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    oneroomoneweekonetheme room challenge 320
    The theme for the week is : The theme for the week is : a style of bathroom or bedroom.
    Gallery Link: Industrial Loft Style BR
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    I love how you’ve done this bedroom
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    Industrial Loft Style BR is a very lovely industrial style bedroom! :) Very beautifully furnished using items from the new kit! The old white brick walls and black colour of bedhead wall look great and suit the style well! Very nice industrial style bed, bedside tables, dresser, and the wall print from the kit looks great! Very nice black edged mirrors either sides of it.The vase of pampas grass,terranium and corner tub of plants are nice touches. Sims will enjoy playing the guitar in their bedroom.Very creatively great piping across the ceiling! The piping looks great also in the corner area! The industrial wood texture of the furnishings and flooring is very nice. The ceiling fan is great to keep the room cool on a hot day. The new patch picture looks great on the wall! Sims will enjoy sitting in the industrial style armchair reading the magazines from the bedside table, reading books from the bookshelf or watching tv. The skateboards wall decor looks great on the wall! The modern clock is great to keep track of the time. The basket of cushions is a nice home bedroom touch. The arch windows are lovely bringing in sunlight. Very nice floor rugs! The study desk nook is great! Sims will enjoy sitting at the windows industrial style desk table using the computer in the sunlight or reading books from the industrial style bookcase The industrial style wall decor looks great there!
    It is a very great industrial style bedroom! Thankyou very much for entering this week’s challenge! :)
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  • illusieillusie Posts: 13,645 Member
    I love the colours of your fruit room.
    Your Woods family is lovely.
    Whimsical Dining is lovely. I like that you used so many items of cottage living.
    The beach vacation studio looks great. Kira looks lovely.
    You did a great job on Sir Les Patters.
    The black widow looks scary. Great pose and outfits.
    Your loft looks lovely
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    Cottage Secret Gnomes
    There's a rumor going around town at the Cottage Secret Lot at the waterfall Bramblewood in Henford On Bagley a family of gnomes been sighted whether it's true or not they have one animal shed one chicken coop a small fishing pond two bedroom one bathroom with a few activities for one or two parents and a child to enjoy Gnomes Secret Cottage are in my catalog if you like to play in their own Cottage Living Gnome house
    Gallery Link: Cottage Secret Gnomes
    Aiko Greenwood
    Bitsy Greenwood
    Teagan Greenwood

    Gnomes Secret Cottage
    There's a rumor going around town at the Cottage Secret Lot at the waterfall Bramblewood in Henford On Bagley a family of gnomes been sighted whether it's true or not they have one animal shed one chicken coop a small fishing pond two bedroom one bathroom with a few activities for one or two parents and a child to enjoy Cottage Secret Gnomes family are in my catalog if you like to play them in their own Cottage Living Gnome house
    Gallery Link: Gnomes Secret Cottage

    qlzByVU.pngVSUyMfA.pngQzfipQ6.png9dmKcqe.pngGmcrzN0.pngvLLgY7D.pngWhile I was taking pictures this fox is in the kitchen cheeky thing :o:DSP2EtyC.pngckTlQkF.png6UDhRWg.pngFIPKJZP.pngockwCAl.pnga2M1ANf.pngw0Nnrr2.pngdqoolnd.pngssmp5kd.pngrlXXfI2.png8IAXXOV.png04lpwGy.png
  • illusieillusie Posts: 13,645 Member
    Cute household and the cottage is so charming <3
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 162,290 Member
    The Greenwood gnome family are sweet! :) Their red hair is lovely.Their cottage themed outfits are very nice :)

    Gnomes Secret Cottage is a very lovely cottage for the gnome family! :) Very pretty exterior design,great roofing,lovely colour and warm stone texture walls! The flowerbox windows are pretty. The animal statues on the roofing are great! The outside areas are lovely! The gnome statues are great through the outdoors! Very nice pond with ducks and turtle on the log ! The animal shed and chicken coop area is great! The chickens and rabbits there are great! Very nice gardening areas! Sims will enjoy doing woodworking outdoors on the crating table or have fun playing chess. Very nice picnic table area to enjoy eating from the picnic basket. Very lovely interior furnishings and great layout! Very nice red and natural white colors and the wood texture of the flooring and the furniture is very nice. The stone textured walls give a nice cottagey look and feel to the room. The floral wall pattern is very pretty! Very nice country style floor rugs. Very nice red coloured curtains. The corner stove nook in the kitchen is very nice! The fox wanted to also be in your pictures! Lovely windows dining area with pretty floral dining table and flowers on top of it. The living room area is lovely! Sims will enjoy sitting there watching tv, reading books, doing cross stitch and listening to gramophone music. The furnishing of the bedrooms is very lovely!
    It is very nice cottage home :)
  • MiliksimMiliksim Posts: 150 Member
    Adorable family and cottage. Love this idea ❤️
  • chips46chips46 Posts: 3,603 Member
    Thank you @rosemow :)@illusie :) and @Miliksim :) I was inspired by the Gnome On The Go Content and Cordelia's Secret Cottage Lot had to do a Gnome Cottage and family for that Secret Lot
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    ♥ Snowboarding ♥
    Winter has ended at MtKomorebi Spring is here enjoying the last few days snowboarding before the warm weather melts the snow away
    Gallery Link: ♥ Snowboarding ♥

    Ricky Page

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 162,290 Member
  • illusieillusie Posts: 13,645 Member
    Ricky Page looks very handsome and I love his outfits
  • masajomasajo Posts: 5,839 Member
    Stunning creations, very unique and beautiful. My favourite is Gnomes Secret Cottage, a truly awesome build :)
  • chips46chips46 Posts: 3,603 Member
    Thank you very much @rosemow :)@illusie :) and @masajo :)
  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 4,658 Member
    I love that cottage and all your other stuff is awesome @chips46 B)<3!

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  • chips46chips46 Posts: 3,603 Member
    Spa Specialist
    Young-Jae Lee wants to make it big with monetizing Wellness activities like offering manicures or Tending the Massage Table at NewCrest Spa
    Gallery Link: Spa Specialist

    Young-Jae Lee

  • chips46chips46 Posts: 3,603 Member
    Newcrest Spa
    Build at Newcrest on Avarice Acres family friendly Spa has two bathrooms, meditation Stool, massage, manicure ,gym + pool sauna mudbath need a break relax in the lunchroom and enjoy an outdoor yoga garden
    Gallery Link: Newcrest Spa

    hEGPC53.pngoutdoor landscaping
    inside waiting area
    cur2Jkp.pngWg2MRnb.pngDGp5Nzl.pngUtCDrC3.pnglEFSZh9.pngsauna and mud bathroomEatJPZY.pngbbEfTBH.png meditation room9IVDXXJ.pngchanging roomPfjc1vC.pnghallway leading to the relaxing lunchroom and manicure, massage also a gym and pool room areaTFPEBEh.pngUTvEjyd.pngKwksp0c.pngc75gS5l.pngJ4W6bj7.pngr2Cm4tB.pngoYTVRlB.pngr7F2LmA.png4pgvMLt.pngAIg6Mp6.pngm5da9gS.png
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 162,290 Member
    Young-Jae Lee is a handsome worker at the Newcrest Spa :) His outfits and the natural brown and green color of them are very nice.
    Newcrest Spa is a lovely restful Spa for sims to enjoy visiting! :) Very nice exterior design,pretty blue colour, great windows and zen plants decor either sides of front door, and pretty flowers and hedging along the building edges! Very lovely water feature. stones and water fountains garden beds! They are very pretty! The flowers in the lot corners are lovely! Very nice tiered front steps, and the front porch entry area with water fountain lilypads pool, lotus flower rugs, tap water features and calming bamboo is beautiful! The outdoors yoga garden with water wall is very lovely! It is a very restful place to enjoy doing yoga.Very lovely interior furnishings and layout! Very nice calming natural colours. The waiting area with computer desk and wall speakers playing spa music is very nice ! The fish tank is restful to look at. Very nice sofa sitting area with pretty cherry blossom wallart. Very beautifully furnished sauna, mud bath, and meditation areas. The lunchroom area is very nice for sims to enjoy snacks, microwave meals, drinks from the juice bar and cups of tea, whilst sitting at the nice natural wood tables and on natural wood chairs. Very nice tv watching sofa corner nook. The manicure/pedicure chairs and massage table areas are lovely! The gym and pool area is great!
    It is a very lovely spa! :)
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    edited October 2021
    Boo Its Mr Spooky
    Its Mr Spooky say hi to him or give him a high five maybe share your croissant with him But don't make Mr Spooky mad (you might get spooked) Boo Happy Halloween
    Aspiration is to become a famous author Trait cheerful, music lover and erratic
    Gallery Link: Boo Its Mr Spooky
    Mr Spooky
    This one I used a pose for Mr Spooky
    Gallery Link: Boo Its Mr Spooky
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    edited October 2021
    My inspiration on this house I found on google images I thought it would suit Mr Spooky
    Mr Spooky
    Build at Forgotten Hollow on Widowshild TownHome For some unknown reason no one wants to live here only Mr Spooky makes his appearance on Halloween to trick or treat anyone who comes by beware the place is haunted by ghost has three bedrooms two bathrooms activities for ghost to enjoy and beware of the backdoor Happy Halloween
    I couldn't decide which build to share one is at night and the other is in a heatwave in the evening I shared both
    At night Gallery Link: Mr Spooky

    Heatwave in the evening Gallery Link: Mr Spooky

    outdoor landscaping
    inside on the ground floor
    stairs leading up to the second floor
    this is the heart of the haunted house be haunted
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 162,290 Member
    Mr. Spooky is a great sim for Halloween! :) Very nice black and white colours. The way you have designed his face is great!
    His home is very nice! :) It reflects your inspiration picture home very well! Very great exterior design, balcony, porch, and the ghosts, skeleton head rug, cow plant , spider and web on wall. and carved pumpkins near steps and on the roofing look great! Very nice fishing pond! The landscaping and black trees suit the home type so very well! Very great spooky themed interior furnishing! The ghost wall patterns and ghosts in the rooms look great! Very nice tattered kitchen and study curtains! The spider hanging in the dining and living rooms and spider legs on the kitchen wall are scary! Very great spooky chairs in the living room! Great nook areas beside the stairs and in the corner of the stairs! Very nice Halloween and spooky themed furnishing of each of the bedrooms. The easel painting and pumpkin carving balcony is very nice. The area in the last screenshots is very scary!
    It is a great home for Halloween! :)
  • chips46chips46 Posts: 3,603 Member
    Thank you very much @rosemow :)
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    edited October 2021
    Your loft/industrial room looks very stylish and cozy :smile: and I love the Gnomes Secret Cottage with all the little details outside and inside. :smile:
    The Mr Spooky build has great style with the interiors too.
    Wonderful creations as always :smile:
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