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Flirty needs a chill pill.



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    GoldenBuffyGoldenBuffy Posts: 4,025 Member
    My sim almost ruined his wedding day because he was flirting with all the female guests.
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    Emo-usagi2187Emo-usagi2187 Posts: 600 Member
    oO wait are we talking about in ts4 or ts3? cause if is four i don't get that my games. But if it's in sims3 then yea but I void it not to social much with the npcs. if i do get calls or love latter i deleted it.
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    WolfiumWolfium Posts: 2,672 Member
    Sims don't flirt too much in my game (I have personality please mod). If sims are flirty, I let them do what they want. If they don't flirt, good sign. If they do, I would think that something is off with their marriage/relationship. Usually that's lack of attention, so I solve it by having partner doing hold hands, embrace etc. Also, maybe they want to already get engaged/married. But, it also could be that this relationship isn't meant to be. Anyway, I didn't have divorce for sims ages.

    For flirty sims, they can be a bit unpredictable. They can flirt with others lightly, and it's not serious.
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    SimsAddict_244SimsAddict_244 Posts: 274 Member
    Never happened in my game with any of my married couples so far. I do have a male sims who has the player trait after completing the serial romantic aspiration and none of his girlfriends reacts negatively when they see him being flirty with another sim.
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    TravisBlackfoxTravisBlackfox Posts: 553 Member
    This also shouldn't be geared simply towards your Sims being flirty to other characters, but also randoms coming up to your Sims and starting stuff. My two Sims were recently out to get something to eat and one random guy came around and started to flirt shamelessly with one while the other was out getting a drink. Of course my idiot flirted back and got all coy (and no he doesn't have any romantic traits...just foodie, goofball and outdoors). Needless to say I went back to a previous save and redid that scenario minus going to get something to eat. To me when it comes to NPC that flirt you should be given the option to either tell them no, flirt back, or punch them in the eye. Or better yet, if your Sims are married no NPC should have that option to flirt like that. I don't's just irritating to no end. It seems like this is a huge complaint both here and on the EA boards. I would think and really HOPE that someone out there in charge of these sort of pleas would take note. Not every player wants a player or cheater option with their Sims. I think they really need to balance this. Leave the random flirt for those that want that in their story plot, but PLEASE ADD other traits for those that want nothing to do with that kind of behavior. You can have both or at least a toggle because I know some folks do want the drama of married Sims flirting or being flirted with.
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    TravisBlackfoxTravisBlackfox Posts: 553 Member
    Couple gets married and goes off to the disco. Well the flirty fog comes and the marriage is in ruins. They get home and call there lawyers it's over.
    I have had 4 marriages go in the dump do to flirty with strangers. No Mods installed.

    Easy fix would be a loyal or faithful trait. That said however the unflirty trait may work.

    This...but also FIX the aspiration of being soul mates. You go through all that trouble to acquire that and all you get is "share one another's burden" Gee that's it??? That's seriously generic and to be honest, anyone can do that and you basically do it anyway...cheering up or calming down a Sim friend or otherwise is in the options. Soul Mates should be sworn and loyal...simple.
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    SimsAddict_244SimsAddict_244 Posts: 274 Member
    edited April 2018

    Easy fix would be a loyal or faithful trait. That said however the unflirty trait may work.[/quote]

    Which should have been in the base game along with many other missing traits from S3 imo.
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    AnthonydyerAnthonydyer Posts: 1,198 Member
    I agree with op. I remember an update came through a few days ago and it seemed for a few days after, my sims have been at war with eachother. I've had problems with sims getting angry over something that is not that bad.
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    ZiafarZiafar Posts: 720 Member
    About flirting does any one of you have this in your game? As soon as my sims (married or lovers) sit in a restaurant they become flirty. If they stand up, they stop being flirty. If they sit again, they become flirty again. It is becoming very annoying.
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    fewlinesfewlines Posts: 1,488 Member
    @Ziafar, i've seen it occasionally. weirdness.
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    OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 5,047 Member
    I've not seen that yet, but I seldom send sims out to eat unless I'm testing a build. What I have been getting lately is that any mirror interactions relating to freshening up or changing outfits results in the flirty mood. Unnecessary, unwanted, and a nuisance to deal with.
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    AHolyToiletAHolyToilet Posts: 870 Member
    Using MCC, I finally got my Sims to stop flirting randomly. It's made things a lot more comfortable for me.
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    RosalettaRosaletta Posts: 25 Member
    I agree with this. I very rarely play unfaithful sims, so I don't want to see my sims flirt with others unless I tell them to.
    I once had a married loner sim flirt autonomously with a guy she didn't know at all... This was a couple with kids straight out of CAS, so even though their romance bar wasn't all the way to the top they were most definitely in love. Then welcome wagon arrives, and the wife gets tense from strangers. I direct her to greet one of the neighbors anyway, and when I come back to her after checking on the kids she's suddenly flirting with him - while her husband is standing right next to her! He was obviously not pleased, and neither was I. That's way over the top and madly annoying.

    I'm also a bit tired of the romance channel on the TV. I might spend a lot of time getting a sim in a good mood for work or some activity. Then they autonomously decide to watch romance, and bam. Now they're flirty.
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    FelTaintedFelTainted Posts: 2 New Member
    Bjorn Bjergsen flirted with my Sim Vampire's wife once, I'm not sure why she accepted it since she didn't even know the guy :worried:
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