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Builds By Lisa17Ann


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    rosemowrosemow Posts: 163,754 Member
    I am sorry to hear that your son is unwell @Laebeth :( I send hugs to you <3 as you lovingly care for him. I hope that he feels better very soon.
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    lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,749 Member
    Don't be silly @Laebeth no need to be sorry or sit in the corner lol we all have those prolly more then most lol!!!

    I hope you get some rest and your son feels better soon! Poor little thing :(

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    NinnsterNinnster Posts: 1,215 Member
    Thank you @lisa17ann , that makes it slightly less embarrassing :blush:

    @rosemow and thank you both for the well wishes. The little guy has had a fever and a bad cough. He needs to sleep to get rid of the fever, but the cough is keeping him (and us) awake.. :'( The fever seems to have broken now though, but still coughing. Hopefully better tomorrow :)

    His brother brought home some bug from kindergarden, but because he's a little baby with a weak immune system he just can't handle it. Big brother only has a little bit of a cold. The little one is completely knocked out.. hehe.
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    lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,749 Member
    Family Get Away
    is my Newest Build and my entry for the Build&Share Challenge. I haven't participated in Build&Share for quite sometime and found it a challenge to be sure! haha. You can find it HERE if your interested in joining in your self :) A footprint was provided for this build and a budget of 125k it's always hard for me to stay in budget...But, all in all I think it turned out okay and I did have fun trying to work my own vision around the original footprint.
    You can download Family Get Away HERE

    Slideshow of the build HERE

    My write up for my entry:
    I decided to keep the rooms rather small in my entry as I wanted the family to spend most of their days and nights outside enjoy the sunshine and beautiful mountain views. Which can be done from the green lawn of their own back garden or from 4 different outdoor living areas. The house comprises of 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The first bedroom is a master suite, and although it’s small it has an en-suite bathroom and a rather large balcony for playing chess and relaxing on. The balconies is covered but, open in the center so Kaye and Kieran can snuggle up and watch the stars at night after the kids go to bed. There is a bedroom for teen Kaiden and has a small balcony that faces the front of the property. I purposely didn’t fill his room with an insect collection as I thought his major collection would be at the families’ normal home. The last bedroom is for the twin toddlers that has a fun animals theme in greens and white. There is also a family bathroom and hallway on the 2nd floor.
    On the ground floor you will find an entry that leads through an archway into the open plan living room, dining room, and kitchen. The kitchen is open to the dining are as well, so that the children can be watched while Kaye is cooking. The kitchen is well equipped for Kaye it even has a built in wine fridge. There is also a ¾ bath on the ground floor. From the dining room you can make your way out to the family games patio. It’s covered to give shade on those hot desert days and has a card table and dart board. From the living room you can make your way out to the covered reading patio (aka the reading nook) where you also have access to a painting easel. To the back there are lots of outside activates for the family to enjoy while on vacation. A little BBQ area, fishing pond, sandbox, and a fire pit with guitar for campfire songs, horseshoe pit, and monkey bars. It’s fenced in to keep the smallest family members safe from wondering into the road. The landscaping to the front is slightly more formal then the landscaping in the back. In the back the flower beds are spilling over with sunny flowers in colors of yellows, red, and oranges. I tried to give the exterior of the house a traditional look. On the interiors I mixed traditional and slightly more modern furnishings.

    I only just realized I didn't add a potty for the toddlers. :o Opps lol That can be easily fixed by anyone who downloads it and I'm sure there are plenty of places to put one or two lol

    Thanks for looking and Happy Simming everyone! :)



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    rosemowrosemow Posts: 163,754 Member
    Family Getaway is a very nice holiday house! :) Very nice exterior design of the home! The roofing and the wall texture looks very nice! The pegs are great touches on the dormers roofing area. The flowers look very pretty on the edges of the home. The tall trees look stately at the front of the home. Very nice roof covered patios and balconies! The design of the backyard areas looks very nice! Sims will enjoy fishing in the pond and have fun playing on the monkey bars, playing in the sand pit with the dollhouse or playijg horseshoes. Nice firepit area! Sims will enjoy sitting around the campfire toasting food and chatting. Very nice outdoors dining area. It looks great how you have used the terrain paint to do the pathways. The covered games patio looks very nice ! Sims will have fun playing darts and the llama tabletop game there. The curtains look nice and it is creative how you have the wall decor! The art and reading nook is very nice! Sims will enjoy painting on the easel in the outdoors air. The sound of the windchimes is nice for sims to hear when resting on the sofas reading a book.
    Very nice furnishing and layout of the interior of the home! The open plan living, dining and kitchen looks very nice. The yellow and blue colours of the seating and curtains in the living room gives a very nice look to the room! The items look great on the shelving in the room! The flowers and plants on the coffee table and floor are nice touches for sims to see when sitting there. Very nice dining room! The floor rug is a nice touch under the dining table. The drinks are a great touch on the table top. Very nice design of the kitchen! The wall texture looks very nice. The kitchen decor items there bring very nice home touches to the room! They look great on the wall shelves, on top of the fridge, counters and on the wall! The nectar rack looks great there! The yellow and blue colour scheme of the master bedroom looks very nice! The candles are pretty on the bedside tables. Very nice master bedroom balcony! Sims will enjoy sitting resting there in the outdoord air or playing chess.The green colour of the balcony furnisjings looks very nice and the floral rug looks pretty. Very nice furnishing of the kids bedrooms! The green and blue colour schemes look very nice. The teddy is cute in twins room! The posters look great on the teen bedroom wall.
    The home is very nice! :)
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    lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,749 Member
    Thank you for your continued kindness @rosemow I always enjoy reading your detailed and positive review of my builds! Happy Simming my dear :)

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    lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,749 Member
    Here is my unofficial entry for this rooms challenge I couldn't pass it up as I have a serious love for @Cbear13 and her many animals. Snow being on of my favorites. I even snap chat with him haha so here it is...I hope Snow like's his room even though he has to share it with the rest of the family!

    Snow’s Sanctuary
    I tried to keep a lot of the room white so snow's hair wouldn't be so noticeable when he sheds. Cbear is going to have to make sure her partner takes his boots off outside before coming in the house and tracking in mud! Or he will face the consequences! :D I have a few furry snuggle rugs for Snow to lay on and take his after meal naps. I know Cbear use to do shows with her horses so I have a small horse statue on the book shelf and some ribbons hanging behind her desk. I put plenty of toys around the living room and garden for Snow to play with and even "Mittens" too, if Snow feels like sharing. :p I think I recall Cbear saying she had fish so I put a small fish bowl in the room as well. She also has her own business making and selling candles so the room is filled with candles. Which I'm sure makes Snow feel more at home. And, since we are living in a world of total fantasy I added a massage chair in the hopes that her partner might give her a hand and foot massage lol Good luck with that @Cbear13 :D

    Cbear is there sitting on the couch snap chatting with me after giving snow a big breakfast of greens and fruits. You'll also notice her partners cat "Sos" sitting on the couch. (I know what kind of name is that for a cat?! I call her mittens lol)

    Cbear hard at work doing some judging...Or maybe shes goofing off and building? who knows...

    A larger shot of the room and Snow enjoying his yummy home grown breakfast.

    In the Garden Cbear is enjoying reading a book while Snow digs holes, eats grass, and just generally acts cheeky!

    Here is another view of the garden and the veggie patch where a lot of Snow's food is grown. There is also a lemon tree to give a bit of shade in the sitting area. And, once it gives fruits will be put to good use making many kinds of baked goods and lemon aid.

    I'm adding this extra picture in memory of Snow's bunny brother Jet who passed away. :'( He was the sweetest little bunny and I know Cbear misses him as do I. <3

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    masajomasajo Posts: 6,033 Member
    Family Get Away is the perfect retreat, very grand and luxurious architecture with amazing landscaping, love how you've designed the rear garden and the sandpit is awesome. Stunning interiors, fantastic idea to build the wine fridge into the wall :)
    Wow, Snow's Sanctuary is a real beauty, what a wonderful room, love how you've provided Snow with fruit and veggies :)
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    rosemowrosemow Posts: 163,754 Member
    The furnishing of Snow's Sanctuary looks very nice! :) He will enjoy spending time both indoors and outside. The blue/green and white colour scheme of the interior looks very nice. It is nice that you have added items such as the candles, fish bowl and horse statue to reflect the real life of Cbear. The tribute wall to Jet is very special <3 It is a very caring and thoughtful touch, and that nook area will be especially treasured by Cbear and Snow. The toys through the room will be fun for Snow to play with ! Very nice study desk nook for Cbear to enjoy using the computer there to do the judging, and watch Snow playing at the same time. The freezer bunny snowglobe is a great touch on the desk table. The plants look great in the room, helping Smow to feel that parts of the outdoors are inside. The home breakfast meal for Snow looks very great! It looks cute how you have set up the meal and placed Snow there! The outdoors garden area looks so pretty! The floral hedging, flowers on the ground , flowers shelving and the flowers in the pots look so very nice! The harvestable plants look great! It is nice that a lemon tree is growing in the room, The water fountain and patterned floor area in the middle of the room is very nice! The ducks are cute in the water! Cbear will enjoy sitting resting on the seating there in the sunshine, having a drink from the drinks tray whilst Snow has fun playing! The string lights look pretty! Nice trellis and greenery columns feature over the outdoors door.
    Snow will enjoy his room! :)
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    lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,749 Member
    edited April 2017
    @masajo Thank you so very much for your lovely comments on Family Get Away that certainly brought a smile to my face as did your comments on my room for Snow. I put a lot of thought into it and without sounding full of my self (I hope :s ) I'm very happy with how the room turned out! :)<3

    And, I always appreciate the time you take to leave such nice comments on my creations @rosemow as always thank you very much! :)<3

    Edit: I had all kinds of errors and forgot to tag masajo in the comment because when I was typing it on my phone last night I kept falling asleep and waking up hahah I did finally end up posting it but, it didn't make as much sense as I would have liked haha! :D
    Post edited by lisa17ann on

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    Liziann1Liziann1 Posts: 1,461 Member
    Family Getaway is a really lovely detailed build, I haven't done a B&S build for ages, and your entry has tempted me to take a peak :)
    Snows room is lovely too, your very talented x
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    lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,749 Member
    Thanks @Liziann1 :) so sweet of you to say such lovely things about my most recent build and room. It had been ages for me as well since I entered the Build&Share challenge as well. It was a nice challenge to ease my self back in with. Hopefully I can join in more often!

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    CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,218 Member
    Wow, all your builds are so amazing, whether you're building a gym, a beach or a groovy themed house, or a room/garden build for bunny Snow! B) Finally have your thread bookmarked now and will drop by more regularly to keep up to date with your latest builds of awesomeness! :smile:
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    lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,749 Member
    Awww @Corwim that is so sweet of you to say! I have to admit I love to build but am always hoping to improve and don't always feel confident when building less traditional builds but, I have fun every time! And, that's what really counts to me. It's a really pleasure to be part of this building community with all you other wonderful builders who are so generous, kind, and inspiring! Happy Simming to you!! :)

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    StSciurusStSciurus Posts: 1,580 Member
    I love your latest builds! Family Getaway makes me long for a vacation myself! But my favorite is the big fat cat sitting on the sofa in the beautiful Snow's Sanctuary. :smiley:
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    lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,749 Member
    HAHAHA!! @StSciurus I can't resist a big fat cat! :D I'm a total animal lover so that room was fun for me. I'm with you I could use a vacation too somewhere lovely and warm, with lots of sun. Like back home in California with my family! I Skype with my mom a couple times a week and she is always rubbing in how warm it is there. She's lucky I'm so far away lol Thank You for your lovely comments and for making me laugh! :)

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    WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,419 Member
    Family Get Away is such a Pretty build, Lisa! Love, love the curtained, covered patio! I think I will be borrowing that idea for the future, lol. :p The backyard is loaded with fun activities for any sim family and the interiors are absolutely gorgeous!

    Snow's Sanctuary is a Lovely room and Perfect place for a Pretty Kitty! Fabulous outdoor space for him too. I'm sorry to hear about poor Jet... It's always devastating to lose our special little friends...
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    lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,749 Member
    Hello @WrathofCath I hope your doing well? Thanks for stopping by and leaving such wonderful and lovely comments! I always appreciate your kindness :)

    Yes it is always hard to lose a pet I have lost many throughout my life but, I couldn't live without a furry baby! Luckily Cbear still has her bunny Snow and her kitty Sos to give her cuddles and love. And, she gave Jet a good life after she rescued him and I'm so thankful she did so he could know some love and true care in his later years. She's an outstanding pet mommy :)

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    lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,749 Member
    Family Balance
    This is my unofficial entry for the QualityControl 44 challenge. The home is in a modern style. Which I went back and forth on for a long time. I started the build 4 times haha. But, I thought I would try and and step outside my normal comfort zone and went as modern as I could. The home has 3 bedroom 2.5 baths (sleeps 3 adults 1 baby and 1 toddler), eat in kitchen, bar, living room, home office, and play room. It has a Family Friendly back yard, with a lounge area, outside dining, sand box, monkey bars, horseshoe pit, and minimalist landscaping. Thank You for looking and Happy Simming Everyone!

    You can download it HERE
    More Photo's HERE


    If your intrested in downlaoding the couple you can find theme HERE
    Tabitha and Drake

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    rosemowrosemow Posts: 163,754 Member
    Family Balance is a very nice modrern home! :) Very nice exterior design of the home! The slanted roofing looks great! It looks creatively nice how you have designed the front footpath and the stones look nice around the base of the trees. Very nice furnishing of the interior of the home! The living room is very nice! Nice grey/black colour scheme of the room. as well as in the kitchen and dining room.. Sims will enjoy sitting resting on the sofa seat in front of the fire watching tv. The candle and books are nice home touches on the fireplace ledge and the brick wall texture looks great. It is great that there is a pass through to the kitchen and dining area. Sims will enjoy sitting on the stools having a drink from the bar. The peacock wall picture is very nice in the room. Very nice design of the kitchen and dining room! The curved workbench space near the windows looks great! The plant is a nice touch of nature in the room. The teabags, fruit bowl, mugs rack, dishes rack and items on the wall shelf are nice kitchen home touches in the room. The hanging garlic looks great on the wall! Nice dining nook, for sims to enjoy eating meals at the table. Very nice furnishing of Tabitha's office! The food pictures look great on the wall, to suit her food blogging career. The books, tissues, and candles are nice touches on the wall shelving. It is a very nice light filled room for her to enjoy using the computer whilst sunshine comes in through the windows. The yellow colour scheme of the toddlers room is sunny! The circular floor rug looks like the sun and goes well with the colour scheme. The changing table is a great touch in the room. Nice corner sitting nook. The heart teddy there looks cute! It looks very nice how the mysims and snowglobes have been placed on the cloud shelves on the bedhead wall! The hot air balloons, clouds and tree prints are nice the room walls. Very pretty playroom! The coloured circles floor prints look colourfully nice ! The animal wall pictures and the teddies and giraffe look cute! Kids will enjoy sitting on the sofa watching programs on the penguin tv or reading books. Very nice wall and floor tiling in the bathrooms. The purple and gold colour scheme of the master bedroom looks very nice! The candles are calming touches on the bedside tables. The outdoors sofa seats sitting nook looks so very nice! It is a very restful looking alcove for sims to relax on the seating in the outdoors air. The candles are nice touches on the sofa side tables. The flooring looks great!
    It is a very nice home! :)
    Your simversions of Tabitha and Drake are very nice :)
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    StSciurusStSciurus Posts: 1,580 Member
    I love how you created the kitchen counter in Family Balance! Lovely house overall. :smiley:
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    lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,749 Member
    Thank you for your kindness as always @rosemow I know your kindness makes everyone smile! :)<3

    And, the same goes for you @StSciurus ;) I really enjoyed doing this build and I'm pretty happy with the interiors especially the kitchen so it was lovely to hear you liked it as well! :)

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    Cbear13Cbear13 Posts: 6,278 Member
    Family Balance is gorgeous and you say your not good at modern pfftt lol. I love all the colors you used through the house and that backyard seating area looks amazing. The sims look amazing i love how u did the album style with the pics :)
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    yanti68yanti68 Posts: 19,017 Member
    i love your latest uploads lisa! especially the castle, the groovy house and the family home looks great! have already added some of them to my favourites. have to check the rest in the gallery. lot of catching up to do. :)<3
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    lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,749 Member
    Thanks @Cbear13 <3 I'm getting a little better at the modern thing it still feel a bit uncomfy though lol and thanks for commenting about the photo album that was just fun lol

    @yanti68 your so sweet to stop by and catch up with my builds! That castle is infact a very old build. I think nearly 2 years old someone else had seen it on one of my first 2 pages and thought it was my most recent build so I posted pictures of it so everyone knew what we were talking about lol but, as always thank you for your kind comments :) I wish you both a wonderful weekend!

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