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A pack that makes the player utilize occult sims powers and human sims skills

Hello! An idea occurred to me regarding occult sims and their special unique gifts and talents and perhaps creating a unique pack with quests that can incorporate specific talents based on what occult sims are being played at the time.
For example: The temples and the puzzles involved to gain access and explore. If you have an occult sim that would actually "need" to use a specific skill/gift to figure out a puzzle to explore further, it would put a nice spin on things. Perhaps after all the occults are finally added to the game this might be something to consider to provide further gameplay and to spice things up a bit with a little challenge?
In addition, perhaps the adventure pack would also be able to determine what is already installed so players who don't own specific occult packs will still be able to get full use and benefit from it even if they only have the base game. Just an idea.
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