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The Sims 4 in 2018 - what do you still want simmers?

TOLKIENTOLKIEN Posts: 1,589 Member
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Coming into its 4th year this September (yes it will be 4 years!) I was thinking back on what the Sims 4 has done and want I still want for it (realistically speaking). So assuming this is the Sims 4 final year for the sake of this discussions - it came down (for ME) to these five things.


1. Seasons...not only do they add weather, environment changes and game play - they add the passage of time into the world.

2. Grade 1-12 School expansion....I've had enough university...I'd like to see something new and I think this would be a lot of fun.

Game packs:

3. Medieval or renaissance fair game pack world...there is so much amazing medieval user content and items in-game, I'd love a proper place to use them.

4. Beach Sports game pack...I'd like to take my sims to the beach, get a tan and enjoy some beach volleyball or throw a football...

Stuff Pack

5. The a free update the game finally adds cars to pick our sims up or drive them away. A stuff pack for more "unique" cars, activities would make sense then to follow up the patch.

Bonus : A color wheel for hair, because I will always want this.

Pretending this is the Sims 4 last year (and I'm not suggesting it is) - what would you still want for it?
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  • alanmichael1alanmichael1 Posts: 5,310 Member
    Body hair, witches, swimming in the ocean, spiral stairs, cars, showstar/fashion careers.
  • sekojranasekojrana Posts: 107 Member
    re-colourable ceiling tiles!
  • duhboy2u2duhboy2u2 Posts: 3,288 Member
    These are not in any particular order. I want them all! Mostly I'd love to see the new careers and aspirations,
    and possibly another couple of personality trait slots
    1. Witches
    2. Werewolves
    3. Spiral Stairs
    4. Ladders
    5. More Art Deco inspired furniture
    6. Aspirations! I so want to see more aspirations
    7. New careers
    8. Seasons
    9. Vacation spots that don't involve fishing and camping
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  • NorthDakotaGamerNorthDakotaGamer Posts: 2,559 Member
    For me it would be small caged pets and a way to disable specific features introduced that do not match my strict conservative values. I do not really need much.
  • verlainemverlainem Posts: 837 Member
    more vacation places
    new careers and aspirations
    More events to plan ie family reunions, sleepovers for children and teens
    More interactions for grandparents and grandchildren
    more crafting items
    I am sure there are more but can't think of them at the moment

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  • ScobreScobre Posts: 20,665 Member
    If next year is the last fiscal year then:
    1) Terrain/pond tool
    2) Witches
    3) Werewolves
    4) Police/firefighter/robber NPC
    5) Seasons EP
    6) Farm GP
    7) Education GP
    8) Cars/transportation
    9) Family tree extension update
    10) Color wheel
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  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,825 Member
    I don't think it will all come this year but I want:
    University and possibly more school options.
    Witches and I think other supernaturals will come also.
    More crafting and hobbies hopefully with a farm pack and in that theme.
    More vacations ... snowy/skiing and tropical. I've seen some great ideas also that would be fun.
    Singing career associated with some sort of superstarish pack. I want these careers to be active somehow.
    Funerals or other life/death events expanded on.
    Birds if we do get another pet type pack.. especially bigger ones like a parrot or cockatoo.
    annnd much more.
  • tmcox1242tmcox1242 Posts: 32 Member
    I feel like garage stuff and seasons are required for the game to feel complete to me. I personally don't play with supernatural characters, but I totally understand why those are wanted. I would also love a university pack, but I'm ok if it doesn't happen though.
  • Bashsync2015Bashsync2015 Posts: 228 Member
    To expand on the attraction system, seasons for sure and university
  • SageRainWillowSageRainWillow Posts: 2,221 Member
    I want seasons, small pets and hobbies like sewing, pottery making, or jewelry making kinda like TS2 and TS3 had. Something I can sell for a little money. I like playing poor sims, and I just want to make enough money to barely pay my bills lol. None of my sims actually WORK.

  • IcewolfIcewolf Posts: 709 Member
    I want...

    - More npc's like a firefighter, police and burglar.
    - A stuff pack/game pack that's focusing on small pets.
    - Seasons.
    - Cars. (I know there's no open world, but we don't need open world for cars. Just look at Sims and Sims 2. I'd much rather want a car that drives off the map than my sims disappearing into thin air.
    - More careers.
  • Shadow_Simmer_14Shadow_Simmer_14 Posts: 53 Member
    In no particular order:
    1. More musical instruments/being able to make money by recording music
    2. For your sims to be able to have jobs like 'Gym Trainer' or 'Librarian' that NPCs can have
    3. Seasons
    4. Birds (as pets)
    5. More events (prom, funeral, christmas party, etc.)
    6. a few more careers that make really small amounts of money (for a bit of a challenge)
  • Sk8rblazeSk8rblaze Posts: 7,570 Member
    1. Bug fixes
    2. Improvements to Sim AI
    3. Firefighters, cops, burglars, and other NPCs which affect gameplay
    4. Build mode improvements/additions, including terrain editing/pond creation
    5. Challenging gameplay redesigns and additions... overhauled lifetime goals?
    6. Many more careers
    7. Cars

    I'd, of course, like to see packs such as seasons, but I really wish they'd take all the time in between expansions to address these important things first.
  • LiesSimLiesSim Posts: 358 Member
    edited January 2018
    - Mmmm well definitely seasons of course.
    - I'd also enjoy a social event themed pack with wedding planners (active career wise) and funerals etc.
    - Perhaps some small pets? Hamsters, guinea pigs, bunnies and even snakes as some have suggested...
    - A career pack including a lot of new careers but also some "simple" jobs that don't offer promotions.
    - An expansion pack containing hobbies like ballet and such (+ beehives, I love that idea!).
    - Something socialite themed maybe?
    - Of course we all crave vacation destinations which hopefully will include hotels and enough things to do.
    - Maybe a theme park of circus sort of destination they can travel to?
    - Also something fashionista themed, a lot of new hairstyles and clothing + at last the addition of nail polish and walk in closets!
    - ...

    There are so many directions they could take, I don't have a clue what's next and I'm not sure what I want (except for seasons which really is the number 1 on my wishlist).
  • poisonedsodapoppoisonedsodapop Posts: 1,179 Member
    Universities and some more supernaturals. Mostly witches. Definitely witches. I want some portable laptops, loft beds, and bunk beds. Some more vacation locations would be nice too.
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  • Kilov17Kilov17 Posts: 1,795 Member
    - I know I want Seasons or something like it-- not always JUST sunshine or night time...

    - Some more occults as Vampires & Aliens aren't nearly enough. Personally, not sure I want werewolves myself though... They get too naturally hairy and ugly for my liking.
    But I'll take whatever they offer for more intriguing occults!
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  • SummerStreakSummerStreak Posts: 119 Member
    1. University/School-type pack
    2. Seasons!!
    3. Bunk beds omg
    4. Color wheels
    5. More building options (think spiral stairs, ladders, varying foundation levels, etc..)
    6. More occults/Place like Moonlight Falls, rather than individual occult towns like Forgotten Hollow
    1. University (My favorite and still play it on TS2 & 3)
    2. Seasons
    3. werewolves, fairies, witches (I'm over the vampires)
    4. I would love spiral stairs.
  • LittlBowBubLittlBowBub Posts: 1,745 Member
    1. Farming EP including animals
    2. Seasons
    3. A romance ep/gp including wedding etc
    4. A medieval pack
    5. A spin off castaway sims 4 version with a snowy destination option alongside the classic.
    6. Hobbies
  • nayruslove7nayruslove7 Posts: 108 Member
    University/homeschooling/school activities
    Find love
    Tropical vacation world
  • LustianiciaLustianicia Posts: 2,486 Member
    edited January 2018
    I'd like to see a Seasons/Vacation expansion pack. They both need to be combined into one. It makes the most sense. Tropical vacation spots, mountain villas, etc, would be a perfect addition to this game! :smile: Also, adding seasons on top of all this would be awesome! They also need to allow us the option to choose which weather/seasons will apply to each world. I don't want them to automatically assign each world. The player should have the option to do so (even if he/she wants it to snow in the desert). The slogan for this game is supposed to be "You Rule", and yet, a lot of the things in this game so far (especially apartments) simply don't apply to what that claims.

    Either way, we need more vacation spots... just having Granite Falls in that section is honestly pathetic, sad, and cringe worthy... I feel like the developers may have forgotten all about the "Destinations" tab... which is embarrassing on their part.

    Another feature we absolutely need is a cemetery! And this needs to be included in a FREE patch! I'm honestly sick of having my Sims from different households die and never being able to obtain their urn/gravestone... just because I wasn't playing them at the time of their death. Again, it's cringe worthy. We need cemeteries back in the game... and they need to work in a similar way as in Sims 3 (with the mausoleum). I would definitely prefer them to give us the option to customize and create our own cemeteries, but I honestly wouldn't mind if it simply worked the same way as the police station, hospital, and science lab... just as long as we can actually ACCESS it and finally be able to obtain the graves of our Sims who passed away!

    We also need more traits, aspirations, and careers... honestly, the developers have been extremely lazy when it comes to traits in this game. We only get like one or two (if we're that lucky) in each pack... sometimes we don't even get any. Meanwhile, in Sims 3, we got several in each pack... and a lot of the aspirations are jokes as well. Especially the ones that require your Sim to constantly change jobs, build a rocket ship, and do a lot of other unrealistic things. I wanna see more realistic aspirations that don't require our Sims to do ridiculous things that would never happen in real life (again, this is a LIFE SIMULATOR... I like realism). And finally, the careers... while I'm definitely more happy with what we have now VS what we had when the game first launched, there are still many good careers missing... such as the Education and Law careers (not to be confused with law enforcement).

    The Sims 4 is a good game, but it still lacks A LOT of things that previous games had. As of 2018, it's obviously a lot better than it was four years ago, but there are many areas it still needs improvement on.
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  • XpinkiepuffXXpinkiepuffX Posts: 4 New Member
    My “wishlist” for future releases would be:
    1. A tropical island for vacations and living
    2. Carnival stuff pack with games, prizes, Ferris wheel, etc.
    3. Jobs for pets again
    4. Magic expansion with witches & fairies
    5. Unicorns
  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 7,166 Member
    edited January 2018
    I feel like I see a new thread about this every day.

    But cars, garages, passing of time to get special events during anniversaries, sports activities, drum set

    I would say a new vacation world but if it’s anything like Granite Falls they can keep it.

    Everything else that comes to mind I already have a mod for so I’m good.
  • VanPelt81VanPelt81 Posts: 2,990 Member
    Here are some things I'd love to see get added in in the future:

    Actor & Musician jobs that you can control (much like the Doctor, Cop, & Scientist jobs; also like that Sims 1 expansion pack)
    Additional careers (Lawyers, teachers, etc.)
    Pool Tables and other bar games
    More Music Genres for radios (Perhaps the Metal or New Wave genres fro The Sims 2 re-appear)
    Different heights for sims
    Jobs that teens have being available for adults and/or seniors
    More Neighborhoods to build on and/or Create-A-Neighborhoods available.
  • comicsforlifecomicsforlife Posts: 9,585 Member
    slow dance fear danger more deaths
    more for sim kids and more drama please
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