How would you create this lot using terrain tools?

Hello! I created a lot inspired by this photo below (from the game, Life Is Strange 2) weeks before terrain tools was released. As you can see, this is just a simple, one-storey house with a basement. I was hoping that once terrain tools is available, I'd be able to rework this to make the lot look like the way it's shown in the photo. The complication is that the ground slopes down to the left, where the basement/garage is exposed (encircled in the picture). I thought it would be as simple as lowering the terrain to expose the basement, but it seems that doing that doesn't work. The lowered terrain just kind of molds around the basement without ever exposing it. I've also tried lowering the terrain and then creating a new building adjacent to the house, but because they are on different levels, the two buildings won't connect? As an alternative, I could add a second floor and raise the terrain, so the first floor would essentially become the basement/garage. I thought this might look weird on a small lot though, so I might have to move it to a bigger lot to look more natural.

Any tips or suggestions would be welcome, thanks!


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    Hey! So I gave this a go. To say the least... it's a bit frustrating!
    I was able to make it look similar by raising the foundation, and then raising the terrain around like a slope:


    (just imagine it wider, and on a bigger lot)

    However the problem is, you can't really properly use a foundation as a room. I mean, you -can- if you remove the floor of a section, but I ran into another problem: adding stairs. I just can't do it for some reason, the ended up way off terrain and ended up distrupting everything. So this could be an issue. If you just want to "mimic" a garrage, then this could be a temporary solution, but I've yet to find a way to actually make it a usable room.

    (I used the garage door from City Living, but it's placed with MOO, as you can't put anything on the foundation cuz the game doesn't consider it to be a wall)


    Removing the floor by making a small room does make it look like an actual room. Problem is I couldn't place stairs (in any direction!). So as of now, there's no way to enter it. You can't place doors because they're not walls, it's just the foundation risen up.

    Don't know how to go around this! But it might be a start if we tinker with it :D

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    Right as I posted, I decided to try something else:


    This DID work, however I'm experiencing some major texture glitch where the stairs meet the foundation walls. But, nothing that can't be covered with a tree or two ;)
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    Oh wow, thank you for giving this a try! I haven't made much progress myself as I got busy with other things. I haven't played the game much since the patch so I still have a lot of catching up to do in terms of learning terrain tools and all the other new features. I will certainly give your suggestion a try.
    Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to give this a go 🙂
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    I used a room over a room and then used flat rooms to hide things I didnt want to see. I couldnt work out a sloping walk like you wanted in your picture but you could get the same idea with some stairs. For the "driveway" I used a rounded roof. I took a crack at it and just kept going...I ended up with an unfurnished house on a 30x20 for under 20k, not too bad. Not sure if it was the look you were going for tho but it was fun! :smiley:

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    That's a very clever idea of using a roof for the driveway! I don't think I would ever come up with that!

    By the way, sorry the picture in the original post probably wasn't the best. The LIS2 game really didn't allow an opportunity to explore the side and back of the house, so that was the only shot I could get of the garage.

    Thank you both for giving this a try and for your helpful suggestions :)
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    I used several half gabled roofs to construct a sims 2/3 style foundation. The basement is ground level while the door is on the second floor. One trick is to extend the roofs 1 tile into the room so they don't get removed by the game when the dirt is piled up too much around it. The section that extends inside will become invisible because that's how roofs react to being partially inside.
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