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the sims 3 shell challenge corner challenge #8 due april 30th

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hi online i'm known as seaben but my real name is chelsea you can call me that if you would like to anyways i've noticed there isn't many shell challenges for the sims 3 but they are really fun so i've decided to start this thread now some questions i may get asked
what is a shell challenge my answer a shell challenge is wear your given a foundation and or exterior walls you can't change and have to build around but with my shell challenges i give 3 objects to chose from you have to pick one object and you cant recolor it
can i build this in any world my answer yes you can
how do i enter my answer you post a link to a slide show and download page to your build and it has to have pictures of every
room MAKE SURE YOUR SLIDE SHOW INCLUDES PICTURES OF THE BUILD WITH GRID MODE ON to make sure no changes where made to the existing shell
how do i make a slide show my answer there is more then one image upload site but i use imgur which you can find here
can i rotate the shell may answer yes you can rotate the shell
can i make a community lot my answer yes but if make a community you don't have to use inspiration objects
can i put this on a bigger lot my answer yes you can
now here is the first shell and here is a picture Us6VRnQ.jpg if that's better for you and if you have any questions feel free to ask
my sims 3 shell challenges or check out my sims blog my Wishlist is seaben06 on the sims 3 store and my oid is also seaben06
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