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The Sims 4 Alien Takeover Challenge!

LilMissSimmerLilMissSimmer Posts: 5 New Member
Alien Takeover challenge!

Your mission from planet Sixam is to populate the sims world with simaliens - the super race. To do this you must find and kill victims that are human and at every opportunity get a child from these sims in order to make the superaliens (sim/alien combo)


Make your sim, they can look however they like BUT the sim must be an alien and MUST wear their disguise at all times except when on their own. - You cannot be found out! (you may use more than one alien, but it will be harder to keep their true identity a secret.)

(A male hyrbid sim might be a good choice as they can impregnate men and women!)

Killing - The Aliens home must contain a basement, this is where you will lock your victims and kill by starvation. (you can kill using cowplants but this is more time consuming) It is advised to first be impregnated by the sim before killing in order to give a life for taking one.

Once your simalien has reached young adulthood they must be moved into the neighborhood

Your sim cannot become employed - they dont know enough about earth yet! however they may take money off victims to help them survive.

You must have the baby at home to avoid hospital employees discovering your identity!

Your offspring may participate in the mission but once they have been moved out they cannot!

You can only have ONE CHILD per sim before they are killed, unless of course you have twins etc.

YOU MAY NOT kill sims in the chamber just because they discovered you are an alien.

you may move in the victim in order to trap them however,

Once the victim has been moved in, or been woohoo'd with they cannot leave the lot! you cant risk your secret being reveled! KILL EM!

You fail the challenge IF:

- You are discovered as an alien and the victim escapes the lot
- You die
- You fail to fill every home within Willow Creek OR Oasis Springs with at least 3 simaliens

( i don't think this has been done by anyone else? if so apologies! :S )

if you can think of anything i have missed please let me know! if you have any questions ask away! ENJOY!
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  • guccifaithguccifaith Posts: 2 New Member
    edited June 2015
    I'm so doing this challenge! It's seems super interesting.

    Update: Just realized I need the Sims 4 Get To Work expansion pack in order to do this.. Oh well, haha.
  • LilMissSimmerLilMissSimmer Posts: 5 New Member
    I'd love to see peoples screenshots and stories about how they got on with it! :)
  • TagniTagni Posts: 2 New Member
    I'm going to try it, while putting my own twist on it. I have the "Pregnancy For Everyone" Mod, so I'm going to try to impregnate all 3 neighborhoods with the female alien sim that my scientist discovered. This should be interesting. XD
  • LluviaRainLluviaRain Posts: 2,199 Member
    Can you move people in then kill them by drowning them? I hope so, as it doesn't take as much time. >:)
    Not sure what to put here... so hi
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