Broken CC? Let me fix it for you!


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    @Emily4331 Yaaaaas!!! Oh it looks 100x better! :smiley: Thank you, thank you, thank you girl! <3 You're the best! :star: Now I don't have to worry about those silly white lines anymore either. :mrgreen:

    (Our internet is down so I'll have to download it onto my desktop later. Boo! I'm so excited! :p )
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    Hey awesome @Emily4331 :grin:

    I wasn't initially going to bother you with this one - because it's not the best piece of cc (another conversion from JooJ) - but...I do like the overall look of the dress, especially the sleeves, and I wanted to see if you could fix it because I want to have as many medieval outfits as I can get my hands on since they are few and far between. ;)

    The dress generally looks decent, but you can tell the quality is a little low...


    ^Not sure what's going on with her "endowments" there... :confused:

    But as we all know cc in CAS can be deceiving so I took the dress into Live mode.

    There's some weird clipping at the bottom of the dress when she walks...
    (I did have the "no feet" mod on her like the creator suggested. Not sure if that's contributing. )


    and suuuure enough the issue with her endowments is still there. :grimace: And there's other clipping going on in that area that I'm hoping you can also see...


    Hoo boy... :confused:

    So I was wondering if you could take a look at it and see what's going on and hopefully make some improvements. :star: If not, it's all good. It will just have to be one that I have to scrap. It happens. :p

    Thank you so much. <3

    DL Here

    *Btw, the King cape looked fantastic in my game without the collar and bow! :star: Sorry I didn't snap a picture to share. :kissing_heart:
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    @emorrill So I'm trying to figure this thing out, but it's kinda defeating me a bit. :lol: In the meantime, might I leave you with this helpful link to TSM to TS3 conversions:
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    @emorrill Okay so I actually used a dress in that link I sent as the reference mesh in mesh toolkit and that has managed to mitigate the spikey look of the chest substantially. At least, it appears so in TSR Workshop. I haven't tested in-game. I suspect this was a morph issue, as at 0 on the sliders it looked smooth and normal, but if you went in either direction, it suddenly started to get spikey up there. Now it isn't entirely not spikey now, but it is a lot less spikey, which I think is the best we can ask for. At least from me. :sweat_smile:

    Beyond that, I also noticed the neck dislocate from the head originally one the bigger end of the weight slider. I wasn't able to fix this by normal means, so I figure it was something going haywire in that instance of TSR, so I cloned an EA basegame dress in a new instance of TSRW and that seemed to fit that, so yay. Anyway, the colors aren't exact because I didn't want to write down the RGB values to match them, so I just picked some shades of blue and brown that should work because whatever you'll probably wanna recolor it anyway. :lol:

    As for the disfigurement when walking, that's just kind of going to happen with a dress this length in TS3. :lol: The vast majority tend to deform with certain animations and I think it's just something you gotta live with. :sweat_smile:

    With that said, here's the DL:
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    @Emily4331 Ha ha! I love your sense of humor. :grin: What a hot mess this dress was. :grimace::lol:

    I was hoping it wouldn't give you too much grief, but you seemed to handle most of the challenges with it like a Pro :star: and I can't wait to test it out in game and see how it looks. (I'll take pictures for you. :) ) I'll bet your recolor of the gown looks great. Thank you so much. :kissing_heart: So many times now your fixes have helped me enjoy my game all the more. <3

    And thank you also for the link to that other converted medieval cc! I don't know how I didn't stumble upon that site in all my searching! :open_mouth: Guess I'm off to cc shop again. 😅
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    Alrighty @Emily4331 here is the blue dress in my game. :blush:

    I like the colors you picked out. :)


    Her profile looks great already in CAS - you know where I'm specifically looking. :lol:

    Much more natural. 👍🏻

    Now in LIVE mode:

    I can see the issues you were talking about here in this view, but it's not too bad and really it looks better than before. :star:

    When I take pictures for stories or what not, I don't take them from that angle anyway. ;)

    But YAY her chest looks SO much better from the side! :star: (Whew!) Fantastic job!! :grin:


    And the dress doesn't clip nearly as bad when she walks. I noticed a significant difference. :) It looks just how it should now. 👍🏻


    Thank you again so much! <3 You rock! I'm gonna have some fun playing around with different patterns and colors on it later. :blush:
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    @emorrill Yay! Glad I was able to help. :smiley:
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    emorrill wrote: »
    ^Not sure what's going on with her "endowments" there... :confused:

    hahaha @emorrill said endowments :lol:

    bumpedy bump

    @Emily4331 I am surprised you said 2016. Most of my cc is prior to then lol. I didn't even know about the quality jump in 2016. Thanks for explaining :heart:
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    @ZeeGee Thanks for the bump. :tongue:

    It's all subjective. And, as I said, there is CC that was good from a longer time back. Mostly I think the quality jump happened with clothing and shoes. Less "painted on" stuff and more detailed garments. But that isn't what everyone prefers, so, again, it's all subjective.

    And, to be fair, when I say I don't like painted on stuff, I'm mostly talking about thing like the dress Emorrill asked for help with. Ones where the texture was clearly made from cutting and pasting from a photo and, therefore, doesn't look right because its lighting is already set in the texture, ya know? And that isn't to throw anyone who made stuff like that under the bus because modding clothes is still an acquired skill and I appreciate their efforts, but I just personally don't like the look of that baked on lighting, copy-paste look especially when other creators are making their own textures. And I feel like this issue was more prevalent during and slightly after TS3's lifespan, probably because there was a steadier influx of new modders. Hopefully that makes sense. lol Again, it isn't so black and white, I just feel like it happened a little more back then than it does now is all.
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    Glad I got a chuckle out of you there @ZeeGee :mrgreen: And I too have some really good cc from pre 2016.

    @Emily4331 That makes a lot of sense. 👍🏻
    I'm mostly talking about thing like the dress Emorrill asked for help with. Ones where the texture was clearly made from cutting and pasting from a photo and, therefore, doesn't look right because its lighting is already set in the texture...
    ...but I just personally don't like the look of that baked on lighting, copy-paste look especially when other creators are making their own textures.
    ^Yeah I really don't like it either, now that I know that's what was going on with that dress because I had no clue! 😄 That's why I turned to you to see if it was fixable. :kissing_heart: I learned something new so now I know what to look out for when I'm checking out older cc like that. 👍🏻

    Anyhoo, I have another dress for you to take a look at. :p It's also one I kinda didn't want to bother you with, but since you did so well fixing up that dress from JooJ for me I thought, What they hey, I'm sure she could fix this one too. :blush: If not, it's no big deal.

    It's one from ArtSims and generally their stuff is fine, but on this certain dress a sliver of the sim's thighs pop out a tiny bit over the sheer material. Can you see it where I highlighted?
    (Sorry about that terribly dressed child! :flushed::lol: )

    ^It's driving my somewhat OCD/Perfectionist self a little crazy! :lol::grimace:

    And once again, the sides of the bottom of the dress differ from each other. The one side is supposed to have a slit in the dress and looks great:

    ^Notice how you can't see any issue on the opposite side of the dress through the material?

    But then I turn the camera around and...

    ^What the hey? :confused:

    It's possible it's clipping due to the terrain, but like I said, I don't know anything about this kind of stuff. :joy:

    But yeah if you don't mind checking it out for me that would be great. <3 (I feel like I owe you a coffee at this point. :lol:;) ) Thanks!

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    @emorrill Yeah I can take a look at it
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    @emorrill So it ends up not looking quite as graceful, simply because having to make the skirt larger partly hurts the illusion that it's connected to the top part and all one piece, if that makes sense. I tried not to make it too much bigger because of that, so it still clips a tiny bit on the highest end of the weight slider, but clearly this sim of yours is no where near there, so that shouldn't be an issue. I also had my TSRW test subject do the smustle dance to make sure the clipping wouldn't be an issue with animations, and it performed shockingly well. :lol: So I think all is good in that realm.

    The texture was also a little too short on one side, so I dragged it down so you wouldn't have that hunk missing on the bottom.

    DL:[artsims] VERSACE SS14 Silk and Tulle Dress_Edit.package?dl=0

    Oh and for educational purposes, I want you to know why from one angle the texture at the bottom is wrong, but from the other angle it's correct:

    It isn't that it's clipping with anything on that one side, it's that the hole is being filled in, essentially, with the sheer material on the other side. It's an illusion caused by the material being sheer and the material around the hole being very similar to the sheer material on the side with the slit.

    oh btw saw this browsing my usually CC Finds blog and thought it might interest you:
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    @Emily4331 Yay! Thank you so much again girl. <3 And for the info. 👍🏻
    I also had my TSRW test subject do the smustle dance to make sure the clipping wouldn't be an issue with animations, and it performed shockingly well. :lol: So I think all is good in that realm.
    ^Lol! :joy: That's awesome!
    I can't wait to check it out in game. :blush:

    Wow! Those toddler outfits must be fairly new because I browsed all over their site just the other day and didn't see them. (Oh lol it said it was posted 16 hours ago. Yep. :lol: ) Thank you for sharing. :star:
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    @Emily4331 Just wanted to share. :blush:

    The dress looks SO much better, thank you again. It's nice to not see the tips of her thighs poking out of the material anymore. :lol:


    Edit to add: I do have another (much more so) hot mess dress I'd be curious to see if you could fix. ;) If that's ok with you? :kissing_heart:
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    @emorrill Yeah you can send the other dress and I can have a look at it.
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    @Emily4331 Sweet! Thank you. 💜 (This new posting system on here is driving me crazy so I hope I get this all down right.)

    So, Danjaley re-converted this TSM dress from a former simmer's conversion (who I think is not a part of the community anymore) and they said it's really only meant for "storytelling" purposes (ie: poses) because it's so glitchy, especially with the sleeves. But it's just so pretty and I wanted to see if there was anything you could do for it to help it look and function better in the game and be used for normal gameplay. 🙂

    I have officially dubbed this the "Hot Mess Medieval Dress" 😆 Has a nice ring to it don't you think? 😛


    Aside from a clipping issue which I highlighted in CAS here...

    ...and weirdness going on in the b00bage area like with that other dress...

    ...This is what it looks like when it's walked around in. (It's another one of those outfits you have to use with "Invisible Shoes")

    I saw that I had some shoes on her so I took those off and the problem still remained.

    And here's what happens with those big sleeves when she uses her hands...

    Now that I think about it...It's possible nothing can be done with those... 😐 But yeah,

    Wow right? 😬

    So here's the link (with all the info) and let's see you work your magic. 😊 Maybe you can find a workaround that they couldn't...

    FYI: Simfileshare has been super slow the past couple of you might be better off going with the Dropbox download.

    If it's unfixable, no worries, but I totally have faith in you! ⭐ Thanks again!

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    @emorrill Phew that is a tough one. lol I'll do my best. I will apologize in advance as this might take me a lot longer than previous requests. I'll message you about that. But, yeah, just wanted to give a heads up in the thread so others wanting my help know I'm reliable. lol Does that make sense? Probably not. Anyway, expect a message from me soon.

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    @emorrill I know I said it might take a bit, but I decided it's probably best if I keep my brain occupied, so decided to look at the dress tonight. Afraid there wasn't much I could do with this. I did keep the files just in case, but this is a tricky one. lol I'll go through everything and what I tried, letting you know what I could do and what I couldn't.

    RE: The weird front of the dress

    This isn't a clipping issue, but an issue with bone assignments causing some parts of the mesh to not sit where it should to look the best. I was able to fix this:

    RE: The breast area looking strange
    I wasn't able to see this issue in TSRW, but I replaced the bone assignments in this area by referencing a similar EA dress from the movie stuff pack, and the morphs also used the EA dress as reference and they look fine to me, but they looked fine initially so it's really up in the air on whether I did anything to fix that or not. I will note if you use custom sliders you'll find these types of issues crop up more often.

    RE: Bottom skirt/feet issue?
    You mention the shoes, but I'm not sure what you're talking about here so I'll just assume it's the fact that the two sides collide together in the middle and look goofy when your sim walks. I wasn't able to fix this. I think it's a case of it being too big of a skirt, so that just comes down to game limitations. Notice how very very few EA dresses are very wide at the bottom like that? That isn't for no reason. :lol: As for shoes, I noticed this dress had adult female feet as a part of the mesh. I assume this was an oversight, as feet are separate from the body in TS3. Presumably, this happened when they were converting the dress and wanted to make sure it was the proper length, but forgot to delete the feet. So I deleted them. :lol: So if phantom feet seemed an issue with this dress that just isn't translating well in the screenshot, then I was able to fix that. :tongue:

    RE: The Sleeves
    I'm afraid the only way to fix the sleeves would be to delete them. I figured you didn't want that, so I left them be. Unfortunately, we play a game with no cloth physics, so we kinda have to just assume some articles of clothing will look strange during certain animations. Someone out there who knows infinitely more than me about bone assignments might be able to fix the spikeyness that happens during certain animations, but I'm afraid I don't possess that knowledge. :sweat_smile:

    There is also one thing you didn't mention, but I noticed in this dress: A vertex on the neck would jut out like a spike if the muscle slider was at max (thank goodness I was messing with the sliders in TSRW to find issues with the chest area, or I wouldn't have noticed this lol). I was able to fix this. :smile:

    With all that said, here's the DL:
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    @Emily4331 {{{{Hugs}}}} :kissing_heart:

    Yep this dress really is a hot mess. :lol: But I'm so thankful for what you were able to fix on it and I can't wait to check it out in game again. :grin:

    I do use custom breast sliders so maybe something was glitching out there. (Didn't even think about that... 🤦‍♀️)

    So most TSM conversions are converted over with shoes attached so they tell people to use "invisible feet" (another mod) to get the outfit to look properly in game. If your sim wears shoes with it, the outfit will look terrible in some areas. I didn't know if this dress had shoes attached so that's what I was referring to before. Sorry to confuse ya there. :p I'm sad you weren't able to fix how blocky the dress looks when a sim walks, but that's totally ok (because of game limitations).
    I'm afraid the only way to fix the sleeves would be to delete them. I figured you didn't want that, so I left them be. Unfortunately, we play a game with no cloth physics, so we kinda have to just assume some articles of clothing will look strange during certain animations.
    ^Yep. That thought came to me just before showing the pictures of the sleeves and asking you to look at them. Oh is what it is. 😄
    (Darn that the game doesn't have more physics! :lol::p )

    Yay for fixing that vertex on the neck. :star:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to look at it and fix what you were able to fix. <3 I really appreciate it. You're awesome!
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    Hey @Emily4331 , it's me again. :lol:;)

    I have a couple of clothing items here for you. :)

    I stumbled upon this pretty dress during my usual cc browsing :lol: and when I threw it into the game, well, there were some issues. :grimace:

    It has this spot on the arm where some skin is exposed (it doesn't look that way on the other arm) and there's also some odd shadowing on the dress. I circled both issues in the picture for ya here. :blush:


    And when she started walking, the dress does this at certain times and at certain angles...

    Yikes. :grimace:

    So here's the DL for that. :)


    Second, I love so much of murfeelee's video game apparel conversions and this one...she even encourages someone to fix it! :lol:

    So, you’ve been warned. 6 months and this miniset’s still got flaws up the yin yang.

    I know.

    I should be impaled at the stake; my ghost left to wander the land in agony.

    Take it, leave it, or take it and make it better, cuz I’m done.

    I figured, who better to attempt fixing it than Emily. ;) And I really feel like you can. 👍🏻
    I think it would be the perfect outfit for a bar wench. :lol: So that's why I'd like to have it in my medieval save.

    Here's the link to the page with all the info on the outfit that you can read about and see what the issue is and the download link is at the bottom.
    (The necklace I'm not so worried about, but if you feel like taking a look at it too just to make sure it's ok I won't complain. :) But seriously you don't have to.)

    Have fun! :) And thank you. :kissing_heart:

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    @emorrill Okey dokey, started working on the Kitt Fantasy Gown first. This entire dress strikes me as the creator's first attempt using a program like Marvelous Designer to achieve natural cloth folds. It seems that this ended in the dress being far too high poly for TS3 and them needed to severely decimate it to get it to work in TS3. Because of this, the geometry is a little iffy, especially in spots with a lot of folds. I believe that the decimation that happened here is actually the main cause of a lot of the issues you see:

    -If they fit the dress around the sim body prior to decimation, but didn't check the fit afterward, that is likely how those random spots of clipping came to be. Fewer vertices to work with will almost always cause the fit to be strange in some places, so if an article of clothing has to be decimated it's pretty much imperative that you re-check the fit, because it was likely screwed up in the decimation process. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear Kitt did this.

    -Having clean geometry is pretty imperative in TS3 bone assignment and morphing. Those spikes in the skirt when a sim does certain animations is likely caused by weird bone assignments, which were extra bad because the skirt was decimated. Especially if they used Mesh Toolkit's auto tools, I can't imagine they found a very good reference mesh to do the bone assignment for this skirt because this skirt is just a mess, honestly.

    -Decimation can cause weird geometry, as I said, so the strange shadows are caused by the game being unsure of how lighting would work on said weird geometry.

    So here's what I've done thus far to alleviate these issues:

    -I deleted the skirt because I honestly believe it's borderline unsalvageable in its current state. I replaced it with the skirt part of a Sims Medieval dress I found. It's a little wider and more flared at the bottom, but that's more period appropriate anyway. This has proven to help give us much cleaner bone assignments and morphs, so now the skirt isn't an issue in any way (and it doesn't clip through the top, which I'm very happy about).

    -I deleted more of the sim arm that is clipping through the sleeves. I also resized the top part of the sleeves to avoid some little clipping there as well. I suspect they hadn't initially deleted this part because when you do, you can look up the sleeve and see their arm is missing. :lol: Because of this, I closed off the bottom inner part o the sleeve, much like how EA does on their stuff. It's not noticeable unless you look up the sleeve, but I wanted to fix it anyway to give the whole thing a cleaner look.

    -The decimation caused some messy/spikey vertices. I mainly noticed two areas: a group of vertices that poked right out the side of the dress like a dagger lol, and the decimation process (or the cloth physics process in Marvelous Designer) severely warped that part of the corset that comes to a point in the front, so I cleaned that up a lot as well.

    So here's how it's looking with all of my changes in TSRW. To note, they duplicated the top mesh to avoid backface culling. When combined with the later decimation, this can cause parts of the duplicated pieces to clip into each other. This is visible in TSR Workshop because it doesn't cull backfaces. So you will see in this screenshot these awful spots of complete darkness in the bodice: those are backfaces of the duplicated top that are clipping through the original top. The Sims 3 culls backfaces, so these parts are invisible in TS3. I wish I could delete the duplicated top, but they are acting connected in Blender, so it'd be a pain to do so. :lol: This might cause weird lighting in CAS, but shouldn't be an issue in-game. Oh and the grey at the bottom is the shoe texture bleeding onto the skirt, but that wouldn't be an issue because you should use invisible shoes like you would any other medieval dress.


    Stuff I still want to do:
    -Oops I deleted too much of the sims back and you can see a hole. :lol: So I gotta fix that. :sweat_smile:

    -I vehemently hate how that one strap fits in on the shoulder (you know the one lol), so I want to see if I can make that look better.

    -The straps still have some clipping issues I need to resolve.

    Alas I am tired and don't want to look at it anymore. :tongue: I'll keep you updated, of course. :smile:
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    @Emily4331 Wowza! I didn't realize this dress would be just as much of a hot mess as the "hot mess medieval dress." :open_mouth: If I had known, I probably wouldn't have bothered you with it, just scrapped it. :lol: But it looks like you've already made some great changes and plan to do more to make it even better. (I really feel like I owe you a coffee now. :kissing_heart: ) I appreciate all your efforts and I hope it's fun for you to do, even if some areas are a royal PITA to fix. ;)

    I agree that a more wide and flowing skirt is much more fitting for the time period. 👍🏻 (And it looks better than the original! :star: ) I think any future outfits from this creator I will avoid because of obvious reasons... :( But I do like the style of the top and wanted to see what could be done to help it.

    I look forward to the updates. Take your time, no rush. <3
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    Wow Emily that looks awesome. Keep up the good work on it. :mrgreen:
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    Okay, @emorrill I think I got the Kitt fantasy dress to look as good as I can. :lol: There are definitely some parts that aren't perfect, but they're pretty small issues in comparison to what the dress was before. :tongue:


    The MurfeeL dress is going to take me a bit longer because I can't open it in TSR Workshop. lol But I'll try my best with it. :tongue:
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