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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    @DeafSimmer, page 474.
    Nice job, Edward. You've now ruined your daughter's life and her personality. Bet you feel proud of yourself.

    Both Selene and Daphne are suffering, but I think Selene might be suffering the most.

    Next update will have some of the extended Furystrykar household arriving back in my save. I will be getting Discover University... But it clashes with Pokemon Sword and Shield's release date! Aaargh!
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar.
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    @AlwaysAsking I do think the kids knew about it. Paxton wasn't exactly secretive about the whole thing, except for when it came to making sure Astrid didn't find out.
    They didn't seem too affected by the death, but I'm not sure they even knew about it. It happened while they were at school and none of them got any sad moodlets from it. Probably a glitch, because I feel like they should know if their dad died even if they weren't there to witness it.
    My game does seem to be moving really fast, but I played several sim days and didn't take screenshots on all of them, so that's why it seems like one thing after another. In reality, there was a sim day or two between everything.

    @sarabeth2984 I was actually going to have them get divorced originally, but I thought it was boring because so many of my sim couples in this legacy have gotten divorced, so I just decided to kill him instead.

    Anyway, yesterday I spent most of my time trying to finish the house I was building for Liam and didn't actually play the game for very long. The house still isn't done, but it has everything they need for now so I'll still be able to move him in soon.

    In the short time I did play, Liam took Max to the cafe where they had their first kiss

    And proposed!

    He said yes!

    Liam couldn't wait to marry his best friend
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    Alvin took his first trip to Sixam. Usually I just send them there to gather treasure, but this time he took some time to chat with the locals.


    Then Spring Break began. The teens headed over to a night out in Sulani. After they got a bite to eat at the food stand they discovered some kind of party going on at the pavilion the street.





    Next day, after his morning workout, Killian went to the stream out back & did some fishing.


    While Nolan tried his hand at the woodworking table. With robotics coming, I may need to rethink his future plans.


    But for now, he's not too grown up to play fight with his favorite younger brother.


    That night the teens went out again. They've all been to the magical realm, but haven't spent much time in Glimmerbrook proper, so they decided to visit the tavern there. There was quite a crowd, so they had a good time meeting & mingling, and their friend L. Faba was there.





    Next day the all went to Oasis Springs park, always a good place for meeting new sims & making friends.



    But the teens preferred shooting hoops & showing off.


    "Hey Kil, the hoop is that way."


    "Yeah, whatever, watch this!"


    Sterling also didn't seem very interested in playing with the other children, but he's in a bit clingy stage right now & prefers staying closer to family.


    And at the end of the day this tight knit family does seem most content with each other's company.

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    @Becka28 I do have some CC, but yeah, in-game stuff would be great. Especially wonderfully OTT outfits like... I'm thinking 70s-era Freddie Mercury, honestly. Regarding those Need TLC apartments, there's a mod to get rid of those bits, if they really frustrate you. It's on MTS.

    @TheLastStar that would be fun! And technically they are only because they were vampires when I made them for the other save, but their actual story for this one is that they are and always have been human. Caleb and Lilith were turned at age nineteen, 2-3 years earlier than the point where I'm playing them at the moment. Formerly of Windenburg, Caleb and Lilith moved to Forgotten Hollow after they were turned to be safer, then to San Myshuno when they learned to resist sunlight (I started them over); the parents have now retired to Brindleton Bay (and have a puppy, as you do when you live in Brindleton Bay! Her name is Tiramisu). My boy Johnny! :D Heh, he does seem to attract vampires.

    @AngeliqueAdelaide goodness, they have been busy! And yeah, I de-aged Marcus as well. The implcation of a grown adult inviting three young adults to party and flirt at his place lowkey creeped me out and I liked it much more when I thought they were all friends the same age XD;; Congrats on finishing the challenge! ...the next few generations are going to be interesting, since most of them will likely be descended from Don XD

    Spent most of today's play in CAS. I re-remade Simeon (previously had turned him into Ethren, now that we actually have him, Simeon can be... well, himself again):


    Made Morgyn, Caleb, and Lilith's Halloween looks, and, in the process, discovered that Lilith is super adorable with braids and minimal makeup look at her she's so cute!!

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    edited October 2019
    It's no wonder I missed so many posts! This thread is moving very fast. Did we stop using the spoiler boxes for very long post? I mainly visit the forums on my phone or tablet so some of these posts are an awful lot.

    Eta: it kind of seems like some of you posters should think about getting WordPress Pages or something. There's an awful lot going on in your games and a lot of great pictures
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    @AlwaysAsking lol, yes he dropped out of the club and has begun focusing on his skills to become a pro athlete. Frank is his little brother, he was born during his first date with Chelsea, and since I was playing as Chelsea at the moment, I missed his birth. I forgot he was around when I went back to play 😅
    Nothing more happened with Barry, all was resolved that day, I have seen him around town when I play as Christopher, but they haven’t interacted. Chelsea and Christopher are definitely in love, he always inviting her out on dates at night whenever I play as her. I created Chelsea a few months ago. She was a foster child adopted by Hallie’s parents when she was young.
    In case you are interested I can upload her up to the gallery when I get a chance.
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    @LolaLuvsSims I still try and use spoilers in my posts (i read on my phone a lot too). Sometimes even my home pc connection struggles with this thread!
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    @Steamvarius Sorry for such inappropriate (I guess :D ) question. Did you by any chance make Cordelia and Judith's breasts bigger? I could not not to ask :D:D If that makes any sense, hehe.
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    edited October 2019
    @DoloresGray, page 475.
    That wasn't intentional. It's a mod that did that. Although I could do with reducing the size of their assets.

    @LolaLuvsSims, page 475.
    I use Blogger. However, it's a pain because it tends to put the screenshots in name order...
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    @Steamvarius that's so weird. I love reading Sims stories on WordPress and I'm always looking for new ones. I keep several tabs open with all the different stories I follow.
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    edited October 2019
    How do you all post the spoilers sections? I've been trying to and can't figure it out! I know my posts can be a tad too long
    Post edited by sarabeth2984 on
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    Hey everyone, I haven't been able to play much recently because of work but I finally managed to get some free time to play the magic expansion! (yay)

    Avery found the magic portal in Glimmerbrook!


    After crossing into the Realm of Magic she quickly ran into Morgyn who explained and demonstrated to her what exactly magic was. He also told Avery that even she could learn magic.



    Avery is the only member of the family that isn't apart of an occult (Zion, Talia and Dre are all vampires). She never admitted it but she was a little jealous that her husband and children all had special abilities when she hadn't. So when she heard the news that she could learn magic, she was really excited!


    Morgyn agreed to perform the magic ritual on Avery and just like that...

    Avery became a witch! (I think she definitely pulls off the look)


    She started studying hard to learn as much magic and alchemy as she could

    But she wasn't quite getting the hang of everything immediately...

    Eventually she was able to bind her first familiar that she named Rags :)

    Bonus picture of Talia and Avery <3 I really love how this turned out

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    @LolaLuvsSims I really should get more into doing that, yeah. I can't actually check this thread on my phone because it crashes the browser, I have to use my laptop.
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    @ryttu3k Thank you! :smile: Gemma is almost a different person without all that makeup. I had to check out your makeover as well. I love that they still keep their personality, but look better. Great job! :smile:

    @Becka28 Thank you. :smile: Yeah, I tried quite a lot of different things with Darrels nose. I wanted him to look like himself, but still different. I'm happy with the result though.

    @AlwaysAsking Thank you, so happy you liked my makeovers. It wasn't exactly easy to make Gemma look like a teen, but I think it works now. Yes, Emilia's hair is cc. I like a lot of the maxis hairs though, but I love to try out cc as well. I loved your Caleb story with Bjorn. :D

    @sarabeth2984 Thank you :smile:
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    Xander went on a date with his new boyfriend Cade and Skyler started her first day of work! She must've done well; she was immediately promoted.

  • Thunderbat87Thunderbat87 Posts: 265 Member
    I decided to switch up household in my Lawson-save and went over to Morgan Fyres and Wolfgang Munch's house to check if their baby was born, and to renovate their new home. To my surprise it wasn't just one baby. They were blessed with twin girls, named Blaze and Flame.


    Their tiny little home in Windenburg

    Wolfgang is in the criminal career (lvl 2 petty thief), loves video games.. but he adores both Morgan and his girls.

    Morgan doesn't really know what to do yet, so she works part time as a babysitter and writes children books.

    Morgan and Flame

    Wolfgang and Blaze
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    I love getting to read about what everyone is up to, and I will definitely be continuing to expand on the entire sims world house by house, mainly however a lot of my effort has gone into making characters and places for them to live in.

    So far I have Eragon, Arya, Roran, Murtagh, and Katrina from the Inheritance book series made

    As well as the two spellcasters I designed earlier who live in the same save

    I also made as group of villains that I will be adding to in the near future.

    And Link and Zelda.. just because

    My project the last couple of days has been building a castle, the single most complex one I've ever built. I mostly based it on Hyrule castle as far as the (very basic) design and then took liberties.

    Currently that's where Zelda lives though I'm thinking of moving my inheritance characters in as well.

    A view of the outside

    Zelda's room, based off of a much more decorated interpretation of where she stays in Twilight Princess.

    The Grand Library and rooms for upper ranking families

    The throne room, based in part on a concept art from Frozen that I liked, the extra chairs are for Eragon and the others, I wish that throne was a real chair..

    Because I couldn't help myself and in keeping with the fact that I based this off of Zelda I built my own little dungeon in the basement of the castle

    Complete with it's own (admittedly simplistic) maze with treasure chests and things to find.

    And on the lowest level at the end there is a portal to the magic realm.

    I'll probably make more dungeons in other places, this was actually quite a bit of fun.

    I'll be playing through storylines in the future with all these characters and some of my older ones over time.
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    @Amavari Your castle looks great. Have you uploaded it to the gallery?
  • AmavariAmavari Posts: 141 Member
    DeafSimmer wrote: »
    @Amavari Your castle looks great. Have you uploaded it to the gallery?

    This is all on ps4, I'd happily upload most everything if I was able or knew how
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    Go Villareal
    This is the familytree for Eunmi Go Villareal & Hugo Villareal.

    Eunmi is EunB Go Bheeda's 6th child. Eunmi & Hugo live in the Villareal house.

    Jackie & Jana love to play in the big livingroom.

    Hugo visited his sister Luna and her family in Brindleton bay.

    Patchy shared garden tips with Eunmi.

    Hugo & Gunther Munch shared memories from their teens in Windenburg.
    Hugo tell Gunther he hope he and Eunmi will get a son.

    It was time to celebrate Hugo's adult birthday.

    Hugo was blessed with 2 sons. This is Jackson & Joseob.
    Origin id: Simmelina
    The life of my sims. Elina & Don.

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    For anyone that doesn't know and wants to, you post spoilers like so:
    Without the asterisks. Anything in between the two will be hidden by default.

    Haven't had time to play thanks to school, but in a handful of Sim-days, Cassandra will age into YA and my Goth Legacy will officially begin, so I'm defo looking forward to that!! I will say they had a bit of an... unexpected situation to deal with, and so yet another unexpected life change had to happen.
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    It seems that this thread is loading really slowly for many people (it is for me, but I thought it was my WiFi connection :smiley: )

    It's no wonder I missed so many posts! This thread is moving very fast. Did we stop using the spoiler boxes for very long post? I mainly visit the forums on my phone or tablet so some of these posts are an awful lot.

    Eta: it kind of seems like some of you posters should think about getting WordPress Pages or something. There's an awful lot going on in your games and a lot of great pictures

    So I guess it really helps if we put long posts into a spoiler

    I made instructions for doing that a long time ago, so I'll put them up again. If you look at both pictures it will make more sense. If it still doesn't make sense I'll try to explain better, because I wrote this a long time ago lol



    How do you all post the spoilers sections? I've been trying to and can't figure it out! I know my posts can be a tad too long

    @ryttu3k and @Becka28 I know that you know how to do it, I'm just trying to bring attention to it :wink:

    @LolaLuvsSims I really should get more into doing that, yeah. I can't actually check this thread on my phone because it crashes the browser, I have to use my laptop.

    @LolaLuvsSims I still try and use spoilers in my posts (i read on my phone a lot too). Sometimes even my home pc connection struggles with this thread!

    I actually went back and put my last post into a spoiler, better late than never?

    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
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    Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday!
    @darkangel1994 -Atlas is so handsome! It was fun seeing him duel L. Faba and his mom. I hope that curse isn’t annoying him too much!
    @ryttu3k -I have got to find that Adams family on the gallery. They look awesome! I love the Adams family. The theme song is literally the ring tone on my phone lol. I was thinking of having Wolfgang bring Mila back, but I’m even considering Rachel. Being an archeologist, she has some interesting arcane knowledge that the Sages may not be aware of:) Well at least how I’ll play her lol
    I like your version of Simeon! He looks like a happy guy! Also he does looks good with long hair. I tried short hairstyles with my Simeon and it just doesn’t work lol.
    You are right Lilith Vatore looks so cute without all that extra makeup. The first thing I do is tone her makeup down in my games:)
    THANK YOU for the link to the Trek CC!!! I have already downloaded some!!!
    @becka28 -I absolutely love Jade’s apartment! It looks awesome! I know that particular apartment is not easy to renovate. Oh boy Bjorn. Really? He couldn’t sit still long enough to comfort poor Jessica. Congrats on the new addition to the family though! I really like your townie makeovers! The Munches look so much better. Especially Mila!
    @thelaststar -I had to laugh at Judith Munch marrying Gunther. That guy must have a way with the ladies lol
    @Hoverael -I like your Jacklin house! The exterior looks amazing
    @steamvarious -I like Silus! He seems like a sweet guy
    @angeliqueadelaide -I had Vlad (with a makeover) create a bevy of vampire ladies. Lily was one of them. She was so fun to play! And is that Donny boy doing makeup tip videos? LOL!!!
    @deafsimmer -Wow things are going so poorly for Daphne and Selene. I hope they will be ok. I also really hope that Daphne doesn’t succumb completely to a life of revenge. I don’t think her mother would want that.
    @mia_noelle97 -Congrats to Liam and Max on their engagement!
    @ldmarko -Your Prescott family is so sweet. I love watching them interact together
    @o-meezy -Congrats to Avery on discovering magic. She looks amazing as a witch!
    @thunderbat87 -Morgan and Woflgang look so happy together! They have such adorable toddlers
    @amavari -That castle looks fantastic! The layout is so cool and I love the “dungeon”
    @simmelina1 -Congrats to Hugo on his twin boys! Its so nice seeing him happy
    @keidra -Thank you for the spoiler link! I finally figured it out!

  • ryttu3kryttu3k Posts: 1,113 Member
    @Thunderbat87 thank you! Yeah, Gemma's styling was... very unfortunate, the poor kid. My in-game rationale was that she was going through a typically teenage experimental phase with makeup, heh.

    @Amavari ooh, I should totally add Link and Zelda. I have CC for their BotW hair and everything. The castle is great! Did you ever play World Adventures in TS3? There's a hidden tomb that's based off the NES style of Zelda dungeons <3

    @sarabeth2984 there's a whole lot of versions! The one I downloaded is by Vyo4 (pre-RoM, so you'll have to make them spellcasters manually or with cheats). I also downloaded their house, built by lenguadebruja! And heh, Lilith spends so much time in her workout gear in my game that I'm just really used to her with minimal makeup. She's naturally gorgeous <3 Enjoy the Trek CC!
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    Hello everyone~

    Read and awesomeed all updates.

    I am going to do some mentions from days ago then post (finally!!!) two updates :)

    @Becka28 I knoooooooow right, this. family and save. is cursed. :I I am still in shock but managed to put previous pictures together then I will try to venture back into that save. Hazel W.I.L.L be the survivor and hopefully Dec too, I love him, he grew on me~

    @Daephene I wishing them the best too! Pending on how many gigs Discover University is, I hope to get it and give Hazel and another sim a fresh start there. I have not yet ventured back into that save but I will eventually!~

    @sarabeth2984 Thank you!!! I am hanging in there, doing well, I am excited for Thanksgiving break coming soon and then after Winter break yay for simming time! It was a surprise as well, even if I knew it could happen 1%!!!!! I will get over it eventually, the family is cursed, I should have known.

    Here is an update on my Stones, last time, While Lilith has been finding out who her real family is and bonding. :)

    Rainbow is being an adorbs toddler <3

    And Max was being an adorable dad~
    He is so taken by this little bean, I love it, he is always watching what she does and how she does it wit h this cheesy dorky dad lovely smile on, it is sosososo cute~

    After her applesauce and story, Rainbow took a nice nap.

    Rainbow is Adorable
    When Rainbow woke up, she was not happy to see daddy not there and went to go find him.

    Dad makes it allllll better <3

    Rainbow also had something else for daddy :D We have no simoleons for a potty so it is diapers for now.

    "Rraaww Dada! Rraww Aino is ki-eee!" The purity~

    Despite not being around as much due to her working and hustling, Mckenna is super protective and watchful over Rainbow.

    Reconnections of a Family
    Over the breakfast table, Max takes the plunge and ask Mckenna what she thinks about visiting Lilith, Gianna is having a birthday party and invited them. He has been seeing, Mckenna's anger issues improving and even if she would not say, he knew she was doing this for Lilith.

    Mckenna gives a little nod, "That is fine, just.... I have to finish something."

    Mckenna had gotten this wood-working bench at the last flea market. After getting male nanny's help on fixing it up and smoothing down the splintery wood.

    She started producing on it, small figurines, she has a small collection of them and is looking for a chance to sell them for some money.

    However right now, she making a special figurine of a dragon for a certain someone who loves them.

    Happy Birthday Gianna!

    Er, she does not seem enthused for this phase in her life.

    .....But look! Cake!

    Mckenna automatically fixes the broken sink after so many cake dishes, how nice of her.

    "Er hey, Lilith, I um, am happy you are looking so okay."

    Lilith blinked and just stared. She had noticed her sister's different demeanor and how she fixed the sink, but still watched from afar.

    "You're probably wondering why the heck I am talking to you, well, ever since you left and that thing happened with Max's ex-hookup, ya know her death? I guess, I um, got a wake up call about anger and.... hurting others."

    Lilith dared to look a bit more at her. Was this really? What it sounded like?

    "And how they effect I."

    She pulled the visor down a bit more, trying her best to push past the guilt and speak onward.

    "I won't ever....h-hurt you anymore, it was wrong, I'll leave you alone."

    Lilith breathed in a gasp.

    It was not the exact way, well not even close, to the scenario she often fantasied in her head, but it was enough.

    "I am happy to hear all, it means a lot."

    "W-wait, shut up for a second, I mean, um, there is more, I-I have to..."

    Mckenna swallowed calming her nervousness down.

    She turned getting a box and offered it out.

    "Oh! Presents go over there for mom." Lilith told with a smile misunderstanding.

    W-what? Mom? Oh she means Gianna, well that is nice but ngh! She is not getting it!

    Mckenna quickly shook her head,

    "This is for you, Lilith."


    "Yes.... It is um, a peace offering, to-to show you I mean it and I----I at least know some things about you, will you accept it?"
    I won't blame you if you don't, but I dunno if I could stand that.

    "Of course I will! I do!"

    Lilith eagerly took the present and was slow and careful to unwrap such an important, not just gift, but a step towards mending.

    She gazed at the handcrafted dragon laying there.

    "Oh... Mckenna.... this is beautiful, I love it, so much."

    She wanted so much to hug her, but knew that may be too much, so she settle for a brilliant and loving smile.

    Coming Home? And Wishing for More.
    After that sentimental moment, Max talked with Lilith even with staying in contact, they talked for quite a while and he asked if she felt okay with coming home?

    Lilith was conflicted, she had a mom now, well one that really loved her and and uncles and she really loved it here.

    But.. she loved her siblings and she had a niece who now was a toddler... the three of them had always been together... and now that things were mending, a wish upon a star she had little hope in...

    What would she choose? How could she choose?

    "I..... am unsure, I have something to tell you both but now is not the right time, I'll come home in a bit, it will be Winterfest, we always do Winterfest together."

    But then, I won't know if I'll stay.....I don't know the right answer. She thought this to herself feeling confused and sad, she tightened her hold on her big brother.

    Mckenna was onlooking the interaction.

    She felt more pangs of longing, guilt, shame, jealously.

    But our relationship can be on the mend, I just have to keep trying not let these feelings cloud me or get in the way.

    She flexed her fingers doing a subtle way of working out these negative feelings.

    She could not keep looking so she turned away. Focusing on Gianna as she gave a performance.

    She called her mom. Is it just an affection title or more? They all have black hair... but then again, Gemma's (the mom the three siblings share) hair was clearly dyed. So. I don't know. And if this is true... and they are. She is. What about Maxim and I?

    That is all for now :)
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