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What is the next expansion pack you are hoping for?


  • ambam26ambam26 Posts: 1 New Member
    I would love if EA would revamp the old expansions packs from The Sims 3. I loved Supernatural and Seasons the most. To incorporate those elements into The Sims 4 would be great. There as still some things that I wish I could do with my sims, that I am not really able to do. I like in Cats and Dogs, that I can own and work at the Vet. I love that experience. Maybe giving Sims the opportunity to own more business? Also, going to college with the young adults was also a great experience in University. Expansion packs that offered game play in these ways would be exciting. I like the out of the box expansions packs that are being produced now (laundry day).
  • Minako558Minako558 Posts: 2 New Member
    World Adventures
    World Adventures was one of my favorite Sims 3 eps.
    The little quest things through tombs and caves was awesome! I wish they reset after you did them especially for those playing a legacy family, etc.
    Or had more adventures like that. I would love to see that in the sims 4. The collecting and exploring through the caves was so fun.
  • Minako558Minako558 Posts: 2 New Member
    World Adventures
    In addition to other world locations the neighborhoods and the granite falls location should have improved quests/adventures.
  • AHolyToiletAHolyToilet Posts: 870 Member
    Other (specify?)
    Literally anything for me. All of those sound great in my book.
  • TerraTerra Posts: 1,353 Member
    I love so many things about Seasons. The seasons are really important in my life so I like to see them reflected in the Sims. Different weather creates so many different gameplay moods - a breakup during a thunderstorm creates a totally different feel to a story than one where a Sim breaks up on a sunny day, for example.

    But when it comes down to it, the reason I want Seasons most is that Seasons works in every story. It doesn't matter if you play devious play, ultra-realism, supernatural stories, or dramatic plots: Weather exists everywhere.
  • LoanetLoanet Posts: 4,075 Member
    Other (specify?)
    To be honest either seasons, or some kind of Celebrity setup.
    Prepping a list of mods to add after Infants are placed into the game. Because real life isn't 'nice'.
  • kellzakellza Posts: 197 Member
    I need me weather! I like the sound of a historical pack too. I'd like some new things that haven't already been done before - but Seasons is a must.
  • Erja888Erja888 Posts: 4,830 Member
    After "pets" "seasons" is the most popular pack - I think. So EA will release it finally. I hope sooner than later. November 2018 would be great.
    I'd love to see a singing career in game, EA! You can't let the singing skill go to waste! My TS4 EPs: GTW, GT, CL, C&D, S, GF, IL, DU, EL, SE, CoL, HSY, GrT, HR GPs: OR, SD, DO, V, P, JA, SV, RoM, DHD, MWS
  • ToreshinboToreshinbo Posts: 561 Member
    I think I'm going to jump on the wagon and say seasons. But any pack is welcome :wink:
  • Dault3883Dault3883 Posts: 9 New Member
    Other (specify?)
    im going with i would want for an EXPANSION pack a island pack because while i want seasons i see seasons as more of a game pack not an expansion pack usually expansion packs come with a new city and i cant see a new city with seasons but with islands could see a chain of islands in a city/world so yea i would want a island pack or a rural/farming pack would be great too
  • clover24clover24 Posts: 887 Member
    I have voted seasons but their was so many wanted packs on that list wish I could have put all. This sims is dragging out I want them all already ;)
  • AkilAkil Posts: 252 Member
    Forever and always seasons. If there is one EP that can effect each and every gameplay that I have it's seasons. There is just something boring about eternal summer.
  • princess_kaguyaprincess_kaguya Posts: 508 Member
    Supernatural (other than Vampires)
    witches and generations :'(
  • ParaleeParalee Posts: 1,166 Member
    edited January 2018
    Other (specify?)
    I voted other because i think all of the ones in the poll will be Game Packs rather than Expansion Packs. I'd like to see a Country Life EP to go with all the country stuff thats been showing up in packs. I know just what to do with the country vet that came with Cats and Dogs. And all the rustic stuff in the laundry SP
    My speculations on hints for future content:
    -Cars Update
    -Spiral/Diagonal Stairs Update
    -Hotel Pack
    -Romance Pack (possibly combined with Hotel Pack)
    -Bands Pack
    -Royalty Pack
    -Fashion Design Pack
    -Fairies Pack
    -Werewolf Pack
    -France-inspired World
  • dogboy678dogboy678 Posts: 200 Member
    I’d like my sims to travel to the past and future. I think that’d be cool. Of course I love all the options but right now in my game I feel like this is what I want
  • Rukola_SchaafRukola_Schaaf Posts: 3,065 Member
    Other (specify?)
    i am waiting for a traits revamp

    no any further addition to this franchise will change the boredom of those sims until their traits get more interesting

    for more things to do in general i buy only with a huge discount & it doesn't matter what, cause ... boredom
    though not even 60% did tempt me to buy CL :joy:

    i won't be participating in the forums & the gallery anymore - thanks EA
  • djacquelynstewdjacquelynstew Posts: 641 Member
    edited January 2018
    My vote is with Seasons EP just because I think having all four seasons opens the door for yet more activities that get the sims out and about, doing more activities, and less talking for one, and for two, give them more to do even while at home. To be honest, once my sims max out all repairs, skills, do some homework, or take home work for the job, its not a lot to do around the house really. I get that Sims 4 is all about emotions, but let's face it, game play (albeit emotional) gets quite boring without activities to do. Could be why I play so many families, I lose interest, start over, lose interest, wash. rinse. repeat. (pun intended since we do have laundry now).

    But I also really like the idea of a paradise island resort/vacation or world type EP. But EA would have to blow my mind with this one, and I'm not real confident this could be achieved in Sims 4, and still have the "Totally Freaking Awesome!!!" effect that Island resort had for me in sims 3, especially if the sims aren't going to be able to access the ocean. This would have to be one of those EP's where if you aren't going to do it to the max, I'd rather not even have it
  • VengefulNoodlesVengefulNoodles Posts: 128 Member
    Loved the sims 3 seasons expansion pack and I'd like to see some of the features of that game return.
    - Snowboarding
    - Swimming in the ocean
    - Rain, snow, hail, fog, and lighting
    - Love Day ( Valentines day)
    - Summer Breaks
    - Heat waves
    - Spooky day (Halloween)
    - Snowflake day (Christmas)
    - Snowball fights
    - Death by hail
    - NPC penguin
    - NPC Santa Claus
    - Build Snowman
    - Woohoo in igloo


  • JeanJean Posts: 1,243 Member
    Seasons! But in smaller demand also more supernaturals.
    Seasons is for me the best pack out there for the Sims series. Always has been for me. I loved ts3 seasons and its little festivals and such.
  • Winifred_WillowWinifred_Willow Posts: 423 Member
    Honestly, I want all of them but I would like Seasons first if I were to have a say in it, then witches/supernatural. Of course if we get witches first, I won't complain. University has been high on my list as well.
  • KlthfKlthf Posts: 230 Member
    I would really like a School Pack to follow my child Sims to school and/or a University Pack. I think these two would go great together. This pack could also contain a teaching career GTW-style.

    A Supernatural Pack would be a great addition too if it contains witches, fairies and werewolves or anything considering magic. Judging by some of the ideas in this thread, I also really like Seasons. I am still hoping for some kind of Music/Band/Performing Arts Pack with new instruments like a saxophone, clarinet, recorder and drums, so I can finally make a band/music group again.
  • SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 7,631 Member
    edited January 2018
    Seasons (still hoping that one day, seasons are part of the base game, because it ain't live without them for me ;)). I'm happy to see the clothes dripping when wet, makes me even more excited to have real raindrops!
  • Bryceo10Bryceo10 Posts: 4 New Member
  • Bryceo10Bryceo10 Posts: 4 New Member
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