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Where is Chez Llama?

SkidoodilybopSkidoodilybop Posts: 123 Member
After buying "Dine Out", I started my game, and though the game started out by giving me the option to place Chez Llama on a lot... I chose to create my own restaurant first - and now I can't find Chez Llama to place it on a lot, and take my family to an NPC owned restaurant!

I keep looking all over the Gallery, and can't find it anywhere!


  • drake_mccartydrake_mccarty Posts: 6,114 Member
    In the gallery there is a tab for "my library". There should be 6 pre made lots including Chez Llama for you to place in your worlds. If they are not in your library I would suggest doing a repair game.
  • SkidoodilybopSkidoodilybop Posts: 123 Member
    Thanks so much, Drake! Worked like a charm! :smiley:
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