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Can't change color/Intensity of lights if Cheat "headlineeffects off" used.


If I enter in the cheat "headlineeffects off" and then go to a light to change its color or intensity it will not let me.

Steps you took for Issue to occur

Selected a light and picked change all lights color / intensity. Window pops up allowing me to change settings.
Entered in cheat "headlineeffects off" and tried again on same light to change color / intensity. Now window pop up.



Where does the bug occur ?

When ever cheat is entered.


I have CC I created myself with Sims 4 Studio. I tested the bug with them in the game and not in the game.

Expansion Packs/Game Packs/Stuff Packs

I own all expansions.

Occurring since

Just now noticed the bug. Can't say exactly when it happened as I don't use the cheat that much.

Operating system

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
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