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Rebuilding Worlds Vol. 2


  • Francisca464Francisca464 Posts: 738 Member
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    OK, so apparently I went from a super Sims slump to not being able to tear myself away from the game lol. I played again last night and since it's quiet at work, I had time to edit some pictures and to post them now. Thanks to @JordanNicoleJJ I was able to make them more colorful with GIMP! You rock! :smiley:

    Love Day had arrived in Evergreen Harbor and while Iris watered Tiny Bob...

    I directed Aiyden to make a romantic breakfast for his lovely bride. He didn't agree and exhibited a serious case of the Stink Eye.

    He was so busy condemning me that he almost ruined something as simple as Eggs & Toast.

    Iris wondered what got his panties in a twist.

    But she didn't pry, just gave him a big smooch...

    and that put Aiyden right back in a good mood. I see this happen a lot in my game. Aiyden being super cranky, Iris giving him a kiss and all is well again. I think it's adorable.

    Things were, in fact, so well that they christened their brand new shower that morning.

    While those guys were at it, I couldn't help but notice that the apples on the apple tree seem to just float around, which is odd to say the least.

    Anyway, it was time for the mandatory Love Day date. They went to the cute lot that @OJenn shared on the first page!

    I think Iris got Aiyden a fertility potion and he got her a tiger beanie and they were both ecstatic.

    I agree, random stranger, they truly are nauseating.

    So I discovered that you can now WooHoo in a trash container and I think it's my new favorite WooHoo...

    I mean look at that neat effect of trash being thrown around the container.

    And this animation :love: I just love it!

    After their big date, the couple was invited to Tina Tinkers house. I didn't really know she had a family, but apparently this is her wife? She looks so cute! Her and Iris got along great.

    Aiyden immediately started presenting some kind of green eco plan to Tina...

    who wasn't so much excited as that she needed to pee. And who can blame her really, being this pregnant.

    Tina's wife came to her rescue and Aiyden sort of slunk off.

    In what I believe was an act of revenge he destroyed Tina's fabricator. Or rather, it destroyed him, but we're sticking to the first story.

    At home Tiny Bob finally became Big Bob!

    And there was some sort of inspection? Did this happen to anyone else? The notification said he was satisfied but I think he was just scared to tell them otherwise because Bob would totally eat him.

    Good Bob :heart:

    Iris' day off finally came and I sent her off to Willow Creek for treasure hunting!

    I tend to forget how beautiful this neighborhood actually is.

    There were many frogs, but unfortunately no crystals. Is there a place where you can find more of those?

    Iris also met this cranky townie but he scared her away.

    The day in Willow Creek ended when Aiyden sent Iris an invitation to the Romance Festival.

    A good thing, because by that point she was almost starving from catching frogs all day.

    Angry Townie turned out to be Angry Stalking Townie because he suspiciously showed up during their date.

    To get away from him, they decided to renew their vows.

    (Yes? Is that rock big enough, Your Highness?)

    The night ended with a bang...

    and another bang :yum:

    That's it! So sorry for the massive picture dump but I'm so happy to enjoy playing again. Went slightly overboard :wink:
  • WentcrazyWentcrazy Posts: 128 Member
    @Mionax Thanks! I don't know what's going on (maybe it's the heat) but everyone at work is acting crazy. Last night after posting I fell asleep immediately. My body and mind were exhausted and super tired.
    I'll look at your poll and will vote after posting :)

    @IllusoryThrall That sounds cool! Especially the plopsy function. I'll look more into the pack some day next week.
    As for Iris: I have the feeling she is confident about who she is and what she likes. Being clumsy then makes me like her even more. Aiyden is more like a "normal" guy compared to her.

    @Francisca464 Haha, that's good to hear! Our lonely sims should create their own group and hang out together :D
    When I saw Iris I immediately thought she could rock such an outfit and style. And she does! Girls are definitely way nicer to dress. There's so much more stuff to choose from - clothes for guys always look "the same" to me. Idk, I feel there's more variation for female sims.

    Your update is great! The pictures are so colorful, maybe I need to check out gimp as well.
    It is adorable that Aiyden's mood changes once he received a kiss from Iris. He must be head over heals all the time. They are so cute! I was surprised that Tina Tinker had a wife as well. Especially since she is pregnant in other safes (MCC or already in the sims?). But yes, her wife is cute as well :)
    I think the inspection is part of a community plan that was chosen. if you have too many "bad" objects that aren't upgraded (computer, washing machine, faucets,..) they might charge you extra on the rent. At least that's how I understood it. Can't remember the name of the "plan" though.
    Two bangs at the end :D Loved the fact they renewed their vows! I should do this next time on love day :)

    @JordanNicoleJJ I wish there was more variation for shorter hairstyles. I found a more "messier" version for shorter hair but the hair was still too long overall, so I didn't pick that. But it's nice to do it in general :)

    I hope your bf will get better soon! Thankfully no one I directly know had covid so far (as in confirmed) but there were other cases (e.g a friend's mom got really sick at had to be at the hospital for two weeks).
    Also, I'm looking forward to your update :D

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  • Francisca464Francisca464 Posts: 738 Member
    @Wentcrazy Thank you! GIMP is free so that's nice and with the explanation from @JordanNicoleJJ on the previous page it was actually really easy. It's not a huge difference, but the pictures become a bit less dull and I like it a lot. Can definitely recommend! I'm not sure if Tina is pregnant in the standard game, I blamed it on MCCC but of course she could be pregnant already... Good question! Ahh yes you're right, it did have something to do with rent. In that case I think it's part of the Upcycling plan, because that one and Green Gardening are active for me.
  • MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    edited August 2020
    I'm glad you got into playing again. Your update was great. I was impressed with the picture of their revow kiss with the fireworks and confetti. That was perfect timing.

    My heir poll is tied again.
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  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,306 Member
    edited August 2020
    I had a really bad day yesterday :disappointed: I'm still not feeling like myself, so I don't have an update, but I want to comment on all the stuff I missed. I'm still so happy to see that everyone is so active right now :heart: I played a little bit, but only to build the Gen 2 house. It's been a challenge :grimace: but it's getting there.

    @Wentcrazy - I just take my pics using the tab key and then hitting C in game to take the picture. I never resize my pics because I'm 99% sure the forum resizes pics on its own. I do use a program called Photoscape to mass edit my pics before I upload them to Imgur to post here. I only brighten them up, so nothing fancy. But I too go pic taking crazy and have to limit myself to only the best ones to post :lol: Anyway, look at your Iris and Aiyden! I love Iris' punky style. She looks so cool! And I get the simple guy vibe from Aiyden too, so I really like his outfits as well. I'm so happy that outfit tours have become a thing :mrgreen: And as @Francisca464 said, my sims are always friendless :lol: I've been getting a bit better about having my sims be social. Usually the household will at least 1 friend lol! Social Aspirations are my worst nightmare...

    @Rhythrin - I was so happy to see an update from you. I really love Luana :love: She's so pretty, and whatever skin your using on your sims only amplifies it. That shot of her swimming in her hidden pool is beautiful. I still can't get over what a great idea that space was. It's fun to see how in love she and Manu are. Their ritual of talking over dinner is great too. I was not expecting a baby announcement in your first update, but of course I can't complain. I'm glad Manu seemed to come around to the idea really quickly :lol:

    @Mionax - Your restaurant looks great, and that roof is super cool. I definitely wanna get around to building a restaurant for my Evergreen Harbor too. Also, I'm sure you've already seen, but I voted on your heir poll yesterday. I chose Ashton, he's the most "Iris" looking kid I've seen the Greene's have so far. I had to show some love :wink: And I noticed that Aldon looks an awful lot like my Silas! So that was cool to see. I hope there's a tiebreaker soon!

    @IllusoryThrall - I'm excited for your next update, and Happy Birthday to your son! I do the exact same printscreen to MS paint trick too lol

    @debjameswhite - I'm super impressed that you and @OJenn were able to complete the genepools. I'll be sure to use the new tagging system if I wanna upload any shells. Though I doubt it. I'm in a huge building rut at the moment. Aw, look at all your townies :heart: You've placed some good ones, and some of the same that I placed as well. I love seeing how Heath has stepped up to be a great Step Dad for Hailey. And look at how pretty she is! Weston and Sawyer are super cute too. I love that all 3 kids share those pretty blue eyes. Your 1st attempt at the outfit tour was flawless. You transitioned to each outfit so seamlessly. I like Hailey's outdoor outfits the most. Which I've noticed I say about most peoples outfit tours :lol: Apparently I like layers and summer styles. The boys look really cute in their little hats, but my fav part of the update was Hailey and Lia's attempt at yoga. Hailey is such an angel, she'd be a perfect heir :bawling: It was adorable that she and Heath planned to get her Mom a dog. Their new little fox will be a nice addition to the family. I always love seeing animals in other people's games. After my sons meltdown over the doggie death in my WC save I've had to steer clear of them in mine lol

    @Francisca464 - Yeah, I was going for a "nature" baby name theme this generation. Fawn just fit perfectly. I found Silas in my woodsy google searches, apparently it means "Man of the Forrest" so he fits the theme, even if it's not as obvious as his sister lol. I did download townies to fill my game, but honestly I just went through my Origin friends list and downloaded sims from people who play this challenge. If I find any other good ones I'll let you know. On tumblr I've seen people posting "townie dumps" so I'm gonna keep my eye out for those. I also "de-bagged" :lol: that eco townie and found out he was adorable! I put some shoes on him and now I'd say he's a solid 9. For my screenshots I use Photoscape. I like it because you can mass edit pics, and it saves the filter settings you use. So I literally just pick the new pics I want to edit, edit the 30-40 of them at once :lol: and save them before uploading to Imgur. I see that @JordanNicoleJJ has already got you set up with Gimp though. I hope that works out well :smile: In game I use 2 lighting mods. No Blu and No Glo but truthfully I didn't even remember I had them until you asked lol I don't think they're must haves though.

    Anyway, yay for updates and sim mojo! :mrgreen: Aiyden and Iris' salad dinner by single candlestick light was pretty funny to me :lol: Especially after I saw the pic of Iris picking her ear and then preparing salad. I hope Bob doesn't develop a taste for Aiyden. I'm convinced that Aiyden is now a crucial part of all cowplants diets. Iris looked so cute interacting with the bees. Those prank calls are the best! They remind me of the sims 2. Nostalgia :heart: Seeing Aiyden's anger problem take root in other peoples games makes me way too happy :joy: It's also great to see how Iris handles him :heart: Their love day dumpster dive is so fitting for Evergreen Harbor. I can't believe my Greene's never did that. Tina Tinker is pregnant in your game too! I'm telling you that girl is just permanently knocked up :lol: Yeah the eco inspections are a weekly thing. I definitely think your inspector was swayed to vote yes by Big Bob lol. It was nice to see Iris out and exploring in Willow Creek. That single dig spot in Evergreen is total bummer though. Aw the romance festival pics were lovely. The vow renewal timed perfectly with the fireworks! :love: I don't think you went overboard with pics! I love big updates, and I really really really love hearing that your enjoying your game again too. I didn't know if you, or I, would ever come out of our slump lol I was worried we'd need the Sims 5 to come out before getting back into simming.

    @JordanNicoleJJ - I spot the new house in your Gimp tutorial :wink: I have to tell you that I downloaded it and it looks AMAZING! I'm serious, you completely nailed and elevated that floorplan. I wanted SOOOOO badly to use your shell, but it was just so above and beyond perfect. I really felt like I was cheating/stealing as I started to decorate it. But I cannot wait until you give us a house tour!!! I started building that same floorplan and It looks like plum :neutral: Also omg I saw how you did the split level staircase and was in awe. I went and watched youtube video tutorials for hours on how to remove foundations and roofs to be able to make them... to ultimately find out (just as I was about to rage quit over the difficulty) that there was a stairs update and all I needed to do was drag my staircase. :grimace::bawling: I wish I would've just fb messaged you and asked :lol: Which apparently you probably would've seen right away since your in quarantine lol! I'm sorry your BF is still feeling bad. I hope it's not covid, but for you the silver lining is sims time!
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  • MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    @Heckstress17 I hope today goes better for you than yesterday. Thank you for voting in my heir poll. I did notice that you had. :smile:
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  • WentcrazyWentcrazy Posts: 128 Member
    Alright, here it finally is.
    It's more commenting on pictures than a real story but whatever. Enjoy the pictures and imagine some sort of proper story if you need :) I really tried to build the house and I kept as close as I could to the original plan. As I said, I've never done any building so far, so it's not perfect but I'm really satisfied. Have fun with looking at my first proper build home! B)

    Chapter 1

    Meet Aiyden and Iris Greene.
    They met in university, fell in love and got married right after they got their degrees.


    When they searched for homes on the market, they got offered an unfurnished home in Evergreen Harbor, way below the usual price and it was perfect - at least on pictures.
    In reality, Evergreen Harbor didn't look green at all and smog was all around.


    Aiyden doesn't look very happy but Iris is looking forward to their new home - despite the smog.


    She hugged her husband and told him that it's going to turn out alright.


    I mean, they both had agreed that the house looked amazing from the outside and on the ad.


    With no job in sight, all savings gone and spent on some furniture, and their stuff still on the way with the moving company, their house looked as empty as Aiyden felt inside. Iris probably felt the same but she hid it way better.


    Luckily, the kitchen was already installed and only their fridge was missing. It gave them a bit of feeling at home.


    However, as it turned out, the rest of the house was pretty much an empty shell with no furniture. Not even a single toilet could be found in the two-bathroom house. They weren't sure if the dustpan and broom were meant as a gift or a joke though.


    The rest of the house wasn't even finished: The floor was still concrete, the walls empty but Aiyden settled on a master bedroom to light up the mood.


    Iris hugged her husband again and together they decided they want to put their degrees to use and be a part of changing the world. Or their new town as a start.


    They went outside again and glanced over the area. They had a lot to do.


    But even in that lighting and the ugly smog, their house looked nice. Especially the view from the back with the basketball hoop and the monkey bars in their backyard. If they could fix the environment, it would be a place to raise kids. They just needed patience, plants, and a little bit of luck.

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  • MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    @Wentcrazy Great start. I like how Iris is supportive and encouraging. :smile:
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  • MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    My heir poll is closed. The tie has been broken at last! Here are the results:


    Mariam is our heir. ty for voting :)
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  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,407 Member
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    @Francisca464 - You know we love big updates here and I absolutely love that Iris and Aiyden renewed their vows, so cute! Tina and her wife are so nice and they were some of the first townies my Greene's met as well. Now I am wondering if my Tina ever had kids, hmm. Anyway Aiyden's adventures with the fabricator are hilarious, I love that sims can tussle with the machine. Hopefully, they will become fast friends after a few bouts lol. I really love that cafe as well and I am glad you found a use for it too, my favorite part is that it looks like it belongs on that lot.

    @Wentcrazy - I am loving the story so far and the makeovers are pretty neat as well. Iris is definitely very supportive of her grumpy man haha. The basketball hoop was such a nice touch on the garage, can't wait to see these two take on the town in your save.

    @Mionax - Even though Alden didn't win I do think Mariam is beautiful and I can't to see her story unfold.

    @Heckstress17 - I hope your week gets better at least, hang in there ♥
  • IllusoryThrallIllusoryThrall Posts: 1,335 Member
    My first story update!! (As I mentioned previously, it's also on my blog, but since it's nearly the same post, I won't bother linking it here.)
    They load up on the pavement next to their new home, and Aiyden immediately devolves into a coughing fit. Iris seems a bit worried for her college friend.
    She inquires as to his health, and he mentions the smog is choking him. He is second guessing their decision to spend so much on this house when the neighborhood appears to be in such bad shape. (They are 40k in debt from buying the bare necessities and building the house.)
    Iris immediately lights into Aiyden for doubting their mission to clean up Port Promise, and he initially looks bewildered by her attack.
    Before long, however, his hot-headedness takes over, and he’s giving as good as he gets. As a simmer, I try to make them play “nice”, but they’re simply not cooperating. Every “friendly” interaction is causing further damage to an already tenuous friendship.
    Finally, They’re thoroughly angry from both sides losing the argument, and I gave up and sent them to inspect their new home. Both stomp off to the front door like recalcitrant teenagers.
    Iris checks out their kitchen – which is pretty much the only mostly furnished room in the house. Aiyden checks, and finds that the bathrooms, indeed, at least have plumbing, there’s a washer and dryer – and one double bed that looks like a rock to sleep on. He comes back to relay the bad news to Iris, and she doesn’t take it well.
    “There’s only one bed? How on earth did this place cost so much, then? What did all our money go to? The walls and floors are so BORING! How could you have approved these designs?”
    “Whoa. You weren’t exactly helpful in picking out the designs, you were too busy with college to help out, so I picked the house that looked like it would be big enough for both of us. It’s not my fault the designer misunderstood and thought we were a couple!”
    “Whatever!” Iris has had enough of Aiyden, and turns her back on him to order some cheap (very cheap) bedroom furniture for herself, and contact the local job bureau for employment. She has the furniture installed in the room that’s the furthest from Aiydens (in the third floor), and lucks out with finding a company who will hire her on based solely on her degree, not her abysmal skills. Aiyden considers the fact that his Aspiration requires him to be a Freelance Maker, and makes the contacts to join that agency – but his “slacker” approach in his “career” only seems to aggravate Iris more.
    With neither of them speaking to each other at the moment, they both decide to head to the local Community Space to check out the neighborhood. Aiyden is horrified by the mess on the lot, and immediately starts meeting people to try to gain influence so he can turn the lot into a Maker Space.
    Iris sees the lot and immediately has other ideas. This neighborhood NEEDS revitalization. This junkyard of a community space can always be cleaned up later – after they have some better laws in place. She immediately start campaigning for the area to be more “Self-Sufficient”. There aren’t a whole lot of people around, yet, though – and who can blame them with all this mess around?! – so both Iris and Aiyden settle on the same thing to keep themselves busy.
    Dumpster Diving. Before long, they’re both filthy and miserable, but they’ve been finding a ton of great stuff they can sell to improve their home situation.
    Iris finds some locals to convince to join her cause finally, while Aiyden continues looking for deals in the dumpsters. He finds a coffeemaker that looks like it’s seen better days, but he decides that’s the one item he thinks he can salvage for their home.
    When he finally turns to finding people who might also like a better space to gather as a community, the smog again chokes him up. This lady is not impressed, and decides she didn’t want to talk to him after all.
    Throughout the day, Iris continues to gather influence and votes for her plan of action for the neighborhood, completely ignoring whatever Aiyden might be up to.
    She finds another dumpster, and ignores the cats who are now showing up en masse to look for food in the junkyard. She might as well look for more deals, because it’s not like she’s going to get any dirtier by dumpster diving some more.
    A commotion behind her finally draws her attention, and she turns to find a cat stalking a mouse that is clearly too smart for the trap placed by it’s hole near the junkyard “office”. Chuckling, she turns to look for some more things to sell.

    They end up spending most of the night searching for deals, and end up with quite a nice chuck of change.. and needs that are in the red on pretty much every front. Exhausted, they both head home.
    The next day, Aiyden’s priority is fixing the coffeemaker he found. And possibly cleaning it up, because it smells something awful.
    Iris spend her time rearranging their new furniture, and making sure the cable got hooked up properly. Already the place is starting to feel more like a home. She even ordered a more comfortable bed for both her and Aiyden.. although she might have consulted him first.. but she didn’t think about it.
    Finally, she makes dinner for them, and finds out what he spent his day on while they were at the junkyard.
    “A Maker Space?? What do we need that for? Didn’t you see the horrible plans that the neighbors have for the neighborhood?? You should have been campaigning to stop those ideas, not wasting your influence on that silly junkyard. We could always have fixed that later!!”

    Aiyden just rolls his eyes and goes back to eating his salad. Not a very good salad, either, mind you. But – then – with the way things look, it’s no wonder the only produce they could get at the store was already turning brown at the edges.

    Will these two ever start getting along??
  • tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,754 Member
    @Francisca464 Your pics look awesome!! I'm glad I could help. And I feel the same way -- I can't tear myself away from the game either! That's Aiyden and Iris in a nutshell -- Aiyden gets angry, Iris romances him back to happiness :blush: Plopsy is so good for buying gifts! I saw the fertility potion on there, and now I really want a juice-fizzing sim so I can make that kind of stuff lol. AHH I keep forgetting about dumpster woohoo!! It grosses me out, but the animation are super cute. I haven't seen Tina's wife in-game yet -- she is so cute! The inspectors come once a week and walk around the lot to make sure you're "in compliance" with the NAPs. I couldn't find crystals anywhere either, so I ended up buying them from the computer to get past that part of her aspiration. Those romance festival pics are amazing! The shot of them renewing their vows with the fireworks :love::heart:

    @Wentcrazy Sorry to hear you had such a stressful day yesterday :confused: Hopefully today will be better for you :heart: The bf is finally feeling better today, so hopefully it's about over now. We know several people who tested positive, and one person passed away from it. It's really sad and unfortunate that he passed away, but at least it "woke up" some of our friends and made them take it a little more seriously.

    That's your first attempt at building?? It's WAY better than my builds when I first started -- you did amazing! It's almost identical to the floorplan, way closer than mine at least lol. I love the basketball hoop on the garage, it really looks like a garage! Great first update. I can't wait for more!

    @Heckstress17 Oh no, sorry you had a bad day yesterday too :frowning: I hope you get to feeling better soon :heart: Aww thank you so much for the compliments on my gen 2 house :blush: I don't feel like it's stealing/cheating at all! But I also understand the desire to build everything yourself. I'm always torn between wanting to build my own community lots and wanting to use everyone else's because they're so much better :sweat_smile: Yeah, I would've responded right away, I was just playing sims all day :lol: I'm glad you figured out the stairs though. That update was a godsend!

    @Mionax Mariam was my second choice, so I'm happy with the result!

    @IllusoryThrall I love the look of the smog, but those coughing fits are no joke! Typical Aiyden and Iris...already fighting on day 1 lol. I love the "college roommates" take you have, rather than the newlyweds storyline. I love the stray cats in the junkyard -- that's perfect! I really want a junkyard lot now lol. I love that they have different ideas for Evergreen Harbor. A maker space is perfect for Aiyden, especially since you had him join the freelancer career instead of green tech so he didn't get the free fabricator. Self-sufficiency is a pretty good NAP, especially in the beginning when starting a garden and the inevitable broken appliances. Great first update! I'm already craving more!

    @ everyone -- I'll be back with my own update in a short while :smile:
  • IllusoryThrallIllusoryThrall Posts: 1,335 Member
    @JordanNicoleJJ I sorta had to go with the roommates take because they weren't set as married when I downloaded them.. and they clearly weren't getting along at the beginning. I have pictures for another update already, but I'll post that tomorrow. :wink: I do love that they're very different people, though. It makes playing this family more fun.
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,407 Member
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    Things in the Greene household have definitely become more active with two adults and two teens. Jade has picked up the Research & Debate skill

    She also informed her parents that she would be going to University and they encouraged her to follow her heart

    Since Atlas got the Friend of the Animals aspiration the first thing he did was get a dog, his name is Flash!

    Apparently Flash wasn't a new puppy because the next day he aged up!

    He is a very good boi and loves going on long walks and swimming in the new pool


    And despite being Atlas' dog he prefers sleeping in Iris and Aiyden's room

    Flash wasn't the only one to take notice of the new pool, Jade goes for a morning swim floatbefore class every day

    Aiyden also taught me that you can indeed swim angrily. Someone needs a chill pill lol

    Before I could even decide what the generational skill would be Aiyden threw down some very strong hint

    I think he wants the twins to follow in his footsteps :lol:

    Atlas could care less about it all, he was working on learning everything he could about the Selvadoradian culture. His Rumbasim skills could use some work but at least he is having fun

    Jade on the other hand decided to poke around her father's fabricator a bit (I think she wants to be the heir)

    This lady keeps waltzing into their house in the middle of the night to make de-stress drinks? I don't even know

    Whatever she is making Aiyden seems to like it, I'm waiting for him to fall over or something

    After reaching the top of his career he put more time into working from home on new concepts

    Just a few more days before more birthdays and I don't think I'm ready to let go. May have some potions for Christmas we'll see :wink:
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  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,407 Member
    @IllusoryThrall - Oof! Aiyden's temper is going to get him in trouble one day. I kind of love the idea of Aiyden and Iris starting off as "friends" its definitely going to take work to build any sort of relationship. Hopefully, they can start to see eye to eye so that they can turn things around for Port Promise.
  • MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
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    @IllusoryThrall I like how they bicker and their food is bad. Things have to only get better from here. Right? :smile:

    @OJenn I like the picture of Jade's reflection in the mirror while she is practicing debate skills. She's pretty. Flash is adorable! I want to hug that dog. Have you chosen an heir?

    From the news desk of Mionax we bring a new chapter in the lives of the Greene family... The debut of Mariam!

    Mariam is still a teen but being a loner in a house that is jam packed with siblings and parents was too much for her. With the generous help of her oldest brother, the firstborn of the family, Ashton, they moved out to a small lot of their own. Ashton vowed to care for her until she was on her feet and old enough legally to take things into her own hands.


    Houseplan B The shell is up in the gallery.



    The relief of this peace and quiet was doing her a world of good. The stress seemed to melt away with each passing day. Especially when Ashton was at his workplace. She took after her mom a bit in that she enjoyed her tiny greenhouse. She planted her first two spinach plants and it was very nice. She wanted to plant the pomegranate and grow fruit trees in the greenhouse too but they wouldn't fit. She'll have to wait until the ground thaws in the spring before they can go in the ground.


    Even with having the loner trait, she was still a teenager and wanted to adventure out to the town. The first night, late afternoon really, Ashton allowed it as a gift of freedom, though he was nervous for his baby sister the entire time. Mariam was thrilled and enjoyed her simple dinner and then got to play the piano near the upstairs bar.


    Playing the piano she would never forget. She loved music and making some, no matter the quality of it, moved her very much.


    The next night was a friday night. After homework was finished she wanted to go out again. To the festival. Ashton rang up their dad and Aiyden, at a discreet distance, watched over the safety of his youngest at the Spice festival. She had a blast. A blast of burning hotness that is. She was not used to eating spicy foods.


    She tried the bubble blower and took it like a champ.


    She met a couple celebrities at the festival and they both agreed to give her an autograph.



    Then she met an exotic-looking man painting a ground mural and he let her help. She took his photo to share with her brother when she got home.


    Young Adult, Single. mhm ;)

    Then when the festival was an hour from closing time at 1am in the morning, she snuck across the street for a little solo karaoke. She wasn't very good at it but she loved it anyway.


    The next day was Saturday and she got to sleep in none the wiser that her loving family was keeping her safe and well.

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    @JordanNicoleJJ Yes! Let's definitely talk about gene pools! I'm fond of Sawyer too. Honestly, I'm'll see. I'm so glad you said you were going to steal Hailey's outfit! Now I can steal outfits without remorse! <3 hehe I laughed too about Lia actually ending up with a fox. I couldn't resist though. I have so many fox in my hard this year and I just want to hug them! So I'll let LIa hug this one instead. Darn though I keep trying to get a big dog for a sim and I keep ending up with little ones like I have in real life!!

    Oh somehow I missed that your BF was sick. I hope you guys are ok and stay safe! Keep us posted on how he does :)

    @Francisca464 Oh I will totally take Fawn! I love your sims. Brad was like my favorite gene pool mate from the optional one I used in Windenburg. Lia is actually a descendant of his! Also I missed one of my townies when I was taking screenshots of them! You might recognize this couple.

    Actually I do want Hailey in spite of Jay but Heath and Lia are my founders so she's not eligible as heir. When I said I wanted to adopt a dog, one of the options was a fox so I had him come over :)

    Ahhh! An update! I am happy. Aww poor Iris, but look at all that smog! Not another cow plant! You guys are killing me with the cow plants! Please keep Aidyn away!! Haha Lia has had a few altercations with fabricator too but I love how you captured it! Oh no Iris, please don't do that with the food :/ Oh my gosh! Your prank call that was so creepy!! I hadn't seen that one before!!

    @Mionax I voted in your poll, I can't wait to see who you pick!!

    @Wentcrazy Hooray! An update! I love what you did with the founders! They look great. I love the outfits.

    @IllusoryThrall Ahhh your son turned 21 :) What a fun birthday. My daughter did that last year :)

  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,596 Member
    OH...PS I totally missed an entire page of comments. That will be for tomorrow!
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    edited August 2020
    Hey guys,

    I'm back with another update. I'll write replies to your posts once I'm back home next week as I'll be gone for a few days.
    But I did play a bit before I was able to post pictures, so here is another chapter. Hopefully, I can improve the pictures in the future and make more use of all those features (different angles, lighting,..).

    Enjoy! :)

    Chapter 2

    The next day, Aiyden tested his skill on basketball while Iris was out in town applying for jobs.


    But the smog was too much for him. Instead of drowning in misery, he called a job agency and tried a different approach than Iris. Hopefully, this would lead to a job soon.


    Shortly after, the moving company arrived. Too bad, they only put all the boxes and the rest of the moving stuff wherever they wanted to. Once again Aiyden was close to tears.


    Iris returned home and saw the mess. She called the moving company and complained about their behavior.


    Then, she slowly started unpacking. Hoping that soon their life would be getting better.


    The next day, Iris got a call while checking the mailbox. She got a job!


    She immediately told Aiyden and then started planting vegetables and fruits. Not only because they wanted to level her skill but also she wanted their place to feel more like home.


    Motivated by his wife's success on landing a job, Aiyden put some of his ideas on paper... ehh... digital paper :D


    The days just went by. While Iris was at work, Aiyden tried to clean up their house.
    He put tiles and laminate on the flooring and moved different boxes into rooms they wouldn't need yet. He was still working on the walls when the job agency called him back with a great offer.


    To celebrate his new employment, he cooked dinner for Iris and surprised her with the news :)


    Of course, they had to celebrate properly at the end.

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    Family Tree Evergreen Harbor
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    Rebuild Evergreen Harbor: Gen 2

    Aiyden and Iris gave Haven his inheritance early, so he and Suri could buy a house and move in together. They agreed on a two-story, 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bathroom modern home in the middle of Port Promise with a beautiful view of the harbor. (Floorplan A)


    They couldn't afford much furniture after buying the house itself, which Suri wasn't very happy about, but Haven promised they'd make it work. Money would be tight, but between all of the university grants and scholarships he would get each semester and working at a local daycare on the weekends, they would at least be able to pay the bills.

    Suri started doing freelance work to help supplement their income and speed along the furnishing process. She had a great work ethic and sometimes knocked out two or three gigs in one day! Her parents were obviously missing her though, as they kept calling to ask if she was ever going to visit. She had to turn down several invites, but they seemed to understand.


    It's about time I introduce Suri properly, seeing as she's definitely going to be part of this challenge. I was pleasantly surprised to discover she also has the Successful Lineage aspiration. I think it's great that she and Haven are both family sims with similar goals for the future :smile: Her traits are Ambitious, Cheerful, and Music Lover. I chose the Freelance Writer career, so she can work at her own pace (which is "grind mode" right now but will slow down once they have kids).

    No introduction would be complete without an outfit tour! I love love love her style, and it's so different from my usual style. I found those tall socks under the "leggings" category (why??), and they're my new fav tall socks. These aren't all of her outfits, just my favs: everyday (3), formal (1), athletic (1), sleep (1), party (2), hot (2), cold (2).


    New Year's Eve sneaked up on them as they were busy settling into their new life. Thankfully Suri's mom reminded them by inviting them to a college party. I just love how Suri's MOM is living the college life better than Haven :lol: Anyway, Suri figured it would be a good way to get her parents off her back about visiting for awhile.

    Her mom didn't stay long. She probably heard of a better party somewhere else :tongue: Haven and Suri got a quiet corner table, ordered some fancy cocktails, and talked about school, work, and home improvements.

    They made their resolutions for the new year -- Haven wants to start working out and living healthier in general, while Suri wants to focus more on her career before they start a family.

    Haven participated in the countdown to midnight, but those cocktails ran through Suri and she had to awkwardly escape to the bathroom :lol: (Also, this is the moment I knew I needed the NPCC mod. I had just spent hours in CAS giving all of the randomly generated townies make-overs, then the game decided to spawn all of these fashion nightmares just for this bar/event :expressionless: )

    Haven sneaked in a quick New Year's kiss before they left :blush:

    Spring brought lots and lots of rain, but that didn't stop Haven from staying true to his resolution to get fit. Jogging in the rain just means you don't have to take a shower after, right? :tongue:


    The nights were still cold, and they took full advantage of the hot tub (literally the most expensive, unnecessary purchase ever lol). They never "messed around" as teens, and they were each other's first and only relationship, so... Let's just say, they're enjoying the "learning process" :wink:



    At this point I installed NPCC and MCCC, and let them do their thing. Well let me tell you, MCCC did a number on Suri's family :grimace: Her mom and dad got a divorce and immediately married other people. I'm pretty sure her mom had an affair, because she married a young college kid from robotics club. On top of all that, her younger brother and sister (both recently aged up into young adults) are already having babies!! So, thanks for that, MCCC :flushed:

    That weekend, Suri went to Haven's robotics contest to see how her mom was holding up. Uh, yeah, she was totally having an affair...she's doing just fine :tongue::lol: Also, don't mind Haven casually crashing an RC helicopter right into them :sweat_smile:

    "Oooo, that's gotta hurt... My bad!"

    Haven didn't win the contest, but the day wasn't a total loss. Suri (and I) discovered a new type of robot -- a party bot! Haven's definitely gonna have to make one of these for his music-loving future wife :smiley:

    I needed more motivation to get my sims out of the house, so I made my own community space for Port Promise. Here's the marketplace version, complete with food stalls, lots of vendor tables, and random activities (just more things to do) like karaoke and yoga.



    Suri invited her mom and sister out to try the new rooftop karaoke. They had a blast! They were pretty good too, even had a couple fans!

    Her sister wasn't showing though, which was disappointing. I was hoping to get some bump love pics :tongue: Oh well, they still had fun. :smile:

    Suri hung around after they left and made a new friend. "Hi! I love your sweater, where did you get it?"

    I love how full this lot was -- there were vendors at almost every stall, and most of them matched what I had in mind for the stall, like the massage/yoga area table being for selling candles! Also how cute is that candle vendor?? :love: Is it too late to change my mind about Suri... :sweat_smile::lol:

    There was even a servo giving massages! Servos are the best :heart:

    When Suri got home, Haven was stressing about completing his 'get fit' resolution in time. He only had a couple days left, and jogging wasn't cutting it. A new gym just opened in Willow Creek, so they went to check it out. Guys, GUYS -- Willow Creek was smoggy!

    Haven and Suri didn't know what to think. They'd never seen smog like this before, they'd only heard the stories Aiyden and Iris told them about when they first moved to Evergreen Harbor.

    It certainly didn't help their workout. Every breath felt strained -- even moreso than just normal out-of-shape heavy breathing.


    Suri just couldn't handle it. She spent the rest of the night at the juice bar, sipping water to hold back the coughing fits. She made another friend though! @debjameswhite I put Lia and Heath in my game and gave them makeovers -- I love them so much! :smiley:

    Meanwhile, the apocalypse was kicking off outside :flushed: That's one ominous sky...

    The next round of MCCC pregnancies included Eden!! I was so excited at first, because the guy looked like total husband material...but uh, he already is a husband...he's married to another woman. So that's awkward.

    Eden announced her pregnancy in person, and Haven & Suri were so excited for her! They can't wait to meet their little niece or nephew :blush:


    Other than that, they have just been going through the motions with school & work. Haven worked his butt off to do his homework for every class, finish all of his final papers and presentations early, and study for his finals, maintaining an A+ in every single class so far. Suri wrote a LOT and already maxed her writing skill. She mostly takes jobs to write children's books and tutor students or review students' school papers.

    Her latest book was inspired by their recent trip to Willow Creek. Yes, that's a pun on both Puff the Magic Dragon and Smaug from the Hobbit :lol:

    She also got more involved in the community's green future. She felt like it was a bit redundant to have Green Gardening AND Green Initiatives, so she spent a few days gaining support from the community to repeal the gardening NAP. (I have no idea what to replace it with...maybe Eco-Friendly Appliances since they're both pretty handy and still "building/upgrading" their home?)

    All in all though, Evergreen Harbor is still a pretty great place to live (especially compared to Willow Creek right now :grimace: ).

    Love Day happened to fall the day before Haven's graduation. He was pretty exhausted from finals, but he chugged a sleep replacement potion and made a reservation for dinner at the fanciest restaurant in Magnolia Promenade. (Thankfully it wasn't all smoggy like it's neighbor Willow Creek.)

    It was still pretty gloomy outside, but they forgot about the rain as soon as they were seated. They got the best table in the house -- in perfect view of the special entertainment for the evening. Haven couldn't take his eyes off of his beautiful fiance though :wink:

    Suri was pleasantly surprised when her sister came to take their order! They chatted for a bit, and Suri learned that she and their brother's wife both gave birth to baby boys! She's now the proud aunt to two baby nephews :smile:

    They ordered the chef special -- a nice red wine and a Love Day-themed experimental dish. Everything was just perfect -- the romantic atmosphere, the delicious food, and the loving company :heart:

    When they got come, Suri told Haven to wait in the bedroom, because she had a "surprise" for him. He just sat on the bed and thought about how lucky he was: he had an amazing fiance, a destination wedding just around the corner, a graduation in the morning, and several job interviews for various robotics companies... In that moment, his life was perfect.

    ...then, somehow, Suri made it even better than perfect :wink:


    The next morning, they woke up bright and early for Haven's graduation! He worked SO hard for it, he deserves to look this proud.

    Suri sneaked in a quick congratulations kiss right before the ceremony :blush:

    He did it!! He graduated with a distinguished physics degree with honors in just 3 semesters! :smiley: I'm seriously so proud of this sim, it's like he's my own child lol.

    I'll leave you with this -- Haven got a text during the grad ceremony saying that Eden gave birth to a baby girl! :heart:
  • KiwicantdieKiwicantdie Posts: 1,304 Member
    I can't leave this thread alone for a few days that I come back to dozens of notifications :joy: I love it <3
    I'm also sorry if it sounds like I'm rushing to catch up with all I've missed, but I'm super busy with my family this weekend and barely got time to log here. I also don't think I'll be able to post till Monday, tho I have a lot of pics to share. I want my vacation time back :joy::bawling:

    @Francisca464 I'm so jealous of your smog :joy: mind to share it for a bit? I just love all the smog pictures you posted, it really makes it feel like your Greenes were up for a challenge :bawling: the pics of Aiyden getting beaten up by the fabricator are the best! :joy: it happened in my game too and it was so hilarious (tho I hate how it stops fabricating the things you were working on and you're always forced to scrap them)... dang, that phone call was so creepy! What mod is that?? Is it Slice of Life? I love seeing I'm also not the only one editing the pics with Gimp! <3 THAT NAKED 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 PIC THO :smirk: I appreciated it quite a lot :joy::smirk::joy: aaaah I like that you took the time to bring the Greenes to Willow Creek to work on Iris' aspiration, I totally didn't even bother... and now I think I'll give it a try!

    @Rhythrin omg I'm so sorry to hear you've been in a car accident :cold_sweat: I hope you're ok! I haven't had any serious accidents like that lately but I also feel like this year life's got much much harder. I hope things get better for you <3 -and speaking of brighter things: I love your Luana and Manu!! <3 they're so gorgeous. I still can't get over the secret mermaid pool. It was such a great idea! Aaaahw Meepsy! (I've had like dozens of that thingie :joy: ) tbh the scuba diving career for Luana seems to fit Evergreen Harbor so well, considered that there's the see right over there! It just dawned on me! AaaaaaaH I knew that there had to be a nooboo on the way :joy:<3 Manu better be happy about it!

    @Wentcrazy I hate risky woohoo lately :sweat_smile: for real. I LOVE your Greene makeovers, especially Iris. She looks soooooo fierce! The house also looks really nice, you did a really good job with that floor plan! Aaaah you know I love all the move in decor :mrgreen: nice boxes!

    @debjameswhite MCCC hasn't married Heath and Lia yet, but you'll see in my future updates that things happened in their household :wink:

    @Heckstress17 virtual classes go really well for students that have to take notes or stuff like that, but... kindergarten seems like something that's not suited for being done online (and I speak as a decade long babysitter, not a mother). I'm crossing my fingers for you, tho! I seriously hope that things work out smoothly with your little ones <3. I also hope you'll feel better soon <3 *sends virtual hugs from across the ocean*

    @Mionax I love the restaurant! <3 I think I'll go for a restaurant too, maybe, when I rebuild that lot. OMG on to gen 2 already!! I love Mariam, she's so pretty! The new house looks really nice! I can't wait to see it fully decorated, I'm sure you'll do such a good job with it.

    @debjameswhite thanks for working so hard for completing the Evergreen Harbor gene pool <3:blush: aaaaaah I love the townie-tour you posted first in this update! Looks like Clover and Pablo had a single baby! <3 OMG Weston and Sawyer are such cuties! I love that they took the hair color from both parents. And Hailey is such a gorgeous sim :flushed: I always love seeing your families expand through your updates and how busy it gets when there's new kiddos to look after <3 I feel like I love the pic of Lia and Hailey "trying" yoga the best tho :joy: -I was also wondering what kind of pet you were going to get next and asdhfadh I love to see a fox in da house :bawling: so cute!

    @OJenn I want out of the twin club :joy::joy::joy: how do I get out???
    OMG look at little Flash :bawling: my heart is melting :bawling: I love seeing your twin teens, tho, I have to admit it. I also think they came out as such good mixes of their parents! I don't think I can say the same for mine yet...

    @IllusoryThrall can you believe that I haven't seen any sim cough for the smog, ever, in my game? :bawling: I'm so jealous of your poor environmental conditions :joy: I loved how Iris and Aiyden immediately started bickering, it feels really... realistic, to me, lol. I'm sure they'll get along sooner or later :wink: but for now I love all of their issues <3

    @JordanNicoleJJ look at you with the new house ready to go!! <3 I can't keep up with all the progress you're making :joy: that dad call tho? I've never seen it in game! Is that a mod? Suri is such a gorgeous sim, I can't even. You did such a good job with all the outfits, as you always do! The new year countdown pics warmed my heart, it's so cool seeing so many sims celebrate in game! (YES, get that NPCC mod, it saves the day!)- omg that hot tube :joy: the scandal! Just kidding, they're so adorable together. MCCC! What are you doing??? :joy: not even 2 seconds after getting installed, and it already created such drama! :joy: (is it good or bad? I'm enjoying it :grimace: ). I LOVE your community space! I love all the containers and the colors and the many activities you placed there! ... here I am without one bit of smog in my game you get to have in Willow Creek too????? Unbelievable :joy: I must be cursed or something :joy: Congrats to Haven for graduating!! (is it baby-making time yet? :mrgreen: )
    Origin ID: Kiwicantdie
    Willow Creek | Evergreen Harbor
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    Oh my gosh! You guys don't stop! I have such high hopes for my coffee tomorrow morning. I'm so happy!! OK to pick up where I left of last night and continue with the additions since going to bed at midnight and waking up at 7!!

    @Francisca464 Oh poor Iris. I mean seriously, it's just eggs. Be nice. Awww that is cute. I see lots of kisses in their future! Hahaha! Dumpster woohoo...I just have not been able to go there yet. I know I'm missing out! I do love that final animation though. OH no, poor Aiyden he does suffer a lot being one of the main characters in so many stories! The fabricator really has it out for does the cow plant. Yes, I get the inspection all the time. We have not been in compliance. I think I tend to find the most crystals in Oasis Springs but I did find some in some of the neighborhoods in Willow Creek too. Aww vow renewals are so sweet! I forgot that was a thing!! Hooray! I hope Aiyden drank that fertility potion before they had their big bang!!

    @Wentcrazy I think you did an awesome job with your first update and your story telling! You've worried for nothing! Also your house looks great! I love the landscaping and the little stone walk. The kitchen is cute but OH NO! haha no toilet??? Rude builders! I love the back of the house. @Wentcrazy this update was great! I loved it. I can't wait for more!!

    And I got more! I love that basketball hoop by the way! Awww poor Aiyden feeling overwhelmed by all the boxes. I know that feeling. Aww I love planting the garden...and she got a job. Things are good! Aww he was so sweet to cook Iris dinner. Their room looks so nice.

    @Mionax Oh congrats on closing your poll! I feel like I might need a poll too. I love my kids and it's hard to decide. We'll see though. OOO the first one to strike out into Generation 2!! You always do such a great job with your house plans! I'm always a fan of a greenhouse :) hehe for a loner she sure is getting out a lot but that's good. She needs to find her future love! Her travels were so much fun! I loved it. More please.

    @IllusoryThrall Hooray! I'm excited for your post. Poor Aiyden and then Iris being so angry. She must be nervous. Oh I like the kitchen. It's really cute! Thank goodness your home has plumbing at least! Wow, your community lot looks so good in its junkyard phase. Oh I love how you had them dive for deals. I love the new living room furniture OH gosh I also love the tension. I can't wait to see where this goes!! It was a great update :)

    @OJenn I don't know that Aiyden looks super thrilled about Jade's decision! I love Flash!! So cute!!! OH he is a good boi!!! I love him!! That seems typical. The pets always know who mama and papa are!! Oh that's interesting that Aiyden is sending the kids messages about fabricating...oh and even weirder the lady is coming into the house. Aww look at that final picture of Aiyden. I love him. Potions for Christmas!

    @JordanNicoleJJ Oh I like your new house!! hehe I love Haven looking so happy and Suri cranky in the background. Oh my heart. Dad I get you <3 I love Suri She is so pretty. Great choice! Oh look at the people! haha I was excited about them but then you called them fashion nightmares and I laughed!! Haven looks pretty good jogging in the rain. Oh but I love the hot tub pictures. Look at that happy Suri :) Haven! hehe you are cracking me up this morning. I love your community lot!! It looks so good. I love how full it was! OMG smog in Willow Creek?? No!! Oh it's so sad. OOOO I didn't recognize Lia! Marry her off to Heath before MCC separates them!! Oh you have some settings in MCC I must have disabled hehe. Poor Eden. Wow I can't believe how much greener Evergreen Harbor is than Willow Creek! Their date was so sweet and they looked so good. I love him sitting on the bed waiting. It's a great pose. AWWW I love them. Congratulations on the graduation and on Eden's nooboo!!
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,407 Member
    @Mionax - I haven't chosen an heir yet I love both the twins so much!!

    I love Mariam's brother moved out with her, being a loner in a full house is definitely tough! Wow you did so good on the floor plan and the outside looks identical to the pictures. The greenhouse space looks like it's coming along nicely, pomegranate is one of my favorite fruits so I love that she has some in her garden. Poor Mariam doesn't seem to care for the food at the festival lol but I am glad she could get out and enjoy her time.

    @Wentcrazy - Congrats to Iris on her new job! At least some things are starting to look up for these two. I really like the fun yellow and black wallpaper Aiyden was working on when he got the call about the job. And what a way to celebrate ;)

    @JordanNicoleJJ - You are so talented, the build turned out perfect!! Haven is going to be super busy wow college and working, what a pro. I love how confident he looks at the stove there. Those little pops ups are such a nice tough, hearing from her parents makes me feel like Suri is super loved ♥ Do you want to come dress my sims? You and @Heckstress17 always do such a good job. Now you've got me nervous about having both mods in but maybe I will do some tweaking, what a whirlwind change for Suri's fam. That community lot is so nice, I love that looks like stacked shipping containers. Suri's book title and description has me cracking up over here :lol: Congrats to Eden and Haven so exciting on both fronts

    @Kiwicantdie - Aww more vacation time is always needed, sorry yours flew by! Isn't the activity in the thread just awesome♥ I am loving it as well

  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,306 Member
    @Kiwicantdie - Yeah, doing kindergarten this way is definitely not ideal. :disappointed: I mean kindergarten is all about socializing and hands on activities, and with this digital format he's missing out on SO much. At the end of the 1st semester (in 8 weeks) we have the option to change back to traditional classes. I'm really hoping things with the virus will have improved and we can send him in person. Thank you for your virtual hugs :heart: I know they traveled a long way to get here so it's appreciated :wink: Enjoy your family time this weekend! I look forward to your post on Monday. I'm gonna hold you to it :lol:

    @Wentcrazy - Aw, look at Iris and Aiyden :heart: Iris looked so optimistic about the new house and fixing up the town. While Aiyden looked like he could cry :lol: Poor guy, at least Iris was there to assure him things would be okay. Your house looks great. You should definitely be proud of yourself! I really like the backyard with the basketball hoop over the garage. So I was happy to see Aiyden playing basketball in your 2nd update :smile: omg I don't blame Aiyden for being upset with the way the movers left the house. Iris handled it though. I'm glad she was able to get a job, and starting the garden will definitely help to make their house feel more like a home. I love how Aiyden cooked Iris dinner to tell her the news about his job :heart: I really like the way you decorated their kitchen and dining room. Their bedroom looks great too, and of course it's nice to see Iris and Aiyden getting along so well :wink:

    @OJenn - Thank you :heart: I'm doing better today. That fully grown beard really suits Aiyden. He had just grown it in my game and then of course he was eaten :bawling: Jade is such a pretty sim, her glasses look really great on her. And awww Flash! I wanted to call him Bolt. He reminds me of the dog from that Disney movie with Miley Cyrus and John Travolta lol. The pool seems to be popular. Aiyden's angry swimming is the best :lol: and he is the least subtle sim lol I think the kids are gonna be fabricators whether they want to be or not. Though Jade does seem to be showing some interest. Atlas is too busy with his sick dance moves to care lol. I think that random townie may have unlocked the secret to keeping Aiyden happy! Make all the de-stress drinks! Love his cozy sweater too btw.

    @IllusoryThrall - Yessss! 1st update time! I really feel for Iris and Aiyden arriving in town and then pretty much coughing non stop. I really can't even blame Aiyden for his terrible attitude about it all :lol: I like that your Greene's are just roommates (for the time being?). They're relationship is indeed a rocky one. Especially with the added pressure of moving into a new home that neither particularly love... yet. I side with Iris a bit on thinking Aiyden's freelancing is taking a bit of the slacker approach. I think he can prove us wrong though. And I definitely see the potential of the community space being voted in as a maker space. With the new furniture Iris ordered things are looking up! I really like the walls in the kitchen. I think these two can get on the same page. I had to fight it in my game, but once you get them to really feel the love, their friendship will follow too.

    @JordanNicoleJJ - Aw, were you having a bad day too? I'm sorry :heart: I hope things are better now. I don't really want to build everything myself lol though I did definitely feel like that in the past versions of this challenge. Now I'm just too lazy... but I did find after downloading your shell that I felt like a total loser/cheater/thief :lol: I didn't wanna decorate it and show it off knowing you put the most difficult part of the work in. I want you to get all the glory. I hope that makes sense? Cause when I tell you I love what you've done with that floorplan that's an understatement. I am not looking forward to showing you guys what I've built :lol: It's a mess.

    You update was fantastic! Suri's outfit tour :love: Her style is so cute. I love those thigh high stockings. Plus she's just a really cute sim. She has a very innocent looking face. lol there were some characters in that new years party pic :lol: I hope the NPC mod treats you well. There was something therapeutic about the shots of Haven running in the rain. It also reminded me of the time his Mom was loving the rain in my game :blush: Suri's look in that first hot tub pic is so funny :joy: I may have been wrong about my innocent comments. I also 100% approve of the unnecessary spending on the hot tub. The hot tub romance interactions make the best pics. omg I totally knew Suri's Mom was having a midlife crisis. Good for her finding a younger guy at college :joy: Aiyden's face when he nearly drove the drone into them was so cute. I love him. omg look at how cute your community lot is! I need all of you guys to stop building such great lots. I don't wannnnnnnnnna build! :bawling::bawling::bawling: I'll feel a lot less guilty stealing a community lot then a house though lol. I like that you made the space have karaoke and actual things to do. Suri looked like she had fun with her family. The girl selling the candles is super cute! It's not too late! :lol: Smoggy Willow Creek was interesting to see. The steamboat pic was great. Too bad it makes for horrible exercising conditions. Lia looked happy enough though, she must've adapted. Eden's the other woman!? :flushed: Well... best of luck to her :lol: LOL Suri's children's book is perfectly named. I got your LOTR reference immediately. Plus your description of the book is great :lol: Anyway, their Valentine's day was perfect. Your Swan restaurant was the perfect setting :heart: and Suri made sure to take things up a notch when they got home :astonished: Haven's graduation pics look so good! I know you're proud of your little man :wink: lol!

    @Mionax - I'm happy with Mariam being the heir, she was my 2nd choice :blush: and it's also pretty cool that she's moved out with my 1st choice lol! You nailed the generation B house! I recognized it immediately. Her greenhouse space is really cool, and the perfect place for a loner like her to hide out. It makes me happy she's a gardener like her Mom :heart: It was trusting of her brother to let her out on her own, but Mariam seems like a trustworthy teen. She looked so excited to get those celebrities autographs! The man painting graffiti may not be the best influence lol but she seems to have enjoyed herself none the less. Great Update!
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    @Wentcrazy I love how you are decorating their home. Grats on landing the jobs for them. I wonder if a nooboo is on the way. :) I want that kitchen. You decorate so beautifully.

    @JordanNicoleJJ Suri looks great. I like her athletic and sleepwear the most. Grats to Haven for graduating with such high honors!! Now I am tempted to put Mariam through Uni.

    All of your guys' comments mean a lot to me. ty
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