidney issues were unmanageable from the moment I learned she had it. I'm going completely broke doing things I know I shouldn't but anyways I don't want to bring down our happy place :) How silly that they flowered out part of your cat's breed name. I totally know which big beautiful fluffy babies you're talking about though. They've always been a favorite of mine!

    @Heckstress17 Oh I am thinking I will still put the Green family in my game. It will be like having all of you in my game with just one little bunch! haha I can still use them again after I do this challenge.

    I just realized that it has been an entire month since I posted an update. I think that's the longest I have ever gone! Time to get out of my funk!

    To recap where we were. Lia had graduated from college and moved to an adorable little container home right in the harbor.

    Her and Jay and been dating since high school, but he hadn’t gone to college so they spent a few years apart. When she moved to Evergreen Harbor they continued their relationship but they didn’t see each other with much frequency. When they did see each other, Jay was never very attentive. He enjoyed flirting with others.

    One day one of Lia’s customers asked her out. Was this a date or as a friend? She wasn’t entirely sure, but she decided to go and she had a really good time.

    Of course because she was on a date with someone else, Jay showed up. I know the Sim Gods have to be involved in this! Her date was winding down anways, so she joined him at the bar.

    One thing led to another and they ended up back at her place, but he snuck out in the middle of the night.

    When she held Harvest Fest at her home, the entire family was there except for Jay. Jay had been a foster child of her grandparents so he was definitely part of the family regardless of their relationship. Turns out Jay had other plans that day and this is where my story last left off.

    The following day Lia made two startling discoveries. She wasn’t sure how she felt about the firt.

    Until she made the second. That second discovery prompted her to keep the first one to herself.

    She did see him again later and they had a terrible fight. It was over and she kept her secret.

    Eventually she welcomed a sweet baby girl into the world.

    Lia is a great mom (I’m just going to spam these cute toddler pics!).

    But as Jay was part of the family, it was only a matter of time before he made a connection. As he was in the military, he often traveled and had been gone for quite a while with his new family. When he came back and reconnected it was his turn to learn something startling. Knowing how things had been between him and Lia, he went to Harrison first. He didn’t want to cause problems, but he didn’t have parents growing up. There was no way he was going to have a daughter who didn’t know him. They could do this in a friendly way, but he was prepared to take it to court. At first, Lia was furious with her father.

    Eventually though, they made up. Honestly, it was a relief to Lia. She wanted her daughter to know her father.

    The next day at the community center she saw a man she thought was sleeping in the dumpster. When he crawled out he stumbled and collapsed. He was really nicely dressed for a homeless man.

    He assured he was quite alright and then he slunk away.
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    MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
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    @debjameswhite Great story! I'd wondered what happened next. Now I know. Now I wonder who the homeless guy is.
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    Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,306 Member
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    Evergreen Harbor: Update 1

    Newlyweds, Iris and Aiyden, moved into their new home on a bright and smoggy morning.

    They immediately wanted to see what they could do to start improving the neighborhood. As you can see it needs a lot of help :grimace:

    Iris hit it off with a local guy named Knox. He filled her in on all she needed to know about acquiring influence points and community voting.

    Meanwhile Aiyden dumpster dove :lol: Which, at the time, I thought was a necessary step in fabricating... it is not :joy:

    The next morning Aiyden's hot-headed trait showed itself... Those angry eyes though :joy::joy::joy:

    Iris remained a ray of sunshine throughout his temper tantrum, but as you can see, Aiyden remained unfazed lol

    Aiyden went to work on his fabricator to cool down.

    And Iris got out of the house to give him space.

    When she returned home he was still in a mood...

    and hurling insults at her left and right :grimace: By this point their friendship bar had plummeted so far I didn't know if I'd be able to fix it...

    Iris was happy when her new friend Knox showed up for a visit.

    He ended up staying for dinner, and you can see how happy she was to have a friendly face nearby.

    Aiyden? Not so much :lol:

    Anyway, Iris decided to join the Scientist career. With her Curator aspiration, I figured she could find rocks and stuff while working, possibly helping to complete her aspiration a little quicker.

    She invented a little gadget and befriended the robot she used to make it :smile:

    But she didn't find any collectibles while at work. So she went out later that night and found some in Willow Creek. She couldn't find a single rock or frog in all of Evergreen Harbor???

    Aiyden stayed home the next day and spent the day trying to be zen lol Just think of happy little cactus'!

    It worked, and by the time Iris got home from work he was ready to apologize for being a jerk.

    Their friendship bar is still suffering, but they have nothing to worry about romantically.

    They're working on it though. They watched a TV premiere together and looked adorable while doing it.

    And when Iris' friend Knox stopped by Aiyden made an effort to be nice to him :lol:

    A few days later a Gardening NAP, that the Greene's supported, passed. And a lot more vegetation sprung up in Evergreen Harbor. Unfortunately, no community improvement was passed so all the public spaces still look like literal trash :smirk:

    Oh and Iris has been tending to crickets. She's gotten cricket flour from them... which I had no idea was a thing?!? or what to do with... lol but she likes the little guys all the same.

    In his effort to improve things with his wife, Aiyden took Iris on a date in Willow Creek.

    It was a great idea, Iris was very impressed with the restaurant and had a smile on her face the whole time.

    As did Aiyden, which was a relief to see.

    Once again, the chemistry is there, they've just gotta work on the other parts of their marriage.

    and when walking home I caught Iris basking in the rain. I love this picture. It captures what a free spirit she is :heart:

    And I'll leave you with these pictures. 1 of Aiyden with his signature attitude showing off to himself his own chess skills.

    and the 2nd of Iris... who is no longer allowed to use the stove lol!

    Happy Simming! Oh and question for everyone using the Greens! Do clothing piles keep appearing on the ground despite there being a hamper nearby? I think maybe this is happening because of Iris' Lazy trait. Just checking.
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    tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,757 Member
    I'm at work and probably should be working :sweat_smile: but I want to answer some of @Heckstress17 's questions real quick. I'll be back for proper comments later lol. The piles of clothes are because of the lazy trait, it started as soon as I furnished the laundry room, and I noticed Aiyden and Haven's clothes go to the hamper, not the ground (like Iris') :tongue: The cricket flour must be like grub meal (what I get) - you can make special meals with it. Are you having issues with your bug box not letting you harvest from it very often though? It says "every 24 hours" but I can only harvest from it like once a week! Also I only found one 'collectible' spot in Port Promise so far - there's a hole that you can 'dig' in by the community center. I haven't been to the other neighborhoods yet. Putting Iris in the scientist career is soooo smart -- I didn't even think about how useful that would be for her aspiration!

    I wanna comment on everything but I'll stop there and come back for proper comments when I'm not on the clock :sweat_smile:
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    MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    @Heckstress17 Yes on the clothing piles. I thought my hamper didn't work so I put in a different one. Scientist career is brilliant. I sent her to oasis springs park for her collecting day. I'd put her in scientist career but she's pregnant and I want her to stay home for the child.
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    Ok, off work and time for proper comments!

    First of all, @Heckstress17 & @debjameswhite ya'll are facebook friends?? I wanna be facebook friends! I feel like I'm missing out :tongue::lol:

    @Heckstress17 It took me forever to figure out the fabricator when I was playing through the first time. I kept dumpster diving and collecting parts but had no idea how to actually fabricate stuff :lol: If you vote to make the community space a "Maker Space," it comes with all of the new activities - fabricators, candle-making, juice fizzing, and some other stuff I think. It's better than the community garden imo, because apparently that comes "empty." I wish it came with some plants you can't get through buying seeds normally, because I'm tired of only getting the same seeds. I think I'll send my Iris to the other worlds for some collecting (especially gathering new plants) soon. Aiyden's honestly not that angry in my game lol. He gets the random angry moodlet sometimes, but he almost always has more happy or flirty moodlets, so it rarely has any impact on his moon :tongue: My fam has been making loads of money (around 1.5k/day) because I took the botany & green tech careers, which are like level 7 or 8 of the gardener and civil engineer careers. Thanks, uni degrees lol. I really like Haven too, he's the best oops baby I could asked for :joy:

    I love this update so much! Lol the world really does need a LOT of help in the beginning...sooo trashy. I kind of wish I hadn't used the save file, cause it's "empty" of all NPCs and I really love Knox - so I'm glad I can see him in your game :lol: Oh man, Aiyden is SO hot-headed in your game...Idk if I could put up with that :grimace: I love that Iris is so chill about it though. Did you build that lab?? It looks awesome! Waaay cooler than the base game lab lol. Again, super smart idea to put Iris in the scientist career. I'm kinda mad that I didn't think of that lol. I'm glad to see that Aiyden and Iris still have a great woohoo life, even if their friendship is on the rocks :sweat_smile: Omg that Willow Creek restaurant is so pretty! It fits WC perfectly. And I ADORE Iris' outfit on their dinner date. Her dress matches her blush and it's so pretty and cute alright I'll stop fangirling over Iris now lol. That "free spirit" pic is literally perfect though. OMG poor Iris...she's an awful cook in my game too tbh, but at least she hasn't burnt the house down... :sweat_smile: I already need more. Can we all just shirk our responsibilities and play sims all day everyday? Plz?

    @debjameswhite OMG! What an update! I totally wasn't expecting Lia to get pregnant...and I don't blame her whatsoever for keeping it from Jay. Oh noooooo I would've been mad too -- Jay was too busy woohoo'ing around and making a "new family" to be with Lia or care about her feelings whatsoever (still didn't see an apology about that anywhere!!), but he's not too busy to be in his kid's life, uh huh, sure. I would've taken him to court lol. But clearly Lia's the better person and I guess I'm happy for her. It probably is best for the kid. Maybe. I don't know if Jay's the best role model :unamused: Hmm I'm very curious about this "homeless man" though... :wink: I can't wait for more!
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    debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,612 Member
    @Heckstress17 We must have posted at the same time yesterday because I didn't see your post util this morning! That's ok though I love sims on a weekend morning with my coffee. Your pictures always look so dimensional. Everything seems bright and poppy. I'm jealous! I just love that first picture of them hugging with the smoggy background and the bike in the yard. I love Knox. Lia met him while she was at college. He came to her dorm to talk. I imagine that is how she ended up in Evergreen. Oooo look at Aiyden being grumpy! Wow the eyes! Iris was probably smart to go for a walk but how annoying! Wow not nice! What could he possibly have to insult sweet Iris about? Wow! Look at that lab!! It looks so bright! Unlike the "regular" lab. Yes I've noticed that as well about no collectibles in Evergreen Harbor. Seems like they made a mistake there but maybe it was just too much with everything else going on? I've never seen any in Brichester either. I really want to know what you called him that EA flowered out. I'm glad to see the couple was feeling better. They'll have to keep working on the friendship though! Oh they are :) Excellent, and good job being nice to Knox. I love her garden space. I can't wait to give Lia a new garden space in her new founder house when she gets there. I've really enjoyed her big garden. Oooo that restaurant is so nice! Oh I love the rain picture too. She looks so happy. Haha your wrap up pictures made me laugh! Poor Iris haha. Poor you with the laundry piles!
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    OJennOJenn Posts: 8,429 Member
    @Mionax - I'm interested to see how Iris and Aiyden's careers pan out with them being Freelancers. I really like how your laundry room turned out, I still don't have mine filled out yet :lol:

    @debjameswhite - I would love to see Lia in Evergreen Harbor, I honestly figured that's the route you were going to go anyway. I know how much you are enjoying her story. And just remember to take whatever time you need, we'll be here just like we've always been ♥ Loving the recap you posted

    @Heckstress17 - Omg Aiyden is a mess but you're not alone I have the same problem with him. I love how happy Iris is in your game and the Scientist career is pretty perfect considering her aspiration. Although I am definitely thinking that aspiration wasn't so great for Evergreen Harbor :( I am glad Iris found some anyway. Oh, bath soaks are a great idea for quelling the anger, I'd even thought about getting a massage table or something.

    Also, I am loving waking up to all these updates you guys!!! Keep them coming, its nice to have everyone posting again ♥
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    OJennOJenn Posts: 8,429 Member
    P.S. What lifespan is everyone on, I just realized I have been playing on Long :lol:
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    Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,306 Member
    @JordanNicoleJJ - Yessss be my FB friend! I messaged you :mrgreen: lol I loved your comment you left during work. I'm glad you and @Mionax cleared up the clothing piles thing for me, so thank you! I'm having issues with the bug box too. It wasn't "producing" very often for me, and then one day all the crickets just up and died despite being fed regularly? I've been searching for the digging hole with no luck. Maybe next time your in game you can take a pic of it. I'm getting pretty annoyed with having to travel to other worlds to look for collectibles. Though having Iris in the Scientist career is pretty sweet since the lab lot spawns like 10+ rocks everyday :lol: No fossils so far though. I've got Aiyden in the Green Tech career too. He's making pretty good money, but I've been playing catch up with his Logic and Fabricator skills to get him a promotion. I've got another question for you. Do you know how he can come up with his own green concept? I think it's called that. He needed to do that for work one day but I couldn't figure out how. But yeah I'm pretty glad I didn't end up using the empty world save. I like that there's townies to befriend use for influence points and it's cool to see the community center change with the different NAPs etc. Haha thanks for recognizing my genius about the scientist career :lol: In all honesty It's more like my stupidity for not realizing she had a degree in botany :joy: But yes I really like the new Science Lab I downloaded. It's much much better then the default one. I'm down to ignore real life responsibilities and binge the sims! Just let me know when we start lol

    @debjameswhite - We must've posted at the same time, cause I didn't see your post until later either. As always thanks for the compliments on my post :heart: I've definitely missed posting and playing. And I'm happy to have given you something to read over your morning coffee. I'm not surprised to hear Lia met Knox too. The guy is always around, but I don't mind because he's quickly become one of my fav townies. I don't know what Aiyden's deal is, but Iris has seemingly accepted that this is just how he is, so as long as she can roll with it, so can I. Plus his mood swings are very entertaining lol Ah, I think you might be right about Evergreen Harbor and forgotten spawners. It's been a pain to walk the neighborhood and never find a single rock or frog. Anyway, I appreciate you recapping for us. It helped quickly catch me up on some of what I missed. I really like Lia. She reminds me so much of one of the mates we use to have but I can't remember exactly who. Anyway, she's a cutie. Her and Jay growing apart makes sense, but I can't help but think she deserves better then being a single Mom. I understand her frustration toward her Dad talking with Jay but I'm glad they came to an agreement for their daughter's sake. The toddler spam was great :heart: you're giving me sim baby fever :lol: Though I don't think you said what her name was? Or if you did I missed it. I'm excited to see how seemingly homeless stranger plays a roll in her life though.

    @OJenn - I'm loving all these updates too :blush: I thought Iris had the perfect aspiration for Evergreen Harbor, I'm still shocked that nothing seems to spawn there. Oh well, we're all making due. And I'm playing on normal lifespan. :smile:
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    tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,757 Member
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    @OJenn I'm on normal lifespan. The save file is set to 'aging off,' then defaults to long lifespan when you turn aging back on. I didn't notice for a couple of in-game days, but it worked out because when I turned aging on, they were a couple days into their YA lifespan anyway :lol:

    @Heckstress17 I hope they fix the bug box in the patch. Last time I used it, my bugs always died after I harvested them once too. Mine constantly have "health-declining" no matter how well-fed or 'nurtured' they are, and eventually they die :confused: My bee box might be broken too, because it suddenly stopped producing honey and wax as soon as the season changed to summer (supposedly the most active seasons for the bee box). Maybe they just need a break, Idk :sweat_smile: I also need to reposition it, because apparently they fertilize nearby plants! Gardening has gotten so much more complex with the seasons pack lol. I'll definitely take a pic of the dig hole. I keep getting fossils from it. I did some research and yeah, they dropped the ball on collectibles in Evergreen Harbor. A lot of people are asking for at least some rock collectibles in the 'quarry' neighborhood because it fits the theme. Hopefully they'll patch those in too at some point.

    @everyone - I might have an update tonight or tomorrow, but I'm forcing myself to prep for D&D first :sweat_smile:
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    OJennOJenn Posts: 8,429 Member
    @OJenn I'm on normal lifespan. The save file is set to 'aging off,' then defaults to long lifespan when you turn aging back on. I didn't notice for a couple of in-game days, but it worked out because when I turned aging on, they were a couple days into their YA lifespan anyway :lol:

    Oops! I will have to fix that for sure then!
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    TO RAISE A WOLFE – Evergreen Harbor Edition
    Callahan Family Tree
    Wolfe Family Tree
    Valentino Family Tree
    West Family Tree
    Wolfe Family Tree

    Chapter 1: Mysterious Men

    Later that same night Lia heard a thud outside her home.

    At first she thought something was wrong with one of the dew collectors or maybe it was even the windmills! She was shocked at what she found.

    She was startled when he suddenly sat up.

    Then she realized she had to help him.

    She brought him inside, got him out of the smelly clothes he was wearing and put him to bed.

    She left to bring Hailey (@heckstress17 ) to her parents’ house and when she came back there were strange men at her door. (I downloaded them from the gallery. They were created by @aslynn06 )

    She was shocked to see they had helped themselves to the cake in her refrigerator. (At least they didn’t start baking one.)

    She laid into them and told them to get out of her house right now. She didn’t care who they were, they had no right being in her house. Besides, she had no idea who they were looking for. She hadn’t seen any strange men around and none fitting the tall dark and handsome description. Nope. No one. They left in a huff.

    She raced to her bedroom and it was empty. She looked everywhere but her mystery man had vanished once again. Part of her hoped it was for good, but part of her was also really sad.

    She checked the rest of the house, but really it was a small home. There were not a lot of hiding places. As she was coming back down from the second floor she heard a muffled cry. Was it coming from her old school chest?

    Sure enough she found her mystery man there. He was not doing well. “Let me take you to the hospital.” She begged. He vehemently refused and in the end, she tucked him back into her bed promising not to leave while he was asleep. She would do her best to keep him safe. Safe from what? She wondered as she watched him sleep.
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    MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    @debjameswhite Wow! What a great story.
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    OJennOJenn Posts: 8,429 Member
    So in my last update Iris and Aiyden had only managed to work on the key areas in their new home.

    Since then they updated the kitchen and two additional rooms







    Aiyden really enjoys the laundry room the most

    Unfortunately, the Greene's forgot to vote on an N.A.P. so but this is what the community voted for

    In the weeks that came to pass things started to change





    It wasn't long until the eco footprint changed to green!
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    Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,306 Member
    I played a lot today so I'll have an update to share soon :)

    @debjameswhite - I really like the mystery of your story. I couldn't guess where this is going, and I have tried lol Lia definitely has a generous and kind heart to be allowing this mysterious stranger to stay in her house. Especially after those Men In Black lookin' guys showed up and just let themselves in... I hope her mystery man has a good explanation.

    @OJenn - Your house has come a long way in a short time! You made really good use of the space. I especially love the counters you used in the kitchen. Does the pink nursery indicate a baby girl in the near future? :relaxed: I'm with Aiyden though, I think I like the laundry room the most. I was wondering how Evergreen Harbor would look with the Modernization NAP in place. It's different then I thought it would be, but good different.
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    Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,306 Member
    Evergreen Harbor: Update 2

    Life in Evergreen Harbor has improved tremendously since my last update. A green initiative passed, and now the eco footprint is green, and it shows!

    These are the current NAP's. I'm liking them all so far. What NAP's have you all been playing with??

    The Greene's home neighborhood is now a place where sims actually want to be.

    And it's safe to breath in the air for once.

    However, Aiyden is still a fabricator, so dumpster diving for bits is still part of his routine.

    Iris finally found the dig spot that @JordanNicoleJJ mentioned. Mercifully it's yielded fossils, which Iris hasn't been able to collect at work. You can also see the Community Center in the background has undergone a makeover. The community voted to make it into a Marketplace, and I gotta say I love how the new space looks.

    Both Aiyden and Iris have been hard at work improving their neighborhood, and excelling in their careers, but they still find time for each other.

    You can see they're happier then when they first started out. :wink:

    It was a ridiculously rainy Spring in Evergreen Harbor.

    So Iris found herself searching for collectibles in other towns on her days off.

    She's had the most luck gathering in Oasis Springs. And I learned that "frog breeding" is a thing :lol: I've been playing this game since it came out, yet I'm still learning new things.

    She had luck in Willow Creek too, but it's weather was pretty terrible. Thankfully Iris is an outdoorsy girl, so a little rain never stopped her.

    Aiyden's been doing a lot of work from home. I finally figured out how to draft a green concept @JordanNicoleJJ you have to use this drafting tablet. Aiyden got one through a promotion from work.

    Anyway, he's still as hot-headed as ever, but has found new ways to take out his frustrations lol He and his fabricator have a love hate relationship.

    Family friend Knox is still around, and actually had some useful tips for Aiyden about using the recycler.

    They've become close friends, and Knox is always willing to play a game of chess when he drops by. Which is great because Aiyden needs to max his logic skill for work.

    At the end of Spring, Valentine's day rolled around. Aiyden took his wife to Oasis Springs to celebrate.

    They both ended up having a fantastic Valentine's day :heart:

    When Summer came Iris was happy to get outside and tend to her garden again.

    Unfortunately, she's spent most of the summer working at the science lab.

    The lab has a beautiful nursery, but for Iris it's not quite the same as being outdoors in nature.

    And there's no pretending that the science lab doesn't make her feel cooped up. After she's gotten promoted finished using the labs rocks for her mineral or my sims collection she might change careers.

    Before I knew it Iris and Aiyden were celebrating their adult birthdays.

    (I had a serious sim binge today :lol: )

    Iris and Aiyden decided that they were happy enough with the progress of their neighborhood, and financially secure enough to start a family. They tried twice with no luck... then finally!

    Iris was so excited she skipped work to tell her husband the big news. He wasn't expecting it, but is equally excited.

    She met with her co-worker and friend, Charley, and told her the big news.

    She's discovered that searching for collectibles is no longer so easy :lol:

    Anyway, I'll leave you with his pic of Iris and Aiyden both having a hissy fit over Iris' many laundry piles :joy:

    Happy Simming!
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    MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    edited July 2020
    @OJenn Your house looks great. The results of that N.A.P. was interesting. ty

    @Heckstress17 Your neighborhood looks pretty with the flowers along the walkways. They've done good to get it into the eco green footprint. Grats on starting a family. They've come far.

    I'm going to open that save right now. I have not gotten far. I did cheat some funds last time I played. One reason is because they both needed a PC for work.

    Barebones kitchen and dining room. Aiyden found that plant decor while dumpster diving.

    Barebones nursery.

    Front of unlandscaped home. I changed the color of the orange pillar to match the house better. A lighter yellowing tone.

    Doing laundry before work starts.

    I've not come far but this is what we have in N.A.P.s now. I have NPC voting turned off.

    Aiyden is still at level one in Fabrication skill. There are no gigs for his level today. He tries hard to gain the skill but the fabricator seems to have a mind of its own. ...And a sense of humor. His workshop is in the garage where we moved the family computer since he has to chat with clients.

    Level 2 finally. He can search for Gigs again.

    They are planting a garden for Aiyden's juice fizzing endeavor as gigs appear to him from that avenue of creation too. He also bought (cheated §) a candle maker too. They are planting a row of banana trees along the back of the lot. A large vineyard in front of the garage 'door' and five apple trees on the other side closer to the front but still in the garden area.
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    OJennOJenn Posts: 8,429 Member
    @heckstress17 - I know I say it a lot but your screenshots are always so vibrant. I only have two NAPs (Green Gardening and Modern Development) going currently, I want more now after seeing yours. I wonder if it's just the length of time playing that lets you have more. I am so glad to see Aiyden and Iris' relationship improve it took some work to get there in my save :lol: Hooray for the first nooboo, are you hoping for one or more? I keep remembering our multiples curse from the challenge a while back.

    @Mionax - That kitchen looks so big, I love it! The perfect spot for family gatherings too. I didn't know you could turn off NPC voting, wow! Does it make it so only your votes count? I can't wait to see how their garden tirns out, thats a lot of plants ♥

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