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Hair ideas for sims 4 (feel free to add yours)



  • SheriSim57SheriSim57 Posts: 6,872 Member
    I LOVE these ideas for hair styles. There are hairstyles I want from TS3 that I hope they add to TS4. I just wish that kids could have some of the adult hair styles, females can wear the male hairstyles, and so on without having to use custom content.
    Great idea kids being able to wear adult hair styles
  • SheriSim57SheriSim57 Posts: 6,872 Member
    WoefulFew wrote: »
    I know they're not the greatest, but here are my ideas. img_20150403_160007_hdr_by_woefulwriters-d8o9son.jpg
    I especially like your 80’s har, the braids, and the side part one that almost covers the eye. I love that that they put new hair in every pack, it is the first thing I want to see in a pack. I too would like to see waist length hair or longer. I also thought the picture some one posted where the hair was a white color and drawn back at the top, but not the bottom was a good one. And I loved the hair that was posted of the black child/ toddler. Like some of the others posted. I would love to be able to use adult hair for children/ toddlers.
  • SimsLovinLycanSimsLovinLycan Posts: 1,910 Member
    edited November 2017
    Rat tails and mullets of different lengths and types. It's impossible for me to make a proper sim of Calvin from my books (he has a really long rat tail that goes down past his lower back) or my old OC Havoc (he has a mullet) because those styles don't exist in the game and I can't, for the life of me, find them as CC anywhere on the web! I know they're thought of as kind of trashy, "dirtbag" styles...but I think they're kind of cool, and perfect for a sort of "rebel without a clue" kind of character.

    Here's a quick sketch of Calvin I did a while back to show you what I mean:
    There is a song I hear, a melody from the past...
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  • SkylarskyeSkylarskye Posts: 2 New Member
  • purisu02purisu02 Posts: 21 Member
    @agent_bev beautiful hairs! can I download them?
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