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Did the 'get leftovers' option disappear or something?



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    Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
    edited May 2018
    - I had it yesterday. The only times it does not come up is if the food has spoiled, or is an appetizer type food, or if my sim is not hungry enough. If they are almost in the red - it comes up along with a thought bubble of which food to get. I do not use cheats, mods or CC - but I do not know if it makes a difference - although the last house I downloaded had a lot of items in the kitchen using the moo cheat - and I noticed that never popped up until I moved the sim out of that house and deleted it from my library and moved her into one of my houses. I did not move her out due to that alone - as she also seemed to get really strange routing issues - like telling me she can't use a counter that looked empty, or telling me I needed a sink or dishwasher when there was a sink. There was a shelf with items mooed onto the shelf above the counter - I mean way above it, and the sink did have soap and other things decorating the area beside the sink but nothing seemed to be in the way. After a while I just got tired of it and moved her out. As I said in that house that food option never came up either. Not sure if that might be your problem. But since I moved her to one of my house I have no issues. Of course that other house was so much cuter - but it had to go. LOL. (My houses are never that cute.)
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    EmmaVaneEmmaVane Posts: 7,847 Member
    edited May 2018
    For now you can use the autosolve button on the needs panel (the the round icon buttons on each motive bar).

    If there is leftovers (time of day appropriate) they will eat those. If not, they'll get a quick meal or cook something.
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    Francl27Francl27 Posts: 761 Member
    I had no idea that you could click anything in the needs panel LOL.
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    BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 5,520 Member
    Francl27 wrote: »
    I had no idea that you could click anything in the needs panel LOL.

    I found out what? At Chrismas? I bought the game 2014.
    So... you're not the only one.
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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 28,988 Member
    I just played my game and decided to check out whether or not "get leftovers" is still functioning. It is in my game. I mistook the phrase "put away" for what the OP was asking about. Egg all over my face! If memory serves (only occasionally, it seems), an earlier iteration used "put away leftovers". Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong again. :open_mouth:
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    AnthonydyerAnthonydyer Posts: 1,198 Member
    I find with specific foods (Particularly when there is one serving left), that option is not available. But you can click on open>then click on the food you desire. I hope that gets fixed.
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    nelly_stardustnelly_stardust Posts: 10 New Member
    In my game the Get Leftovers option is only available on the fridge from Jungle Adventures... It doesn't appear with any other fridges, whether they're custom fridges or the ones that come with the game.

    And since installing Seasons, the Grand Meal option is also only available on that same Jungle Adventures fridge and no others. So every time I have a grand meal I have to buy that fridge, and then store it in the inventory until the next holiday that requires a grand meal.
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    HeraSimsHeraSims Posts: 1 New Member
    There is no Open option on my CC fridge, the one with the orange symbol.
    I have a lot of food mods and deleted some menu expanders, so I'm working on it and need ideas to help me fix it.
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    SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 11,730 Member
    Did you try this in a different household? Sometimes it also helps to travel or switch houses just to reset stuff. You could also try to delete all food in fridge, and cook a new meal to put in there, to see if it works with something fresher. "get leftovers" works in my game.
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