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Gameplay Tips that makes the game more fun/realistic/unpredictable?



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    MaggiedollMaggiedoll Posts: 241 Member
    I use a random trait mod. I figure if i really hate what they end up with, I can always change it in CAS, and it won't really be cheating any more than it would have been to pick the trait at age-up without the mod. I almost never do change it, though.
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    Cassandra52182Cassandra52182 Posts: 525 Member
    To keep things interesting I do rotational play in case I start getting tired of a single household, I also make sure that each sim has 1 negative trait as well to keep it from getting too happy and repetitive. Right now the household I'm playing is something I haven't tried before, I had this idea of an alien who crash landed and has the bare minimum and no idea how to really function in this society like normal. Her lot is a tent for sleeping in, a campfire to cook, which she only eats what she grows herself or catches from fishing. For a while the only place she had to go to the bathroom was a bush, but she eventually worked up her handiness enough to make a toilet and a bathtub with the workbench. In order to make money she either makes sculptures on the workbench or sells the fish she catches, and uses the city living table to start a street sale (apparently you can sell foul sturgeon for about $6000 simoleons :D ). Also since she's an alien I have it where if she gets discovered by someone she has to erase their memory and start the relationship over, definitely a lot harder to keep relationships up this way but also gives that extra challenge to it.
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