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Reinstalled and don't know what folders to put my backup files into in order to restore games

I recently had to restore my entire computer, but backed up my Sims 4 saved games. I've reinstalled the game in the past and had zero problems restoring my saved game files. Fast forward to today and now I'm unsure of where to put my saved game files. Everything looks new and things are missing. I believe with all of the new game expansions Origin/EA or whoever is running the show now decided to change the structure of the game files and now I don't know what folders to put what in to restore my saved game files. I'm so upset I could throw a glass at the wall! This game is so time consuming I don't have the strength to start over, you know?!

Help please!!! Does anyone know where to put my Tray, Saves, SavedSimInfo Data, Mods, lotcacheddata, Custom Music, etc...files in order to restore my old game after a uninstall/reinstall?

This is what the new installed game Folder Looks like:
Program Files (x86)
-Origin Games
- The Sims 4


***Please tell me where to put my files in order to get my old games working right.


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