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TS4 crashing on loading screen

Hello~ This is a first for me having issues with TS4, major issue anyway, normally it is a minor bug here or there.
  • *Earlier yesterday I loaded the game and played for a couple hours. The game ran great, everything was smooth. Logged off to run some errands and do a few chores. When I was done running around I decided to open the game again and the game crashed before it even made it to the loading screen. I thought this was odd, considering it ran fine before so I repaired the game and tried again. Nope.
  • *Then I tried taking out the most recent changes I had made to the mods folder. Nope.
  • *Then I tried taking the mods folder out all together. Hahaha... nope.
  • *As a last resort I pulled the entire TS4 folder and let the game generate a new one when trying to load. Again...big fat Nope.
  • *I restarted the computer and tried again. Still crashed.
Tried again this morning with the original TS4 folder with mods and with the newly generated folder w/o mods. Still didn't load and crashed at start up.
At this point, I'm not sure what is going. I'm at work right now so I can't post the crash report through pastbin so I will have to wait but I'm curious, has anyone else had a similar issue with the game?


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