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How to date the Grim Reaper!

VientobellaVientobella Posts: 48 Member
you can marry him and even make him act like a normal sim all you have to do is Control + shift + C then type in testingcheats true, after that type in cas.fulleditmode Then shift click a sim that lives with the grim reaper (you can't edit him in cas just yet) and click modify in cas mode. after that just name him and give the grim reaper what ever traits you want (you might have to give him a ring or watch if it dosn't work the first time, don't worry it doesn't show up) then he can get married, have kids, and die like a real sim. (he dose loose his deep voice, smoke and floating ability though) also to get him to live with you just do testingcheats true, left click him and it should say add to family. "whew" :) (also to turn of cas just type: cas.fulleditmode off) hope this helps!

My grim reaper currently has a wife and 3 kids :)
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