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Anybody play themselves in The Sims?

SodaGnomeSodaGnome Posts: 154 Member
I played Second Life a long time and in Second Life, players not only make their avatars look like themselves, they many times believe and act as if their avatars are them. The game is even advertised on the idea you make yourself and play as yourself. Once I was exploring a European town in Second Life with a female and she wanted to change her top since it was a hot day in the game, (yes extreme role playing) so she insisted on finding a room to go into away from me to change her top as she wanted privacy. She seemed to see no difference between her avatar body and her real one.

I naturally approached The Sims based on my other game experiences so I made a Sim to be me, and then played from that perspective. All the Sims big Youtubers.... they all seem to play in 3rd person......I will make this sim do this and that..... oh this sim likes that sim.... they never say "I" am doing this or that. They don't say, "I am doing the 100 baby challenge." No, they say,,,,,this sim avatar "Mary" is doing it, they never refer to the sim as them.

I played World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy online, Second Life etc, all games where you play as the avatar you create in 1st person mode. So yea, it seems natural to me to make a Sim to be me... then play as that character. Was just wondering if others made themselves to play as.
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    StrangerthanStrangerthan Posts: 345 Member
    I've played the sims since it came out and I sometimes play as a 'sim' and sometimes I play as 'me'. 'Me' is always prettier and thinner than me but otherwise the same!
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    MidnightAuraMidnightAura Posts: 5,809 Member
    I play myself sometimes in the Sims 1-3. I unfortunately can’t make my simself in the sims 4 as I don’t use cc.
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    Stina1701AStina1701A Posts: 1,185 Member
    No. I don't. I find other Sims too more interesting than me Sim :wink: But in every gameplay save through the Sim series there is at least one Sim I create that I either have something in common or can identify with on some levels.

    She or yes, even he is nothing like me, neither in looks or personality but there is always something alike either in looks or personlity that I can identify with that particular Sim. In the savegame I play almost exclusevily the one I identify most with is my family oriented, clumsy, insane yet adorable Sim. No idea why :innocent:

    But those Sims aren't necessary my favorite Sims to play with. Right now, in the gamesave the above mentioned Sim is in, my favorite Sims are my gay couple which I have taken a break from to play other household because they were really monopolizing my time.
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    MikaScarletMikaScarlet Posts: 34 Member
    Simself, no. But namesake Sim, yes.

    I've been thinking about making a Simself when Cats & Dogs come out, but with a different name since I want her to be in the same savefile as the namesake. Half the battle is figuring out what are my main traits. The absent-minded trait needs to come back. XD
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    poeticnebulapoeticnebula Posts: 3,912 Member
    I've played myself as well as my family from time to time. Some new packs add something I'd love to try with myself or my hubby and I start us all over again. My son also likes to make us. At the moment I'm playing my Great, Great grandchildren. It's fun to play out the family.
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    Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
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    In Sims 1 I did, and in Sims 3 I have a lot of my family members as many of them play Sims 3 also and we have shared our Sims selves with each other - so I do have over 30 households in my Sims 3 with Family members including my hubby and myself in a copy of the house we used to own in New Hampshire and lived in along with our pets. LOL. I enjoy playing with all my relatives and friends in my game - but in Sims 4 - I don't have my Sims self in game and only a couple of my family members -( a couple of my hubbies younger brothers - I made) do I have in this game. Oddly in Sims 4 no one sends their sims selves to me like we did in Sims 3. I don't think they want to put them on the gallery perhaps where as in Sims 3 you didn't have to share them that way before Origin.

    My avatar is my Simself from Sims 3.

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    FinvolaFinvola Posts: 1,041 Member
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    Oh geez, that's a blast from the past. I played SL for a while back in the day and remember trying to find places to change my avatar's clothes! She was also based on my main Sim that I played in other series, same first name, same appearance, so forth. When I think about it now, I guess she was sort of me, but without all my flaws and way better looking.

    I didn't make a self sim until maybe 3.5 years ago with TS3. I think I originally made her because one of my friends was playing some kind of challenge with the self sims of her fellow simmers and I wanted in on the fun too. I still never played as my self sim for months after that. I was playing a large crazy household at the time and I was coming up to a milestone birthday so I made a dance video with my self sim and the household I was playing. After I had made the video, I played the household for some days after as an "alternate universe" thing. It felt strange, but I must say I enjoyed seeing "her" interact with everybody I had made over the years. I always wondered if my own sims would love or hate me if we ever met! I guess before that it felt weird to me to actually be "me", even though my sims are all people I created myself. I suppose they are all parts of me in a way, but not "me".

    In 4, I do and have played my self sim quite a bit. Mostly after a patch and mods are removed or if I've installed a new pack or a new mod and I want to test things out. I've got her as my tester. She also gets to be the first one to model any CC I make myself. Only the best for "me"! She's my profile picture right now and that's more or less the look I give people when they talk a lot of nonsense and I just can't even. ;)

    Edit: Oh yes, I will definitely be playing her when Cats & Dogs come out, no better person to play the crazycatlady than me. Going to stuff as many kitties into my household as I can! :D
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    OtoyoOtoyo Posts: 698 Member
    I made my simself and then made her an unplayed household. I just wanted to see what would end up happening to her with mc command center in effect. She married one of the vampires in the trailer (Vlad I think was his name, he had long hair) and had two sons.
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    FinvolaFinvola Posts: 1,041 Member
    edited October 2017
    I've never had any kids in RL but my self sim has in 4 and my goodness are her kids ugly no matter who she breeds with. I keep saying "Ugh, I need to fix her face" and them I remind myself that it's me and that's the face I have. :D
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    PurplishSimEaterPurplishSimEater Posts: 563 Member
    I made my Simself in both 3 and 4 but I haven't played extensively with either of them.
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    RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 7,850 Member
    I've played with my selfsim and my guy's selfsim a couple times, when I had a comp that was dying that wasn't for the sims to begin with we played on that and we had a lot of lag but it was playable enough had four good-looking kids, on another one I got from a friend we tried again had a couple more kids, and on this one I still have a save with our kids fun times to see how things go each time.
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    PsychoSimXXPsychoSimXX Posts: 4,403 Member
    No I do not. OP what you said about the person you played Second Life with I find a little over the top. To each their own some people are like and no matter what I think about it there is no harm in it.

    If I played the Sims like I live my life, it would be pretty Plus there has never been a career in the Sims even remotely close to what I have done in the nursing field. If I lived my life how I play my game, I would most likely be dead or in prison on death

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    FinvolaFinvola Posts: 1,041 Member
    I might be misremembering but I think in Second Life changing your avatar's clothes in public was some kind of TOS violation or something of that nature because it was nudity. This is like 10 years back so it's hard to remember all the little details. It might have been different rules depending on what places you went to but I don't really know. I didn't own my own place or anything or spend any real currency on it. I went to the same places most days. I just liked to chat to people, camp at spots for bucks, and go to dance parties.
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    Stina1701AStina1701A Posts: 1,185 Member
    Finvola wrote: »
    I might be misremembering but I think in Second Life changing your avatar's clothes in public was some kind of TOS violation or something of that nature because it was nudity. This is like 10 years back so it's hard to remember all the little details. It might have been different rules depending on what places you went to but I don't really know. I didn't own my own place or anything or spend any real currency on it. I went to the same places most days. I just liked to chat to people, camp at spots for bucks, and go to dance parties.

    Yes. In lands marked general and even sometimes mature lands. Adult lands are fine. You can go buck naked there and even do the woohoo dance. But with both mature and adult marked lands, it depends on the covenant and rules the lands have. But nutidy is strictly forbidden on general land and you can be hit with the ban stick if you take off your clothes in public. Some gen areas do have a dressing room though.
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    TriplisTriplis Posts: 3,048 Member
    I've tried a few times, but it just ends up feeling weird. I end up comparing fantasy me to real me and it just becomes a great way to subtly remind me of any insecurities I might have. Or I end up having some silly ego moment where I feel like I'm obviously smarter than the stupid sim me. And that's even weirder. It doesn't help that every time I try to make my sim self, it comes out looking more like some weird clone cousin than the actual me.
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    LadyTachunkaLadyTachunka Posts: 1,454 Member
    yup i do! my simself is my icon! i live the life i dream of! with cats and dogs my life in the sims will be complete
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    takenbysheeptakenbysheep Posts: 343 Member
    My sister and I made sims of ourselves once, but I abandoned them and played another family in the town. The sim version of me ended up getting married to some alien and having kids while I was gone. It was just weird to me, seeing "myself" married to a guy with kids. I don't know why, but it just feels strange. After that, I've never made a sim based on someone I know irl. It's just too weird for me to see them in the game because they're so detached from the real version of the person.
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    DivieOwlDivieOwl Posts: 1,161 Member
    I made my simself, my husband, our kids, our parents (his had already passed irl), my favorite aunts and uncles, my brother and his wife and kids, my cousin who passed and my grandmother who passed.

    It ended up being too emotional for me to continue to play, but I still have the save and would love to play it again, just not sure I can.
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    UnluckywolfUnluckywolf Posts: 60 Member
    I always create my sim with my personality, and likes and hobbies, but I've never really have viewed her as me. No matter how much the character and I have in common, she always just feels like a character I made for the game.
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    ladybreidladybreid Posts: 3,455 Member
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    I used to make a living making fantasy clothes, furniture and homes in SL! It is certainly immersible there. Even there though I wasn't me, I was a neko fairy lol.

    I don't play sims in the same way. With the sims I'm their god/dess and control everything. In SL I could only control me so it was different.


    I see nothing wrong with playing yourself in games but I play me enough in the real world :D
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    Aesir26Aesir26 Posts: 304 Member
    I've created myself and my family in CAS, but I haven't actually used them (us?) in actual gameplay. I usually like to play sims that are different from myself in various ways, especially since I'm a generational player and like to see how the family will change over time.
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    simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 36,390 Member
    I played myself and my family in Sims 2. In fact that was the first family I created. My husband and myself as singles and then we hooked up and started a family. I have two boys in real life however in Sims 2 and I always gave myself a little girl cause I just love all those cute toddler and girl child clothes. :p I was never able to get it quite right in Sims 3, even with the use of custom content. I have a version of myself in Sims 4 but she's just in the neighborhood. I don't play her.
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    elanorbretonelanorbreton Posts: 14,633 Member
    I made myself and my family in ts3 but it was just too weird playing them. I would never do that again, nor make anyone I know irl.

    I recently made myself in ts4 so I could use the pic as my avatar here, but I didn't play her/me.
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    SodaGnomeSodaGnome Posts: 154 Member
    OP what you said about the person you played Second Life with I find a little over the top.

    Yea I don't really know how to explain it but there is some weird psychological thing that happens to some people who play Second Life. It's probably a combination of playing too many hours, making their avatar look like their real life selves in some small or big way, and then spending more time in SL than they do in real life. They feel their Avatar is them. Things like you bump into somebody in SL and they get mad, and say, stop touching me, you type in CAPS, like HEY THERE, and they get mad and say stop yelling at me, they get real life embarrassed if their clothes disappear in some game lag, they are personally offended and get mad if you comment their avatar hair or face or whatever doesn't look good. They refuse to talk or interact with "funny" looking avatars. They treat all avatars as if how they look in game is who and what they are in real life.

    I will say though, from a philosophical stand point, it does make logical sense. Eastern philosophies and religions state we are a consciousness that has come to identify with this human body as the self when really this is not what we are. In the same way, this consciousness, which is our true essence, can come to identify with an avatar body as their selves. In other words, if reincarnation is real, we are experts at confusing the body we are in, real or in a game, as being us, or what we are.

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    ShemaShema Posts: 56 Member
    Yes I do! I've also made my house exactly look like my own ^^
    Now I play with another family but it's fun to see me roaming around the town.
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