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Rebuilding Worlds Vol. 2


  • tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,754 Member
    Time for comments ~

    @OJenn Aww sorry to hear your little one is sick, sending well wishes to you & yours :heart: Wow you knocked out Aiyden's aspiration quick! I wanted to wait til he maxed the green tech career to switch to freelancer, so that held me up for a long time. The kiddos were sooo cute opening their presents :blush: I love when Winterfest falls while the kids are still kids -- one of the reasons I love long lifespan (but that toddler stage just kills me lol). Iris and Aiyden age like fine wine, I tell ya. Still lookin' amazing as ever! Okay I might have to start using your randomizer -- I love that it picks a career and skill too! Adds a bit of challenge to the challenge. I think I'll do that starting with gen 3 in my game :smile: Teen Jade is so pretty!! I LOVE her eyes! But her eye color & hair color don't look like they come from either parent, must be a recessive grandparent gene :wink: I also love her traits and aspiration, so my vote goes to her.

    @Heckstress17 Fawn just the cutest lil thing. Omg I love how protective Zach is! Also I might be a lil bias cause my bf's name is Zach :lol: Ashlynn is gorgeous! I'm so jealous of your gorgeous townies. I need to get that mod installed in my game ASAP. I might even re-download MCCC...I quit using it because it was producing sooo many townies that always ended up atrocious-looking thanks to townie genetics :tongue: The NPC mod really is life-changing. That basketball court is literally perfect! I put my WC builds in this save too, but I keep forgetting about them :sweat_smile: Fawn will be a fine fabricator! Don't doubt her heir skills! :wink: LOL of course Aiyden is still angry even in death. Oh no...poor Silas is just not a ladies man :sweat_smile::lol: Aww Iris...I'm glad she finally drank the essence, I'm not ready for her to pass yet! I gave Aiyden and Iris both potions of youth before they aged up into elders. I just can't handle it yet. Silas really does have a "bored" expression like 99% of the time, poor kid :joy:

    I chose floorplan A. I was going to do B if I chose Eden cause she has a 'small cozy house' kinda vibe, but Haven needs a workspace so I wanted the basement in A, and I think the big house fits him and Suri well seeing as she has the ambitious trait and he's getting a college degree, so they're both gonna be rich sooner rather than later lol. You can see the shell on the gallery if you want spoilers lol. I'm debating posting another update tonight just to show off the house, but I kinda like keeping my pics altogether in the bigger updates :tongue: Lol I thought I was too far ahead too! I'm glad I'm not the only one speeding ahead :lol: Eden really throws me off. She looks soooo much like Iris, yet all of her features aside from her lips are Aiyden's, and she even has closer to Aiyden's coloring - darker skintone, brown eyes, black hair. Yet all I see is Iris. She is truly a mystery lol.

    @Mionax Okay you're definitely crazy with THREE sets of twins!! But they are all so cute :love: Sandy is my favorite so far! I looove the recycle disciple trait -- so fitting for Evergreen Harbor! Savanna is a close 2nd favorite though. The Geek trait is one of my favs too. And I just know they're both going to be gorgeous like @Heckstress17 's Fawn!

    @Kiwicantdie I totally want a cc-free Pablita for my game! I don't think I have any vampires in the world since I used @OJenn 's empty save and it just hasn't generated any vamps yet. I was really torn about sending Haven to live on campus too. I wish I could enjoy 'dorm life' in the sims, but the roommates drive me crazy. I'd probably hate it less if I had the NPC control mod @Heckstress17 shared. Maybe I'll give it a second chance next generation :tongue:

    The house is looking great! I totally relate to a half-furnished house. I didn't finish furnishing the gen 1 house until right before Haven moved out :sweat_smile: Look at your Greenes making friends!! You're doing way better than me in that department :lol: Tina Tinker and Knox are my two fav townies in this world! They're both so nice & helpful lol. I thought it looked like Knox had a bit of a crush on Iris in @Heckstress17 's game too at first -- now it's confirmed, Knox is secretly in love with her lol. Oh surprise, surprise -- Aiyden's mad again *insert eye roll emoji* :joy: That just sums up their relationship perfectly: fighting half of the time, woohooing the other half. You got Iris to jog??? It's a miracle! I had to settle for yoga to keep her active, because she HATED jogging in my game. Her napping in a chair is much more relatable lol. Okay I know you didn't want kids yet, but YES YES YES I'm so excited!! I didn't even have risky woohoo installed and I ended up with an "oops" pregnancy (I chose the wrong interaction on accident -- I was looking for a ' shower' option and not paying attention to the 'try for baby/woohoo' part :grimace: ), and honestly, I'm not even mad about it. Haven was an angel child, so maybe you'll luck out too! Also YES I adore Eden being a knitting sim. It just fits her so perfectly! Iris & Tina being pregnant at the same time is just too cute. I already know their kids are gonna be best friends. Bump buddies! :heart: Those pics of Iris & Aiyden up by the plants on that bridge/walkway thing are so gorgeous :love: And all of the pics in Willow Creek :love::heart: I love when pregnant sims 'cloudgaze' and hold their stomach like that, so precious. THE SMOG IS BACK??? OK, so that makes a lot of sense actually -- the bug report thread was talking about that, how when you leave the world and come back the game will register what the footprint SHOULD be, but once you've been back in the world for so long it reverts back to default neutral. At least you got to enjoy the smog for a little while? OMG TWINS, NOOOOO! I'm glad you have my same feelings on twins. Everyone else seems to love them and I'm over here still traumatized by the years of MCCC giving me waaaaaay too many multiples. It's an issue with the way the pregnancy settings work -- because you can change the max number of births, it changes the algorithm to account for that and gives each number an equal percentage chance. Instead of "single birth 90%, twins 9%, triplets 1%" (or whatever the default numbers are), it's "25% single, 25% twins, 25% triplets, 25% quads." With that algorithm, you end up having a 75% change of multiples and only a 25% chance of single births, so you get way more multiples. I think the modder tried to fix it at one point, but the numbers are still off, as we all know with how often sims get pregnancy when risky woohoo is only set to 5-10% :tongue: That's the sole reason I quit using MCCC way back in the day. Anyway...good luck with your twins! :grimace:

    @EMSimmer30 Hey! I'm glad you found us :smile:

    @Francisca464 You used my house! :blush: Yeah, sorry 'bout how expensive the shell was...I had to start legacy style too :lol: Your Iris & Aiyden are so cute!! I just love seeing them in different styles & haircuts lol. Awww lol you bought them a little tv! The living room was the last thing I furnished, my sims had to suffer :tongue:

    @Rhythrin Omg I'm so sorry to hear you were in an accident! I've never been in one myself, and I'm absolutely terrified of it. I think your current mental state is totally justified. I didn't play the U'Halu's long enough to know if they make cute babies, so I'm excited for you to play so I can find out :wink: Haven really won me over when he aged up into a YA too! And Suri grew up to be GORGEOUS omg she's like my fav sim ever! She was a kid in a gallery family I downloaded, and her mom and all of her sisters are super pretty too. Most of Eden and Haven's friends are from gallery families and grew up very nicely :blush: Unfortunately Eden never really 'clicked' romantically with anyone, whereas Haven's always had a crush on Suri, so that helped make my heir choice lol. I probably would've downloaded Knox and forced Eden to love him if I chose her :lol:

    @Wentcrazy The laundry was manageable at first, but it go SOOO out of hand once winter rolled around and everyone was constantly changing into and out of their winter clothes :angry: I wasn't really expecting Haven to propose yet, they've only been on like one official date :sweat_smile: But honestly the mood was just right and the house was so pretty all decorated, so I went for it. Also congrats on getting member status!! I'm already so excited for your first update cause your Iris looks so awesome! We haven't seen her in that kind of style yet and I'm LIVING for it!! For pics -- the forum resizes pics automatically, mine are like 1920 x 1080 px (whatever my screen size is). There's no limit on how many pics you can post, I've posted updates with just 1 or 2 quick pics, all the way up to 75+ pics in my biggest updates. I just try not to be too redundant when I post tons of pics -- like I'll choose 1 or 2 "family dinner" pics, instead of posting the 20 actual screenshots I took lol. I take a million screenshots in game, then sort through them and pic my favs, and edit those a bit to raise the brightness/contrast. Don't feel obligated to do any editing or anything, it's just what I do cause my game looks really dark and kinda washed out to me.
  • RhythrinRhythrin Posts: 184 Member
    Update 1

    Hey lovelies. It is time.

    The first thing I did was make Luana and Manu go vote for NAPs
    Of course Manu went dumpster diving, lol. Luana met a sad townie.
    Eventually they got around to voting!
    I think Manu was kinda sad to start his manufacturing job so soon after moving in.
    Luana got a parttime diving job, which leaves her ample time for hobbies.
    They seem to always want to catch up after work to tell each other about their days.
    And have a little fun, heheh.
    Luana takes the occasional dive down in her mermaid pool, she sometimes sneaks in a nap there, too.
    Manu is coming around to the manufacturing job.
    Oh yeah, they also got a weird platypus rodent to take care of. Its name is Meepsy.
    I love Luana's bedroom eyes lol.
    They're definitely a cute couple.
    Because Manu works fulltime, Luana has to entertain herself.
    She seems to be doing just fine with that!
    I also had her take a stroll around Evergreen Harbor, and though I noticed plenty of rubble, I also realised I didn't have any fog anymore, just like Kiwi! It seems to come and go with me.. I'm not sure what sets it off...
    I love their ritual of catching up with each other after work.
    After dinner Luana went for a swim and....
    What!? I only had them woohoo like TWICE, I swear!
    Anyway, she went to tell Manu,...
    At first he didn't seem thrilled (You tell ME bud, I wanted to work on your jobs! :confused: )
    But he quickly came round.

    Welp, I guess we'll be having a kiddo in the next update!
  • MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    edited August 2020
    @Rhythrin I love your couple. They are very affectionate and cute. Condolences on the risky woohoo baby. You have company in that crazy area of surprises. lol I still love your mermaid pool. :smile:

    I built a restaurant. I uploaded it too. Its called: The Brickworks

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  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,596 Member
    edited August 2020
    @Wentcrazy Congratulations on becoming a member! I love your avatar and I love your new signature! How exciting!!

    @Rhythrin Weee an update! Awww poor Manu but look how cute he is! Look how cute both of them are! I love them. Meepsy is so cute. I feel like everything I say about this update is going to have the word cute. They are definitely a cute couple. I'm so excited a nooboo is coming already! I love when the dads are excited. I can't wait for your single only one nooboo :)

    @Mionax Your restaurant looks great! I love the roof line. What a clever idea.

    @EVERYONE so last night I wanted to play, but I got wrapped up in genepools instead. PLEASE NOTE: If you are uploading for the challenge please tag your builds with #RWC and #RebuildingWorldsVolume2 That way anyone looking for a shell will be able to find them easier. Last night with @OJenn we completed the gene pool for Evergreen Harbor and added pictures for the mates. I'm moving on to Sulani next. If you have a sim you'd like added to the genepool send me a link and let me know what neigborhood you're thinking of them for.

    I didn't really think I had an update but since I didn't play last night I really wanted to post so you all could see Hailey!!!

    TO RAISE A WOLFE – Evergreen Harbor Edition
    Callahan Family Tree
    Wolfe Family Tree
    Valentino Family Tree
    West Family Tree
    Wolfe Family Tree

    Chapter 6: Lucky

    OOOPS! I almost forgot I wanted to start off by showing you the townies I have in my game. You might recognize some of them!

    Heath is the best step Dad. He spends so much time with Hailey which is good because Jay only comes around when he wants something.

    Harvest Fest came and with it THREE birthdays! Hailey was so excited she couldn’t wait for the family to arrive. (Actually I was afraid she wouldn’t make it!)

    It was also time for our little guys to get out of the bassinet! Weston…

    …and Sawyer.

    The boys are cute but please look at Hailey!!! I love her and I’m angry at Jay for being such a jerk I didn’t want Lia to be stuck with him!

    My first attempt at the outfit tour!

    The boys already look like they’re trying to compete with each other.

    Meanwhile, mom and dad have fun with ping pong. They love their table.

    It was finally time for family to come over.

    Heath did the honors this year of cooking the turkey.

    Hailey was super excited when she found out she was going to be a big sister and that hasn’t changed. She loves her little brothers.

    They love her too and often sneak into her room just to hang out.

    Sawyer! Tell me you’re not doing what I think you’re doing! I’m busy with Grandma! Go find Daddy!

    Daddy was busy too listening to Hailey but he took care of the issue.

    I’m always a sucker for toddler hugs.

    Lia and Jools couldn’t pull themselves away from the ping pong table. Her brother Tristan always looks so nice.

    As a new teen, even though there had been a grand meal, Hailey still wanted to make mac n cheese.

    Bath time is double the fun.

    Love the tub pictures too. :)

    Then Lia decided to try yoga with Hailey. They’re adorable in their awkwardness.

    Dad’s not totally slacking.

    I love the relationship that Hailey has with her grandfather. They’re so close.

    She’s the best teen I think I’ve ever had bringing her little brother back to bed after a nightmare.

    Then she read him a story until he felt safe enough to fall back asleep.

    The next morning Heath and Lia hid out in their bedroom for a while enjoying some alone time.

    Then it was back to the fun job of entertaining toddlers.

    Heath had a secret though that he wanted to share with Hailey.

    She loved him for how good he was to her mom and she told him right then!

    Then they plotted.

    That afternoon the local dog rescue stopped by with adorable new friends. Lia has always been a dog lover but never had a dog!

    This one did not want to be friends and with toddlers in the house Lia didn’t think it was a good time for that kind of work.

    There was also a puppy there, but in the end, Lia really made a connection with the fox and Lucky joined the household.
  • MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    @debjameswhite You and @OJenn did a beautiful job with the genepool and with the house plans too. Thanks for all the work you've done. I'm glad you got to play. Hailey turned out gorgeous and what a great big sister she turned out to be! The boys are adorable. Even the stinky boy. lol The fox looks great. Lucky is a good name. I like your update very much.
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  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,407 Member
    edited August 2020
    Sorry for the brief comments everyone I am on mobile caring for mini-me

    @Mionax - Ashton is adorable and got my favorite child aspiration! And it looks like you got two sets of identical twins, wow!

    @Kiwicantdie - Tina is one of the townies I really like, and there is another family that I like there too but I can't remember their names. Oh boy here is hoping that Knox doesn't cause a rift in an already difficult marriage. Oh wow you got your smog back, yay!! Welcome to the Greene twin club, lol.

    @JordanNicoleJJ - omg that "family" pic of everyone putting out the fire save for Eden is hilarious! I think its really sweet that Haven is sticking around a bit before heading off to college. (you will have to tell me how you like the University pack) Congrats to Iris and Aiyden on reaching the top of their careers. I am also very much looking forward to the wedding since Suri said yes. What do you think? Before Uni or after?

    @Francisca464 - Iris is so cute in your game, I love her outfit ♥

    @WentCrazy - Hmm I don't think there is a maximum number of pictures per post, you'll notice we have long updates in the thread sometimes. (Which I love)

    @Ryhthrin - Haha I love the dumpster diving in this pack, is that weird? :lol: Luana and Manu are such a good looking couple and I still really love the mermaid spot you made for her. Congrats on the nooboo which will probably be just as good looking as mom and dad :)

    @debjameswhite - I am so glad Hailey has Heath in her life, who needs Jay! Aww the boys are cute, they seem to have a different eye shape and they aren't quite identical. The ping-pong table seems to be a big hit at Lia's place. That fox is super cute and now you've reminded me my household needs a pet.
  • WentcrazyWentcrazy Posts: 128 Member
    edited August 2020
    One of my calls got canceled (yay!) so now I quickly respond to your posts :)

    For those who already purchased the knitting pack: please share your experience and if you'd recommend it. I have every pack so far but I'm not sure I'll like the new one.

    @JordanNicoleJJ Laundry already drives me crazy as Iris just puts it all over the place. And it's spring in my game. I wonder how bad it'll be in the winter season.
    I'm so excited to see how everything works out for Haven and their future family :)
    Thanks! I tried to do something different with Iris. She is just an overall surprise: looks tough, cares about the environment but is super lazy and clumsy at the same time. But I also didn't want to go overboard with her^^
    I take so many pictures, it's crazy. I did some "research" on how to take proper pictures in the sims to not use the normal screenshot way. I managed to get rid of the plumbob but every time they "skill", you still see those little icons. So they're on my pictures but well... could be a lot worse :)

    @Rhythrin Oh a surprise baby :D They're such a cute couple, I can't wait to see their kids :)

    @debjameswhite thanks! I also have to agree with xx. The boys look similar but they're not identical. Their eye shape, eyebrows and nose looks different. Even their ears have different sizes :D Hailey is such a cutie! Oh, such a cute pet! Love it!
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  • tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,754 Member
    @Rhythrin WOOO an update!! You have no idea how much I love seeing Manu and Luana :heart: Those first few dark smoggy pics are so ominous :flushed: I think diving is the perfect career for Luana! Meepsy is the cutest lil bug ever. AHHH a nooboo already?! I'm so excited!! Sorry but I'm with Manu on this one, I wanna see those cute babies :wink:

    @Mionax Your restaurant reminds me of the Sydney Opera House because of the fancy roof! I almost built a restaurant on that lot too, but I opted for a cafe instead and put some restaurants in other worlds.

    @debjameswhite Thanks for all the hard work you're putting into this challenge! I'm happy to put together the Brindleton Bay gene pool if you wanna tackle Sulani :smile: I actually enjoy making gene pools lol.

    So many amazing sims in your game! I just downloaded NPCC and MCCC and deleted all of the atrocious randomly generated townies, so tomorrow I'm going to download a bunch of Sims off the gallery :naughty: Okay, Sawyer's already my fav sim in your game cause I've always loved the name Sawyer and said if I ever had a kid I'd name it Sawyer lol. Hailey's pretty, but Jay is just too much. We can just enjoy Hailey and completely forget about Jay :lol: I love Hailey's party outfit! I'm totally stealing it at some point. Man the twins are super cute though, I adore their little animal hats they wore at harvestfest :love: Hailey's already such a good mom and she's not even a mom yet! Lol I know foxes are considered 'dogs' in the sims but I thought it was hilarious that Lia "always wanted a dog" but was petting a fox :lol: Foxes & raccoons are such fun pets though!

    @OJenn I'm thinking they'll have a big destination wedding + honeymoon after Haven graduates from college. Haven can finally visit the ocean that he loves so much...for the first time :lol:

    @Wentcrazy I take so many pics too, like I'll take 5 screenshots of the exact same thing--I haven't moved the screen or unpaused it or anything--just to make sure I actually get the shot. Then I'll move the screen a little bit to see if I can get a better angle and take 5 more shots at each angle :lol: I have to sort through 300+ pics to get 30-50 good ones for an update lol. My pro tips for screenshots is 1) play in full screen mode, because windowed mode doesn't actually capture the screenshots half the time (plus graphics are way better in full screen mode), 2) check your camera settings in game -- I use the sims 3 camera because i can get better angles with it, my capture size/quality is large/high, and I have "capture UI" turned off (I think that gets rid of the skill bars and stuff), and 3) use 'tab mode' (pause your game & hit the 'tab' key and it'll get rid of the UI and let you move the 'camera' around with your mouse to get better angles and zoom and stuff). Tab mode is literally my saving grace, there's no way I could get decent screenshots without it lol.
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,407 Member
    @Wentcrazy I take so many pics too, like I'll take 5 screenshots of the exact same thing--I haven't moved the screen or unpaused it or anything--just to make sure I actually get the shot. Then I'll move the screen a little bit to see if I can get a better angle and take 5 more shots at each angle :lol: I have to sort through 300+ pics to get 30-50 good ones for an update lol. My pro tips for screenshots is 1) play in full screen mode, because windowed mode doesn't actually capture the screenshots half the time (plus graphics are way better in full screen mode), 2) check your camera settings in game -- I use the sims 3 camera because i can get better angles with it, my capture size/quality is large/high, and I have "capture UI" turned off (I think that gets rid of the skill bars and stuff), and 3) use 'tab mode' (pause your game & hit the 'tab' key and it'll get rid of the UI and let you move the 'camera' around with your mouse to get better angles and zoom and stuff). Tab mode is literally my saving grace, there's no way I could get decent screenshots without it lol.

    All of this! I also use the Sims 3 camera as well, I just never made the switch over to the sims 4 when the game launched. If you can max your settings for pictures and definitely tab mode for screenshots always :star:

  • Francisca464Francisca464 Posts: 738 Member
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    @Rhythrin Hey! You too :smiley: I'm glad you've found your way back as well. Haha, I definitely used the Greenes. I think it's super neat that we can compare gameplay by using the same sims.

    Yay, you posted pictures!I love that you started with Manu and Luana. I was torn because I love their looks but I want to use them for Sulani. They are such a cute couple in your game, very loved up. LOL Meepsy :joy: what an awesome name. I think that creature is hideous but it's also so adorable. Maybe your smog is gone because you already improved the footprint? I had a lot of smog but it was gone within a day after moving the Greenes in. Yaaaay babies!!!

    @Wentcrazy Yes! I played even more yesterday :smiley: Like most others I had Iris pick the Botanist career and Aiyden is in civil designing. It just fits their personality I think. Congrats on becoming an official member btw!

    @debjameswhite I didn't even noticed the thing with Puush until I looked back in the old thread and saw all my pics of Rebuilding Brindleton Bay have disappeared. I still take the screenshots in Puush because it's really easy to use, but I upload them to Imgur afterwards :smile:

    If you need Sims for the genepool, feel free to use some of mine. They are in my Gallery. I think I tagged them with rebuildingworlds. Fawn might be a good sim for Sulani or Brindleton Bay.

    Ooo townies, I recognize Vincent Marks, Pablo, a few sims by @Kiwicantdie and @Heckstress17... I love Heath! He's a much better guy than Jay. OMG, Hailey is gorgeous :neutral::love: You don't want her as your heir because of Jay? That ping pong table is such a success lol Do your sims even use something else? Bath time with toddlers is the cutest :heart: I already loved Hailey but seeing her being so good with her brothers makes me like her even more. Ooo you have a fox?! Where did you get him? He's adorable!

    @Heckstress17 Haha Fawn is just a super cute nature-ish name. So I understand you used it! I think you should just go with the sim you like playing the most. That's more important than traits and looks imo. I hope you get Silas into uni! I think your father's death by Cowplant is a good reason to not get into a good school though :joy: Iris looks really young in my game! But it suits her with how she behaves I think, at least for me. She's a bit girlish and dorky. I really like her. I installed the NPC mod by the way, did you download new townies for the roles as well? If yes, where?

    @JordanNicoleJJ I did! Thank you for uploading it :smiley: That's ok, it's a good shell. And I like starting out with the bare minimum. They do have a good bathroom now, it's the first thing I upgraded. Next up is their bathroom. My living room isn't exactly a living room though :joy: It's literally just a couch and a tv.

    LOL I noticed you telling @Wentcrazy that you get 100s of shots when you want to take a pic of something in game. I do the same! :joy: I sometimes have 4 pictures of 1 scene and I'm like What was I thinking?! when I clean out my folder. Do you play in fullscreen and then just press C for your pictures? I do play in Windowed Fullscreen because I use Puush for pictures, but I didn't know the graphics quality goes down when you use Windowed.

    @Mionax Wow your restaurant looks really cool and fitting for Evergreen Harbor :smiley:

    @everyone I'm wondering... what do y'all use to edit/improve your screenshots? Or do you use lighting mods? I think mine are a bit dark and I'd like to make them a bit brighter.
  • Francisca464Francisca464 Posts: 738 Member
    Update time! I started playing yesterday, so I have some pictures to share...

    Like I promised Aiyden, today was the day we started saving Evergreen Harbor. Iris made some friends when checking the NAP board.

    Aiyden dove headfirst into the nearest trash container...

    Tina is not judging. Totally not.

    I sent Iris over to a dig spot but when I checked again, she was staring in the distance.

    I swear this woman has been giving me these looks for at least 3 full sim days. She's not happy.

    Aiyden promises her everything will be OK.

    But that's easy to say when you're in your element like he is.

    At home, Aiyden used his newfound fabrication skill and materials to make a candle. He burned his hand, but he did make his candle.

    Meanwhile, Iris cooked dinner and being her clumsy self, of course she cut her finger.

    They had a romantic dinner by Aiydens candle light. But the romance was hard to find because they both felt miserable.

    Oh, Iris joined the Botanist career and she received a cowplant berry. Everyone, meet Bob! Short for Bob From Accounting.

    With her first paychecks, Iris bought a beehive and some plants and that made her feel a lot better.

    So far, I'm struggling with her aspiration because I only found this one dig spot, but we just go there everyday. At this pace she'll be finished as an elder.

    Meanwhile, it's been raining non stop. But at least the sky is clearer. The ecological footprint is improving guys!

    Aiyden joined the Eco Lifestyle career, but I forgot what it's called. Anyway, with his first paycheck he bought a Fabricator. And he immediately got into a fight with it.

    Has anyone else had this happen?

    It was hilarious. The machine even snickered at him when it beat him to the ground.

    Iris mended his broken ego with some quality time. At least she appreciates him.

    And she made him dinner, but I'm not sure that was such a good idea. I caught her picking her ear and then using her hands to mix the salad :neutral:

    The Greenes haven't met a lot of people yet, they are very busy with improving things in their neighborhood and their careers. But Aiyden managed to become friends with Tina!

    I'll end with this weird phonecall that totally creeped me out.

    Turns out it was just a prank... Facepalm.
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,407 Member
    edited August 2020
    I think @JordanNicoleJJ mentioned the cake that I had in my game and I only just remembered that I use a mod that retextures all the food in my game. If you want it, it's here!

    @Francisca464 - Oh looks we posted around the same time! Poor Iris and Aiyden look miserable but who can blame them when they live in Smog Town. And yeah I feel like I should have given her a better aspiration for Eco Living but I've found going to different towns helps a lot with that. Those phone calls always make me wonder lol
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  • WentcrazyWentcrazy Posts: 128 Member
    @JordanNicoleJJ @OJenn Thank you for the additional tips! I already use the tab mode and take way too many pictures but I definitely have to check the "capture UI". I'm not sure if I have it on or off.
    I do use the windowed mode as I can only play on my laptop :/ The quality does decrease a bit but at least my laptop doesn't get too hot.

    @Francisca464: Thanks! I guess we put the founders all in the same career as it fits their degrees and personalities :) But it's still pretty cool.
    Yay for another update! Making friends is important. I know, because my sims have been really lonely^^ I hope your Iris will be much happier in the future.
    My machine also fought Aiyden. At least twice. So I guess that might happen sometimes when their skill isn't high enough :D
    Oh my, Iris. Picking your ear and then mixing the salat... definitely healthy^^
    That call at the end... super creepy. Never had this in my game before I think.
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  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,407 Member
    @Wentcrazy - I'm not sure how it works on laptops but have you tried windowed fullscreen? I actually use that one when I play but I am on a desktop so things might function differently.
  • Francisca464Francisca464 Posts: 738 Member
    @Wentcrazy That's definitely true! It was mostly the degree for me. These careers had the 'boost' because of their degrees. I had Aiyden join the Robot Maker one at first, but it didn't really fit with his Maker aspiration. So I switched. I always want my sims to make friends, but I'm so busy skilling them and having them be good at work (or parenting once children arrive) that they never have a lot of friends. Iris is already doing a lot better but the first days were very harsh for her.

    Your poor Aiyden lol. He looked so sad when fighting the machine. I think you're right about the skill just not being high enough. Too bad because he's getting better and I really enjoyed that fight :joy: I never had that call either! It's weird right?!

    @OJenn Oh yes! I just noticed your post. No worries. Aiyden and Iris were so miserable the first few days. It was a combination of the smog, bee stings, Aiydens temper and crappy furniture because of the lack of money lol. I'm going to make Iris visit other towns on her next day off! It's doable I think. Case and point by @Heckstress17 :wink: The phone call was so weird. I never had it before and I was like: what?! Aliens?? Who's coming for them! What weird mod do I have installed. I was genuinely shaken :joy:
  • MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    I put Aiyden in the Robot career too but I agree. It doesn't fit his aspiration. I was thinking on switching and now that I know someone else did that too, I think I will.

    I didn't know about unchecking the capture UI. I'll take a look at my settings.

    Great update! Seeing Aiyden pulled into the fabricator is funny! Prank calls are crazy.

    I'll have Iris visit other towns to collect too. Maybe when she's not chasing around six growing kids/teens 24/7.
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  • tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,754 Member
    @Wentcrazy Oh I forgot to say -- I love the knitting pack! The build/buy decor is nice, very artsy and cutesy. I haven't used the rocking chair yet, but I will probably put them in my nursery/toddler rooms from now on. It's nice to have a new hobby -- knitting is perfect for elders, and it raises 'motor skill' for kids so it's a good indoors/lazy activity for the rambunctious scamp aspiration. The toddler and baby onesies you can knit are the cutest things EVER. At first I was like, "Wow okay, this stuff pack is TINY, there's only like 10 items total!" but there are hundreds of hidden items connected to the knitting skill -- clothes for all ages even babies, really cute decor like hanging plants and mailbox cozies, fun kid toys like a tiny grim reaper plushie, etc. It's one of the better stuff packs, in my opinion. But I also enjoy having to unlock items through gameplay (it feels more rewarding), so if that's something you DON'T like then you probably wouldn't like the pack. I totally understand playing in windowed mode for laptop performance. My old laptop did better in windowed mode too, and I basically murdered my old laptop forcing it to suffer on fullscreen :grimace: I'm sure we'll love your updates no matter what, I really just wanna see more of your sims, especially tough girl Iris :smiley:

    @Francisca464 I upgraded the bathroom first too! My living room was a fireplace and one fabricated chair for the longest time :lol: I do play fullscreen and hit c for pics. I used to play in windowed because it was easier on my old laptop, but once I realized how much better the graphics were on fullscreen mode I never went back. It might not be that way for everyone though, it could've just been my old poop laptop. I don't use any lighting mods. For editing pics I use photoshop -- well, "photoshop elements" which is a one-time purchase rather than a subscription (it's also a little simpler than the subscription version too). It's extremely comparable to GIMP which is free to download. I just load up my pics after sorting through and deleting the duplicates, then I play with the 'levels' until I'm happy. Here's an example:

    Original photo/levels in photoshop (0, 255):

    Edited photo/levels in photoshop (5, 225):

    The first number (0 --> 5) is contrast/shadows, the second number (255 --> 225) is brightness. I set the brightness depending on how dark the original shot is (indoors usually 215-225, outdoors usually 235-245, I just play around with the numbers til I like it). I always set the contrast to 5, 8, 10, or 12, just depending on which one I think looks best (usually 5-8 inside, 10-12 outside). Disclaimer: I have no idea what these levels are actually called or what they're supposed to do, I'm self-taught and learn through trial and error :lol:

    Now for comments on your update! Aww look at Iris already making friends! I'm so jealous, my poor Aiyden and Iris had no friends :frowning: Tina's one to judge, she should know recycling = more fabricating materials! Iris staring into the smoggy distance is so sad but such a pretty shot :heart: Bob from Accounting is perfect. Cowplant babies are my favorite thing in this whole game :lol: I've only found that one dig spot too! I had to send Iris to Willow Creek to find frogs and crystals. I ended up having her try to complete the postcard collection by getting penpals on the computer instead of bothering with digging up collectibles, but in the end the holiday cracker plushies collection was all I could complete before I was ready to move on from gen 1. Poor Aiyden! The fabricators are just as hotheaded as he is :wink::lol: I got pranked like that too!! I thought it was some weird strangerville text or something, but nope, just prank calls lol.

    @Mionax I'm pretty sure you already have UI capture un-checked, cause your pics are normal. The "UI capture" includes all of the stuff on the screen, like the sims pictures at the bottom, the clock and play/pause buttons, the inventory/sim info buttons, etc. The cheat to get rid of the plumbob and skill bars and stuff is "headlineeffects off" but it won't get rid of the sparkles/lightbulbs/plus signs that float above sims when they're skilling on a lot with a lot trait that boosts that skill (like painting on a lot with the Home Studio trait). I'm not sure if full screen/windowed modes are different though.
  • MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    I have posted an heir poll for my six kids. Help! :smile:
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  • WentcrazyWentcrazy Posts: 128 Member
    Oh boy, today had been super stressful. I'm too tired to post much, so don't expect too much right now :)
    Hopefully posting these pictures works. If you can't see anything, just let me know :)

    Comments first though:

    @Ojenn: I did actually. That is working nice so far and I keep using it right now :)

    @Francisca464: I always feared my sims are the only ones without friends. They do meet colleagues and those are usually their only friends as I'm too busy with other things. I want to give Iris and Aiyden actual friends this time though^^

    And now, on to my founders.
    Like many others of you, I choose Iris and Aiyden Greene.
    Iris Greene

    Here's a little outfit tour. As you can see, her hair also changes with different outfits :) You can also see some of her tattoos :-P

    Aiyden Greene

    He doesn't have as many outfits as Iris. His clothes are also pretty plain compared to hers but I have the feeling he is a simple guy :)
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  • MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    @Wentcrazy Your Iris and Aiyden look great. I like your wardrobe for them. I hope the rest of your day is more relaxing.
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  • IllusoryThrallIllusoryThrall Posts: 1,335 Member
    @Wentcrazy I have the knitting pack, and I LOVE it. The plopsy functionality to sell craft-ables alone is worth it, but the knitting is so much fun. Everyone I know who has it has really liked it, I totally recommend it. Also, your take on Aiyden and Iris is really nice, I like the choice to go with the piercings and funky style for Iris.

    As for pictures, I usually use the "C" command to get screen captures, and if I want to take a picture of the UI, I do a print screen and save it in MSPaint. Really high-tech stuff.

    I did have a time to play a couple evenings ago, but I had my son's 21st birthday yesterday, and I've been decompressing from the various energies of the crowd that was there today... so I didn't have time or creative energy to go through the pics and do them justice. I plan on posting them tomorrow, though, so you guys won't have to wait too long for all the fun pics. :smile:
  • Francisca464Francisca464 Posts: 738 Member
    @Mionax Oh yes, feel free to switch! I liked the idea of Aiyden the robot maker, but it doesn't correspond with his aspiration. I might have him join that career later, but it depends on how well he does with his aspiration and everything else.

    @JordanNicoleJJ Hahah, well at least they had a fireplace. I started playing fullscreen yesterday. I don't see a major difference, but I haven't seen my pics yet so they might be way better. I use GIMP for work so I'm gonna see if that works for me! I have some basic understanding of that program lol. Thank you for your explanation!

    Iris wasn't so much making friends as complaining about stuf :joy: She doesn't have a friendship bar with anyone yet. Cowplant babies are so cute! Can't they just stay that way?! :bawling: So far my Iris has some frogs, a few fossils and part of a MySims collection. For the life of me, we can't find any crystals. The plushies are cute so at least you have those! Yesterday I found out that when you collect a swarm from your bee box, you can send them out to fetch a gift. She did get a crystal but it doesn't count for the aspiration :neutral:

    @Wentcrazy You're definitely not alone in the lonely sim department. I know for a fact @Heckstress17 sims are friendless mostly too :joy: At this moment I have one family friend in Tina Tinker and her wife Yasemin is slowly becoming one.

    OMG I love your Iris!! She looks so bad-🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸. Way different from mine who is a bit of a dork. She looks amazing :love: Aiyden is adorable too! My male sims always have less of a wardrobe than my female sims. Girls are just nicer to dress :joy:
  • Francisca464Francisca464 Posts: 738 Member
    @everyone OK I just found out that the townie in Eco Lifestyle with the bag on his head is actually really cute! :love:

  • tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,754 Member
    edited August 2020
    @Mionax I voted!

    @Wentcrazy Love love love the way you styled your founders! I change my sims hair based on the outfit too -- athletic & swim are almost always up-dos, formal & party get fancier styles usually, and sleepwear sometimes gets a messier hair style.

    @Francisca464 Omg that townie is super cute! How dare they hide his cute face under a bag!!

    @ everyone -- Turns out my bf is STILL sick and had to get tested for covid TWICE (they messed up the first test), so we're still in "quarantine." Which means I get to play all "weekend" (wed-fri) again since we aren't having D&D! I can't wait to share my progress -- I'm going to finish up Haven's college life then post an update :smile:
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,407 Member
    @ everyone -- Turns out my bf is STILL sick and had to get tested for covid TWICE (they messed up the first test), so we're still in "quarantine." Which means I get to play all "weekend" (wed-fri) again since we aren't having D&D! I can't wait to share my progress -- I'm going to finish up Haven's college life then post an update :smile:

    Oh wow, that's crazy I hope he starts to feel better and also that he doesn't have covid either. My husband and I have a phrase now whenever we sneeze or cough and people look at us — we're just sick sick, not covid sick.

    But I also glad you get some more play time as I've been enjoying your updates!

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