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    cynciecyncie Posts: 4,709 Member
    edited March 19
    Monet11 wrote: »
    Is there a mod that gets fixes the posture of elders to be the same as adults?

    @Monet11 Annoying isn’t it? I have found a few mods to fix some of the elder stereotypes. I’m not playing many elders right now, so I can’t vouch for them, but they’re worth a try. (Bienchens walkstyle mod. Scroll to the bottom)

    You can also adjust posture some in CAS by manipulating the point on the sims back near the shoulder blade.
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    Monet11Monet11 Posts: 1,427 Member

    @cyncie Thank you. I will give Bienchen's mod a try. I have adjusted the posture as much as possible. Gak. It is frustrating that elders are so stereotyped in this game. It's not realistic to have elders act like they have one foot in the grave. I am not a fan of adding life stages but I would go for an overhaul of the elders that split them into 2 life stages - active retired folks and folks planning their deaths. lol
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    Hi60Hi60 Posts: 1 New Member
    Call me weird but is there a mod that makes the blur censor opaque?
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    SanniSilliSanniSilli Posts: 165 Member
    Is there a mod that would add horse riding to club activities? Couldn't find any.
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