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What is the next expansion pack you are hoping for?



  • More_MooreMore_Moore Posts: 408 Member
    Uni pls. That's always been my top fav EPs of the Sims.
    Simmer since day one. Owns every Expansion and extras. Even the console games. XD

    Feel free to chat me (I like games/RPGs, game dev, and animu/anime)
  • SurfanSunshineSurfanSunshine Posts: 77 Member
    Supernatural (other than Vampires)
    More supernaturals. I'm sorry but Aliens and Vamps ain't the only ones out there and I miss my witches and fairies and wolves and there are SO SO many things they can do with this. I Also want HORSES. I miss them too. and then of course Seasons, because what is the point of long sleeves if its forever summer. <3
    -More supernaturals; Fairies, Witches, Mermaids, Shifters that actually turn into an animal.
    -More worlds and, or, ways to create a world for sims 4.
    -More small creatures, Birds, Rabbits... Ect.
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