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The Broomstick Files - a Magical Legacy Story *Updated 8/2*

IllusoryThrallIllusoryThrall Posts: 1,037 Member
I just started this a few weeks ago, well, really, RE-started it. It's a Realm of Magic Spellcaster challenge, and I'm doing it as a story - because I'm a glutton for punishment. Or maybe just because as soon as I restarted the challenge, my new sim just "spoke" to me, and I couldn't help it. I didn't want to post it on here until I was sure that my founder, Caizey Farstrider, would continue to talk to me and beg for me to tell her story... but after writing the second chapter today, I'm pretty confident that she will.

The Welcome/contents/links page is here on my blog, and will always have a up-to-date index of all the posts. There's also a link there to the rules, and a bit about Caizey as an introduction.

Meanwhile, here's the prologue -

"The Letter"

- And the first two chapters:

Chapter 1.1
Chapter 1.2

I will continue to post in this thread whenever I get a new chapter posted. I hope you enjoy!
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