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The Sims 4 - Good and Evil Challenge

Hello everyone! My name is Playitt with two ts and today I wanted to do a new challenge. This one is called: Good vs. Evil challenge.

Ever since you can remember you and your twin have been the greatest of friend. You always spent every single minute of each day together: You would play at school, do your homework together, tell joke to each other, stay up late and watch horror movies together and lots more. You and your identical twin were best friends and nothing could ever separate you. But when you started high school it all changed. You and your twin drifted further and further away. Your twin started to mix with the wrong group of people and became more evil by the day. You became a good person: helping people when they needed it ect. But, you loved your twin with all your heart and you would always be on your twins side - especially when your twin and your parents started to fight. However, one day you couldn't take all the arguments so you moved in you your grandparents. Your grandparents were the happiest people you knew and you did everything with them. Your parents didn't allow for you to see your twin and it broke your heart. Days... months... years passed without your twin. With no contact for years you forgot you even had a twin on some days and others you just cried. Until one day you were allowed to see your twin and you were the happiest person in the world. You met your twin and started to cry tears of joy... you decided to never leave each other again. You moved into a starter house together. You spent most of your time helping people whilst your twin spent time being evil and terrorizing people.

(Sorry that was so long :smile:)

In CAS you have to create two twins, these can be male or female, the choice is yours. You can choose their outfits, voice, walk style but must be YA. One of the twins has to be the good one and has to have these traits: good, cheerful and friendly and must have the aspiration 'Friend Of The World'. However, the other twin is evil and has to have these traits: evil and mean - you can choose the other one but must have the aspiration 'Public Enemy'.

Move into a starter home and decorate it as you normally would.
They can live in any town

lifespan must be on normal
You can use Custom Content

Goals (Good Twin):
Must complete 'Friend Of The World' aspiration
Must have a family (can't marry an evil Sim) and have two children
Must have 17 friends and 1 best friend
Must reach level 5 of any career but not the criminal
Must be friends with twin

Goals (Evil Twin):
Must complete 'Public Enemy' aspiration
Reach level 10 of the mischief skill
Must reach level 5 of the criminal job
Must have 10 enemies
Must be friends with twin

You have completed the challenge when the goals for each twin is completed

You have failed if you don't complete the goals before they die. You have also failed the challenge if you break any rules!

Thank you for reading all of this and please feel free to comment down below. If you think that I have missed any important rules please tell me. Sorry if someone else has done a similar challenge! If I remember or think of any more rules I will edit it and put them in. Also, if you are confused, ask me a question down below!

Bye for now,
Life is better when you have friends...

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