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What is the next expansion pack you are hoping for?


  • Zeldaboy180Zeldaboy180 Posts: 5,996 Member
    Supernatural (other than Vampires)
    I love seasons, but I want supernaturals! Need my witches and werewolves.
  • PlumbobGrandmaPlumbobGrandma Posts: 438 Member
    Movotti wrote: »
    I think there needs to be more creativity in packs.

    Combine historical with supernatural, and have a fairytale pack instead.
    Combine university and island, to make a more interesting uni location... Or world adventures and uni, why go to uni at home?
    Seasons and farming, there's some strange logic there.

    A bit of a late reply but this sounds wonderful! If this was ever implemented I would be over the moon!

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  • PlumbobGrandmaPlumbobGrandma Posts: 438 Member
    SheriSim57 wrote: »
    If you would like to explain the gameplay mechanics of your favorite expansion pack then feel free to!
    I want a farm pack

    Why a farm pack? What are you hoping there to be within the pack?

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  • PlumbobGrandmaPlumbobGrandma Posts: 438 Member
    edited December 2017
    Actually all of the above except for seasons and university.

    Why so? A lot fo the people here love seasons! Why don't you do too? *strokes chin*

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  • MartinvMartinv Posts: 252 Member
    Supernatural (other than Vampires)
    Witches and fairies, but in game packs; just like vampires. as for expansion packs i'd go with seasons.
  • QueenKiwiQueenKiwi Posts: 7 New Member
    Seasons for sure! Sometimes it gets annoying always having it sunny... but maybe mix the seasons with some weather and vacation features? o:) o:) o:)
  • PlumbobGrandmaPlumbobGrandma Posts: 438 Member
    QueenKiwi wrote: »
    Seasons for sure! Sometimes it gets annoying always having it sunny... but maybe mix the seasons with some weather and vacation features? o:)o:)o:)

    Definitely! Sims 4, amp up your game!

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  • keekee53keekee53 Posts: 4,325 Member
    Seasons please. I am so tired of waiting for the weather pack.
  • CynnaCynna Posts: 2,369 Member
    I think that Seasons is probably going to be the last pack that I ever buy for this game. If I'm not happy with it (historically always my favorite EP of any version), I'll know that that's it for me and TS4.

    Having said that, the EP will need to add certain things that I have been expecting since the very beginning, such as lounge chairs! Geez, they're way past due. Swimming in the ocean, is another must. That should include snorkeling activities, at the least.

    For winter, I would like to see the return of houselights. It was so beautiful to see the neighborhoods covered in snow and the houses, all so warm and inviting with glowing lights on the eaves.

    I'm a pluviophile. I enjoy all sorts of rain -- soft and warm, misty and chill, driving, gusting, windy and LOUD, lightning and thunder. I'd like to see all of these types of rain. Except, that except for rainy season (spring) there shouldn't be rain practically every day. The same thing with snow, let there be soft snowfalls and blizzards where the Sims need to hunker down at home in front of the fireplace, possibly with a power outage.

    I'm not asking for a lot, as far as weather is concerned. I only expect verisimilitude in that area. Little details mean everything.

  • MissNightOwlMissNightOwl Posts: 740 Member
    For the expansion - Season. I believe we get somu new Supernatural content, but I feel they stay with the game packs on that. Maybe with more than one type of creatures, but still the GP.
  • WillGSWillGS Posts: 3 New Member
    Other (specify?)
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    · I want to do a battle with other clubs.
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    · Swimming competition
    · Pool dive battle
    · Music Battle
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    · The winner can control the area for a certain period, etc.

    Although there are many games, exercise, etc., it is not very fun just to play with clubs inside.
    I want to battle with many clubs and aim for the top.
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  • VraieVraie Posts: 196 Member
    Other (specify?)
    I was all ready to vote university and then I saw historical/futurisitic and I couldn't decide between them.
    I don't mind seasons but it does mean I have to make sure my roofs don't leak. And I am lazy at building. Besides, I already have to keep my vampires corralled in daytime. Having to keep an eye on sims freezing or cooking is not so much fun. But I would be annoyed if we had seasons and the sims couldn't die of cold or heat. So I guess I'm ambivalent about seasons.

    I think weather should have been in the base game, not seasons specifically, but that's just me. Occasional rainstorms and the possibility of a lightning strike are appealing (but again, roofs...sigh).

    I like university because it gives a heads up opportunity...though I think I agree it needs to be in with something else if it's an EP not a GP.

    I really love the idea of a historical world, although I would want historical Japan, and I guess I'm probably alone in that weirdness...

  • CynnaCynna Posts: 2,369 Member
    Vraie wrote: »

    I think weather should have been in the base game, not seasons specifically, but that's just me.

    It's not just you, I wish that had happened as well. :)

    Down the road, EA could have still sold a Seasons pack, including all the new mechanics and objects that entailed. However, at this point in the series, something as pervasive as weather should have been available in the base game.

    I feel the same way about swimming in the bodies of water that exist throughout the worlds -- it should have been available from the word go. If fishing is always possible, why not swimming?


  • Dreamie209Dreamie209 Posts: 3,165 Member
    Seasons is the one I'm truly waiting for.

    I'm curious to see what they could do with a School/University EP (maybe a school gp and uni ep...i dunno lol.). But I'd rather them figure that out more lol.

    I'm also hopeful for a love pack as well.

    But seasons is the big one for me. It always has been one of the big EP's I've waited for. Vacations are nice, but there's just something about seasons that captures me. I guess it's just something about whether that enhances me, and to see it usually well simulated in a sometimes takes my breath away with how they do it.

    TS2 seasons blew my mind as a kid. TS3 seasons was almost an addiction for me lol like when it was announced I played the trailer in heavy rotation. I haven't had that epic excitement feeling for the sims in a loong time....well actually I did for toddlers and Parenthood :lol: . Because like Seasons, they blew my mind, I couldn't believe all of the features. From the tiny things to the really huge details, It really surprises me.

    And that's honestly what i'm hoping for when it comes to Seasons. I'm hoping for that 'wow' factor feeling for me. <3
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  • ayyitsmellayyitsmell Posts: 434 Member
    World Adventures
    Honestly, I want all of these lol But I chose World Adventures because I feel like we definitely need more vacation spots and this could tie into Seasons or a tropical getaway (maybe cruise :smiley: ). I'm just tired of camping all the time lol I also think that with World Adventures, it could add some variety and depth to the game, like for example, someone mentioned in a different post the idea of a cultural skill, learning new languages or local gestures, foreign recipes, dances, etc. It could introduce beaches, hotels, honeymoons, and much more.
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  • TamakiSakura84TamakiSakura84 Posts: 543 Member
    Seasons. I miss the changing weather and the holidays. Not to mention the beaches, ice skating, and leaf jumping!

    University was my favorite Sims 3 expansion, but I think I enjoyed it so much is because I played it with Seasons installed. It made my game seem like a real school year. So Seasons should come first.
  • ShadyLady89ShadyLady89 Posts: 908 Member
    While I'm not a big fan of a Seasons EP, I hope you all get what you're looking for. My only objection to that EP is because it invariably adds a lot of lag to the game. At least, in previous EP it has for me. Of course, times are different these days, by the time this EP becomes a reality, I'll probably be on board with it no matter what.

    Still mostly stoked for a Uni/Education GP/EP the most.
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  • dg51829dg51829 Posts: 300 Member
    World Adventures
    I'm going to be honest and say it will probably be seasons. But honestly I could without it. I find seasons more of a nuisance in the game. Nothing exciting really happens. There isn't floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, or blizzards to create that sense of danger with the changing seasons. Unlike with the open world in Sims 3 I just don't think they can recreate that feeling of bliss during the winter with being able to play anywhere in the snow with my sims.

    When voting it was close between university and world adventures. I love university but I feel like world adventures would be better before university. Because then in a university there could be more diversity in the game. Diversity has been a huge issue in the sims that has been changing slowly and has made great changes in Sims 4. I would love to have international students from the locations in a world adventures pack. I miss going to different 'countries' in the sims and having quests (though I admit they were mostly annoying) and being able to really feel like there is are different sim cultures. It adds so much more than just diversity alone.
  • KitsychanKitsychan Posts: 17 Member
    I recently tried playing the Sims 3 again. It was clunky and awkward but it reminded me of a lot of stuff this game is missing.

    I miss packs like Into the Future or University or World Adventures. Packs that add gameplay that I couldn't just pretend was happening in my own mind and something that fundamentally grows the way the game is played for every household. I could make someone's house look like a nightclub and invite people over to dance. If my Sim chooses not to own a cat or a dog then I might not know that expansion existed...

    I want a pack that adds more than just more to manage... but honest to goodness new stuff for my Sims to do and be.
  • YBNS2468YBNS2468 Posts: 232 Member
    Other (specify?)
    superstar- just like from sims 1, and after i'll get that- seasons and magic :)
  • SimsLovinLycanSimsLovinLycan Posts: 1,910 Member
    Supernatural (other than Vampires)
    I'm more than ready for a werewolf GP. They did a great job with vampires, so I'm hoping they'll finally do werewolves justice this time around too.
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  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
    edited December 2017
    I am very leary of Sims 4 getting seasons because of the games inability to allow us toggles and choices or any weather control - so if they do bring in weather - I see it will either be AI controlled seasons without our imput or will be done like Sims 1 with vacation hoods that have the same weather all the time - where our sims just visit. So unless it is the seasons only in vacation spots - I really doubt I would be interested in full AI control of the weather.

    Some things in real life (like weather we can't control) - well I just don't care to see in my game. Besides I am big on yard things and activities, especially gardening - and weather could kill my gardens - which I definitely wouldn't care for as some of my sims earn their livings off of their gardens.

    (Like 2 days ago in real life we got 6 inches of snow, and tomorrow I hear we are getting another 9-10 - which between that and tomorow the weather has messed up our holiday preps and we are supposed to go to a family Christmas thing this Sunday. It is a nightmare in real life - and I can see what a disaster that'd be in my game as well.

    So if we can't have weather like Sims 2 or 3, that we control more or less - I hope we don't get it to be honest unless it is Sims 1 style.)

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  • Simsfan99111Simsfan99111 Posts: 1,260 Member
    Seasons without a doubt. I never personally want to see q futuristic expansion pack again.
  • NetzspannungNetzspannung Posts: 2,452 Member
    World Adventures
    It is really difficult for me to choose between tropical vacation and a world adventures type expansion. I really want both or rather a combination of the two. For example, being able to choose a relaxing or an exciting vacation.
    World Adventures was a rather controversial expansion for TS3 back in the day. And I would probably agree, that it was not the best choice for a first expansion, but it added so much actual gameplay that was different and new to the franchise. Not only allowing sims to travel to different locations but also breaking up the sandbox routine with elaborate quests and exploration, just in case you cared for that option. As someone who started playing TS3 about 1.5 years after its release, I got the World Adventure expansion later on (my first expansion was Late Night) and I really enjoyed it for what it was.
    I really just want my sims to be able to go on a vacation that is not in the woods.
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  • karab226karab226 Posts: 3 New Member
    The university pack was one of my favourite packs. However I also miss having celebrities and owning a resort. Hopefully all the ideas suggested will eventually be released on sims 4
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