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Vampires info: blogs, SimGuru tweets etc.!

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This post is part 1. Part 2 is here:

Blogs and Trailers and Streams
Launch blog, including the launch trailer:
Live Forever with The Sims 4 Vampires Game Pack!
Launch blogbroken down into screenshots:
Vlad's blog:
Vampire powers blog and trailer: Vampire Powers blog and trailer:

SimGuru Statements

The World
The world is residential:

Lot sizes:

New lot traits!

Sorry, no cemetery :(


There appears to be something new to catch in a new fishing spot:

But no secrets:

CAS and Vampire Appearance
The new CAS "copy" button is for between forms:

How about the new washed-out skin tones?

Vamps can be regular-form only or both regular and dark form:
Normal Form: make it as vampish or normal as you want.
Dark Form: optional 2nd form you can set. make it as vampish or normal as you want. If you have a Dark Form then your Vampire will automatically switch to this when acting vamp-y.

We wanted to support certain fictions and give you flexible options.

Here's one I was wondering too (so pick your poison: recreate from scratch in CAS or take gameplay time to turn):

Walk Style:
Simmer_Ray wrote: »
does any one know if the walk style optional ?

It's optional.
Some of our inspiration was drawn from...

Nosferatu, Interview w/ a Vampire, Bram Stroker's Dracula, Lost Boys, Blade, From Dusk till Dawn, Twilight, Buffy, Underworld, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Dark Shadows, Near Dark.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a few.

Vampires in popular media are incredibly diverse. They have as many differences as similarities. And everyone seems to have their own specific version of what one should look like and how it should behave. So right from the start, it was very important to us to cater to a variety of styles rather than just picking one specific flavor of vamp and really let the player define what their vampire was.

BabySquare wrote: »
In CAS, can we make families of humans and vamps and them be related? (sibling/parents?)

Buy Mode
Vampires can sleep in beds just fine. Well... it actually depends on their Powers & Weaknesses. There's a Weakness that will make it so your Vampire can only regain Vampiric Energy from Coffins.
So it's up to you!
1 sleeper at a time in a coffin.
Arachnophobe warning!

About that mirror...

And that wallpaper!

Do babies get new bassinets?

(So that's a yes ;) )
Does the organ autoplay like the City Living piano?

Any familiar tunes?


Plasma Trees, Wolfsbane, & Garlic are the new harvestables for the pack.
Garlic makes for a WONDERFUL Vampire defense. (provided, of course, the Vampire isn't immune to its effects)
Collect stacks of garlic and turn it into Braids & Garlands. Place those around the home and Vamps will generally want to avoid it. But if the Vamp has Power that allows them to be resistant to garlic.... yikes. In that case I would highly suggest good Vamp Lore knowledge to maintain a healthy supply of Vampire Resistance Cocktails.

Organ = 10 levels. (We could have gone the easy route and just tied it to piano skill, but where's the fun in that!? There's so many new songs for the Pipe Organ it naturally made sense to give the object its own skill.)
Vamp Lore = 15 levels. (But each level ranks up faster than the normal 10 lvl skill. LOTS of unlocks to be found under this skill. VERY useful for Vamps & Humans alike)
^^ In this modern day and age the computer is the best place to start. Some quick research there will lead you to the right books you'll need.

Vampire Controls?
It's not that it isn't possible. It's more that it wasn't at all a simple or trivial addition. We looked into this feature at depth. I know folks wanted this option. I did too. In the end, it was going to be quite lengthy to implement and very likely to inteoduce many (deep) bugs. The magnitude of additional testing required would have really stretched our QA folks thin. We knew some players would be upset by not including this option.

So we tried to design a set of rules to allow for players not necessarily interested in the vampire gameplay to still find this pack approachable and satisfying (while not watering down or otherwise compromising really cool Vampire gameplay for those that do want it).

Stuff other than cemeteries that isn't in
No new scared emotion.

Why no scared emotion (too long to post all of here):

Continued two posts down!

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