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Rebuilding Worlds Vol. 2


  • IllusoryThrallIllusoryThrall Posts: 1,335 Member
    Okay. I'm officially set up and ready to play. Here's the link to my blog page for this challenge: The Diversity Experiment. I put a whole bunch of technical game setup details and plans on that page (if you're interested), and made two sub-pages for the pics of the lots I built, although there's no need for you guys to go to those two pages because I've either put the pics to them up here already, or I'm about to.

    I think my current decision is to put my pictures in both places, so we can keep the discussion/commenting here and keep the conversation going. I will be putting the pics on my blog for my own use (and for the people who read my blog who don't read this topic), but that doesn't mean you guys have to click to go there. If it ends up being too much trouble, I can always switch to just posting links here, but I think this will work fine for now.

    So, some "final" pics of my Community Space Lot set.
    Community Space (Junkyard edition):
    Community Garden edition:
    Marketplace edition:
    Maker Space edition:
    Lastly, some interior shots of the starter house (I say starter, but they still had to take a 40k loan!):
    Now, I think I may just jump in and start playing tonight. One more night on "break" from my Decades challenges won't kill me. *evil grin* So hopefully I'll have some actual challenge pics to post tomorrow!
  • MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    edited August 2020
    @IllusoryThrall Your community lot and all versions of it looks great. I like that you included items for children and toddlers. Your house shell looks incredible. I like the flooring and wall coverings that you used. The windows tie it all in together beautifully.
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  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,306 Member
    @Francisca464 - There's definitely options for you :heart: When I first started spiraling into my sims slump it had a lot to do with building. For awhile there I was in a good grove, but even now the creative juices just aren't flowing. I was worried it would deter me too (because it definitely has in before), but I'm relieved to hear that shell's are allowed. And I know there's some great shell's of the Evergreen Harbor founders houses posted by some of our players. I really hope you can get back into playing and posting with everyone. Obviously I've missed you!

    @OJenn - It was a pretty sad Christmas for the Greene's, but Aiyden's ghost shows up from time to time and they all really like seeing him. Fawn is pretty popular with the guys already :lol: I'd love for you to send her a donation boyfriend! And I second what @JordanNicoleJJ said about appreciating the work you've put into this challenge. If it weren't for you and @debjameswhite planning and keeping up with everything none of us would have this little corner of the forums and the friendships we do now :heart: So much love to you both, and thank you!

    @Wentcrazy - I can't imagine playing without MCC either :lol: I'm glad to hear the roof didn't give you too much trouble. I'm really excited to see your first update. I wouldn't complain if it's full of babies in the first update lol!

    @debjameswhite - Maybe I think Fawn's lip/nose ratio is too close because her brother has the opposite problem and I'm just use to looking at him :joy: I do really like her though, and think she'll still be my heir.

    @JordanNicoleJJ - I know :bawling: I'm so bummed the broken baby skins isn't due to a future rework, but I love that outfits can be knitted and gifted to sims! I had no idea, that's such a cute idea. I didn't get the Knitting pack, but now that you've explained how the baby outfits can be knitted, and I keep seeing Eden in those cute boots I think I need it :lol: I wish I had saved the page I read about how the game spawns random townies. It explained that in the coding (or something like that) that the game generates the same face template, so that's why they all look the same, because they literally are the same. I'm telling you this mod has made my game 10x's better, because now I'm not spending literal hours making over the monstrosities roaming my town. I keep stealing everyone's sims and they keep multiplying and making the most beautiful babies. It's great lol :heart:

    @IllusoryThrall - I screenshot notices in my game and crop them in MS Paint too lol! I'm glad you decided on posting here as well as your blog. We've had some players over the years post on their blogs only, and I'm a bit ashamed to admit that it was harder for me to keep up with their updates. I really really really love your shipping container community lot! I'm in awe of all the building you've accomplished in what feels like such a short time! I was just saying how I wasn't in a building mood, so I'll definitely be following you on the gallery. I may have to snag one of your community lots :wink: I just don't know if I'll feel like I'm cheating or not :grimace: We'll see how I feel about it lol. But seriously, awesome job! I think my favorite version is the junkyard oddly enough lol I love how you placed that downed pillar and all the graffiti. And of course I love seeing the floorplan that I chose built by someone else. It's really neat to see, and again I like your back of the house much better then mine :lol:

    @Mionax - Alright, you're officially insane! Man that lay lines trait is no joke :joy: I love that even your cowplants are in twin form lol! That scarecrow is kind of terrifying, not a fan :scream: Sandy and Savanna look identical too?! AND they both look like they have the random shade of green eyes that my Fawn has! I'm very interested to see how all of the kids age up, and very happy I'm not the one raising them :lol: You're gonna have your hands full with 4+ kids and trying to get Iris and Aiyden's careers maxed out :grimace:
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  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,407 Member
    @IllusoryThrall - I really am enjoying the vibrant color scheme of the community lot you built. It suits Evergreen Harbor pretty nicely in my opinion. And the house is really coming along nicely and I can't wait to see how you jazz things up.

    Now that the twins are children they've been hard at work on their aspirations and just being kids.

    Jade has become BFFs with a townie name Stacci

    And despite some setbacks Aiyden has completed his aspiration



    This pretty much sums up life in the Greene household right now.

    Soon enough it was Christmas and the Greene's had decided to get festive


    No one spotted Santa that night

    But the next day the kids got to open their presents


    This holiday also marked adult birthdays for Iris and Aiyden

    First he's sour

    And then he's sweet, I swear Iris has the patience of a saint

    Soon after that New Years Eve rolled around and it was time for the twins to become teens

    Atlas' teen traits

    Jade's teen traits

    And here they are: To me they both look like Iris, I see very little Aiyden in either of them :neutral:
  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,306 Member
    edited August 2020
    Evergreen Harbor: Update 8
    (Uneventful teenage years takeover)

    I was able to find the adult version of the cc hair Fawn had as a child. I think she's regained some of her childish charm. Don't mind her pout, she's just not as big a fan of cooking as her big brother.

    She much prefers socializing to spending time in the kitchen, and has been balancing her social life and schoolwork pretty well so far.

    Zach is still her best friend, and she usually separates from her other friends to be with just him.

    And Zach apparently has some hidden feelings toward her because this kid got an earful for just hanging out at her house... boys...

    Maaaaaybe it has something to do with her newly bought beguiling trait? Just maybe :tongue:

    Big brother Silas is nearly a YA and I couldn't let him age up without having his first girlfriend. (This beautiful girl was born in game from one of the townie families I placed. Bless you NPC mod! :lol: ) But he's a bit awkward around girls so it's taken nearly all of his teen years to build a friendship with Ashlynn... despite the fact that they were friends as kids.

    He invited her to play Basketball at the gym in Willow Creek, and to my surprise Ashlynn showed up excited to play.

    It was clearly her first time playing though, but Silas didn't give her any flack about it.

    He did however take this opportunity to show off, but of course she had her back turned and missed his sweet dunk :lol:

    and Silas graciously turned his back for her wipe out.

    At the end of what he considered to be a date, he nervously gave her a gift. It was a pretty expensive camera that Santa had given him. He was relieved that she really seemed to like it.

    And a selfie to remember the day :smile:

    Fawn's been trying to figure out the recycler to get her fabrication skill started. I've decided that "Fabrication" will be the family skill. I don't know if Fawn's the best fitting heir for it lol but we'll make it work.

    She's done about a million school projects, so she does have some handiness skill. Which is needed to be a good fabricator. Plus, with her ghostly Dad floating around (with literal unfinished fabrication business) I think she'll have any guidance she needs.

    It's nice to see Aiyden's ghost with his Green aura.

    Especially since it never last :joy: Apparently the afterlife is just as aggravating as real life.

    Silas invited Ashlynn over to work on his project together and she showed up in a flirty mood. So he finally got the courage to flirt with her.

    And then sent him mixed signals by rejecting his embrace :neutral:

    He tried to win her back over by making her a meal, and got her smiling again.

    Then a sickly spotted Silas spotted his first ghost. He's a Squeamish sim and apparently not too fond of the undead.

    It's just poor old harmless Uncle Knox! Ashlynn looks less then impressed with this unmanly display. 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

    Fawn has been making love connections much easier then her brother. Her and Zach aren't official, but they're getting there, and Mama Iris seems to approve.

    Zach asked her out on a date and truth be told it was a glitchy disaster, so this is the only pic, but it still counts lol!

    Back to Iris, she's been in a deep depression since her husband and BFF's passing. :disappointed:

    But one day she resolved to trying to move on, and was worrying her time might be coming. So as much as it pained her (and as weird as it was) she drank Aiyden's life essence and gained a little more time to spend with the kids.

    With one day to spare Silas finally gained the confidence to tell Ashlynn how he felt. His voidcritter covered bedroom apparently set the mood.

    And before she left for the night, and despite the fact that he was literally fuming a stench, Silas went in for a kiss. And miracuously wasn't rejected lol!

    In fact, Ashlynn couldn't get enough of him. Fawn is judging them hard :lol:

    So now Fawn is busy with school, fabricating, and most importantly socializing. And Iris is back to her usual cheerful self.

    Uncle Knox is still hanging around being the most useful townie/friend a sim could ask for.

    And Silas officially becomes a man tomorrow in game. I leave you with this pic of my active, future master chef, combining his two passions and making it look like the most boring thing in the world.

    Happy Simming!
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  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,306 Member
    @OJenn - We must've posted at the same time so now the thread's getting a triple post from me, sorry lol! But yay an update! Jade was so cute playing with her BFF :heart: I can't believe you completed Aiyden's aspiration so fast! I'm so jealous :bawling: At least Aiyden is alive and fulfilled in your game. Your Greene's Christmas obviously went much better then mine lol It was good to see happy pics. Aw, look at Iris and Aiyden with their adult makeovers. I loved your sour and sweet pics. :heart: It's definitely a Greene thing. But look at the kids! I wasn't expecting to see them as teens so fast. You must've really cranked out some game time. Jade is gorgeous :love: She reminds me a bit of @JordanNicoleJJ 's Eden. Atlas takes after Iris more then any of the Greene kids we've seen so far. But the set of his brows definitely remind me of his Dad. I also like that he's a geeky art lover. Great update :smile: and I hope your little one is feeling better!
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  • MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    edited August 2020
    @OJenn Your kids look great as teens. Thanks for all you and @debjameswhite do for us with this challenge. Get well soon little-OJenn-kid. :smile:

    @Heckstress17 Yes, insane is correct. With my next update you will see a full house of Greenes. Three sets of twins. I can turn off the On Ley Line lot trait now that this goal of mine is complete. I wanted to see as much genetics as I could. Because I am curious. My second set of twins Sandy and Savanna have different hair color and different skin tones. Facial structure though seems to be the same. Both of the older sets of twins. Ashton, Alden and Sandy and Savanna are children now. The littles are still little. I wasn't going to update yet but now that I'm on the subject I might as well share. :blush:

    Crazy Mionax News desk brings... just a boring collection of CAS pics.
    Nothing to see here really. Move along.
    I think I can turn off that On Ley Line lot trait now.


    Ashton - Squeamish (Artistic Prodigy)

    Alden - Loves Outdoors (Social Butterfly)

    Sandy - Recycle Disciple (Social Butterfly)

    Savanna - Geek (Whiz Kid) She is my favorite so far.

    The eldest twins doing their homework together with help from mom and dad.

    Introducing the youngest Greene twins:

    Myra - Angelic

    Mariam - Clingy

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  • WentcrazyWentcrazy Posts: 128 Member
    So many updates! I hope I don't mix them up :smile:

    @Mionax: sooooo many babies! :D I'm curious to see all their genetics!
    Aaaaand you delivered. All sets of twins look similar but they definitely all have a different nose. But so far, Savanna might have the chance to have the best genetic mix. Let's see how they turn out in the future.
    Oh, the youngest twins have aged up as well! None of your set is identical :D they all have the hair color from one of their parents. That's going to be interesting for sure!

    @IllusoryThrall: Those interior pics look nice. My favorite of the community lots ais definitely the maker space edition (lots of stuff to use and some fun stuff for kids and toddlers)

    @Heckstress17: I thought about having babies in the first update but I'll try to wait a bit and get them settled :D I don't have any babies yet but it can happen so fast, you have to see how you can actually fit them into the house/play. Most times my sims have no idea how to support their family financially as they end up having kids too early^^ At least the founders come with degrees. Maybe it'll be a bit different this time :)

    Fawn is cute! Especially when she makes faces while pouting :D She totally seems to be the outgoing type and loves socializing. Do you have a career like that in mind for her?
    Ashlynn is such an interesting sim. I really like the way she looks. I can see why Silas had a "date" with her.
    OMG angry ghost Aiyden :DD That reminds everyone of the old living Aiyden :D
    About Ashlynn rejecting Silas with the embrace: Maybe she had a feeling he was going to be sick and wanted to keep away from his germs ;D You have to have a positive explanation to lift Silas up :D
    Seeee, she didn't reject him much later :D They're super cute! Fawn shouldn't judge them too much, maybe she's just jealous! But I still love her.

    @Ojenn: love the update! Of course Aiyden is grumpy about aging up although he had completed his aspiration. THank good Iris is such a patient person and clearly loves her husband.
    I kind of agree that the kids look more than Iris but I see a mix of both parents in there. Both of their noses seem to be a mix of their parents' noses and the son has his father's eyes (minus the color). Their skin color is also mixed but they're leaning more towards white. So I totally get your point :)
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    Family Tree Evergreen Harbor
  • KiwicantdieKiwicantdie Posts: 1,304 Member
    edited August 2020
    Evergreen Harbor: Update 3
    (long, spammy and cavity-inducing, I swear)

    I can't believe I'm already back with another update: unplanned things have happened in game and I couldn't but post right away. Also, sorry if I haven't replied to your posts yet. I started writing this update yesterday evening when I realized it was going to take me waaaay longer, so I ended up going to bed instead. I woke up to a ton of notifications, tho, so I'll make sure to read and reply as soon as I'm done updating.
    Back to the game, the Greenes finally decided to unbox and settle in their new home with the little furniture they had. I removed all the money derived from getting rid of the clutter and kept the amount they earned in the past week (a lot, tbh).


    Hours of work later, they invited their new friends and neighbors over for a tiny, intimate dinner party. There was nothing but grilled cheese and mac and cheese, but showing off their home was a good enough excuse to hang out and have a good time. There's still lots of furniture missing, but nobody had a problem with it (yeah, even if the dining table had no chairs :joy: ). Lia was the first to arrive :smile:




    She and Iris got along quite well.


    Tina Tinker came too. She got really close to the Greenes once she learned that they moved into the city to help fix it through the CEU. Even if they live in different neighborhoods, they have a ton in common and I like the idea of her sticking around for the rest of their life in Evergreen Harbor.


    She's fun to hang out with, but she spent most of her time trying to sneak into the garage and use Aiyden's fabricator :joy:


    Aiyden made the best of it and tried to get her opinion on a couple of projects he had developed in the past few days. She actually had a lot of critiques to give, but that's good 'cause he can definitely improve.


    I have no clue where that cake came from and who cooked it, because... nobody cooked it :cold_sweat: 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸


    Knox came too, uninvited, and I have to admit, he spent most of his time chatting with Iris with such passion and conviction, that... I seriously started questioning his intentions :joy: he never stopped rambling. The boy seemed to have a bit of a crush on Iris. I can't even blame him.


    I'm almost certain that there was no autonomous flirting going on there, but at one point, at the end of the discussion, Iris suddenly started feeling super flirty. It's good that Knox didn't notice, as he was so busy checking the Greenes' trash :joy: I might have done something I was going to regret later :joy:


    Once the guest went home and left them alone, Aiyden revealed to be in the worst mood possible. He got into an argument with Iris. I suspect that he must have seen how Knox had glued himself to Iris for the entire evening and couldn't hide his jealousy anymore.

    A: "What the hell was that, Iris? The first random neighbor that gets into our house compliments your grilled cheese and that's all it takes for you to get all flustered and blush like a teenager??"


    I: "Me and Knox? Are you kidding me, Aiyden?? There's no way in hell and you know it! You seriously think I would cheat on you like that?"


    Aiyden must have felt like an idiot for overthinking his wife's reaction because the argument didn't last as long as their previous one. Before I knew it, he was already begging for forgiveness and totally not trying to sleep on the couch one more time.


    Aaaaand they ended up apologizing to each other in bed :smirk:


    That passionate night actually improved Iris' mood by a lot. She sorta woke up glowing, just like the sun outside.


    She was feeling so good that she even dared to face her how lazy plum and go jogging for once. Unbelievable.


    ... only to come back home and fall asleep on the couch in the middle of the afternoon. Minutes later, I decided to make my own life even harder and get her to quit her high paying job. I know, it sounds insane. But I just wanted to have her do something different despite her degree and actually get her into knitting/seeling things on Plopsy. I also didn't want both sims to "have it easy" with high paying careers so early in their lives. I wanted a challenge :joy:


    And I swear to god I did not see this coming. If I had known, I would have kept her job to keep on grinding them paychecks.
    I almost had a miny heart attack when I saw the notification, because a) they only woohooed twice and b) the risky percent woohoo is soooo low :bawling: it's like 5%. I can't even. She also never showed any sign of sickness/nausea for the entirety of the 24 hours later. This is Knox's fault. I swear, if Aiyden didn't get super jealous about Knox and Iris, and if he didn't apologize in bed... :expressionless:


    A few hours after realizing she was pregnant, Iris was already feeling sick. And she was showing already!


    She had to break the news to Aiyden asap. There was just no way she could hide it, after all.
    I: "Aiyden, you're not going to believe me, but--- I'm actually not... constipated. My tummy isn't just filled with mac and cheese :sweat_smile: "


    A: "... is... is it grilled cheese, then? Please, tell me it's grilled cheese!" :joy: (he didn't take it that well) :joy:


    Since she had left her job and was already expecting, Iris decided that she couldn't wait any longer: she had to make it big on Plopsy. She started knitting like there was no tomorrow :joy:I also need them onesies for the future kiddo!



    -and getting sick, of course.


    Aiyden took out all his stress on the fabricator, till he basically destroyed it :joy: I told you, he didn't take it super well :joy:


    Tina showed up again later that evening, tho, and not only she helped him with the projects, she also offered some of her tools to help him upgrade the house! I learned only then that she was expecting too. I thought that her stomach was chubby by default, but apparently, when she came over for dinner she was already pregnant.


    Knox must have sensed that people were coming over, because he appeared on the front door too! Of course, Iris couldn't let him stay outside, all alone. There was plenty of food for everyone, after all :mrgreen:


    Since there were enough guests already, Iris decided to call over Lia too. Girls' night? Girls' night.


    They decided that this was basically the best time to announce their unexpected pregnancy. They had more good reason to stay and fix the town, right? A better environment for the kids.


    I'm just going to assume that Knox didn't love the news :smirk: Knox, your crush is showing and THIS BABY IS ALL YOUR FAULT FOR FS


    Unfortunately, the dinner ended sooner than expected. Iris had been sick the entire day, on and off, so when Aiyden started coffing too I knew I had to send the rest of them away to prevent a pandemic :sweat_smile: the pregnancy had nothing to do with it (it's really weird yet amusing how sickness spread in game)


    The only one that seemed unbothered and almost spent the entire night at the Greenes was Tina. She just couldn't stop obsessing over Aiyden's fabricator :joy:


    The morning after, Aiyden autonomously appeared in front of my eyes like this. I only wish I could have captured the moment he messed up so bad.


    Despite the renovations, the house seemed to still have a few problems with bugs. Poor Iris kept getting swarmed by bees. (And yes, I'm keeping the creepy crawlers trait 'cause it's just too amusing and it fits the fixer-upper vibe of the challenge :mrgreen: )


    In between vomit attacks, bees, spiders and horribly knitted socks, Iris had a chance to enjoy a few more naps than usual. It wasn't enough for her to feel better, but it definitely helped with her energy level.


    I had to bring them back to the community space 'cause Aiyden needed to recycle stuff for work, and though I didn't want Iris to be close to the trash in her state, she still gravitated around the smelly only-toilet-on-the-lot bush :joy: no wonder you're getting sick every other hour, girl :joy:


    Super pregnant Tina was there too, as you can see, and she immediately stuck to Iris from the moment she arrived. Here's where I started feeling anxious. Tina was in her third trimester, while Iris only in her second... and their bellies looked the same :cold_sweat: not good. I was NOT hoping for more than one baby. As a matter of fact, I didn't want a baby so soon either.


    Still, they couldn't help bonding over their future nooboos. The babies weren't born yet but their friendship was already in the making :joy:


    Iris survived till late in the evening with only a smelly bush to pee on, 'cause Aiyden was way too busy rummaging through trash and grinding for a promotion. She's a champ.


    Also, he finally started kinda warming up to the idea of becoming a dad.



    After all, pregnant Iris seemed to be pretty irresistible.


    One day later, it was Love Day in my game! I couldn't help but bring the Greenes to Willow Creek and enjoy some fresh air for once. Not that there's smog in Port Promise ( :rage: ) but Willow Creek was definitely greener in any case. Iris was going to give birth at any moment and the two of them wanted to spend some time alone, away from home and from their nosy neighbors, before their lives changed forever.


    Aiyden was in the mood :joy: I almost died laughing at him trying to seduce his super preggo wife. I get that it was Love Day, but he just seemed ready to make a lot more Greenes :joy:



    In reality, the rest of the day was pretty chill and uneventful (thankfully).



    However, Tina actually tried to contact them and see where the hell they went. They were literally in the middle of a date, so... they just acted like they totally missed the call :joy:


    They spent most of it playing chess together and being disgustingly lovey-dovey to each other.



    By the time they got back home that evening, there was still no sign of the baby coming. BUT A MIRACLE HAPPENED.


    THE SMOG WAS BACK. I couldn't believe my eyes.



    The footprint was maxed out. I almost cried of joy, 'cause all of my hard work seemed to have paid off in the end :bawling:


    Even the cowplant had grown. She looked beautiful with that gloomy scenery.


    ... but of course, happiness couldn't last long.
    As soon as the Greenes jumped into bed and time sped up, a couple of sim hours later I got the notification.


    And I checked. If this isn't a bug, I don't know what is. I refuse to believe that this is a feature :angry:


    The night sky cleared right away and Aiyden had to get up to feed the cowplant before she could lure him with a cake.


    I can't believe I had to wait till morning for Iris to get into labor. This pregnancy almost felt like it lasted twice the time?


    I was not ready, nor was Aiyden.


    I put a baby/toddler room together as fast as I could with the little money they had earned (which wasn't a lot, considered that now I only have Aiyden's paycheck to rely on). I think it turned out cute, but there was not enough space to take good pics of it. I love how, in the middle of his panic, Aiyden walzed into the room with that huge smile on his face and sat on the toddler bed.

    A: "Come on, babe, you can do it! It's easier than you think!"

    I: "SHUT UP before I fold you like a lawn chair!"


    Aiyden's facade crumbled in a second and, before I could even blink, he bolted out of the room :neutral: nice support, dude. I'm sure Iris will remember that for the rest of your lives :joy:


    Aaaaand- I almost rage quitted.



    I ONLY WANTED ONE :bawling::bawling::bawling:
    Somebody, please tell me how to lower the chances of twins with MCCC :bawling: I'm so tired of having twins. This feels like the beginning of my Willow Creek Austin fam all over again. I didn't even want the Greenes to have kids so soon, it's even worse that there's two of them :tired_face:
    Anyway, no matter how frustrated I was, Iris definitely counterbalanced my anger with her love. She'll be a good momma for sure.
    (Can't really say the same for Aiyden :joy: something tells me that he's packing his bags for a... vacation :joy: )



    ... so it begins :frowning:

    Origin ID: Kiwicantdie
    Willow Creek | Evergreen Harbor
  • EMSimmer30EMSimmer30 Posts: 181 Member
    Hey, everyone! Thank you, @Mionax for directing me here. After my two month break it was great to see so many familiar people posting their new families/stories for this new version of the Rebuild challenge! I posted my gen 9 house on the old thread if anyone is interested and will post a few more times there to finish my Willow Creek rebuild. I'm not sure yet if I will start the Oasis Springs like I planned, start on this version like so many of you or if I will work on my royal legacy and only keep up with you all by reading/commenting.
    @Mionax Your Green's numbers are giving me flashbacks of my gen 8 :wink: Good thing you are removing that lot trait as I assure you, you DO NOT want to ever have to deal with twelve kids!
    @Kiwicantdie I am glad you are well and I hope your exams went well too!
    @Heckstress17 I actually think Fawn is really pretty, even if she does look so much like her dad. Could you upload her, please? I would love to add her to my pool of sims.
    @OJenn and @debjameswhite Thank you for creating another fun challenge to eventually try!
  • tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,754 Member
    Rebuild Evergreen Harbor: Gen 1

    Ya'll, I'm out here struggling :lol: It's official, I've given up on trying to keep up with Iris' laundry.

    And remember when I said "Haven's such a good kid, he didn't even set the house on fire while learning how to cook"? Yeah I spoke too soon. Teenagers -- too busy texting to notice THE FIRE RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM :expressionless: Also I think this means he has to be the heir, right @debjameswhite ? :wink:

    This pic summed up everyone's feelings on the matter. Note Haven's massive eye roll like "c'mon guys, it's not even THAT bad," and Eden's stink eye that could kill a man. Pray for her future husband lol.

    I can't stay mad at this kid for long though, he's still a pretty good kid. He even applied for college early, my smart young man when he's not burning the house down :blush:

    I couldn't believe how many distinguished degrees he got into!

    But he already knew exactly where he wants to go and what he wants to do: he's going to get a physics degree at Foxbury just like his dad :smile:

    Eden was still in an awful mood when she got home from school (I don't blame her), and she used it to guilt Haven into doing her school robotics project for her. Eh, he needs the practice more than her anyway :lol:

    Haven's YA birthday was a quiet affair. He invited over his closest friends and his girlfriend Suri of course. (Btw the guy in the yellowish jacket is one of his childhood friends -- the kid who we all thought was Aiyden's love child :lol: )

    He aged up with the Cheerful trait. Not the most exciting trait, but I'll take it. I think it's cute that he and Eden both got it.

    But wait -- that's not all! I have no idea when Suri was supposed to age up, but they went ahead and celebrated her birthday too. All of his other friends are YA already, so I figured it was close enough.

    Still going strong! :heart:

    And finally, here's Haven post-makeover. I'm honestly really happy with him. Eden might be the better genetic mix, but Haven's a total hunk, and I'm just more excited to play him. So I officially dub him the gen 2 heir! :smiley:

    Prepare yourselves for a massive outfit tour...I might've gone a little overboard :flushed: I gave him a "college student" style and went with a red color palette since he's going to Foxbury. Outfits in order: 5 everyday, 1 formal, 2 athletic, 2 sleep, 2 party, 2 swim, 3 hot, 2 cold.

    Our college man isn't leaving the nest just yet though! He wanted to stick around and spend the holidays with his family before moving out on his own. (Plus I wasn't ready to move on from Aiyden and Iris yet.)

    This is the new norm in the Greene household -- Haven doing homework for his college classes literally nonstop, and Eden knitting away :smile:

    Just wanted to show off some of her creations -- the pouf and the hanging plant are my favs! The cactus is super cute too though but Iris bought that on plopsy shhhh lol.

    Aiyden and Iris have been working hard too. They both finally got promoted to the top of their careers!

    And Aiyden immediately quit :lol: Let's just call it "early retirement." He was just ready for something different, with a more relaxed schedule -- freelance crafting.

    Just days after switching careers, he completed his aspiration!

    Winter came and brought snow to Evergreen Harbor. @Heckstress17 to answer your question -- yes, it does snow in Evergreen Harbor, and it's gorgeous!! :love:

    They strung up the winterfest lights (green lights for the Greene house lol), a wreath, and some super cute wooden reindeer. Simple, but pretty :heart:

    Inside was equally festive. I didn't go overboard on holiday decor, but Aiyden & Iris seem pleased.

    Another benefit of the holidays -- Iris finally completed a collection! Apparently you can get these "plushies" in "holiday crackers" you order on the computer. She had to order like 100 of them (the robotic-looking one took FOREVER to find), but it was worth it. My Iris isn't a traditional collector, I see her as more of an eclectic knick-knack collector, okay? :lol: She also attempted to collect post cards, but that was taking forever, so she also has a half-finished post card collection :joy:


    And with that, I FINALLY completed her aspiration! Whew, I honestly did not think that was gonna happen :sweat_smile:

    Haven took a break from his schoolwork to go to a "utility bot competition" on campus. Turns out there's a whole robotics club called the Bot Savants who meet up to craft and play with robots! It was a dream come true!

    Suri tagged along too and was really fascinated by the break dancing servo :lol:

    Oh, and Haven met Suri's mom! Apparently she's also attending Foxbury and is a senior member of the club! She invited them to tag along to the bar after the competition for drinks. Poor Haven looked so nervous but excited, it was so cute :blush:

    The bar wasn't very busy, so they had the foosball table all to themselves. Team Suri and Suri's mom vs Team Haven and Random Chick: game on!

    Team Haven won! :sunglasses: Suri and her mom didn't even care, they were just there for the drinks anyway lol.

    Haven made sure Suri knew she was a winner in his eyes no matter what :wink: *gag* lol

    Life was so busy in the Greene household that they totally would've forgotten about Winterfest if they hadn't woken up to a pile of presents under the tree! Thanks for the reminder, Father Winter :lol: (Don't even ask me what they got, it all got sold immediately :sweat_smile: )


    They had a relaxing morning -- Eden took a nap, Haven invited over Suri and they spent some quality time together, and Iris and Aiyden reminisced about their amazing life together thus far. They also took potions of youth, because I'm just not ready to lose them yet -- they still have so much to live for (like grandkids :wink: )!

    Suri's already part of the family -- everyone loves her. She's been hanging out at the house since they were kids, so it was only fitting for her to be a part of their winterfest dinner.

    After dinner, Haven intended on making it "official." He proposed!

    And she said yes!! :heart:

    Aiyden was so proud :blush: Celebratory selfie! (I finally got around to taking pics for the house and figured I might as well include a couple in this update lol.) Man, Haven really does look so much like his dad. Such handsome men :heart:

    That wasn't the only thing they were celebrating though. They decided to celebrate Eden's birthday a little early so Haven and Suri could be there, as they were planning on moving into their own home the next day. She got one last selfie with mom first -- she's still a mama's girl for sure :blush:

    Cake time! Iris made a special winterfest cake just for the occasion ~

    She ended up rolling the Ambitious trait -- a perfect addition to her already perfect traits. She's honestly a great sim, I just never got attached to her enough.

    AND she takes after her dad more than I thought! She ended up getting Aiyden's cheekbones, face shape, nose, and eyes, yet she somehow still looks sooo much like Iris lol.

    Here's a tiny outfit tour for her new YA look (definitely not all of her outfits). I gave her a college style as well, but I kept some of her pink-loving girly side. In order: everyday, athletic, sleep, party, hot, cold.

    I've also uploaded her to the gallery in case anyone wants to play her at any point. Like I said I think she's a great sim, I just couldn't get attached myself :tongue: If you need a knitting sim -- this is your girl, she's already level 9 in knitting :lol:Click here to download

    That's all for now. I did build the gen 2 house and got Haven & Suri settled in, but I'll save that for the next update. Comments coming tomorrow, but I've gotta get to bed now 'cause tomorrow is my one morning shift :weary:
  • KiwicantdieKiwicantdie Posts: 1,304 Member
    So many updates while I was updating! :joy:<3 I love how active we all are right now!

    @Wentcrazy I hope you get the chance to move again in October!

    @IllusoryThrall omg I love the restaurant you built for Evergreen Harbor! It's so beautifully industrial! Also the community space looks fantastic. I also almost went for a container lot but I still get to play it vicariously through your pics :wink: btw, don't feel inadequate! :joy: I'm not even a builder, for real. I just have a... uhm... issue... with clutter :sweat_smile: I just can't control myself with clutter :sweat_smile: ... as for your posts, personally, I have to admit that I would prefer them to be here just because I know myself and how bad I can be at keeping track of blogs when I'm most of the time in this forum. BUT if you feel like posting over there, I'll try my best to follow it :smile: you could also do as @Mionax suggested: post here the main highlights and then go much more in dept in your blog!

    @JordanNicoleJJ thank you so much for linking that bug report! Of course I clicked on it faster than light. Yeah, I'm super annoyed at the footprint too... it would have made so much sense having it industrial by default! What I'm experiencing are such wiiiiide swings to neutral despite going full industrial, in, like, just 5 seconds of the game. Pablita is most definitely still here in my game! I haven't changed save file, I'm still playing the same from Willow Creek, so the whole Austin fam is still there in the back :smile: I was totally feeling that I should also upload her to the gallery too, since I just gave her a cc-free makeover.
    Aaaaa we updated almost at the same time! Man, all of the clothes piles :joy::bawling: it's such a pain in my game too. She even takes them off in the shower and lets them get all wet. It's nasty! Iris is such an adorable sim, but she really makes it difficult to manage the laundry :joy: -I totally foreshadowed Haven becoming the heir when I saw him almost burning the entire kitchen to the ground! Lol that eyeroll pic is so funny! I'm glad that you decided to send him to college. I totally want to do that too with my future heir. Kudos to Haven for aaaaaall those distinguished degrees! He must have ground a ton of skills during his teen years! His young adult makeover is so good :flushed: and Suri is so cute too! Loved the outfits tour, you really went wild with the Foxbury theme :joy: I'm still astonished at how much progress you make in game, whether it's jobs or aspirations... I barely manage to get anything done, compared to you! #gamegoals I'll have to do better from now on :grimace: the snow looked amazing in Evergreen Harbor! The decorations were super cute too! I'm conflicted about Haven attending uni from home, 'cause I would love to see him in a dorm, exploring college life, but at the same time I still want him to spend time with the family :bawling: I love how Winterfest-y Winterfest felt in your game, the table decor looked literally perfect. Of course, to make the day even better, you had to throw a proposal in there! <3 I feel sorry for Eden for being overshadowed by her brother, but she's definitely gorgeous! Honestly, I hope MCCC gives her the best <3

    @Mionax I wasn't expecting you to start over with a new save, but I'm glad you did 'cause now at least I'm not the only one left behind :tongue: the degrees help a lot with getting tons of money, though, so I don't blame you for wanting to fix the issue. I love the black and white kitchen! We have the same floor plan if I'm not mistaken, right? Yet our styles are so different! :mrgreen: I love it! Lol we're so much on the opposite side of the spectrum, when it comes to twin pregnancies :joy::joy::joy: I would never turn on that lot trait! I can't deal with twins, I just had soooo many of them in game already. BUT I LOVE your twin boys, they're the cutest!!! Plus, their trait is my favorite eheh. I like the twin girls too, but the boys are just my faves at the moment. It's crazy how different looking they are genetically, even as toddlers! That third pregnancy tho... :joy::bawling: I'm shivering in your place just by thinking about it :joy: I feel like you would have kept going with twin pregnancies if there wasn't a cap limit of 8 sims per household :joy:

    @Heckstress17 I hope that the virtual classes go well for your kids! I've done everything virtual with my university since the pandemic started, both classes and exams, and it was actually a really nice experience. I hope you still have time to play, tho, and that you won't have to become a 24/7 teacher :grimace: I'm glad to know I'm not the only one without Photoshop lol, I use Gimp! Being such a noob at editing, I was lucky to get a couple of forum posts, otherwise, I would have never figured out how to do it. (I'm totally going to upload Pablita to the gallery soon, since I just gave her a cc-free makeover :mrgreen: )- btw: no, you don't get poisoned from woohooing in a dumpster, that was the bees that swarmed Aiyden early in the morning. It's not sanitary anyway and I 100% wouldn't recommend, but it doesn't lead to being poisoned. I totally feel you on not wanting to get rid of the cc skin. it was sooooo hard deciding to get rid of it too (though the folder is still there on my pc, safe and sound). I don't regret it, though, 'cause I get to see the sims I'm playing with in their "natural" form if you get what I mean :joy: also: I can't thank you enough for linking the NPCC mod. I'm using it and it's such a game changer!! No more horrible-same-looking townies! I get to have npcs that I actually download and place in game :bawling:
    Anyway, on to the teenage years! I'm so glad you found the same cc hair for Fawn, she really looks soooo good with that hairstyle! Her and Zack are so cute together, my poor shipping heart :bawling: Silas got a gorgeous girlfriend too! Yes, bless the NPCC mod!! Tbh, you got me so conflicted about the one I would choose as heir. Both Silas and Fawn are so adorable. Aaaaaw, yes, moody Aiyden even in the afterlife, that's how we like him :joy: ... I actually got emotional at your elder Iris being all depressed and sad about Aiyden and Knox's death. I would honestly love for her to live long enough to see grandkids, but something tells me that she won't make it :bawling: she would be adorable as a grandma, I know it. But her kids seem to be nowhere near ready to have kids of their own. Hey, there was progress, tho! I'm looking at you, Silas, finally able to seal the deal with Ashlynn :wink: (lol that pic of Fawn judging them hard was so funny :joy: )

    @Francisca464 welcome back!!! <3 I've also just started playing after the longest hiatus ever, I didn't open my game for almost six months. If you feel like playing again, you know you're more than welcome to join the challenge! :blush: I guess that people already shared their house shells with you. Just so you know that I totally feel you on the building part.

    @debjameswhite nope the smog didn't come back :cry: or, actually, in my last update it did... for, like, 5 seconds. I give up on it, I'll just impatiently wait for the devs to fix this issue. It was the part I was excited the most about the whole pack and it sucks that it doesn't work the way I wanted it to. I enjoy this challenge and playing with you guys, though, so just like you said I can live with it for the time being :smile: (don't even mention the forniture-swiping thing... I might pop a vein if I think about it lol). Aiyden is such a meme right now :joy: ... also, no, you don't get poisoned by woohooing in a dumpster. That was the bees' doing! I have the creepy crawlers lot trait, so my sims get attacked by bats, spiders and bees (and the bees sometimes can get your sim poisoned just like in Selva Dorada). I totally want to get Lia and Heath married asap if MCCC doesn't do it (they are just girlfriend/boyfriend in my game right now), and I also want them to make some kids so that they can be playmates with the Greenes'. Heath helped a lot with ruining Evergreen Harbor's environment, but all of his sweat didn't achieve a single thing :sweat_smile: let's not tell the Greene :tongue:

    @OJenn you made so much progress in game! :blush: the Winterfest holidays were so cute to see! I love the pics of kids opening presents near the tree, it's adorable. The adult makeovers for Iris and Aiyden are the best, you did such a good job! Also, I totally love that Aiyden's beeing moody in your game too :tongue: OMG is that cc birthday cake?? It has to be, I've never seen in game! The kids are such cuties as teens, but you're right about them having very little Aidyen genes. Still, I would be veeery happy to have such cute teens in my game :sweat_smile:
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  • Francisca464Francisca464 Posts: 738 Member
    I went back to read everyone's posts, it's too much to comment on everything but at least I'm up to speed! :wink: I also want to thank everyone for welcoming me (back). It's been a while, but it's also like I've never been away.

    @Heckstress17 Do you know who will be your heir? I'm favoring Fawn, she's gorgeous!

    @OJenn Atlas and Jade are gorgeous! They do look a lot like Iris, but I see some Aiyden in both of them.

    @Mionax OMG so many kids in your game. Do they all fit in the house? :yum:

    @Kiwicantdie I read somewhere else that sims bake cakes spontaneously? Or maybe someone brought it. Or it's a ghost cake! OMG you got your smog back! I think in honor of this you should change one of the baby's names to Smog. Also I'm sorry for getting not one, but two unwanted baby's :yum: Thank you for the welcome btw! I'm glad you feel my building pain, although I think you're very good at it. :smiley:

    @JordanNicoleJJ LOL how is Iris producing that much laundry? Oh gosh YA Haven is HOT! Happy you chose him as your heir :heart:
  • Francisca464Francisca464 Posts: 738 Member
    OK, so I actually started my game yesterday and with decorating the house and dressing the Greenes the night was over before I knew it. I can't wait to play a gain tonight. I have a few first pictures! I switched to Imgur because Puush deleted all of my old pictures, I don't trust it anymore. Let me know if you can see them :smile:

    I used a shell for floorplan A by @JordanNicoleJJ. I really like the house. No interior pics yet because it's not really decorated. I'm playing legacy style so they have a bed, a basic kitchen and bathroom and some stuff to start out improving the neighborhood :yum:

    There's definitely smog. They started coughing immediately.

    Iris is so adorable! I already love her. This is one of her 3 everyday outfits.

    And Aiyden. Enjoy your TV while you can boy, we're gonna start fixing Evergreen Harbor tonight!

    A picture of them both in the house. I'm excited to really start playing tonight. Yesterday was mostly dressing them and furnishing the home.
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    Hey Guys, I’ve not been able to play… I’ve been in a car accident. I’m fine, and the other party is fine as well, I’ve just not been in the mental state to play. Ugh, its unfortunate how life keeps getting in the way lately!!

    But I have some catching up to do, so I’m here for comments!

    @debjameswhite Aww, Lia and Heath getting engaged is the best news this week! I’m excited to see how the wedding turns out! I never knew having a neon sign wall meant they’d break a lot, either. I can totally understand you turning them off if they’re causing so much grief. Heath is an exemplary partner, even though he’s keeping a very obvious secret, hmmmm…. What exactly is going on between Heath and Jay??? I’m in suspense over here! Aww the wedding was so sweet, their dancing made me smile haha. That wedding photo is so adorable! Poor Hailey getting burned LOL! Ooh congrats on the pregnancy!!! And it’s twins! First twins of the RWC Vol 2. I believe?

    @JordanNicoleJJ Woah, congrats on all the promotions and birthdays! Eden seems to be enjoying herself in making new friends on the playground. I’m really starting to dislike the dreaded monster under the bed! It’s seriously annoying how often it happens. Good on Eden for talking its ears off though! Eden turned out quite handsome, I bet he’s gonna rock someones world someday with those traits and skills! I wish my partner could make robots, lol. Those candles look so cool! I really want to make some of my own, now.. Oh woah, Suri and Haven look SO cute together!! Despite those pesky gnomes electrocuting Iris, I really do like your harvestfest shots. Everyone looks so cozy in their sweaters! All of Eden’s friends are amazingly cute too, the whole group together just screams power to women hahah, I’m all for it! And Eden herself is just… ♥! I love her so much! Iris and Aiyden make amazing babies.. I’m eager to find out it the U’Halu’s make just as cute sims. Oof, good luck choosing! If I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t know who to pick either.. Oh 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸, I LOVE Haven as a YA… He looks just ready to take on the world man, he looks so fresh! Him and Suri quickly became a power couple. Oh WOW they got engaged yaayyy~!! Aiyden grew up really cute as well. But yeah I can totally get why you’d pick Haven.

    @IllusoryThrall I really like the way you styled the Greene’s! Aiydens’ grudgy look is a very cool take on him! And Iris looks hippie-chique to me, if that’s even a thing! I hope you’ll enjoy the rebuilding aspect and I’m looking forward to seeing your progress :) Your restaurant looks so cool! I really love the industrial vibe. The community spaces look really neat, too! I really like the style you went with for the house as well, very modern chique.

    @Kiwicantdie I’m sorry sorting out the cropping/edits gave you a headache :( I really like how your Greene’s turned out however. I LOVE the soft-pastel take on Iris. She looks so sweet. Aiyden has that nice “cool-guy” vibe going on, I like it! I love how green you made the garden areas around the house! Something I have yet to achieve.. I really love your bathroom!!! That shower looks so cool! I also really enjoy that “We just moved in so there’s clutter everywhere”-vibe, that’s such a cool idea! Such a shame about the smog though :( I hope it’ll come ‘back’ for you to enjoy(?) :P Oh no! I hope they make up when they wake up. I love your community maker space, it looks so cool! I really love the clutter ♥ Argh, I’m so annoyed for you about the poor footprint system, I hope you’ll get your foggy Evergreen Harbor soon! I love how cozy your house looks, I would totally see myself snoozing away in the living room with all those nice warm tones. Lol I secretly kind of enjoy the little fights Iris and Aiyden have, it gives a bit more purpose to Aiydens sudden outbursts. Ooooh! A newborn is on the way! I’m SO excited to see your version of The Greene’s future generation! Haha poor Knox, I hope he’ll find his disheartenedness will be replaced with Joy for Iris’ sake. I like how Tina and Iris are both super pregnant together! Maybe their kiddo’s will become BFF’s! :D YES THE SMOG HAS ARRIVED. AAAAnd it’s gone again… How odd! Congrats on little Max and Maddy!!! I’m excited to see them grow up ♥

    @Mionax Scarlet is a cutie! I love her green necklace. I love how that kitchen turned out! The big cabinet in the left corner looks really neat :) Congrats on the twins! Ashton and Alden are real cuties! Woah, TWO cowplants? I hope Aiyden stays well away from them!!! Woah even more babies! Sand and Savanna look cute! And more babies on the way STILL, poor Iris! :P Geez so many Twins! You’ve got one busy household right there, good luck with that lol.

    @Heckstress17 thanks for uploading your Greene’s! I’ll try not to forget and upload them into my game before I start playing! :) Poor family though, what a horrid Christmas that must’ve been! Good on Uncle Knox for giving her some much needed support. Ahh she aged up now! Let’s hope she doesn’t follow Aiyden too soon. Fawn is an absolute beauty as a teen, though I can understand you hoped for a bit more diversity, she takes after Aiyden a lot! NOOOO NOT UNCLE KNOX. I really loved him in your game, he became part of your family to me T-T…. I like Fawn’s new hair, it suits her a bit better I think, definitely makes her look a bit younger! Haha Zach DEFINITELY has a crush on her, and I gotta say, I kinda ship it. Silas’ date with Ashlynn was entirely too cute, and you’re right, she’s a BEAUTIFUL sim! The back and forth between Silas and Ashlynn is really pulling me in! I think I’m starting to favour him as heir for you, because I think their relationship dynamic would be really interesting to see!

    @Francisca464 Hey! Fancy seeing you here! :D I’m so glad all the old members are joining, as well as seeing all the new faces! It makes me so eager to jump into my save and start playing more~. I see you too jumped on the Iris and Aiyden bandwagon, excited to see how your future kids will turn out!

    @OJenn Congrats on Aiyden finishing his aspiration! The picture of Iris and Aiyden cuddling on the couch is totally my favorite right now, what a bunch of cutiesss! Your kids look very cute as teens, too, can’t wait to see what they’ll be up to!
  • WentcrazyWentcrazy Posts: 128 Member
    And again, I'm just here for comments.
    I've started playing though and it's been fun so far :)

    @kiwicantdie: "unplanned things" - tbh, I already have an idea what this means :D
    Even though some furniture is missing, I love the interior! It looks super comfortable.
    It definitely looks as if Knox is hitting on Iris. He is always so friendly it might be something else.
    And my suspicion was right :D Not planned but that's part of a challenge, isn't it? At least that kid will have a possible buddy - I can't believe Tina is also pregnant. Oh oh.. might be twins :-O And it is twins! Can I say congratulations on the challenge? :D Max and Maddy are really cute names!

    @JordanNicolleJJ: That laundry pic is straight out of a nightmare! :-O
    Haven must be a genius if he got offered so many great opportunities. I hope he will do as perfect at university as he obviously did in school. Congrats on the heir! He looks like a cool dude and has a stunning girlfriend. Let's see if they make it through university :)
    Congrats on completing Aiyden's aspiration! And her aspiration as well!
    Oh god! I haven't expected that! A proposal <3

    @Francisca464: Yay, you started! I'm super excited about your future updates as well =) Have you picked a career for them yet?

    @Rhythrin: Thank god you're alright! I can't imagine how stressful everything must have been :(
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  • MionaxMionax Posts: 287 Member
    @kiwicantdie Risky WooHoo strikes again. LOL My condolences. Great update!

    @JordanNicoleJJ Grats for choosing an heir. I love his Uni-styled outfits. He looks great and is getting married. Super happy to see more of him and Suri. I don't blame you for not wanting to lose Iris and Aiyden just yet. They are the perfect founders.

    @Francisca464 You have begun a great challenge. I'm glad you did. :smiley:

    @Rhythrin That sounds terrifying. I'm sending all the good and peaceful vibes your way.

    @EMSimmer30 Hi! I'm glad you made your way over. Yes I have a LOT of kids. But that will be the end of it for this generation. Six kids is enough.

    @Wentcrazy Yes they all look a little different. I love to see the variety.

    @ Everyone I build an entire underground level with many different rooms and more bathrooms too. There is enough room for the kids. The youngest twins have their bedroom upstairs. The nursery might be converted into a study room or office maybe. Forgive me if I've missed comments to anyone. I'm really bad with commenting. Sorry. There have been so many fun updates since I last checked last night. I am reading and enjoying them all. To think, I used to be just a lurker. :smile:
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    @Wentcrazy :smiley:
    I found this...

    As of today (01/29/2018) a New Member will need to meet the following criteria to become a Member:
    Get 25 Points
    Make 15 posts
    Must be a New Member for 1 day - this one stays the same.

    :smiley:Congratulations on becoming a member! :smiley:
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  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,596 Member
    @Mionax TWO cow plants?? oh my gosh...fires, cow plants and walking scarecrows...he scares me. The twins are cute though they look worried...maybe it's the cow plants. Hooray! more nooboos! Oh my gosh! 3 sets of twins?! You are crazy!! The best kind of crazy and I love it!!! They're all so cute.

    @IllusoryThrall Your community lot looks great! What an undertaking! Your house looks great too! I love seeing how we all approach these differently. I can't wait to see your first update!

    @OJenn Your twins are so cute. Wow congrats on having Aidyn complete his aspiration! I love the pictures you and @Heckstress17 have done of the kids opening the presents. So much fun! I need to turn the clock back and make my kids little again. Aidyn is so funny when he's so cranky, but when he's sweet? Iris is a saint. What cute teens! Are you sure Atlas doesn't have dad's eye shape?

    @Heckstress17 Aww poor Fawn don't make her cook! Aww Zach is jealous. Be nice Zach! Oh that girl is beautiful. The NPC mod is in my game but I don't know how it works still or how to assign jobs to my townies or what I need to do! I can't wait to have my townies stay as I make them! His first date was so cute! I love her. Poor Fawn she really does look perplexed about the machine. Awwww Aidyn's ghost is there! It still shocks me when I see them even in the sims! Eeeep! Scary red ghost. Poor Silas the girl rejecting him made him break out in hives! I hate the disaster dates but I love the venu! I miss that restaurant! Oh the essence thing is weird, but that's what Aidyn would have wanted. Someone needs to be there for the kids! haha your last caption was great! Bravo!!

    @Kiwicantdie I'm always relieved when I see the Greene family behaving lovingly. I think the house looks great and hooray!!! Lia is a friend <3 Yeah that Tinker girl is always using our equipment too! But sometimes she brings presents to it's ok :) ARGH! The cake!! EA please send help!!! haha! Lucky you dodged a bullet with Iris and Knox! I have to admit before Lia met Heath and she was stuck with Jay I had visions of her hooking up with Knox too. Their fights and make up time stresses me out! hehe ooo I'm getting ready to start trying the fun stuff in that knitting pack too! I love plopsy! OH I thought she was sad when she was knitting because of Aidyn's reaction, but she's just really concentrating! Aidyn needs to put on his big boy pants. Hooray for girl's night! Where is Lia's baby bump? Iris is so good to hang out where a bush is the only place to pee in her condition. Aidyn doesn't know how lucky he is! OMG all that smog! Where did it come from?? "fold you up like a lawn chair" priceless. I'm introducing that into my vocabulary. Aww I'm sorry you didn't want the twins but they really are cute. Take things into your own hands! Go marry Heath and Lia...MC Command Center never does it right!!! :D

    @JordanNicoleJJ OMG all that laundry!!! YES! Haven for heir! He's definitely heir material at least, let's see what Eden does! hehe That is one put out fire! Wow! Congrats on Haven's acceptances!! He can do anything!! Woot he's heir! Who cares what Eden does! He's super cute! I love the hair. Oh I think he's going to be fun! I love the outfit tours!! Congrats on the promotions to the top!! OH wow, your snow pic is so pretty. Oh I never noticed the plushie collection before! Is that new with knitting? They're cute! I love the foosball battle :) Me too Suri and Suri's mom. Just give me drinks. Awww the proposal near the tree was so sweet! I love it. Aww Eden grew up so perfectly!

    @Francisca464 I'm so excited you started playing! The house is cute and so are the Greenes! I had that same problem with push. It seems if your images don't get clicked on enough they take them down. I switched to imgur for some things and so far it's working fine. I guess I should probably move everything there!

    @Rhythrin I'm so glad to hear you're ok. I'm so sorry it happened though. I know that's tough.
  • WentcrazyWentcrazy Posts: 128 Member
    @Mionax Yes, apparently I can add an icon and other stuff :D I've uploaded my version of Iris to give you all a glimpse of one of my founders.
    Now I just have to get used to uploading pictures, so maybe tomorrow I'll post my first "chapter" :)
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    @Mionax TWO cow plants?? oh my gosh...fires, cow plants and walking scarecrows...he scares me. The twins are cute though they look worried...maybe it's the cow plants. Hooray! more nooboos! Oh my gosh! 3 sets of twins?! You are crazy!! The best kind of crazy and I love it!!! They're all so cute.

    :smile: lol thanks. Its crazy but there is a nice foundation for cousins, etc. moving forward now. I put one of the cowplants in storage in case the 1st dies. They are locked behind a fence only Iris can access.

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    Wentcrazy wrote: »
    @Mionax Yes, apparently I can add an icon and other stuff :D I've uploaded my version of Iris to give you all a glimpse of one of my founders.
    Now I just have to get used to uploading pictures, so maybe tomorrow I'll post my first "chapter" :)

    Your avatar looks great! I look forward to seeing your pics when you post them. :)
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    @Mionax - I'm glad you were able to find info on becoming a member for @Wentcrazy 15 posts seems way more doable then 50 :smile: I was kinda surprised to see that Ashton and Alden don't look as alike anymore. In fact it's more like Ashton and Sandy could be twins, and Alden and Savanna lol I think she's my favorite so far too. Myra and Mariam are adorable, and have continued your trend of getting twins with opposite hair colors. I admire your bravery with having all these babies. The genetic part of this challenge has always been my favorite part, but I get overwhelmed with more then 5 sims in a household. So I'm enjoying getting to see all the genetic possibilities in your game :smile:

    @Wentcrazy - With so many updates I'm hoping I don't mix them up too :lol: I loved your reasoning for Ashlynn rejecting Silas' hug. I think you're right, she must not have wanted to get sick :wink: I don't really have a career in mind for Fawn anymore. When she was a kid I thought she'd make a good doctor, but now she's so social I feel like she'd better off with something to do with being social. I'll have to look at the careers. If you put your Greene's in the careers that their degrees match they start off at like level 7 or 8 and make really good money from the start. So if by chance they do have kids early on, it shouldn't be too challenging financially lol Is that your Iris in your profile pic!? She looks awesome! omg I'm so excited to see more!

    @Kiwicantdie - I hope the virtual stuff goes well too. So far we're off to a bit of a rocky start. My daughter's in middle school and her classes and assignments are going fine. But my son's starting Kindergarten virtually and his teacher hasn't posted any assignments and won't reply to my messages, emails or calls :angry: I'm actually waiting for someone at the school to call me back right now. I'm pretty annoyed, but trying to be patient about it. I'm PMS'ing so it's not going well lol. I'm so relieved to hear the NPC mod is working for you too. I was worried if I linked it for whatever reason it wouldn't work for everyone lol. I'm actually a little conflicted about who I should chose as heir too :grimace: I've always been a bit more attached to Silas, and I really do love his dynamic with his new GF... but I slacked big time on his schoolwork and skills after his Dad died. I'm leaning toward Fawn just because I've been able to micro-mange her more. I'm not set 100% though. I'm thinking about building the next gen house and then deciding who I think "vibes" with it more :lol: Oh an you're right about Iris :bawling: She'd be such a cute Grandma, but I really doubt she'll live that long.

    Look at how cute and rustic their house is :love: you literally don't even need dining chairs. Aw Lia! She's wandering around in my game too, but hasn't met my Greene's. I like how social Iris is. Tina's a cute sim, and actually seems to be interested in Aiyden's design concepts lol. Knox :love::love::love: He is so in love with Iris, in every dimension apparently :lol: I have to admit I ship them lol. I just couldn't bring myself to have Iris go there, even after Aiyden died. There's definitely some chemistry there so I think Aiyden is justified in his anger for once :lol: I can't believe Aiyden's "apology" led to THIS though :worried: My risky woohoo is at 5% too... I'm dropping it to like 2% when I play again :grimace: At least Iris looked like she letting out some of her stress through knitting. I wanna see knitted baby outfits! I thought Tina's gift was a romantic one at first :joy: I was like this is Knox's time to shine :lol: Swoop in while Aiyden's off having an affair with Tina Tinker lol! omg his pregnancy reaction though lol! If he doesn't show up on your Greene's doorstep and die when his time is over I'll be shocked. The love he has for Iris is real! I totally dig the bug attacks. I think it fits the challenge perfectly too. Ahhhh so the bees are what got Aiyden. I dunno I think it makes more sense that the trash woohoo did him in :lol: The dueling baby bump pics were the cutest. I hope mini Tinker gets to grow up close to the Greene baby. They looked so in love on their Willow Creek retreat :love::heart: I'll admit it made me feel a little guilty for shipping Iris and Knox :tongue: Smog!!! Ugh I'm so annoyed it only lasted a few hours. There's no way this isn't a bug. Anyway, um, WOW... I really feel for you :grimace: I mean, twins! What a blessing! :lol: But seriously, that is rough. The itty bitty nursery is really cute, but I can see there's not enough room for the both of them. I'm sure you'll figure it out and make it look easy and adorable :heart:

    @JordanNicoleJJ - Hahaha that laundry pic is so relatable. Not even the maid can keep up with the piles in my game. Haven's a whole teenage mood during the fire :lol: Eden is not amused lol Haven's so handsome :love: He looks good even just opening the mail. Aw, he got accepted into Foxbury like his Dad :bawling: That's so cute. Silas is still waiting for his acceptance letter... He's been slackin' I dunno if it's coming or not :lol: I was excited to see we're at about the same point in our generations. I was starting to worry I was too far ahead. YA Haven looks great. I don't see much of Iris in him, but at the same time I don't think he's all Aiyden either. I'm diggin' the red, and his hot weather outfit with the hat is my fav. His 2nd cold weather is a close 2nd though. I was kinda bummed to hear you didn't get attached to Eden as much. I'm tellin' you, 1st born sim bias is a thing. I loved seeing all the things she knitted in her room. I really like the way she turned out. I don't know how, but I see more Iris when I look at her. It doesn't make sense, but it's the truth. Snow! :love: Maybe my game's just glitched or something. Your decorations were perfect, and really fit the Greene's vibe, and mine lol. Oh cool! I had no idea you could get collectibles in the holiday crackers. They're so cute! Congrats on completing both of their aspirations. The break dancing Servo was pretty awesome. I see why Suri was so impressed. It's pretty cute that her Mom is also attending college. Haven looked pretty nervous about it though :lol: I love that he proposed on Christmas! :heart: Of course Suri's part of the family. I'm really excited to see what's next for them. AKA which floorplan you go with :lol: I gotta start building soon and I can't decide lol.

    @Francisca464 - I think I'm leaning more towards Fawn too. (I totally stole the name from your Fawn from way back when :lol: ) Despite my slight disappointment in how she aged up, I do think she's pretty, and she's rolled great traits. So far anyway. Silas is really chill to play though, and I do really love his new GF so I'm a bit torn. I think he's gonna get rejected from University though :lol: After his Dad died I did a horrible job skilling with him. I loved your mini update! :mrgreen: I'm just so happy to see you post again. Your Iris and Aiyden look so young! Maybe's it's Iris' hair. She looks adorable. @Kiwicantdie will glady trade you for your smog :lol:

    @Rhythrin - omg :scream: I'm so so so sorry to hear about your car accident. I'm so glad you're okay :heart: I completely understand why you haven't had time to play. Thank you for popping in for comments :blush: I agree that Fawn seems to take after her father the most. I was hoping for a slightly better blend genetically, but I can't complain too much because she is really pretty, and has good traits. I'm kinda feeling the exact same about Silas and Ashlynn though :grimace: I'm pretty torn about who to choose for heir and it's all because of Silas' new romance.

    @EMSimmer30 - Hey! Welcome to the new thread. I checked out your generation 9 house and it looks great! You're so close to completing the challenge, that's awesome :smiley: I've actually already uploaded Fawn as a child with her Mom and Brother, but I could easily upload her as YA if you'd like?

    @debjameswhite - With the NPC mod I just placed it. Deleted all the random townies. Placed new households (so there would be sims to fill the world). Then the mod just did it's thing and assigned the jobs to the new townies I placed. It should come pre-programmed to not allow random sims from being made. If not, when you click on a sim the NPC option should be there, and from there you can adjust the settings of the mod. It was actually simpler to navigate the MCC. I'm horrible at explaining things, but I hope that helps a bit. I think there's a help page on the mods site. Anyway, yeah the life essence thing was weird for sure. But like you said, it's what Aiyden would've wanted.
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    @Heckstress17 Yes, that's my version of Iris B) She even got some tattoos as I thought it might be fitting. It is kind of funny as she looks tough but is clumsy and lazy. I like both of the founders though :)
    I can't wait to show them to you =) Unfortunately I have to get up early to start work at 6:30 am and tomorrow I'll have so many calls.

    Is there a min/max for pictures in one post? What's the max size for pictures? I don't want them to be too big not too small and you guys have lots of experience, so... =) I don't want to break any rules :/
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    @WentCrazy I don't know how many pictures you can put into one post. As for size of pictures, not sure about that either. I'm helpful aren't I? A max of 600-800 wide seems like a good place to start for size? Have a good day at work tomorrow.

    I just bought the knitting pack. It just finished downloading. :smiley:
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