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The Sims 4 in 2018 - what do you still want simmers?


  • WalflowerWalrusWalflowerWalrus Posts: 3 New Member
    I want after school activities for children and teens (like ballet, robotics, instruments), more teen jobs, more get to work careers (like dentist, teacher), beaches, field trips at school, road trips with sim families, hair salons/nail salons, children/teen life to be more realistic and have more features (like prom, school dances, graduation), kindergarten or preschool for the tots, and an adjustable aging center (like in sims 3 where you could select the amount of days you'd want each life stage to last), etc.
  • RoboSpongieRoboSpongie Posts: 1,042 Member
    Well I want more core family content like Parenthood tried to fill in some stuff and that kids pack but I still feel like something is missing and it's absolutely hard to do a proper generation run on my end

    Also I want more fantasy content where's my servos, witches, fairies, heck even general magic stuff I miss that
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  • PoppySimmerPoppySimmer Posts: 8 New Member
    i love the sims 4 . but it would be more great if there is color wheel for hair and clothes . oohh and more option for get to work . aannndd we have spa so why dont we have salons . <3
  • Idano88Idano88 Posts: 1 New Member
    Anyone remember in the Sims 1 expansion pack "House Party" that sweet little costume trunk? You could choose the theme of the party, and all the invited guests automatically changed into themed costumes. That was so cool. I'd like to see that.
  • SiMsStoriesSiMsStories Posts: 219 Member
    Seasons, more consequences/punishment things that I can do, so I do not have tab out of my game majority of the time. Like burglars for example. The ability to see your neighbors/lots doing things outside in the background other than roaming around then stopping and playing on their phones. Wishful thinking though... :/
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  • GamingTweetyGamingTweety Posts: 851 Member
    I really want the fear emotion. The game is still not complete in a way without this emotion. Tired of getting tense moodlets instead of scared or fear. Not gonna say anything for some sims who don't care and just smile and check their phones while my vampire is drinking from another, which is annoying.
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  • DarkwingwolfDarkwingwolf Posts: 1 New Member
    phobias that could interact with certain traits. like hates out doors and arachnophobia, or Zoo-phobia? or for the technophobe trait they have a higher chance of getting shocked if they are handy? so like little traits that interact or conflict with other traits? make the traits go with the appearance so like a evil sim (even with custem content) would look evil(have an aura), a childish sim would look childish, and so on. and the sim trait for disliking pools would never wear a swim suit even if they have one. possibilities are endless!
  • bevillebeville Posts: 1,151 Member
    I want to see more food recipes like chicken noodles soup, lasagna, chicken pot pie, chicken and dumpling, pumpkin pie, waffles, Fried Chicken, sushi . More fruits and vegetables like orange, pineapple coconut ,egg plant, spinach, lettuce. I also juice machine, seasons, more vacation spots. Cars and garage, trash compactor, hot chocolate maker.
  • momboqueenmomboqueen Posts: 1,721 Member
    Just give me Seasons and I will be happy
  • boykinater18boykinater18 Posts: 237 Member
    edited February 2018
    Other than the usual Seasons/Witches/University request I am patiently waiting for...

    -Update on takeout/Delivery NPC! I'd like to be able to order different types of food for dinner. Like post mates!

    -Hotels/Resorts Game Pack! I'd love a proper game pack focused on resorts. Also including a New Destination World!

    -I saw a post for the heart shaped bed the other day and would like to see that make a comeback for Valentines Day.

    -We need cars/transportation.. It's overdue.

    -of course more bug fixes but I got to say they're slowly fixing them.
  • ArretStrifeArretStrife Posts: 136 Member
    What I really want are expansions like Makin' Magic and Superstar. Was disappointed when nothing like that was released for Sims 2. Got excited about Supernatural and Showtime, hoping those would be similar, while I loved those expansions, they were not the same. So, hopefully Sims 4 can finally bring back something similar.
  • Jo808hiJo808hi Posts: 1 New Member
    I would love:
    - more animals; horses, rabbits, etc.
    - seasons
    - more supernatural beings; vampires and aliens are not enough
    - universities
    - school interactions with kids and teens; being able to go to school with them
    - more careers and hobbies
  • Erja888Erja888 Posts: 4,830 Member
    edited February 2018
    1. University with jobs you can only apply for if you graduated.
    2. Seasons/weather (with festivals, gift buying and giving for Simsmas, sunburns, leaves that change colour, and well, you know the content TS2 and TS3 had)
    3. Bunk beds and other space saving furniture. (We have apartments!)
    4. More stuff for kids and teens to do (e.g. playground equipment, special teen groups (like goths/emo, sporty, posh...), sports, more musical instruments, etc.)
    I'd love to see a singing career in game, EA! You can't let the singing skill go to waste! My TS4 EPs: GTW, GT, CL, C&D, S, GF, IL, DU, EL, SE, CoL, HSY, GrT, HR GPs: OR, SD, DO, V, P, JA, SV, RoM, DHD, MWS
  • Oreo_8Oreo_8 Posts: 2 New Member
    An Interior Designer career like in Sims 3
  • WolfiumWolfium Posts: 2,672 Member
    1.More building items (stairs and other)
    3.New traits (especially for hobbies) and maybe new emotions like scared
    4.Unpredictable wild animals like squirrels, rabbits, birds (not passive pigeons from Brindleton Bay) that appear randomly anywhere
  • KiaowthaKiaowtha Posts: 3 New Member
    A musical-themed expansion!
    It would be great to have more instruments for sims to play - I'd love to see jazzy instruments like trumpets, saxophones and double bass, folky instruments like banjos and whistles, ukuleles, cellos, accordions, drums... the list is endless.
    I understand it would be a lot of work to create soundtracks for every instrument and figure out how they will sound together, but it would be so impressive and way cool to be able to create your own mixed instrument bands.
    Another aspect would be instrument making and repair - I know someone who carves and repairs fiddles and other wooden stringed instrument on a workbench in his living room. This would easily be done on a woodworking bench in the Sims 4 (or create a new object for instrument making) and Sims could gain the "instrument repair" skill - the higher the level, the more valuable their created instruments are and less likely to break. Sometimes instruments could break or go out of tune and need fixing. There are so many ideas we could do here!
  • SheepilingSheepiling Posts: 577 Member
    edited February 2018
    I really want more game packs with occult life states! Vampires were really well done imo and I'd love for there to be game packs for witches, faeires, werewolves, genies, mermaids, and plant sims (a real life state where you grow the babies from your garden and they're plant sims their whole lives, not just a temp. buff like we have now).

    I'd also really LOVE if there could be hybrids of the different occults too. Like there could be half and half. Like how half human-half alien babies can either have some alien abilities or none at all. Maybe it could be similar for occults too where a half vampire half witch could have a few limited abilities from both!

    Also, I'd really prefer they do the same thing they did for vampires and give each supernatural life state its own game pack, because the vampires in sims 4 are so much more well done than in the past, and if they just mushed a bunch of life states in one supernatural expansion pack then they wouldn't have as much content for each individual one.
  • DodgeDodge Posts: 18 Member
    I am totally new to this game, so maybe wrong about what's there.

    A psychology skill. Opens options for the psychologist sim to 'try to make <chosen sim><trait>' and 'try to make <name> not <trait>'. Likewise for moods and aspirations. If you try to make them have a negative mood or change they'll be sad or angry if your psych skill is low, and your little bar for completion of the task will go slower and slower the worse they feel. If you try to make them change into something they already are they'll get angry fast.

    More ways to die. My sim keeps falling asleep in the bathtub but hasn't drowned.

    Actual heath, so sims can not only be sapped of energy but sick or injured. They'd be magically hauled off to jail and/or hospital just in time to stop players making the little guys actually murder one another directly.

    A whole 'wild beasts' add on game where one can have households of wolves and deer and whatnot, that are under the player's direct control unlike the pets, and where sims can do nature-related careers and vacations, and also abandon a pet to have it become feral and under your direct control. You can then make it join their household if you like, or claim an empty wilderness lot if there is one. You can have the wild beasts come into towns and tip over trash cans and break stuff, or even claim a lot, but they'll always be tense and want to go back to the wild until they raise a tameness skill by being around human sims (who also make them tense). Random sims wandering by will try to shoo wild beasts away from residential/business lots, or follow them around trying to take pictures of them with their phones, and if they can't flee it can make untame/low tameness ones die of tension or embarrassment.
  • DodgeDodge Posts: 18 Member
    > @Dodge said:

    > A psychology skill. Opens options for the psychologist sim to 'try to make <chosen sim><trait>' and 'try to make <name> not <trait>'.

    A psychology skill. Opens options for the psychologist sim to 'try to make [sim-name] trait ' and 'try to make [sim] not [trait]'.

    Is what I meant.
  • night_tidenight_tide Posts: 112 Member
    University would be a lot of fun, along with primary school, a Supernatural pack (with werewolves and creatures alike), some sort of equestrian pack, and seasons!
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  • MidagereMidagere Posts: 67 Member
    Yeah! Definitely seasons and university. More music stuff. Usable cars would be great. As comicsforlife said, slow dance in the Romantic category. There are so many things I would like in TS4!
    After all, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did great things. Terrible, yes. But great.
  • AblazinmayzinAblazinmayzin Posts: 1 New Member
    I really want more hair colours or to be able to edit it more
  • LittlBowBubLittlBowBub Posts: 1,745 Member
    In no particular order:

    * Customisable attraction system
    * Likes and dislikes
    * More social animations that respond better e.g. the toddler play rather than ordinary chatting. (So basically better responses)
    * Give elders some love!!!
    * More options to place babies (pram to travel or go for a walk perhaps a baby carrier, baby mat, bouncy chair)
    * Hobbies and more craft items to sell (would like to see group activities as well as sports and ball games, ballet, cheerleading etc)
    * Cruise ship vacation
    * Castaway spin off
    * Life events and expand on ones we already have (prom, graduation, weddings, funerals etc) also better birthdays
    * Ability to have roommates and build own apartments (and be a roommate)
    * Own more homes and option to be a landlord
    * Child minder active career, either own a lot or work from home
    * Ultimate Farming pack with all the farm animals, old country style
    * Winter vacation destination
    * Stylist and Interier designer active careers

    And of course the usual packs, university, seasons etc. Hopefully including new things.

    A lot more can be added to this list lol :no_mouth:
  • JinxiePie13JinxiePie13 Posts: 11 New Member
    ***Supernatural (witches, mermaids, werewolves, fairies, alien, ghost, vampire, plantsims etc)


    *bunk beds

    *spiral staircases

    * roommates (sims who live with you and pay rent but are not in your playable household) ~like in TS3 university pack~

    *more npcs (burglar, firefighter, police)

    *online dating/ability to call up the match maker

    *more interactive jobs (teacher, firefighter, archaeologist... instead of owning a business like a cafe, vet, or restaurant, but to work at one, etc.)

    *a castaway-like pack/or whole new game preferably for PC (I really loved TS2 castaway <3 it would be cool to see a remake of it for the sims 4)
  • JinxiePie13JinxiePie13 Posts: 11 New Member
    *A lot more personality traits as well!! technophobe, eco-friendly, proper, lucky, brave, light sleeper, diva, dramatic, irresistible, socially awkward, workaholic, overly emotional, daredevil, animal lover, allergic to fur, hyperactive, paranoid, vain, etc.
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