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So...are you going to buy the laundry pack?


  • emilymsimsemilymsims Posts: 398 Member
    Yes! I can't wait for it!
  • DKguruArtistDKguruArtist Posts: 282 Member
    edited July 2017
    While i would loved seeing Laundry in base game as free pack, for those who are builders or simply enjoy that extra feature of decoration, i also feel like it doesn't have much do with "saving" the environment less you use energy cost low washing machines, avoid dryer and use cloth lines instead plus do big washes instead of running 1/3 or 1/4th full machine.

    As for off the grid i really think should been a game pack instead with that name with it's own game playstyle(like vampire pack added a unique gameplay) living off the land without electricity sorta Amish style, think just adding a few items with limited features under it wouldn't really do the idea justice.

    As for food preservation, i am not really sure how much i feel has to do with preserving our eco system either, i guess you can claim jam does to degree that you use berry that would otherwise spoil.

    So not entirely sure if you could add something really fun for game play that has anything to do with eco living, from the voting possibilities, personally i would rather had solar panels where you could collect energy with. That reduce bills and any extra energy the collected you could sell of to power plant. At least it would given some game value, even if wouldn't add much to game play value itself. Maybe have some versions too of the appliance and electronics which lowered the energy bills, because they're energy friendly A and A+ energy rating, LED lights etc..
  • SimsSlaySimsSlay Posts: 57 Member
    I'm going to pass.
  • KeyserFnKeyserFn Posts: 1,424 Member
    I wanna see what all this pack has to offer when they give us more details before I make up my mind

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  • StormsviewStormsview Posts: 2,603 Member

    Looks like old sim animations, if its a leak must be from the past.?
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  • dsefdsef Posts: 1,219 Member
    Stormsview wrote: »

    Looks like old sim animations, if its a leak must be from the past.?

    It's from the sims 3, they just stuck the sims 4 IU over it, I can tell it's from the sims 3 by the graphics and the notification sidebar which collapses into a blue rectangle with rounded edges and a black arrow on it
  • JumpingTrainsJumpingTrains Posts: 442 Member
    That tweet was meant as a joke on laundry, it's not actual gameplay :)

    But it does look convincing until you notice the Sims 3 action square on the top left.
  • AngelEb95AngelEb95 Posts: 1,538 Member
    Nope. I am looking forward to the toddler stuff pack.
  • TriplisTriplis Posts: 3,048 Member
    Definitely interested! The CAS style shaped up to look very unique and something I'd like to have. So for that, even if nothing else. I'm not big into the concept of laundry, but I do find it an intriguing addition.
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  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 33,618 Member
    Stormsview wrote: »

    Looks like old sim animations, if its a leak must be from the past.?

    The wall paper is in TS4 but granted those light fixtures are in TS2. So, you could be right.
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  • calaprfycalaprfy Posts: 3,927 Member
    I like things that cause moodlet changes.
  • SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 5,965 Member
    defo no my sims don't do laundry they spend their lives having fun instead :)
  • MendotaMendota Posts: 787 Member
    In a word NO.
  • Simsfan99111Simsfan99111 Posts: 1,260 Member
    So long as we have actual washing machines and it isnt just a tub and clothes line then yea i will.
  • ChadSims2ChadSims2 Posts: 5,005 Member
    Maybe when it goes on sale but at this point we have seen everything and nothing excites me and all the ugly clothing options won. Also I'm not sure how I feel about clothes dropping everywhere will my Sims go for a swim and drop clothing by the pool seems a little much.
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  • Amber0922Amber0922 Posts: 73 Member
    > @brackencat31 said:
    > No, I never use laundry in sims 3 so this will be the first sims 4 pack I ll be passing on. I really wanted nectar/canning stuff.
    MTS has a functional canning station!
  • esfireesfire Posts: 201 Member
    I'll get it, I love the CAS items and I'm excited to try out the new gameplay. I voted for off the grid but as long as theres cute CAS stuff I'm happy :)
  • marcel21marcel21 Posts: 12,341 Member
    edited August 2017

    I do miss it from the sims 3 ambitions and the sims 3 store ones B)

    I wish they brought back that vaccume clearner from the sims 2 PS2

    You could clean up puddles and ash after a fire in 2 seconds.

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  • LauraMSimLauraMSim Posts: 88 Member
    Depends. If it has cool stuff in it that I can just have as decoration then maybe. But I personally wouldn't use washers, dryers, and the works for anything but decoration
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  • JumpingTrainsJumpingTrains Posts: 442 Member
    @LauraMSim here are the objects that will be featured in the pack :)
    A total of 29 objects.

  • CK213CK213 Posts: 20,417 Member
    I feel like it should not have been part of this shared Stuff pack creation experiment since it was an obvious win, but I will get it.
    It should have been part of an EP or GP.
  • JumpingTrainsJumpingTrains Posts: 442 Member
    edited August 2017
    Yes, pretty much every stuff pack could have been added to a GP or EP.

    It's been a while now and I've sorta grown more fond of this pack. Might get with the bundle it will be included in.
  • FloppyFishFloppyFish Posts: 3,881 Member
    Probably not, unless it comes in a bundle or it is on a 99% off sale xD
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  • Amber0922Amber0922 Posts: 73 Member
    For sure! I play a lot of realistic families. I like having the stay at home parent with chores to do.
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