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A-L vs M-Z Username Battle

lovesstormslovesstorms Posts: 17,823 Member
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This game is was started by TheDinorhino and is lots of fun! We've made a new thread so we can actually keep score again. :)

The rules are simple, the score starts at 50.

If your username begins with A-L, the score goes up one.

If your username begins with M-Z, the score goes down one.

If your username starts with a number,pick which side you want and add or subtract accordingly. Let us know which side you've chosen, so I can add you to the first post. :)

When the score hits 100, A-L members win. When the score hits 0, M-Z members win. (Please @lovesstorms me to make it easier for me to find it.)

Then, start over at 50.


o No double posting unless, you want to bump this discussion.
o No spamming.
o No fighting/rude language.



:D = 5 points
:) = 1 point

A-L Wins

M-Z Wins
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